(2016-10-18) Target Practice
Target Practice
Summary: It can't be all doom and gloom
Date: 2016-10-18
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Training Grounds

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Now is really not the time to be alone, at least that is Rain's honest opinion, so unless she is really pushed she is doing what she feels is the right thing to do, not leaving Besa alone…in the company sense. She is trying not to be annoying and intrusive though. She sits nearby, watching quietly while doing some catch up work as arrows are loosed from their bow at targets brought out for that purpose.

<FS3> Besa rolls Archery: Good Success.

It's taken Besa a few shots to get used to this new design of bow, but now he's notching arrows and letting them fly fast. His aim is pretty good as well, almost always hitting the target, and closer to the center than not most times. He's been quiet since the meeting witty eh teacher, although he did ask Rain for aspirin before coming out.

The first few thuds of arrows hitting the target had Rain jumping a bit, but she has gotten used to the noise now and it no longer disturbs her doing her homework. She glances up as the last arrow pierces the target, her gaze moving to the target and to Besa "Are you going to do that Robin Hood trick? Split an arrow with another arrow?"

Besa's head tilts, hair stirred by he slow wind, "You know of that tale?" It's amazing the things that stay popular and what doesn't. "I am not nearly that skilled. I could hunt, but it was not always fruitful." Maybe shooting imaginary phycologists has calmed him, or maybe his arms are just tired, but the teen doesn't seem as frantic as before, offering a small smile, "Are you comfortable there?"

"Well yes. There have been many movies, revisions and retellings of that one." Rain tells him "Even a few cartoons." there is a nod at his explaining his skill level "Well hunting is as much luck as skill isn't it?" having never been hunting she wouldn't know "I tried archery when I was little, but it wasn't active enough for me. Just standing there wasn't enough." she glances around the spot she has claimed sitting against a tree, surrounded by her school books and she grins "I'm good."

Besa thinks about it and then nods, he could see a cartoon version, he supposes. He blinks once, unsure if she was giving him an excuse or teasing him about his hunting skills. "It's about patience," which he could totally see Rain not being interested in, "and there is much to fact in. It is a thinking sport." He nods, turning to trot over and get his arrows. Casually, "This bow is very different. i am not sure that i like it." It's a compound bow.

Rain would be /so/ doomed if she were dropped into the woods alone and asked to survive for a week. She'd get lost within five feet of moving any direction and probably die of exposure…or a bear. One of the two! It wouldn't be pretty. While she can be patient she can't think like a deer or whatever "You are saying you have to think like your prey?" be smarter than the animal! She eyes the bow curiously "What's wrong with it?"

Besa finally gives a warmer smile, "Well…yes. And take in the environment, the wind…There are many things that can affect how and why you let loose the arrow." looking down as he comes back , Besa holds it up for Rain to see, "It is…too complicated. Before, it was the string, the limb, the grip. Now there are pullies? it seems….cheaty." He's showing his age, next he'll be yelling for people to get off his lawn.

Rain gives a shake of her head "I will never get hunting." a life of privilege will do that to a person. She watches him as he comes back with the collection of arrows, a curious look coming to her face at his choice of words "Before? Before what. Those kind of bows have been around forever." well all her life at least, which is forever to her.

Besa smiles but head shakes, "I hope you are never in need of food then, Rain." He pauses, he may have never said it, but surely she knows? "Before. When I hunted. The bows were much simpler." Dark eyes come up from the tool to look at Rain, "I have lived many lives, Rain. Much has changed for me."

"Or if I am there is a grocery store nearby." Rain adds on to that. Maybe just any random food won't do. He may have not told her directly, but if Sky knows the probability is high that she does as well "Yes. I know that part. But it's the span of time between that first one and the current one." she explains herself a bit more clearly "Is it like this?" she holds her hands up about five inches a part, "Or like this?" she spreads her arms out so there is a good foot and half to two feet between them. She isn't asking for numbers or a date, maybe she is afraid of knowing that.

The smile fades, this is possible the hardest thing to really explain. So instead Besa sighs to himself and steps closer to her. One hand goes to move her hand further out, and then the other one, so her hands are as far apart as they can be. There's a bit of a sad look on his face when he does that, a touch of nerves like he's afraid she'll up and leave. So before she can respond he turns and takes the few steps back to the place he was shooting from and starts to notch another arrow.

