(2016-10-18) More Questions, Less Answers
More Questions, Less Answers
Summary: Besa meets with Lady Fascinate, Sky and Rain are there for support
Date: 2016-10-18
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Besa was aware again, or awake, whatever he wanted to call it. Lady Fascinate was curious on this case. Not simply that Besa had once again gone through this process, but this happened at the school. Despite some students thinking Staff weren't doing much behind the scenes, as some thought with the Lynzee disappearance in early summer, they did investigate these matters. At this point, she needs to work with Besa. He was asked to come along, as well as the discovering students. A reconciliation of knowledge to help her out most likely. It was morning, before classes, and may go into that period, but this will count as excused for certain. She is there waiting for the students, less teacher, more engrained in the trinkets of her arts. A flourish of dress and jewels in various locations. She holds what appears to be a rat skull in one hand, it is adorned with candy (or colorful jewels, sugared up). Presently standing back and once again looking at the area Besa was found this time.

Besa's dressed in his uniform, although his tie is loose. Anything binding is giving him crawling skin. He looks tired, and hasn't been eating well. The Again Not Dead boy slips into the room, arms folded around himself, "Professor Lady Fascinate. I am here." There's a justifiable nervousness about him.

Schuyler hasn't actually spoken to Besa after he returned to life once again — he's staying far away from all of that. He's barely even spoken to Rain about it, preferring instead to keep any thoughts on the subject truly to himself. But when he was requested to join the teacher he called after they discovered Besa's body, he showed up…in his school uniform, his nails recently blackened with polish, and looking mildly intrigued at the teacher's magical foci. They're very different from their mother's.

Rain follows Besa and Sky in, sure she was asked to be here, but she feels it is more for moral support for her friend than to be actually helpful. She has already told them all that she knew. Which wasn't much sadly. Unlike Sky she has been social with Besa at least, avoidance isn't her thing. About the only thing that keep her from being fully presentable is her blazer is unbuttoned but the shirt underneath and everything else about her is near perfect. "Good Morning." she greets Lady Fascinate politely, shifting a bit nervously herself, that stuff is contagious!

A slight turn, she folds her arms as well, not so much about her. One makes a perch for the other, that other lifting to her chin, holding the foci and pondering the moment itself. "Good morning, thanks for coming," she says, her accent slipping out like a soft blanket on cool fall night. That odd sense of invitation and warmth in her voice, less classroom more, natural perhaps. Fascinate nods, "I'm hoping we may discover something more to this … intrigue. My magic is not showing me all there is and perhaps there is a clue. I think." She taps the skull foci to her chin in thought as emphasis. "If Besa can say what he remembers, and the twins, how they found him. Perhaps this will help." There may be more information she has on her on investigation, but she's going back to before she started searching it seems.

Besa swallows but nods. This has shaken him more than just about anything else has. "I can….I was asked to meet with the psychologist at Professor Krutchen's office. Annaliesa came with." He glances towards the twins and then back to the teacher, "She wanted me to show her around the school…where I liked to go. I wanted to bring her here, but we did not make it. She wanted to look out a window. She knew of the attacks of the metal beasts." That's not surprising. "She…wanted to talk about clay…asked me if the school felt confining to me…" He's frowning, trying to remember, it's all very muddled.

Schuyler remains quiet…even mentally so, as Lady Fascinate and Besa speak about the attack. This is the first he's heard although he had his suspicions. He knew that Besa was meeting with the counselor…and he knew that Annaliesa was also, oddly, involved. Finally though, he offers, in sign, for Rain or even Besa to interpret, 'Do you think the counselor did it? Or teamed up with someone else? Or someone made this Annaliesa do the dirty work?'

The rat skull is examined from where Rain stands and there is some woolgathering about it on Rain's part until she is pulled from it by Fascinate explaining why they are there. None of it comes as any surprise to her. Besa gets a reassuring smile when he looks over at her. As he speaks his peice and then Sky asks his questions, which she translates for Fascinate at least. Did you tell her about the magical bindings?" she asks Besa "If who ever did this was able to bind someone wouldn't they also be able to magically control someone to act against their nature?

