(2016-10-17) Relationship Status
Relationship Status
Summary: Cookies are eaten and things are discussed.
Date: 2016-10-17
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Walking back into their room-hers and Tabitha's, Becca has a plate of fresh cookies. It's the Feast of Tabernacles, so Becca has been cooking alot. Cajoling Dax to curl up for a movie with cookies isn't the hardest bid. She smiles at him and does her best to keep the cookies out of reach from Dax until they settle in.

Daxton's focussed on the cookies, "Come on! Just let me try one?" He could totally steal one if he really wanted, but it's more fun to get her to cave and just give him the plate. He reaches around her, playing at trying to steal one. "This is boyfriend abuse!"

Tabitha barely got back from home in time to make morning classes, having spent all of Sunday from zero-dark 'fuck this' to minutes before that first class with her band recording the masters for their next album release. After barely keeping awake for class, she came right back to the room after and has been sprawled in her bed. She's gone between napping and munching snacks for energy and is now just sort of sprawled in a bit pile of throw pillows like a ragdoll. The scent of cookies and sound of approaching feet get her to glance at the door with a wry smirk.

"It is not!" Becca smiles. "We'll eat well this week as it is! It's a holiday." She tells Dax and sticks her tongue out at him. She'll let Dax sneak a cookie. "So Jackie Chan movies?" She asks and looks to Tabs. "Hey! Feast of Tabernacles, grab a cookie." She tells her roomie.

There cookie is in his mouth before she's done offering it. With a mouth full he mumble sour, "Not enough." Not enough what, food? For tonight? His nose wrinkles, "We gotta expend your movies, Becca…" He can only take so many fungi fu or old movies. Seeing Tab he sobers up some, giving her a nod, but no eye contact. Instead he moves over to Becca's bed to sit down. He seems rather comfortable, in fact he takes the moment to punch the panda bear off the bed with a familiarity.

Tabitha's eyebrows raise at the mention of cookies. "Score." She reaches a hand out and barely a thread of aura stretches from one finger to wrap around baked goodness. She cradles it in her hands once she has it, "I'll enjoy this when I have enough energy to chew. What's Tabernacle?" She's set up in her bed, sprawled like a rag doll in a nest of throw pillows. "So I heard something about Jackie Chan movies?"

"What?" Becca smiles at Dax and shrugs. "I /especially/ like old kung fu movies." She teases Dax. He's beating stuffed animals off her bed so he can sit and Becca has a plate of choclate chocolate chip cookies. She's not playing around it seems. She grabs her laptop and looks to Tabitha. "Tabernacles? The Feast of Exodus? It's a Jewish holy week, gosh." She rolls her eyes but smiles.

Daxton groans, but doesn't comment any more on the movie choice. He may need to just go buy some. Instead he just makes gimmie hands to the plate of cookies, claiming boyfriend rights over them. Anotre cookie is shoved into his mouth and he sighs, settle against the wall as he settles on her bed.

Then there's a Rissa knocking on the door. No uniform this time. No bunny pajamas either! Just good ol' fashioned jeans and tanktop. Ruffled flannel. Strappy sandles. This is probably a thrown-together look since it doesn't really emphasize her nearly non-existent curves like most of her clothes are designed to do. At least she has a big, foil-covered tray of some sort. A circular one. Thankfully, not a cookie-sheet,"Tabitha, you in?"

Tabitha shrugs at Rebecca, "Eh. I'm a non-deist." She flops back in her nest and starts to gnaw on the cookie until the knock on the door. She manages to raise her voice a bit when she hears Rissa's, "Get in here, bunny lady!" When Rissa opens the door she gestures towards Daxton, "Mind your hands around the cookie disposal." She eyes the covered tray Rissa is holding with a raised eyebrow. "What's under there?"

Glancing at the door, Becca grins and slips onto the bed to snug against Dax and the cookies. "You're crazy. I clearly need to just live in a kitchen to keep up with you." She jokes and opens up her laptop. "Alright, Netflix then? I'll let you pick." She offers, how giving. She waves to Rissa a bit before grabbing a cookie.

