(2016-10-30) Shushed Meeting
Shushed Meeting
Summary: Quiet conversations in the Library do not always equate to calm ones
Date: 2016-10-30
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Library Coral Springs
Sun Oct 30, 2016 — Sun Oct 30 18:51:29 2016

The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.

The library was a safe enough place to be and Laila finds herself frequenting it more and more often. With a book on the table before her, she is seated in a chair, straight posture and wearing an inquisitive expression as she peruses the book in front of her. The book boasts the title Random and the author is Lesley Choyce. It's opened to only the 'About the author' page. It's a Sunday evening so it's not too terribly crowded in here and so Laila was content to hum while she looks over the book.

Besa walks in, dress in sky's hand me down clothes with Sky. She they are strangely matching in style, although not quite twinkles. Besa leaves that to Rain. He's speaking softly, "Rebecca has some questions about ghosts. I know you said you've talked to some. Could you help her?" His voice is low, not wishing o draw attention of the librarian.

Schuyler found a new jacket recently and it's making its debut tonight. Even though it's just school, Sky seems like he was eager to show it off. It's a black duster, cut in a Goth version of a Revolutionary Frock coat…in black with silver, filigreed skull buttons. It goes with the rest of his goth look and because he bought it a little bigger and longer than he's currently wearing, he's also wearing thicker-soled black boots to offset some of the length of the coat. Since they walk into the Library proper, he switches to sign as it's quieter than projecting his mind. 'I can try, but it's not like I've studied them. They just sometimes visit at home and I talk to them. They don't necesarily tell me secrets.'

With there being a topic of discussion, Laila only looks up as more enter though recognition registers in her eyes as she notices Besa. A smile flickers over her features but she does not interrupt the discussion. Eyes glance over the clothing of both, since she had seen so many uniforms already, she takes interest in the differing wardrobes. Her own is certainly not school issue. It is a turquoise and gold saree. Remaining silent, she finds them more interesting than the book though and she watches them with unabashed curiosity.

Besa definitly doesn't have the fancy jacket, although he may end up with Sky's old one eventually. Maybe. Perfect hair sways with the nod, and the teen switches to signing along with speaking. "I understand. I have found someone else who has some book knowledge to speak to her as well. I hope between both it will give her some answers." Their wanderings take them closer to Laila, who Besa sees and smiles warmly at, still signing with his hands, he speaks as well, "Hello Laila. How is your day going?" A glance to Sky, and then back to her, "This is Schuyler. Schuyler, this is Liala."

Schuyler just sort of shrugs, 'Ghosts can say what they want. Some of them tell the truth and are nice, but some of them can be mean or tricky.' He then glances over at the girl who is introduced and he nods and gives a little wave. He then signs, letting Besa translate, 'Nice sari.'

With Besa moving his hands, Laila watches them with interest, the deliberate movements of them even as he speaks to her. Lifting her eyes from them, she smiles, "Hello Besa. I am well. I think tomorrow will be a challenge. It will be my first school day." As the other guy waves, she waves in response, but she is completely riveted to the hand movements. "Why are you moving your hands?" The question is sort of a general one between the two.

Besa lets it go, maybe he'll just directed Rebecca to Alex then. "Schuyler says your sari is nice." He smiles at her, "It is sign language. It is to be able to talk to Schuyler. He is deaf." It's Sunday evening, both Sky and Besa are standing near Laila, hands moving along with Besa's voice.

'And it's supposed to be quiet in the Library so I really shouldn't be projecting my mind around. It can be distracting.' He looks between Besa and Laila, 'School isn't so bad, I guess. Some of the others are…interesting.' He can't help but grimace a little at that last bit.

The compliment brings a hand smoothing over her garment and Laila smiles as she looks back up, "Thank you. I made it." Kind of. Giving Schuyler a curious look, she speaks softly. "Did you ever wish you can hear?" She is seated at a table with a book and pays no heed to the required silence in the library as if she does not know that is a thing.

Grayson marches into the library, tossing a few books into the return bin as he passes the checkout desk upon entering. He then heads toward the poetry books, but when he sees Besa, he changes direction. Walking over to the other kids, he tilts his head a little and asks, dryly, "Are we getting into trouble?"

