(2016-10-20) The Beam Thing
The Beam Thing
Summary: Kaylee learns about other people's powers. And gives dating advice.
Date: 2016-10-20
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It's a quiet evening at the training grounds. With the curfew in effect and no good excuse to go outside of the school, there's not a whole lot for the teens to do on a Thursday. And Kaylee has run out of construction paper, so there's no more decorations to be made at the moment. So instead, she's come to the training grounds and has been putting in work! She's got her hair pulled back in a pony tail and has worked up a sweat, throwing beams of light at targets being generated by some device that the school has to generate mobile targets! Taking a pause in between rounds, she moves to a water bottle and towel that are set nearby, claiming both so that she can take a drink and wipe sweat from her brow.

Jacob has been taking advantage of one of those, too, zipping from point to point with some speedy jumps and throwing punches into the surfaces behind them. Naturally, those surfaces are heavily reinforced, though some of them are showing little spiderweb cracks anyway. Finally, he slows down again and walks over, resting a hand atop the last spot that Kaylee zapped. "Mr. Edwards? Would you mind explaining to us why little Cindy had to die?"

Kaylee giggles at Jacob's playing, shaking her head a little. "Are you kidding? I'd be lucky to kill a fly with one of my light beams right now. This is just target practice. I only do the real stuff during team practices. It … takes a LOT out of me to do it myself, but when we practice in the arena, we turn the big lights on so I don't have to do it all," she explains.

Jacob nods and pulls up a stretch of floor, drawing his knees up to his chest. "Yeah, I can imagine. Maybe instead of knocking people out directly, you could just get it in their eyes a little? Bet you a lot of people don't think to practice while they're blindfolded."

Kaylee snickers and starts brushing the hair out of her eyes. "Except for those of us that are pretty much blind, anyway," she quips. "But no, it's not that I CAN'T do more. I just … like I said. Right now, I'm working on accuracy, not power. I can't really work on power much without someone to help- I have no idea how hard I'm actually hitting anything and I don't know how to calibrate their little sensor stuff." She shrugs, taking another swig from her water bottle before depositing it back on the floor with her towel. "You pooped already, Jakey?"

Jacob shakes his head. "Nah, just a short break," as he gets back up and shakes out his arms and legs a bit. "And yeah, I don't know about calibration either, most of my power work has been down in the gym where you just count the weight. Been focusing more on the stuff I have more trouble with."

Kaylee cants her head to the side. "What do you have trouble with?" she asks, moving to offer Jacob a hand up as he gets back up. "To be honest, I don't even really know exactly what your powers are, Jakey."

"Well, I'm mostly good at punching things." He gestures toward one of the cracked surfaces nearby. Is that rebar underneath the concrete? "I can fly a little, but maintaining control when I do? That's where it gets tricky."

"Oo! You can fly?" Kaylee chirps, excitedly. "That must be pretty awesome! So … if all you do is punch things and fly, how come you're not working on the flying? Punching doesn't seem like it'd take that much work," she says, curious.

Jacob gestures toward another target, this one a good distance away. "Well, that's what I've been working up towards. Jumping's the first step toward real full-on flying, you know?"

"Ohhhh! Okay," Kaylee responds, smiling. "Well that's cool! Yeah, the beam thing is like, one of the few things I can do that really requires a lot of practice. Everything else …. Well, like the other kinda stuff I just kinda find out I can do," she says. "Like changing the color of my hair, or my outfits and stuff. Doesn't really require any practice to do those things. Just a few seconds to concentrate, then I can make it just kinda subconcious so that it sticks around until I remember to turn it off."

"You can do that? Huh, shows what I know," Jacob muses. "Convenient if you need a quick disguise." He drums his fingers against the wall, thinking back. "Oh, I guess I should try to figure out what happens at night, too. I can still hit hard, but not as hard, you know?"

