(2016-10-21) When it Rains
When it Rains
Summary: Derek meets Rain, weather is discussed
Date: 2016-10-21
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Out from the tunnel emerges one Derek, he's wearing something that looks like cut off sweat shorts and a loose t-shirt. The former is red, more dark than bright, and the latter is blue with some organe design on it. They do not match. He carries a ball in hand. Could be he wants to train or something. Looking for a spot, he randomly tosses the ball up, using a quick energy catch with a spoon like orange grasper (catapult'ish?) to catch it and set it down away from him. Then he puts both hands to his face, rubbing out tired and such before actualy looking around, hopefully not intruding on anyone. That that came as an after thought to the tossing, catch and deposit of the ball somewhere on the ground.

One would think that the library would be a more appropiate place to study, but that isn't what the Masters girl was thinking. She has set herself up at a picnic table near the path leading out of the school books surround her, a few open, the breeze ruffling thier pages. Dressed for the cooler weather in fashionable sweater dress, woolen leggings and warm boots, not to mention scarf and beanie. Her laptop is open before her and she is reading whatever is on the screen, could be homework, could be something else. At the arrival of the older Derek she glances up from the screen and gives him a polite wiggle of perfectly manicured fingers.

A pause, someone there. Looking all studying and serious and books. A brow lift, out of place in the out of doors area that is the Training Grounds. Okay, not really, plenty of people want to be out of the school and outside. Still, a pause, then half a grin. Finger wiggle and he pauses as he moves then waves a hand back. Doing an arm stretch, tucking a hand under elbow and pulling he moves closer. Then switches to stretch his other hand. "Good day out here," he says, not seeming to cold in the weather, but he know's he'll work up being warm enough not to care about that, "I'm going with, you're checking out weekend activities and things to do this weekend?" For the computer and all, googling what to do, not homework. Like a free pass, cause he can't imagine doing homework right now.

"Enjoy it while you can." the weather that is "I loathe winter." not hate, like other teens would use, this one is a smarty-pants most likely. Cupping her bare hands around her mouth she blows warmth on them before answering "Updating my blog." she's one of /those/ too. "I never have a problem finding things to do.". when money is no object entertaining yourself is easy.

"Loathe winter, that's heresy," or something, Derek must of learned a new word that he's trying to use in the right context. He'll get it somday even. A grin though and a ponderance, "Oh, and you blog about all the fun stuff you do?" He starts coming closer, like he wants to look. A pause, the old Derek would of just looked over a shoulder, that's not the right thing to do. Only Mr. Bungles would do that. He keeps to facing her, not trying to see the screen, but oh he wants to. "Or complaining about the new teacher." Hey, he doesn't know what grade she is or if its her first year. That requires paying attention to underclassmen(women).

"Well I advise no stoning or burning me at the stake…" there is a beat "although," Rain then shakes her head "Nevermind." a glance to the screen and then back up to Derek. "More of a fashion thing really. I havent been anywhere fun to mention in a blog…at least not lately."

Stoning and burning, that nets a grin from Derek. The beat and almost going somewhere, he grins more than jaw hangs. Faux jaw drop cause he is left haning with some thought of who knows what fun. "Just nevermind? That sounded way more interesting." Just for the record, and who knows, where she was going and which wheels it got to spin in his mind could be two different tracks all togheter. "Well, there you have it. I mean, I'm sure fashion is .. super fun, but need to get you somewhere fun. Just the little problem of curfew," for him, minor obstacle. As in seeing her take on that sort of obstacle even.

"I'm sure it does, but the probability of it working is…" thoughtful pause ".001 percent. The odds aren't in my favor." did she do the math or make it up? "It is fun. I love fashion stuff." Rain smiles. "Well Thanksgiving break is coming up, maybe go somewhere fun then..maybe the Caymans." because why not.

".001 percent, is that a real number." He meant a real probablity, would someone have a stastic that small, Derek would go with zero chance all togheter. "With those odds, it sounds more interesting, what are you cooking up?" Or plotting, he still doesn't know what she was thinking when it came to burning at the stake and heresy, so he presses mildly. A puase at Caymans, "That sounds … well, yeah, I get it, fashion. Like go there to relax, but I meant like adventure. Zip lines in the jungle, dive off cliffs, ride the bulls, or you know, run from them like in Pompador or whatever." That's where they run, he thinks.

