(2016-10-25) Towering Inferno!
Towering Inferno!
Summary: Aidan, Felicia and Diego are out in town when they come across an apartment complex fire. While trying to help, Aidan makes an interesting self-discovery.
Date: IC Date (2016-10-25)
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Scene Runner: Felicia

It's the middle of the evening, still a few hours to go until the curfew of 9:00 hits and the CS buddy system is still in full effect. Though once a student is on the mainland its a rule that is kinda hard to enforce really.

Something isn't right in the residential part of town though. Black smoke billows into the sky, and an acrid burning smell is starting to fill the air. In the distance the sounds of sirens can be heard, but will the small volunteer fire department be enough to quell what looks like it is quite the inferno?

Aidan and Felicia had gone on their dinner non-date, walking back now and passing by the various buildings in town. For now, it is a nice evening. "I can't believe I'm actually full…we'll see how long that lasts!" The pyro laughs, looking over to the other student "How about you? Good meal?" As they walk he looks around them some. Was it just him or was it warm out? Something…but then again given his power set he could just be having a hot day. Great. They slowly get closer to where the events are all unfolding!

Whoever Diego is supposed to have had as a buddy, he seems to be alone now. Heading for where the smoke is coming from. Perhaps which is why he is alone, having moved ahead. "Guys, do you know what's up?" He asks as he spots Aidan and Felicia, gesturing in the direction of the smoke.

Felicia makes a show of looking at the watch that she doesn't own, "I give it five minutes." she tells Aidan "It was good." she answers, her eyes following the smoke upwards where it blackens the sky. "But that isn't." she points to the smoke. Diego's approach has her looking over at him "Only what is obvious." that there is a fire and it looks like it is the of the few apartment complexes in town.

The Prometheus laughs again, shaking his head "It's like you know me or something…" However, as she looks ahead and points, his own gaze follows and the smile is quickly replaced with a frown. "Shit…" Aidan's next step has him running in the direction of the smoke. People could need help. He assumes the others will follow, but doesn't wait for it either.

Diego nods and does continue in the direction. "Let's hurry." He suggests as he starts to run. Leaping up high to try and see what is going on, to get a better view. Gliding ahead with the other two.

Or she just knows the eating habits of teenage boys. There is a bit of a shrug and then Felicia is getting left behind and least for a few strides. Thankfully she is in good shape so catching up and keeping up isn't to hard.

When the trio get to the multi-story apartment complex the place is engulfed in flames. The cause of the fire is unknown, but its burning fast. There is a crowd outside, milling worriedly at a safe distance, taking pics, video, etc, a few point upwards at people still in the building, calling and waving from the windows, though they occasionally have to retreat inside when a large flame billows up from below.

As they get to the source of the chaos, Aidan looks up at the sight in horror. Those people. Trapped. They had to do something. He had to do something. "Felicia…I have to get in there…" His tone is low as his gaze goes to those standing around and recording.

Diego does look up. Frowning as the scene unfolds in front of him. "Can either of you help with the flames? I can try to reach those at the windows. We'll need water as well." He suggests. Taking a moment to seemingly shift some. His skin getting a slightly different color and shape. Which won't make him quite recognizable. Glancing to Aidan as well. "Try to find something to conceal yourself." He offers before Diego leaps for one of the windows, to try to be able to help some of the people.

Felicia just looks at Aidan…all that practice they did and it seems to be forgotten in an instance "Dude, you're fireproof and you can fly." she gives a shake of her head "If I have to tell you that…." she shakes a finger at Diego "Listen to the smart guy." though she isn't sure about the concealing part. As for water, that's going to be harder. Your standard garden hose just isn't going to cut it. "I'll figure out the water part, just go." she's freaking out on the inside…really!

Aidan just lofts a brow "I just meant a distraction…but sure all that works too." Ya know. Because video evidence. Not sure what she could distract with anyways, but despite all their practice the pyro had at least not seemed to lose his awkwardness! Looking forward as Diego starts retrieving people, noting his color and shape change, the flames kept growing higher. "Right. Fuck covert. There's no time…" With that he started towards the building.

Whether because it is just what felt natural or because of all the hero movies he'd seen, as he runs Aidan crouches more in one step before pushing off and jumping into the air. Fire ignites beneath his feet and propels him upwards towards the area where the people were. Where the fire was spreading. He keeps himself suspended there for a moment, looking for an entrance. Then, spotting an open window he flies forward and in. Not wanting to add to the fire already present, he instantly snuffs the fire from his feet and lands on the floor, crouching a moment and looking around to assess the situation.

Diego does leap up and trying to help the people as much as he can. Leading them and trying to make a spot for them to stand. Leaping down with as many as he can bring along. Not quite skilled with his shapeshifting, at least not enough to turn into inanimate objects. He does fly down with a few before jumping back up to help more.

Felicia can't fly, nor is she fireproof, but she does what she can, and that's poking (not literally) those milling around to help Diego as he brings people to the ground and get them to safety. While she isn't an expert in first aid she knows enough to do some of the rudimentary things to help any one injured and gets some of the other bystanders to help with that as well.

Smoke is billowing everywhere, making it hard to see now and the heat in unbearable for the normal mundane person. Both Diego and Aidan are starting to have a hard time with the seeing and perhaps the breathing as well. As for the situation that Aidan sees…well he is going to have to be careful. With this kind of fire the floor isn't exactly sturdy…if it is there at all in places…same goes for the walls and there are ceilings that could cave at any moment…some already have.