Laila's smile brings a smile to Besa. She seemed so stressed yesterday! "You will do will tomorrow." His smile fades as Grayson appress, but it melts into an eye roll. His fingers keep moving as he speaks, "I do not get into trouble." Despite his lock picking skills.

Finally, one of the librarians shushes the three at the table, glaring a bit. Sky looks over as an older teammate joins them and he blinks at him, signing a simple 'No'. Why would they? But then he looks back to Laila and answers her question, 'No, why should I? Seems pretty annoying, honestly.' If judging by the mental noise he gets from the other students, he's not a fan.

Long distance to Schuyler: Besa's got mixed emotions when it comes to Grayson. He's guarded, like he's expecting the older boy to verbally lash out at him.

"I hope I will." Laila says to Besa. As his smile fades, she gives Grayson a look though it holds only curiosity. "Trouble? Is there trouble here at this school?" Catching the glare from librarian too only increases that curiosity and she stops speaking as they are scolded a touch.

Grayson lifts his brow, stares at Schuyler a moment, and then says, "Dude. You know I don't speak hand." He looks at Laila then, "There SHOULD be. It's boring if there's not." He smirks a little, and looks at Besa. "You don't, huh? I have a guitar string that says otherwise, Tut Tut."

Besa's hand absently reaches up to rub his chest near his heart at the mention of trouble at the school. He glances towards the Librarian and then back to the other students. He'll translate what Sky says for the others, giving Gray a small frown, "Do not be rude." A difficult task, he knows. Dark eyes narrow and the small teen's jaw tightens at the verbal jab from Grayson. "You are an idiot."

You paged Schuyler with 'It was the Tut Tut, the jab about his ethnticicity that really grates on Besa'

Grey eyes narrow at Grayson's teasing of Besa and he switches to speaking from his mind…it may be a little more disturbing to the others in the library, but it's not fair for Besa to have to translate for two others now. Also, it seems necessary. «It's called sign-language and I'm being considerate to those in the library. Quit being a jerk. You're not impressing anyone.»

"You like trouble?" Laila asks Grayson. Like him though, she does not read the hand language and does not know how to respond to some of what is going on. Overwhelmed a little, she darts her gaze around towards each person. "Why is there anger?" Then there is a voice. What voice is it? She jumps up out of her chair. "I have to go."

Grayson nods in agreement with Besa, "I am. I really am." He sighs, "I'm just… incorrigible, really." He looks at Schuyler, and doesn't answer, before glancing to Laila, brow furrowing. "You have to go?" Glancing back to Schuyler, "Damn. I'm really NOT impressing her, am I?" He smirks, proudly.

Besa's hand stays on his chest, his goth tee bunching ups slightly where his fingers are. Instead of addressing the boys, he turns and apoligyses to Laila. "It is nothing. I am sorry. You do not have to go, we can."

Schuyler just gives a sigh, «You're not impressing her, you're not impressing, Besa, and you're not impressing me. I'm an Ares too, remember?» Sky then glances to Laila, «That's me. I'm sorry for the surprise,» sort of. «It's that or rely on Besa or my sister to translate for me.» Which doesn't grant him as much independence as he'd prefer. «You know, you can be polite to people without actually being nice.»

The voice again. Laila's gaze unerringly finds Schuyler's and the non threatening appearance of him calms her. "Please do not go," she says softly to Besa. To Schuyler though, she gives a small nod. "You have no need to wish for hearing when you can speak through minds." It seems to make sense to her that way. To Grayson, she smiles. "You have a wish to impress people?"

Grayson just sighs and ignores everyone but Laila. His brow lifts slightly and he smiles, a wide-mouthed, dimple-laden grin. "Nope." Then he winks at her, and he turns to walk toward the poetry section.

A deep breath and Besa finally drops his hand, offering a smile to Laila. "You were here first reading." It's like dibs, right? He seems almost more annoyed by Grayson's response and his hair sways with his head shake. "I think I will go. I do not feel like reading anymore." Or whatever he and Sky were going to do. Turning to Sky, "I am sorry. I will be in the Arts Room." Or he'll try, anyway.

«I couldn't always speak through minds…but I still wouldn't wish for hearing. I'm good without it.» Sky then rolls his eyes like any proper teenager would. «Besa, either tell him to leave you alone or something, but if you walk away, it's not going to do anything. It's passive-aggressive and he's just trying to assert power over you.»

