(2016-10-21) First Date Jitters
First Date Jitters
Summary: Tabitha and Rissa go on their first actual date. Serious topics are covered between tacos and dancing.
Date: 2016-10-21
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Tabitha has spent the last week being different flavors and degrees of nervous wreck. School may as well have not existed since Monday night. Even Katrina's impending arrival has just been a series of details worked out and a few phone calls. Right up to the point where she met Rissa at the ferry with her club gear and supplies in her worn army duffle, and the the nervous faded. It didn't vanish by any means, but the ferry ride to the mainland was where her mind decided the date had started so what was the use of fearing its approach?

On the way over on the ferry, Tabitha somehow managed to keep from babbling her head off. She did, however fill Rissa in on what she'd planned for the night. First off, tacos for dinner since it was a nice light food and was what they had after their first real 'together' talk on the beach. That it also had nice clean bathrooms they could change in for the second leg just made things easier, since the second leg of the plan was a long night of dancing with some time for what Tabitha teased as 'talky time' between sets. Not being sure about how Rissa felt being seen in her club-self when not in a club, she also offered to cloak the two of them for the walk from the taco joint to the club. Her own club wear is the same as the last time; the RWBY-inspired dress in copper and black.

And Rissa DOES have her clothes in her pack alright. Backscatter would reveal there's makeup, a lot of elaborate things. Various bits of padding she tends to wear to create the appearance of more curviness than she really possesses. With a gym bag over one shoulder, she wore modest clothing to tide her over between the taco restaraunt.
She of course doesn't change until getting to the taco place. Sure. She doesn't NEED to eat, but it's a lovely social activity, the tacos are good, and since she babbled the ENTIRE way over? It gives her a way to make herself shut up and calm down. Still, Tabitha gets made to wait. Like many a teenager taking a girl out. Now? She get to channel her nervousness into DRESSING. She even gets a bit of a confidence boost when she finds that thanks to a few months on hormones, with the help of a little duct tape, the girl doesn't need padding for her upper body in this dress! The hips still get a little, but who DOESN'T hate their hips.

The ritual is almost relaxing. White, grey, and black corset-top short dress and some of her best (if heavy) jewelry get slipped on. Black stockings, and western-healed boots cover her feet, while a lacy black shrug helps keep her shoulders covered (though she can thank her exposure training for not feeling cold this night). She still probably wouldn't be able to claim the waist on that corset as well as she does if she actually needed to breath, but a girl's got to use all her advantages, dammit! A good fifteen or twenty minutes getting the makeup… juuuust right, and the crowning touch makes its appearance. Her white stetson.

Cue another five or ten minutes while the girl adjusts a million things more, applies some fake black nails, and a press-on black star on one cheek, and she's presenting herself to Tabitha's gaze. As might be expected, she is as affected by the sight of Tabitha as she was last time. It's good being a teenager. The last bit of the clubbing outfit settles in, as she lets a soft swish find her hips, a relaxation to those shoulders. Sure, they're a bit broad for a shoulderless look, but that's magic of dressing up. Borrowed bravery. "Too much?"

Tabitha also changed at the taco place, but wanted to give Rissa her privacy. So she cheated. A moment of concentration got her a bubble of privacy outside the restroom via the power of illusion, as well as giving her a 'mirror' to use for her own hair and makeup duties. She doesn't have as much prep work to do, but that's more down to her not having a lot of know-how. But she uses a tutorial video Katrina gave her with the dress and gets her copper and black hair, which is currently waist length, into a style she can manage… putting the length of black hair at her left temple into a loose braid tucked between the layers of her copper locks. The makeup is equally on the simple side… copper lips and eyes thinly edged in black. The last touches are an adjustment to her surface illusion to make the glyphs on her back and forearms visible.

It takes her not quite as long as Rissa to get ready, but that's more due to lack of practice, so she's not waiting too long when Rissa comes out. Of course now they might have to cancel their date because it seems Tabitha might be having some trouble breathing. She does manage to get out a quiet, "Wow," before regaining her ability to move. She opens the duffle to offer Rissa a place to store her pack, then formally offers her arm. "Shall we away, my lady? And should we dazzle these mere mortals with your glory, or spare them such dazzling sights until we have arrived at our ball?"