She is nodding as she listens to Besa, and its clear she doesn't pay attention to Schuyler signing, except with some passing observation. Faculty may be taking some training in ASL with his presence on campus, but she doesn't follow it in detail of any sort. "Yes, confusing," she agrees then nods to Rain just the same. "Magical Bindings?" A pause, she moves closer, her dress sort of hugging along the floor like some wisp of a cloud as she moves but doesn't seem to walk so much as nearly float. "Witnesses, including Annaliesa, indicate you were in the office until you were released from seeing," a beat, noticeable, "This psychologist." Was there a hint of venom in the comfort of her voice there? "Annaliesa doesn't seem to have left the office. Until you two left together. But, I'm finding little here, other than smoke and, brains." A look over to where Besa was found, "The mystical remains of the brains of a Siamese Tiger Fish." One of those brakish water fish if anyone looked it up. "A binding agent, but I believe that was only used to hide the nature of your wounds it doesn't explain the rest. Or the missing time." She gives an eye over to Rain and Sky, they have that element, though not fully off Besa, "Or this binding used on you."

Besa wasn't finished, but nods, "Yes…After looking out the window in the hallway, she asked me about the curse. and then i could not move, magic was used on me to bind me. She moved behind me, I could not see. And then…" he frowns again, it's so mixed up and confused, "I think there was someone else. Something was said about my cycle completing? …curious…she kept saying curious…" He shivers, his hand unconsciously reaching up to rub his chest near his heart. "They were deliberate…slow." His eyes have glazed over as he tries to hold back the panic that comes with recalling being murdered. "They wanted me to hurt…I'm incomplete now…I can feel it." He frowns, "I left. Annaliese saw me, I waved to her!" Why would he lie about this! Besa tenses when the teacher moves, skittish now. He glances over at the barrel, fish brains?!?

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Sensory Powers: Good Success.

Schuyler tilts his head some as he 'listens', picking up the thoughts or getting translations. But his grey eyes focus on Besa before he just walks up to the boy to put a hand on where his heart should be to see if he can feel the heartbeat. He increases his own sense of touch to make sure that he can feel a beat…or not.

Rain is listening. Comparing what Besa is saying now to what he told her yesterday. The look Fascinate gives her is meet with one bordering on frustration. "We came here hoping to get some answers, not to be meet with more questions." she says, some of that frustration coming out in her tone. "The other person, was that the source of the deeper voice you mentioned to me?" her eyes move from Besa to Sky as her brother goes to put a hand on the other boy's chest.

Rain mentally sends to Sky »>What's that all about?«<

Schuyler mentally sends to Rain «His heartbeat feels off.»

Rain mentally sends to Sky »>He is a nervous wreck, of course it is going to be off.«<

Schuyler mentally sends to Rain «Not that way. I know what an anxious heartbeat feels like.»

Rain mentally sends to Sky »>How then? And why didn't the doctors notice it when he was in medical?«<

Schuyler mentally sends to Rain «Did they do a full exam on him after he came back to life before? It was just a few days ago…maybe they figured it was always the same thing? Did he tell them that he felt like something was missing?»

A lift of one brow from Fascinate, "That is good." The info, not what happened to Besa, as she listens to him talk, "Maybe someone else was involved, I will have to research this psychologist perhaps. If so, it could be an external threat." Curfew could be lifted at least. Maybe. But a slow nod, "I believe you. There are a number of things that could be at play, psychic illusion, magical illusion, time displacement, shape shifting or reality bending. Enigma will look around the offices I think." As a thought, not that it answers questions, "But those near the office only saw you leave with Annaliesa, not the psychologist. I'll have to speak with Tom." Tom Filson, Boat Driver! She pauses to watch Schuyler curiously, going to touch Besa, watching if the other student allows that, unsure what is going on. Though she turns to rain instead, "If I had answers, I would give them." After other faculty discussed it most likely, "I am seeking to ascertain anything that would help us in our investigation. If you students are attempting the same, I would warn caution. Besa has been hurt, the rest of you will not come back so easily." If something is after the students.

Rain mentally sends to Sky »>Maybe they thought the off heartbeat was just it trying to get started…rebooting«< there is a mental shrug »>When he mentioned it to me yesterday it seemed like it was something he was just starting to notice, so I don't think so.«<'

Besa blinks, surprised that Sky is approaching him. He assumed he was mad at him since they have not spoken. But he stills, allowing the touch. When Sky does his thing, "Animal brains can be used for tanning…" His face pales slightly, they tanned him??! A deep breath, which may help or disrupt what Sky is doing, "Rain, we must ask questions first…. Yes, the other voice was deeper."