Kaylee grins and nods. She closes her eyes for a few seconds, and then her hair switches from blonde to black, sorta like in Ultraviolet (if you've seen it). "See?" she asks, opening her eyes again and smiling. "Though, if I actually need people to not recognize me, I can just do the whole invisible thing. It's pretty effective as long as nobody's using anything like infrared or whatever!" Then, her head cants to the side again as she asks, "Why are you weaker at night?

Jacob shakes his head. "I don't know, we never did work out exactly where my powers came from in the first place. Maybe I'll go in for some tests over the winter holiday. I don't think it's an inherited thing, no one else in the family has developed anything that I know of."

Kaylee's eyebrows go up. "Other people in your family have powers, too?" she asks, blinking. "Like … what else can they do? Who all has powers? I'm the only person in my family that has any powers that anybody knows about," she says, clasping her hands in front of her as she asks questions.

"Hmm? No, I mean none of them have developed any powers," Jacob explains. "There could be dormant stuff, or a cousin I don't know about yet, but I figure it's worth checking for other stuff first."

"OhhhhHh! I gotcha!" Kaylee says, smiling. She shakes her head rapidly, the black disappearing out of her hair. "Do you like having powers?" she asks, almost as an afterthought, as she moves back towards the training machine, looking over its configuration again. "I mean, like … do you like being DIFFERENT from everyone."

At that, Jacob shoots Kaylee a look. "Are you kidding? I love it! I was big into football even before I came here, this is like…" He waves vaguely like his hands. Similes are not one of his strong points, either. "I mean, it was rough the first few months, catching up on everything, but it was worth it."

Kaylee nodnoddles as she sets up the program. "That's cool. You know, I don't think I've ever asked Violet if she liked it …," she pauses as the thought strikes her. She quite obviously makes a mental note to herself as she considers and then nods before getting on with what she was doing. "Personally? I don't know that I'm really so excited about it. I mean, I'm not MAD or anything. But … I was really pretty happy before it happened. And I don't think I'd be too sad if it hadn't. … though I guess I wouldn't have met Violet if it hadn't, so …."

Jacob nods, reaching his arms up and stretching them back some. "Yeah, there's that. You two are doing good, huh? And I know what you mean, I wouldn't have met… certain people… if I hadn't come here." Uh huh.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" Kaylee peers, stopping what she was doing and turning to look at Jacob. "Jakey! Do you like somebody else, now!? WHO IS IT!?" she asks, literally skipping over to Jacob now and clapping as she bounces up and down, waiting for him to tell her. "Do I know her? Oh, wait, of course I do, duh. Who is it? Do you think she's beautiful? Have you told her yet? Does she know? Are you gonna ask her out!?" Maybe, eventually, she'll pause for a second so he can actually answer one of the questions.

"Kaylee. Stop. Breath." Jacob holds his hands up, palms outward, and waits to make sure he's got an opening before he continues. "Of course I do! I mean, I think you're beautiful too, it's not exactly uncommon. Just about all the girls here are ridiculously pretty." He declines to comment on the guys. "I haven't gotten a chance to directly tell her, but… I'm pretty sure she at least suspects by now."

"Awww! You do!? AWWWW!" Kaylee coos at being told she's beautiful. Because no girl doesn't like hearing that. She claps some more, though, excited that there's gossip, because she loves that, too. "So WHO IS IT!? You can tell me! I won't tell anybody, I promise!" she says, reaching out to tap him on the shoulder rapidly. It's supposed to be reassuring or something, but mostly just goes to prove that she's hyper and can't keep her hands to her self.

Jacob doesn't mind the contact, but at the same time, Kaylee keep a secret? Yeah, right. Jacob is at least going to make it a little more challenging than that. "Three guesses. You get it right and I promise I'll cop to it."

Kaylee TOTALLY keeps secrets. Except from Violet. But it can't be her, so that wouldn't matter! "Mmmmm! Guessing!? Awww!" she whines, but it does stop her from bouncing as she glowers and starts tapping her lips in thought. "Well! It can't be that hard, it's not like there's that many of us. So … Rain? She's super cute," Kaylee offers, looking to Jacob with hope.