"Do you mean mathmatically?" Rain asks in curious fashion "It is not a rational number, no." she answers. "I'm not cookinh anything up, just had a very bad idea, that would cause more trouble than its worth." she gives an amused laugh "The Caymans are full of adventure. There is cliff diving there, and scuba diving, snorklimg. Could cage dive to look at sharks."

A ponderance of the math, then a grin from Derek, "I'll trust you, not knowing this very bad idea. I'll go on the record, that I'm curious, and I'll have to read your blog to see if it shows up there." Though she said it relates to fashion. "Of course, I'd need to know where you're posting it." At her laugh and talk of adventure. "Or shark diving without a cage? Could probably touch them that way. Sounds like you've been to Cayman before?"

"Youll just have to die of curiousty than." Rain smirks at him "Ill send flowers to your family…" there is a pause "Who are you?". she doesn't pay attention to upper classmen much. "And loose a limb, I prefer to keep mine in tact." she then nods "I've been there a few times."

"Derek … Ares," as if that explains it all, or nothing at all. "Send my flowers to Old Forge, c/o my folks." Real town, she could google it, he lets her decide to ask more or ponder. "And you are?" As she aksed first, but a grin at keeeping her limbs. The last bit catches him, "You have, really, lost limbs. Like you grow them back or something?" It could be her power, she managed to change his curiousity, though he will die wondering about the dangerous idea she had. He'll bring it up later.

"I'll send a large arrangement." cause she can afford it "Rain, I'm in Athena. My brother is in Ares though. Schyuler." there is a close resemblance, could be twins, in fact they are! Another laugn "I have never lost a limb, broke one skiing once."

A slight narrowing of his eyes as she says it, like he's looking at the resemblance now. Almost slapping his forehead, Derek doesn't really but one could imagine he's doing it in his mind by the face he makes. "Yeah, the one kid." He sort of points at his mind and wiggles fingers. That must be Derek SL for psychic. "I didn't know he had an older sister. That's cool though, you can look out for him." He's always off base. But a grin, "Good, I don't recommend it then. Losing limbs of any sort. They're valuable I guess." He comes closer, still sort of stretching, more legs this time, thoguh workout on the back burner for the moment. "Ah, Caymen island in winter, Swiss alps in summer? Did you keep the cast, like trophy?" Its all cool to him, and broken limb, that's got to be a story, "Racing down the diamon slopes or something?" He's from New England, not hard to drive to a few places during the winter.

Rain nods "Yes the deaf, psychic one." that's not her favorite way to refer to Sky, but at least there is no mistake who she is talking about. There is a knowing grin "He's the older one though, by a few minutes at least." a glance at her arms, hers are probably worth more than others, but who knows these things. "Something like that yes." she answers trying not to sound braggy about it. "I did not keep the cast no. My other older brother pushed me down the hill…not a glamerous way to break a leg."

A nod, after psychic one at least, that's what he was going for with his silly gestures. Derek gives a pause, twins, she's younger. "Ah," he says, a pause in stretching. "Or that's what he wants you to think." Or the birth certificte proves. "Sounds pretty cool, been on the slopes around here?" Vermont. "What, that jerk. Did you push him back when you got better? And you can play it up, like you two were goofing around, he pushed you, you went over a cliff, landed in a tree, survived for three days on pinecone and squirrel meat. They couldn't find you, you had to crawl out of the valley to find the rescue team."

"It is what it is." about birth order at least. Rain ponders a moment "Not the slopes no. We go to Aspen when we want to ski here in the US." she blinks in surprisebat his quick made up story "I'll think about doing that..maybe not that exact one. No one would beleive me surviving for three days in thevwilderness."

"I'd believe it, you lived with older brothers," grins Derek. "Never been to Aspen, maybe I'll have to fly over there and try it some time." Probably much bigger hills too. Then he shrugs, "Okay, I bothered you enough, back to your serious stuff, fashion blogging. I have practice to do." He turns to leave, takes a step, turns back. "Nice t'meet you Rain." A wave, and he'll get back to something serious.

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