Sky mentally sends to Rain «You've been around magic all your life and you're trying to explain this rationally? Really?»

Schuyler pulls his hand away after a moment and looks to his sister first, giving her a disappointed glance, before he looks back to Lady Fascinate. He finally 'speaks', in his own way, «Am I the only one seeing this? Besa is someone who is ritually sacrificed for…reasons…and has been for centuries. Someone comes to the school and kills him again in a ritualistic manner and takes something from him…and something fishy…pun intended…is used nearby. Something he recognizes as being used in other ritual methods. And you don't think this was done on purpose? You don't even know who this counselor is? What about this new teacher that this mermaid seems to hate? He's a fishy type…why isn't he being questioned and investigated? Why isn't the counselor? How much did you look into these people before bringing them into the school? Do we need to get our parents involved?» The last is a little bit of a petulant threat but also a genuine question.

Schuyler adds after a pause, «And his heartbeat feels funny.»

While the conversation has been going on around her Rain has been focused on Sky, defintely some unspoken communication going on between the two which seems to end with his disappointed look at her and her lipcurl at him. They haven't quite seen eye-to-eye on this situation.

There is just a nod to Fascinate not happy with the answer. Her nose is wrinkly at the thought of animal brains, gross. "We have asked questions." at the comment from Sky about involving their parents she chimes up "The White Witch," using thier mom's codename instead of calling her mom, meaning she means business "has already said she would drop everything and come to offer what help she can." well there is one thing Sky and her can agree on at least.

A nod from Fascinate to agree with Besa, "Yes, that is are speculation at best, it was a magic used to cover up what was done to your body, but there is little trace of magic here. Nothing relevant to your ordeal. Perhaps if you could show me the window." That he paused to look out, which might help her find something there. Then of course, the family threat is there. She turns her full attention to Schuyler, "Do not think we are a private school with one benefactor, Mr. Masters. Remember, it is your ordeal." The graduation right of passage thing. He can interpret that as he likes, but then a nod to Rain who is a little more diplomatic at least. "Ms. Masters, by all means, if she wishes to help, have her contact me." A pause, "If you don't trust me, Professor Weald is could be a better option, but yes, some help would be appreciated." The rat skull comes off her chin, down to her side, her arms unfold. Eyes to Schuyler, "Now, if we were to simply start investigating anyone that was fishy, what rocks must we overturn then, whom all should we look at anytime something mysterious happens?" Implications can be taken or ignored as needed. A look back to Besa, "You can lead us to that window?"

Besa's aware enough of the twins to know when they're communicating with out him and frowns, seeing the looks. He doesn't want to cause them strife. His eyes widen as Sky all but accuse Krutchen of the whole thing. Tanning isn't ritualistic, but he's not going to argue that. At the threat of his parents, Besa's head swivels, he's never had parents, none that he can remember, to use as a threat like that. So this is very intense! "I can try to find it…" Besa takes a few steps towards the door, but then stops and looks at Sky, "What do you mean funny?" he signs, although he's mixing up some words, too stressed out to get them all right.

Schuyler inclines his head as Rain says what he means a bit better…although he did intend that little bit of a threat. The fact that it was brushed off rankles, but he doesn't press it yet. «I don't know that I trust Weald right now,» is pointed out although he doesn't seem to mistrust Lady Fascinate. He just isn't sure she's looking for the right things. «Isn't that what you're supposed to do though? Investigate things that don't make sense?» He's watched enough of those Crime shows to pick up on that. At Besa's question, he just lifts a shoulder, «It just felt off.»

Rain nods to Fascinate "I will." maybe, personally she would rather not get her parents involved. There was discussion of that yesterday and they haven't reached that level of desperation yet "Which window was it?" and aren't they more like portholes, as they are under water.

"Yes," says Fascinate, turning to go follow Besa to the window, but looking at Schuyler, "We are investigating, it is not our responsibility to share what we do with the students, and it may be prudent to not assume we do nothing simply because you are unaware." Simpy offered, as it seems a recurring thing with students, thinking the faculty do nothing when mysteries arise. SHe follows to the window itself. It is near the Science rooms, along the way one would travel, coming down from Administration and towards the Arts Room. Just a side hall with a window, that offers a view towards Paragon Island in the distance. Looking up and down, she nods when it is pointed out, "Nothing about the location, aside from out of the way." Not a main thoroughfare. "I can search for trace magic here." A pause, "And if something is found, it is not simply for us to answer all your questions. While there may have been something specific to Mr. Ini-Herit, he may not be the only student that could be targetted. Our primary function beyond educating and teaching is the safety of the student body."