Aidan stays crouched, putting an arm up to cover his mouth against the smoke as he grimaces. Carefully…VERY carefully…he starts to move forward on the areas where there is still flooring, pressing lightly with his foot first to feel for stability before putting his weight on it. Right. Better act fast. With the others outside helping people get out, he was focused on the fire. Looking around at the flames around him he swallows, concentrating and holding out his hands. Sure, he heard Felicia in his head telling him to put them down…but this wasn't training. He needed to get control of it fast and this was how. He works on lessening the flame around him, trying to both lessen the flames within the building and those outside.

The worst part for Diego is most likely the heat. While he isn't being burnt due to his shifted skin, to something fireproof, he is still sweating. Trying to remain as calm as he can. Trying to mimic bats once he get back to a window, through the use of ecolocation instead of sight. "Follow my voice." He tries to offer to people. Trying to do what he can. Coughing some as he moves. Staying relatively near the windows to help people out the last bit. When inside he tries to be as light as possible, almost floating and helping people out. "Can you find more?" He asks, trying to reach Aidan. While he focuses on getting people out, to allow Aidan to actually find the people. Continuing to gliding down to hand the people over to Felicia.

Well Aidan and Diego are lucky, no floors collapsing under them or ceilings falling on them. Around them but they manage to not fall through or having burning debris fall on them. Through is echolocation Diego can get a ping of someone still trapped, and the cries can be heard from a few apartments away. The flames nearest Aidan begin to die down but it is slow going at first, as the dampening effect goes outward.

Hearing Diego's voice as the other student calls out, Aidan grimaces against the smoke, calling back to him. "I'm working on getting the fire under control! Just make sure people get out safe and then get back to outside. Don't worry about me, fire is my element. Literally. Help Felicia okay!?" She was bound to be dealing with plenty of chaos out there too. Seeing the fire start to die down he lets out a breath of relief, but it still wasn't fast enough given the damage being done to the building. He had to push harder and contain it faster. For the moment he stays on the area of floor where he is given that it seemed to be secure.

Diego does move as he hear Aidan's reply. Trying to find the one that is trapped. Being careful not to bring the place down. Keeping low and couching a bit as he covers his mouth. Doing his best to find the last one/s.

The sirens are finally deafening and can be easily heard over the sound of the roaring fire that is still starting to die down as Aidan concentrates on controlling it. They continue to be lucky in the floor and ceiling department, though who knows how long that will last. Diego finally finds the source of the crying. It's a young woman, trapped by the the burning criss cross of ceiling beams that collapsed in her path. Her mouth and nose is covered with a damp cloth, her clothes and hair singed and that is the least of her burns probably.

As Aidan continues to concentrate, he feels the fire dying down. Less fire was good! Hearing the sirens, he knew he just had to keep it under control a little longer and then they could put it out. That way he could get back outside to Felicia…and hopefully nobody had noticed the two teens going into the burning building. Though that hope might be a bit far fetched. However, suddenly Aidan feels an odd…sensation? His control of the fire was helping it die down still, but instead of simply snuffing out the flame it almost felt as if the flame was coming towards him.

"Okay thaaat feels weird…" he mutters, giving a cough against the smoke before looking at his hands. Sure enough, the flames that he was controlling were now drawing into him instead of simply being extinguished by his manipulation. "Shit! SHIT!" This was definitely new! Instinctively, Aidan stands up and backs up quickly from the fire going into his form through his hands, but it just follows him. Staggering back, Aidan trips and lands flat on his ass, but at least the fire was still being drawn into him. Yay bright side?

Diego spots her on the other side of beams. Trying to move what is in the way. Trying to mimic something strong, like a gorilla, to try and move it aside. Enough to allow the woman to come over to his side. Glad for the sound of the sirens. Happy to get the help. Starting to wet his lips. Trying to keep his mind clear.

Wait. Is that water? Is it raining? Yes and no. The firemen have finally got their hoses out and are spraying the building down. Aiming, generally, where the people below suspect the two teenage boys are. It might hurt some, especially when its over, but Diego gets on beam moved, as soon as he starts to move the other the ceiling begins to threaten to fall in, but the one is enough for the woman to crawl through, with enough encouragement that is.

Okay, after the initial freak out, Aidan steadies his breathing. "I'm okay…I think?" he speaks to himself in a low mutter, looking as the fire continues to stream into his open hands and doing the only thing he can think to do. Close his eyes and concentrate. Feeling the drops of water landing on him from the hoses outside, the Prometheus hears the strong sizzle sound as the drops are just as quickly evaporated against his skin. The more he drew in the fire, the hotter he felt himself becoming.

Aidan knew he couldn't keep this up for long, but he would keep it up until the firemen's assault on the flames was enough to finish the job. Eventually, once the spray of water around and hitting him seemed to be enough, the lanky pyro opened his eyes and looked down at his hands. Clenching them once…twice…third time was the charm as the path of fire finally disconnected from him. Shakily, he stood up, looking at his hands and starting to step across the floor to get out of the building. With all the fire in him now…should he risk flying?

Diego does call out for the woman to move as he feel the ceiling not quite seeming to hold much longer. "Just a bit more." He tells her before letting go of the beam when she is safe, to grab her and head for the exit. If things threaten to crash in, he will hurry with her to leap out. "Get out." He calls out to Aidan. So the other boy can find safety. Jumping out to glide down to safety with the woman before looking around. "Water." He says as he kneels.

The woman clings to Diego as he gets her to safety, cringing and crying before she slips into what is probably relieved unconsciousness as the firefighters and paramedics take her from the young man. With Aidan sucking the fire into himself and the firefighters doing what they do the fire is quickly brought under control, but the apartment is going to be a total loss.

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