Aaaand… for that Tabitha will get a kiss. Gentle. Since neither one of them likely wants to screw up their carefully applied lipstick. Still, the girl's appearance certainly has its effect on Rissa. She has to stop herself from inhaling too sharply on seeing her. Don't want to split open that corset. Still, her club persona? The 'hidden Rissa'? She murmurs to Tabitha, letting her southern drawl slip out in full flower,"Breath, darlin'."

She takes the arm offered to her, letting the emotional support of both her companion and her fancy dress fill her with increasing confidence until she's nearly sashaying,"Let 'em fuss. Feelin' too pretty to hide." Truth be told, she still has some jitters, but it's almost part of the dressing up for her. Getting lose. And if a blush suffuses her cheeks? At least it's light. The pack soon stored, she smiles,"These boots are for dancing, not walkin' though, so go ahead an' take pity on me hun. Walk a little on the slow side." A sudden giggle, and she says,"I bet someone trips staring at you within five minutes of walkin' in the door."

"Whatevah yah say, deah." Tabitha's Maine accent is an occasional affectation rather than natural. She gives Rissa a short curtsey before they head into town towards the club. At the mention of taking pity on her boots, Tabitha's answer is to give the two of them a bit of a lift so that while it looks like they're walking on the ground instead they're stepping on the much more footwear-forgiving interior of her aura. "Dear, your legs are longer than mine and you want me to walk slower?" Then the rolls her eyes to answer the giggle, "Then for the safety of our fellow dancers, I'll just have to hide behind you." Then she pauses, eyes Rissa slowly from feet to face, and shakes her head. "Nah. Won't work. They'd just crash into things because of you. I guess we'll just have to accept our fates." She's smiling and /almost/ strutting alongside Rissa's sashay all the way to the club.

She tries to play every bit the southern belle alright. Why not? It seems Tabitha's Maine accent made an appearance after all. "So, confession time. I've never been on a date, ever. So… I'm going to do my best to NOT put my foot in my mouth. Just… shut me up if my mouth gets away with itself." The girl is certainly relieved at the extra help, even as she looks down at her date,"This is, like, the only time I'm ever going to wear something that makes me taller. I thought I'd hate it, but… I dunno. Is it weird that I LIKE that you're shorter than me. You're so… cute." Her turn to give Tabitha the once over,"Well. Right now, drop dead gorgeous, or walking felony probably describes you better." It's a compliment loop! Still, thusly lubricated with compliments galore, she'll even hold the door open on the way in. Why not? And if perhaps she watches that near-strut a bit more than the sidewalk… who can blame her. "Thanks, by the way. I was super-nervous." As if Tabitha couldn't tell by the constant babble on the ferry over.

Tabitha's eyebrows raise a bit when Rissa says this is her first date with anyone. She looks like she's about to reply in some way but decides against it, instead blushing at the compliment stream. She quirks an eyebrow up at the last one. "Walking felony. I like that." She bows her head as the door is held for her, putting an extra hip-twitch in her strut as she sees Rissa watching through her aura. She grins at the thank-you, lifting one shoulder in a brief shrug, "You're not the only nervous one." She heads towards the coat room where she checks the duffle, then her steps lead them towards the bar where she orders one of her fruit juice mixes. Her guts are doing the lambada as she takes a long sip of the juice through the straw, then looks Rissa in the eyes and admits, "It's… this is my first time being on a date with… just /one/ person." There. Getting that past her teeth was harder than she thought it would be.

Rissa is meanwhile reluctant to surrender her shrug. She's EXTREMELY self-conscious since those shoulders are her most 'obvious' feature. Thankfully hormones have softened their appearance a little bit. She even has some… hips to distract her a little bit. Inside? She's saying a thankful little prayer for those magic pills alright. Rissa orders the same as Tabitha. "There's no reason for you to be nervous. You asked me on a date, I said yes. I'm here, it means I already like you." She even slips her free hand around the girl's waist, eyes skipping around the joint speculatively as she sips the juice introspectively,"I'm sorry, I don't follow." The statement has a completely confused look crossing her face. Poor thing can be a little slow on the uptake. "You mean you're used to like, double dates?"