Laila may not understand little nuances but she can get a grin and a wink. A blush rises in her cheeks and she ducks her head a little. Though as Besa mentions leaving, she opens her mouth and shakes her head even as she speaks. "Please do not leave. I was only afraid because of the voice. I would like everyone to stay, I prefer not to be alone. I have been alone too much." Hearing that voice she now recognizes as belonging to Schuyler, she gives a nod in response. The words to Besa, she does not respond to.

Grayson disappears in the aisle of book shelves for a few minutes.

Besa turns to give Sky a glare you really only give to close friends, "I have!" His hands fly up in frustration, again one landing to rub his chest like it's bothering him. "Why does everyone want me to fight others?" Who else would Besa need to fight? But Laila's request is heard and he sighs. "Fine." His arms cross, allowing him to pout the pressure on his chest without rubbing, "What are you reading, Laila?"

«It's not a fight, just to call people out if they piss you off. Like you're doing now to me.» And Sky can't help but grin at that. It's a friendship that is kind of based on pushing each other's buttons. «Besides, standing up for yourself isn't fighting. No one's telling you to punch someone.» He glances over towards the aisle Grayson went to before he looks to Laila, «You won't be alone here. You'll have a roommate and there are students everywhere.»

"Why are people angry?" Laila questions as she looks at Besa's body language. Though she does let it drop as none of it seems to be directed at her at all. The explanation as to the rooms, she gives a solemn nod. "I heard there will be a room I get to share with someone. A room mate. It will be exciting, I think to have so much room and so many people around. I have met some of the others." Though since he responds to her, she gives him another curious look. "How do you hear me if you cannot hear?" The book is turned so Besa can see the title. Random and the author is Lesley Choyce. "I was reading about the author. Maybe someday I will write a book too."

Some people have implied he should punch! His arms shift, but stay folded, "I have told him to stop talking to me. To not use me to make Ollie jealous." Besa lets his gaze go to Laila, "And you can always come find us." He's just decided for Sky. A soft sigh, "No…I am.." Well, he is angry, but… "I let him bother me, and I should not. I am sorry I am upsetting you." The Egyptian boy offers a small smile to both the people talking to him. The book is studied, he's never heard of it. "That would be good. You should."

«I hear your thoughts,» Sky points out. «But I don't dig into them. But if you think of something and it comes to the front, then I can't help but sense it.» He's gotten better about not commenting on it. Most of the time. He also offers, «I'

«I hear your thoughts,» Sky points out. «But I don't dig into them. But if you think of something and it comes to the front, then I can't help but sense it.» He's gotten better about not commenting on it. Most of the time. He also offers, «I'm not angry.» He glances at the book that they seem to be discussing, «You should. Write a book. If you want to, that is. So, you just got here?» Since she mentioned that she was starting school tomorrow.

"Make Ollie jealous," Laila muses over those particular words, trying to work through them. With a smile she nods, "I think I know what you are saying and I am no longer upset. I was confused." Her smile makes a reappearance even as she looks to Schuyler. "I never got to decide what I get to do. Maybe I will write a book. Maybe I will go sit on the moon. Maybe I will dance on a star." Her smile lights up further. "Or maybe I will just go to school here and see what school is like."

Besa is very thankful Sky's let up on the blurting out of things. Hair sways as he nods, "Yes." To make ollie jealous, no other reason! An eyebrow raises, "You can go to the moon?" That must be fun.

Grayson walks back up to the others, now carrying a rather thick book of early American poetry. He smiles at them, and then looks at Besa. "So, I've been thinking." He shrugs a little, "You should let me take you out to see that new Harry Potter movie this weekend when it starts."

«Wouldn't breathing on the moon be the first issue? And then the pressure of space? Maybe you don't need to breathe?» Sky tilts his head some as Laila comments on some potential activities. When Grayson comes back, Sky offers, «He doesn't date. Anyone.»

"I never went to the moon or the stars. I think I cannot." Laila smiles at the literal questions as to breathing and pressure. "I know I can do things, but not for myself. Only for my master." She looks back down at the book then to Grayson as he is nice to Besa though the reaction from Schuyler has her volleying looks between them.