Fortunately for Kaylee, Jacob is not a great actor either, blushing and running his fingers through his hair. "Oh God, is it that obvious?" Translation: yes. "I just— you know what she's been going through, right? She really needs a hug. And if I was the one to get to do it, that wouldn't be a bad thing, you know?"

Kaylee squees and claps a bunch when she gets it right, bouncing again. But, she's probably more excited about guessing it than who it was. "What? Oh! No, not really, Jakey. It's just … like I said. There's not that many girls it could be! I'm taken, Violet's taken, Becky's head over heels, Rissa is … not a girl … Mabel and Sierra, Gabby's too shy …. I mean, it's kind of a process of elimination," she explains, grinning. But, then her brow furrows a little at his second comment. "Wait, what? … no, I don't know what she's going through. What's going on?" she asks, suddenly more concerned.

Jacob bites his lip. Is it his place to fill her in? Well, it's probably safe enough. "Well, she's waiting to see what her powers will be. Apparently it is a family thing, but hers haven't come in yet. So she's here for that, and to help out her brother with stuff, and… well, it's stressing her, you know? I think maybe more than she's letting on."

"Oh! … REALLY?" Kaylee balks, blinking. And then she realizes her mouth is still open and clasps her hand over it to close it. Color her surprised! But, then her brow furrows again and she glowers. "Wait … why is she stressed? I mean, sure, maybe she doesn't know what her powers will be or if she'll even get them, but … so what? Why is it a big deal?" she asks. She doesn't get it. Shaking her head, she folds her arms across her chest and shrugs. "If you think she needs a hug, Jakey, you should hug her. Some people won't know they need it until you give it to them." Says the person who shot a new student with a 'love beam' to show how friendly everyone is. Probably not the best advice.

Jacob sighs. "I know, I'm probably overthinking it. I will, I promise. But— well, it's a big deal because they could be anything. Look at Tabby, look at Besa— sometimes it's pretty rough stuff."

Kaylee just glowers again. "Tabby's is rough because it STARTED rough. And Besa … I don't know much about his. But Rain grew up in a good family, as far as I'm aware. And she's got a twin brother here to support her, too! I mean, unless her power is to always come back after she dies, like Besa, I wouldn't be TOO worried about it." But, then again, the thought of Kaylee worrying about anything would probably send most people into hysterics. At least, worrying about anything that matters, anyway.

"Yeah, I guess. I could be overthinking this, too," Jacob admits. "I mean, she mentioned being worried about it, but maybe that was just that one time, you know? Anyway. I'll talk to her, find out for sure."

Kaylee nods once, totally agreeing. "Good PLAN, Jakey! I would totally offer to put in a good word for you, except for the fact that she doesn't really like me because she thinks I was being mean to her twin or someting," she offers. Then, there's a chirping noise from next to her towel and she blinks and turns around, moving to retrieve her phone. "Violet's home!" she announces happily. She closes her phone back down and throws her towel over her shoulder, reaching down to grab her water bottle as well. "I'm gonna go say hi to her, Jakey. But I really hope you get to tell Rain you like her, and I really hope she likes you back! You're a super awesome guy and you're totally pretty cute, too, so you should definitely have someone nice in your life," she decides. And then, if Jacob lets her, Kaylee will give him a one-armed hug around the neck, which might be kind of a close hug for most people, but Kaylee's a snuggler. Or, if he shies away, she'll just try to rub his shoulder affectionately instead. Totally not a bubble burster! Either way, she'll offer him one of her hyper-little waves as she goes, saying, "Goodnight, Jakey! GOOD LUCK!"

Jacob allows it, even reaching a hand up to pat her arm for a moment in response. Not like she's going to break him, beyond making him feel silly. Sillier. "Yeah, thanks," he says, and takes off in the other direction to… go hit the books. Yeah, that's the ticket. Totally gonna go study some more.

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