Tabitha shakes her head a little bit, then turns a bit to slowly start walking further into the club on the search for an open table. She eventually finds one for them down near the stage, these being in less demand when there's no live music since they're farther from the dance floor than the others. "No, I mean…" This is the first time she's tried to talk about this to someone who wasn't already aware of her inclinations. She wants to get it in the open between her and Rissa but really doesn't want to screw it, and potentially the date, up. Then she thinks of something and gives it a try. "Do you remember the last time we were here, you were talking to those three people who were all dating each other? And I said something like they were my kind of people?"

The girl sort of stares at Tabitha for a moment. The gears work in her head. She says,"Oh. OH!" She stands up. Then sits down. Repeats. Sticks her straw in her mouth to avoid having to answer as early as Tabitha is probably hoping. "Oh." She just keeps doing that. "Um… I was going to say… maybe we should've had this conversation earlier…" She catches the tip of her tongue between her teeth in thought,"… but now I think… it's a lot like me telling someone about my equipment sitch." Being a little blunt there. "Not really a graceful time to do it and… you sort of have to do it when you feel comfortable." She keeps having to avoid licking her lips and ruining her lipstick. "I have… uh… questions. I guess I just want to know… Do you still… uh… want me? And uh… how does this work? Are you… uh… seeing other people? Do we… make time for each other, one on one… If you're seeing other people does that mean I'm seeing them to?" There it is. The slight panicy look. Like she doesn't even know which questions to ask.

Tabitha manages to ride out the reaction roller coaster by sitting on her hands and holding her breath. Of course the club staff will have to replace her stool due to the squeezed-in hand impressions it now bears, and she does eventually have to breathe. But when Rissa gets to the part about still being wanted and if Tabitha is seeing other people, her hands reappear and she reaches out to put them over Rissa's if possible. "Karissa Knowles, I'm here with /you/ because I want you. I'm not seeing anyone else, and there's no one else I want to be with other than you." And yes…" Here she drops her eyes a bit in shame for putting this off. "Maybe I should have mentioned it sooner, but I'd avoided the issue here ever since things got a bit… disastrous shortly after I arrived. I'd just about decided to avoid dating anyone else at all." Then she raises her eyes again to smirk at Rissa, "Then you had to show up and rock that boat rather effectively."

She takes a few calming breaths, then tries to answer the other series of questions at once. "As for anyone else becoming a part of this, that's not an issue right now. But it's not something that I'd ever just go after on my own. I am /your/ girlfriend, and unless that changes then anything that involves me involves you, too. Which means that even if I do start to develop feelings for someone in addition to you, I will talk to you about it first. It's… hard to describe, but…"

Here she shakes her head and starts over. "I'm polyamorous, but that doesn't mean that I'm only happy if I'm with multiple partners." She reaches for Rissa's hands again and if they're available gives them a squeeze. "I'm happy, fully happy, being with you. But yeah, it is a bit like your own situation, although maybe mine is on a lower tier of difficulty. It generally only comes up with people I care about, but when it does come up…"

"So. You're poly. Or… I'm your girlfriend, so… does that mean… we're poly? I'm not…" Well, she's not storming off, even if she's still wrapping her head about it. "… um… really clear on everything. I'm willing to muddle through it. I think what I'm getting from this is… You MIGHT want to date other people… But you'll communicate and consider my feelings… Which actually doesn't sound incredibly different from a… more common arrangement."

She's being careful with her words, but she squeezes Tabitha's hands right back, her head lost in thought for a time. "There's not a hierarchy of identity-difficulty. Yours is probably as hard for you as mine." She shifts on her seat, and offers in a sort of uneasy tone, her heart suddenly in her throat,"… I guess this is a good time, by the way, for you to ask any questions you might have about… my situation, including ones you felt were too personal."

Another long pause as she lets all the reassurances settle in. Yeah. She's actually blushing, but at least she's sort of smiling again,"I like rocking your boat." Pause. "Oh, wow… that sounds like… really bad innuendo. I didn't mean that I Was going to… Not that I wouldn't… I mean…" Yeah. Things can't be that bad if she has energy to be awkward again.

Tabitha shakes her head, but is managing something of a smile by now so maybe she's not quite as tied up inside by how things are going. "It's always possible, and yeah it's a lot like normal couples except the communication factor is bigged up something fierce. It can be exhausting on a good day. But my being poly and us dating doesn't make you anything you're not already."

When Rissa opens the door for Tabitha to ask any questions about her, she offers her an easy smile. The first one she's had since this talk started. "This might surprise you, but I don't have any questions like that. I got those out of the way back when I was still a kid. That you're trans isn't something that crosses my mind very often. I spent more time thinking about your eyes and your completely unfair legs. And about how lucky I am to be with you and wanted by you."