And then Greyson is back, and being even more confusing. Besa very smoothly blinks, confused and responds verbally about the same way, "What?" He kinda looks like a deer caught in headlights, his jaw working briefly, "I…Schuyler is correct….I told you. We could be friends and do things, but I can not date." He's a little to flustered to really respond to Laila.

Long distance to Schuyler: Besa's confused and fluster. that much is obvious.

Grayson smirks a little, "You'd rather be friends with benefits?" He shakes his head, "Dude. You told me you don't date, but that's rediculous." He looks at Laila, "Who doesn't date? Am I right?"

«No, he doesn't and quit harassing him, Grayson.» Maybe as a fellow teammate, Sky is more willing to step forward and confront the other. «And he doesn't date. Period. I also do not date. Just because you're interested doesn't mean they are too and if you try to push them then that's bullying. I think that's against the rules.» He 'heard' Laila, but right now he needs to stick up for his friend.

As the question is directed to her from Grayson, Laila shakes her head, "Date? I have seen it done, though I never participate in that ritual."

Besa's head tilts, adding to his confused look, "Benefits?" A frown, almost pout, "I told you, it is forbidden. It is not my choice! i can not help that it is ridiculous!" It's not obvious, but Besa's darker cheeks are starting to flush. Maybe something is sinking in, but then Laila says the magic word to make Besa straighten up. Ritual.

Schuyler pages: «He means still making out but not really dating.»

Grayson sighs, returning his gaze to Besa. "Forbidden is an interesting choice of words, though. I mean, what does that actually mean?" He shrugs, "Who do I need to talk to get permission then?" He looks over at Schuyler and says sternly, "Relax." There's a little bit of a commanding glare to it. "I'm not harassing him. I asked him to dinner and a movie. It's not against school policy."

«And he said 'no' and you're still pushing him. He said -no-.» Sky steps forward then, his brows lowering in a frown. «He's the one who gives permission and he didn't give it. So leave him alone about it.»

Once more things turn awkward and Laila decides to leave the book she was perusing on the table and she does not opt to remain within the confusion. "I must go see Lady Fascinate, she is helping me with things. Good night to you all and perhaps I will see some of you in the scheduled and appointed times for class." This time she does walk towards the door, but she does not seem upset.

Besa's head swivels to look at Sky, that frown and head tilt still there. Dark brown eyes widens and he swivels back to Grayson. The very idea he wants to get permission , that's…different. "It is forbidden. The Priests do not wish to make things harder when it is time for the Ritual." Laila's departure is noticed, "We will talk tomorrow." How awkward for her, he feels bad about it.

Schuyler pages: «Not usually teenagers, I thought. Maybe I'm wrong. I certainly don't want to make out with anyone.»

You paged Schuyler with 'there's hesitation, maybe Besa wouldn't mind making out…maybe. there's definitely some type of curiosity there.'

Schuyler pages: «With who?»

Grayson stands taller as Schuyler closes in on him. His brow gets stern, and he responds, "He's standing right here and he can talk for himself." He then looks at Besa, "Look, if you'd like to go, I'm willing to talk to your priest or whatever." He shrugs, sniffs, and then heads off toward the exit.

Schuyler gives Besa a bit of an odd look before he looks to Grayson, «He told you no and you still pushed him. So now I'm telling you 'no'. If he changes his mind, he'll let you know, but don't you try to push him into it.» His own eyes narrow and he watches as Grayson starts to leave. «If I find out that you did, maybe I'll make you afraid of making out.» Not that he could, but he's not above making threats. He -is- the Evil Twin, after all.

Laila tries to avoid the confrontation between everyone but politeness and respect brings her to a stop just at the door, "We can talk tomorrow, should you like." A smile is given and she hurries through the door to be out of the way of the departing Grayson.

Besa is standing there! Not that eh says anything, his jaw works itself, but no words come out. He hasn't talked to his priests! The nurse isn't going to ask them that! She treats him like he's made of glass, weird healing glass! The threat from Sky makes Besa turn, "Schulyer!"

You paged Schuyler with '«What? No One! I do not know!»'

Grayson just ignores Schuyler. He'll get him next training session. He just heads out of the library.

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