Besa doesn't get sick. The idea there's something off with his heart is disturbing. A hand reaches up again to rub his chest where Sky had touched and he leads them through the door to go find the window everything went down at. Dark eyes narrow as the teacher basically says they're not going to tell Besa everything. That's not acceptable. "Processor Fasciante…..I would like to be told what is happening. I think I have that right." Murder victim and all.

«Then why are we here?» Sky asks of the Professor. «If we're just witnesses and if we're just being questioned as such, why are you having us still here? And if we're helping with the investigation, why are you dismissing our thoughts about it?» He looks to Rain and then to Besa before looking back, «How are we supposed to feel safe if you don't say anything to the students about your ongoing investigations? And if anyone is a suspect at the school, why are they still being allowed around students?»

"What about trace magic on Besa?" Rain asks, it was probably searched for, but they haven't exactly been told much, which is vexxing. "If anyone should be told anything it is Besa." Rain backs her friend up on this one. "Keeping things from him doesn't help you or him. The more information he knows the more he is likely to remember." a glance is given to Sky, and she nods at what he is saying, more things they can agree on "He does make a point."

"Yes," she begins explaining to Besa, he does have the right to know. Then Schuyler is commenting again. Rain says it politely in some ways of course, but there are other questions. "Mr. Masters, you are a witness, I asked you here to see if you might remember something from the scene that would help the investigation. Instead you choose to make it clear we were not doing enough and your family should be involved. And then suggest I'm not providing you with enough information. If you do not feel safe, you may return home." Then again, its his families ordeal/challenge. Maybe she knows that all the same. "I am thinking it less likely the culprit is at school, this psychologist is being investigated. Any more information that could be provided on her and the voice of the other that was heard?" To Besa, but a nod to rain, "We have checked Besa for any trace of magic. Barring in mind we are uncertain of the entire process," that Besa goes through, that a question the priests, "And the full scope of magic at play, we are certain we have not found anything external to follow as a lead."

Besa lets his gaze drift to the window, the small argument making him uncomfortable. His hand again reaches up and rubs his chest as he quietly shakes his head, saying, "There were two. Or the psychologist was able to change her voice." He swallows, looking out at the island. "She knew about the attack on the Ferry…that I was there. that i died." He seems slightly dazed now, unsure what else he can say to help.

«We came in. There was a puddle of blood and he was dead. Then I tried calling Weald and couldn't reach him so I called you.» The only teacher who's mind he could find at the time. Sky's eyes narrow as he looks between the teacher and his sister and Besa, quieting as he lets Besa talk.

"Well everyone knows about the attack on the ferry. It was in the paper…on the news." Rain tells him. It's a small town, things like are a big deal. "I think it even made national news." which means there were names involved and everything. Another look of frustration comes to the girl's face but this time it isn't really aimed at anyone "There didn't seem to be any signs of any rituals that were done in the art room either." she adds her bit to Fascinate "It's almost as if whoever did it asked him to throw something on the wheel and then stabbed him in the back when he was reaching into the barrell to get clay." there is a bit of info for Besa. No wonder he wasn't wanting to touch or feel clay yesterday.

A nod from Lady Fascinate, taking in all the information. "Ah, it was broadcast, and perhaps that is one reason she came in search of you." Towards Besa, in agreement with Rain on her take. "I suspect something was done to Besa in the interim. We all certain of that, I mean he was removed from the site." The school even for all she knows. "And he was put somewhere people might expect to find him but wouldn't look right away." Art Room, after class hours. "I think if we could find a way to share the image of this psychologist, either from you or Annaliesa, we may have the best lead there." A slight look to Schuyler in that thought.

Besa frowns, "Bur….I was never in the arts room though. It happened here." Why did they bring him to the arts room? What was the point of that? His hand presses into his chest briefly before dropping and turning back to look at the others. "She did not come in search of me, Professor Kretcher…He…" Besa blinks, his mind not grasping exactly what. "He called her in…I think." The hand that was on his chest raises up to rub his forehead. "There was nothing outstanding about her." That he can remember, anyway.