Rain just ohs when she arms are spread out. It's really not possible for her to comprehend such a large span of time. Is it possible for anyone really? To her 14 years is forever, that much is like forever times infinity minus a couple of decades. She's good at math, but not /that/ good. She is quiet long enough for him to notch that arrow and let it fly, but she doesn't get up and walk away. "I can't imagine how difficult it must be having to deal with that." that much history can get heavy, especially considering the painful end that keeps being repeated over and over "But I can imagine that our revisionst history must be a joke." that last statement is meant to inject some humour back, she noticed the sad eyes.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

<FS3> Besa rolls Archery: Failure.

Besa does, but he's kinda different. The arrow flies, but he's shaken and it hits the target at a slight angle and falls to the ground. His dark eyes slide closed briefly, like he's trying to gather his thoughts, when he speaks, there's a different layer to his voice, still Besa, but more. "I do not remember it all. Not all at once. I do not think I would be sane if i could." Sky might argue that he's not sane as is. "It is…interesting to see what people think it was like." He smiles at her, but it is quick and he's notching another arrow.

Rain gives a slight frown at the sudden poor showing at hitting the target, she knows she is partly to blame for that one "Good point." she doesn't know exactly how the brain works, but it makes sense that exceeding max capacity could drive a person crazy. And as for Sky, he's probably not the best judge of that considering. Setting her book aside she pushes to her feet, "Do they even get it close at times?"

<FS3> Besa rolls Archery: Success.

Besa takes a deep breath, taking the time to focus better. "We have not evolved as much as you would think. People are the same. The tools are what is different." That's both awesome and sad, really. He lest the arrow fly and it at least hits the target this time.

"I guess as long as we haven't gone in reverse…" or maybe humanity is a two steps forward one step back kind of thing "It isn't all that bad?" Rain isn't sure how she feels about that one when she is actually face-to-face with it, "The tools are a lot different." she has seen that one in her short years, "Even in the last few years technology has taken leaps and bounds in evolving." she gives a grin "In a few years that will probably be a self-aiming bow and all you have to do is put the arrow in it and think at it for it to fire." isn't technology great.

Besa stops aiming and looks over at Rain, a very sad look on his face. He stops himself from whatever it was he was going to say though, turning back and notching an arrow. "That will be a sad day." Maybe he won't be alive to see it. Silver lining? Gah.

Well she meant that kind of as a joke, but that backfired on her. Unlike with her brother she can't see the world through Besa's eyes, literally and it is even hard for her to do it figuratively considering they come from two different worlds. She tries hard though. Rain is quiet a moment so he can aim and fire and then she is nodding at him "Yes. I guess it would be as sad as the day I am handed a fencing foil that does all the work for me." she can understand that at least! "Where is the fun in that." she glances down at the palms of her hands, rubbing a thumb over the callouses she has built up over her years of fencing.

<FS3> Besa rolls Archery: Success.

Besa nods, "Yes. There is no challenge then." Let it never be said that Besa gets jokes. He rarely does, especially when he's under stress. The arrow lands on the target again. Not a bullseye, but still in the target. He glances back at Rain considering her hands before asking, "Would you like to try?"

"Well honestly, this doesn’t look all this challenging to you either." Rain saying he is making it look easy "Maybe I should blindfold you?" because that's a challenge, right? The offer has her looking hesitant a moment "I'll probably just end up embarrassing myself, but okay." she holds her hands out for the bow.

Besa finally gives a small chuckle, "It is strange with this bow. I would prefer a more traditional one, but this is all the school has." His head tilts, those pretty locks sway, "Why would you blindfold me?" That's just silly talk! He motions her over but does not hand her to bow yet. "First you must be steady, plant your feet and be connected to the earth." ugh, he's one of those teachers.

"So you can't see the target, and make it harder for you…a challenge." Rain explains, wondering a moment if he is putting her on or not. Rain removes her blazer, to give herself for freedom of movement then moves to where Besa is "I'm not going to have to take my shoes off am I?" he had her up until the connection with earth part, as for planting her feet, that bit she knows, she takes a stance more of a fencing one though not so wide, some things are universal across sports, and stance is one of them.

Besa's eyes roll, so very Sky like. No. Keep your shoes on." One day, someone isn't going to be afraid of getting dirty with him! He smiles, "Good!" A hand to her hip to adjust her just a little before he hands her the bow. "It is set for my arms, but you will be able to get a feel for it." His arms aren't that much bigger than hers.