And then there's the innuendo and the blush and while she also blushes, Tabitha simply arches an eyebrow and says, "Sounds like fun."

The girl shares a moment of vulnerability,"I don't know WHAT I am. I'm… I thought I was straight until about a week after I meet you. I may still be. I may just like YOU. I dunno. I just kind of decided not to… worry about it anymore." She leans forward to press her lips to Tabitha's cheek for a long few seconds. When she removes them, she doesn't pull away. She just talks, softly. Right there.

"I'm glad. Honestly. I don't mind questions exactly, but it's nice not to have to… explain my identity. You just… accept it. Like that." Her legs, her eyes? "You… really do that? /I/ can't stop thinking about how I just want to listen to that voice forever, how cute and creative you are. Those… nimble fingers…" Her voice falters a little bit, and she's forced to take a drink of her fruit juice. Cool down girl. You're a teenager. Try not to shift around in your seat a bit.

"I… know it's early to be thinking about it, but… it's worth saying… I know you'd never push me to do something I'm not ready to. I trust you. You don't even have to say that, but…" Rissa takes a deep breath as she leans back. "I feel like in the interest of disclosure, though… You know sex is a HUGE minefield for me, right? That there's bound to be all kinds of issues. I don't want you to feel… Like, I know you're not the type to bolt when things get hard, but things will get hard, most likely. So try to forgive me for being batshit crazy once in a while?" This is where her knot is tying itself up. To her? Tabitha seems so experienced and worldly.

Tabitha smiles and closes her eyes at the kiss, the action doing wonders for her peace of mind. After a moment she reaches up to pull her hair out of the way so she can see about laying her head down on Rissa's shoulder. "I think it's good to not worry whenever it's possible. I mean, who we get stupid over should be low on the worry chart, y'know?" She listens to Rissa's voice so close and soft, letting her speak her peace on her own topics of worry. When nimble fingers are mentioned, she does glance at Rissa with a devilish smirk.

In a lot of ways Tabitha's dual upbringing, in particular when she was Lilith, does make her much older in experience and worldliness than others. How much so, and the particulars of just what she's experienced in, are another topic for another day. But she nods and holds Rissa's hand again when the minefield topic is brought up. "I know. And someday, when you feel comfortable with the idea, I'd be more than willing to help you defuse that minefield. But that's not something you have to worry about being thorny with me. I'm in no hurry there."

The girl is content to wait there with the girl's head on her shoulder, hand coming up to stroke the girl's hair, strong fingers massaging the other girl's scalp in a sort of absent manner. It's easy to feel closer when it's not so crowded thanks to a live band.

For once she seems content to fuss with Tabitha's hair in silence. No need to reply, right? She even begins to hum one of Tabitha's very own songs. Possibly, she is also trying not to blush because she brought sex up. Whatever it is, somewhere along the way, her pulse actually starts again, warming her skin a bit more.

In time, though, she pulls free and bends down, placing a hand aside Tabitha's cheek, thumb resting along her chin. She leans in to press a soft, warm, open-mouthed kiss. It's the sort of kiss someone gives when they've been hungry for more for a while. Eager, curious molten heat. She even flickers her tongue out before her courage finally fails her, and she pulls away. She has to remind herself she isn't actually breathless. It FEELS that way.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom and fix myself. When I get back, I'm going to dance with you until my feet hurt or you get bored." She looks over her shoulder at the smaller girl with eyes that are smoldering before heading to the bathroom. There'll be cold water taps there. Helpful. And she probably needs to fix her lipstick now, anyway.

The closeness and contact is something Tabitha craves more than she's admitted to anyone at Coral Springs. So she's not at all loathe to sit there getting her hair stroked. Her own hand will come up to set on Rissa's back, the thumb gently caressing her spine. And then there's that kiss raising her blood and even her body temperature to a noticable degree. She responds in kind to the kiss, and when Rissa pulls away there might be something of a whimper. She can just nod as Rissa leaves the table, that over the shoulder smolder fixing her in place. Once she's alone she'll stand up and pace a bit trying to get her heart beating normally again. She drains the last of her drink to drown out the last of the knot that's been in her gut all week and gets ready to dance.

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