«Krutchean?» Sky corrects before looking back to Lady Fascinate. «Everyone tells me I shouldn't be poking around in people's heads. If he will let me try and pull up an image of her, I'll do it…but he's my friend and I won't just go in without his permission.» Unlike some others who might not get such objections. There's a brief glance to Rain there…see? He's doing the right thing!

Rain knows that now, but when they found him that wasn't the case. "That was a lot of blood spread around the arts room for it not happening there." she'll just point that out. She watches those same shows that Sky does. A hand goes to rub Besa on the back in the same comforting way she did yesterday. A slight nod is given to Sky at his asking about meddling. They have had that talk several times. She then just falls silent, there for moral support, but since there are no real answers as of yet.

"Or the blood was left as a cover to certain magic," indicates Fascinate. "All that iron." Just to think of it. Blood doesn't bother her, and maybe why she brought in the rat skull? Then she nods, a slight brow lift to Schuyler, as if she wouldn't be the one to tell him to ask first. Unless it was her mind probably, but others, meh, not her cup of tea. "If it was done in the Art Room, there would be more chance of a trace of some sort, an impression. Magic could detect that moment, all things considered." Aka, even though Besa comes back, for now. "We all knew he was brining one in, we made recommendations to him. She was on the list." Another curiousity now, perhaps less answers than before.

Besa's confused, if they know it was here and not the arts room…"Why is there not an impression here then?" Rain gets a forced, but thankful smile at the support , but he turns to Sky and nods, "Yes. Of course you may." Soemthign about the fact that Sky said he was his friend seems to calm Besa some. Turning back to the professor, "Who put her name on the list?"

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Good Success.

«They aren't checked out once they're on a list?» Sky asks a little incredulously, looking to Rain as well before he turns back to Besa. He gives a nod then and focuses on the other, his own mental powers reaching in to try and find the memories of his meeting with the counselor. If he happens to get more information on the events right before Besa was injured, oh what a stroke of luck…

"I must see if you were truly brought here or you thought you came here," suggests Fascinate, "And I suspect the act of what happend, and whatever happened within you." An eye to Schuyler, on the topic of heartbeat not being quite right inferred in the look perhaps, "Was done away from the school, or in another location." More directly to Besa, "Dr. Tullard, provided the name. Someone will question her, but we are not sure if who you saw was even her. Yes they are checked." She waits as the one searches the mind of the other then.

Besa just frowns, and stills, trying to stay calm fro whatever Sky is looking for. At this point, he can't answer Fanscinate, he doesn't know. All he knows his that his head hurts, and his chest. And maybe a nap would be nice.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Good Success.

Schuyler takes the memory that he finds and tries to project it so that Besa, Rain, and Lady Fascinate can see and head in their own minds. The voice may not entirely come through as it's not something within his own experience, but it could be useful for the others. Even as he does so, he also reaches forward to give Besa what he hopes is an encouraging squeeze to his shoulder. They're trying to help, they really are.

A woman, in a bun, matching with what Besa saw that day of the incident. "This is good, I'll take this to Dr. Tullard." The image she has in her mind now too. "And we can follow this lead." She turns, as if just going to leave, but pauses, half turned and looking over a shoulder at the three. "Besa, we will let you know what we find. If we find anything, including some reason behind this chaos, we will let you know." She lets it sink in at least, then continues, "Is there any questions you three have?" As they wanted to know something it seemed.

A twin on either side, Besa steadies. Bravery is easy when surrounded by those you trust. A nod, he understands what the teacher is saying, "Thank you. No…no questions." For now, anyway. Maybe later once he's thought about all of this. He sinks into the siblings touch slightly, the contact grounding him.

Schuyler has some questions, but they haven't been met very well so he keeps them to himself this time. He does ask, however, «What steps are being taken to keep Besa and the rest of us safe besides curfew and having buddies? What if it's someone on your list that is still being allowed in? What if it's someone letting them in in secret?»

"If you do not trust the faculty, Mr. Masters, you are welcome to seek other educational opportunities," returns Fascinate, as its less about the incident and more on whether faculty is doing a good job. She almost turns, but stops, "We have increased monitoring the grounds, strengthened some wards. Any visitors are being screened before being allowed into the facility. If someone is letting them in secret, then we have a rat. If you find anything to point towards a rat, please let us know. We can confront them."

Besa eyes the rat skull in her hand, but nods. He seems just tired and wanting this to be over.

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