Rain doesn't complain about the clay getting her all dirty, so there is that. Baby steps! She seems relieved "Good. It's a bit chilly out here to go barefoot." and she probably doesn't want to get her feet all dirty, but that cold thing too! Being a fencing student for so long has engrained in her certain things and one of those is taking direction, even if it is as subtle as a hand moving her slightly. Taking the bow she nods as if she understands what he means by set. Being right handed she grips the bow in her left and holds out her right "Arrow please."

Besa's eyes roam over her, head shaking slightly, "No…not yet, you need to feel the tension. It is a weapon, even without the arrow, with the arrow it is deadly." He'll step closer to her and if allowed he places her hands correctly on the bow and string, moving her fingers to proper positions. He doesn't seem bothered by their closeness.

There is a bit of a sigh. Rain doesn't remind him that she has done this before…although that was years ago. She wasn't pacifying him yesterday when it came to the pottery thing, though this time she probably is. It's a pick your battles moment and he isn't wrong. She doesn't want to accidently shoot herself or him in the foot…or worse. The adjustments to her grip and hand positioning is fine, as is how close he is. It's not like he is putting arms around her or something. Once her fingers and grip is correct she gives him a glance before she begins to draw back the string. There is a bit of a wince as the string bites into her fingers and she has to pull a bit harder than he does, but she gets the string back, thumb nearly touching her cheek and she holds it and her breath.

Besa smiles again, "Good." She may be pacifying him, but he's not her. This is important! He nods, "Slowly bring it back now." He turns and grabs her an arrow. Now a days people wear gloves, although Besa doesn't have them. "Here.” The arrow is offered, "Be careful, keep breathing." Words of wisdom.

<FS3> Rain rolls Archery: Success.

Oh thank goodness, her arm was starting to shake from holding it in place for so long. Rain slowly releases the string, letting out the breath she was holding in the process. Breathing…breathing is good. A few deep breathes are taken. She doesn't have gloves either, but she would probably refuse them. She doesn't wear them for fencing, unless she is competing, why would she for this. Taking the arrow she gives Besa a reassuring grin as she takes the arrow from him, nocks it, struggles for a few seconds to get it straight and keep it that way, then she is pulling back on the string, trying to keep the arrow from sagging at the same time. It's a juggling at, probably an amusing one. Finally she lets go of the string, sending the arrow at the target and it does hit though it’s the edge of the target and nowhere near the arrows Besa shoot at it. As an added bonus she didn't smack her inner left arm with the string.

Besa doesn't say anything, not wanting to distract her but grins when the arrow flies. He can tell it will at least hit. "Very good, Rain. Much ether than when I first tried." He hit the ground many times. "Would you like to try another?" He'll not push it if she's had enough though.

Rubbing her fingers together Rain seems happy to have hit the target at least, "That wasn't as embarrassing as I thought it would be." she nods at him, lifting a hand for a high-five. "Same." much better than her first time too, but that was so long ago maybe it doesn't count anymore. "One more. Maybe I can actually get in one of the circles." she doubts it but stranger things have happened…especially as of late.

Besa's still not great with the high fives, so he's a moment slow on it, but does give her one. He hands her a second arrow, letting her try it again. he does let his gaze shift, taking note of how she's standing, how she holds it when he doesn’t correct her. So he can help later.

<FS3> Rain rolls Archery: Failure.

As long as she isn't left hanging, Rain is fine with slowness on it. He'll get it sooner or later. Her feet aren't quite right, instinctively she wants to go into the fencing stance, but she knows that isn't right so corrects herself but to much this time. Raising the bow, her hands are closer than her feet at least. The design of the bow itself helps with that. she follows any corrections given her…if there are any. Taking the arrow she nocks it, and then the calamity of errors begins. It's a similar struggle of keeping the arrow straight. As she pulls back the arrow slips from her fingers, trying to catch it the string snaps forward with a twang, this time she does manage to snap her left forearm with the string, ouchie! There is a sharp intake of breath and both arrow and bow drop from her hands as she grabs the arm to blow on the stinging, red welt that has immediately popped up on her inner arm. No broken skin so no bleeding at least.

Besa winces, "Are you alright?" He steps forward, his fingers twitching to do what he does best, heal. "Let me see?" If she allows he's heal her, if not…He'll take her to Med Bay to get ice. He seems upset, he should of corrected her when he saw her stance. Another thing to feel guilty about.

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