Daxton glances over at Rissa and gives her a nod, he doesn't know the girl that well, but she was nice (sorta) about his laundry that one time. "Hey." He doesn't quite glare, but his brow does wrinkle at Tabs jab. While it sounds friendly enough, he's not past their fight just yet. Some words are harder to get over than others for the speedster. He will open an arm so Becca has a place to snuggle into. But then she gives him choice and he's racing through netflix as fast as Becca's computer will let him, finally he pulls up the latest Transformers movie. It may not be good, but the boy has a soft spot for explosions.

The girl eyes Daxton in the room as she opens the door and comes in. Speculates on his muscular build. Flicks to Rebecca. Then to Tabitha. Then she pronounces the answer to Tabitha's question,"What I have is… probably not enough pepperoni pizza. I followed the directions and everything!" Pause. "It isn't cookies. Hm." Rissa THEN throws a smile in Tabitha's direction that slowly suffuses with a blush as she realizes just WHAT the girl called her. Bunny lady. Right. The girl sets the pizza down on the edge of a bed, and then walks over to Tabitha's bed. She crosses her arms over her chest, closes her eyes, and falls back on it,"Catch."

Tabitha is too exhausted to worry overly much about the speedster's slow pace when it comes to dropping grudges. Besides, she figures she'll have a new ally in that regard in just a few days when a certain newly emergent super takes up residence in the Ares dorm. Instead she smiles at Rissa and her pizza, "Sounds nummy." And then Rissa does the trust fall and for about half a second Tabitha lets her fall. Then she puts what energy she's saved up in her afternoon of napping into an aura extention that scoops up under Rissa and pulls her around so she's plopped next to Tabitha on the pillow nest. She wrinkles her nose at her and just says, "Caught."

Snorting her amusement, Becca shakes her head. "I'm full up, Tabernacles, I think I've been eating all day." And skipping the gym. No hard labor this week. "Oooh, this is the one with the car people. I like these." She tells Dax and looks to Rissa. "You're welcome to cookies." Glancing at Tabs she asks "Why so burnt out Tabbers?"

Daxton's noise wrinkles, not quite in happy when he smells the pizza. He's good with cookies, doesn't remind him of work. A soft scoff comes from Dax, "Car people? You don't even get to act insulted when i don't know who any of your ancient moves have in them." A few more cookies are gobbled up, clearly he's starving to death.

She's caught! Oh no! Wait. Oh yes! While it's not the taller girl's usual arrangement with Tabitha, after a brief glance in Dax and Becca's direction, the girl squirms onto her side, wiggles around, and decides to plop her cheek so that her head is laying sort of at the crook of Tabitha's shoulder and neck. Burrowburrowburrow. Sandals are kicked off with a lazy, flappy foot motion. And then she holds her hands out in grabby motions,"Help, I am caught. You must throw cookies to me, because I can no longer get up!" Right. "Because it's so comfy. COMFY."

Tabitha smiles as Rissa gets situated, a blush coming to her face in an odd mix of pale green and pink. Another sign of how drained she is that her biology can't quite manage its encoded instructions for surface humanity. Rebecca's question gets a smile, "We spent almost fourty hours finishing the next albums yesterday. It was… intense." She doesn't say anything about the movie selection, or admit that she's never watched any of them. She's a fantasy buff. Once something has robots she generally checks out. Rissa's antics earn her a gentle elbow nudge.

Leaning over, Becca nuzzles into Dax. "Want to take a walk? I've had to skip the gym this week." She murmurs to the boy. "Come back and kill the cookies later?" She asks and kisses his cheek before looking into Dax's eyes.

A walk? They just get settled in to-OH! a walk! He nods, "Sure…" The plate of cookies set down, with only a little hesitance and he's up and holding out a hand for her. Unless they re stopped he'll hurry her out.

And cue the playful 'oof' as she is nudged. The girl rolls over Tabitha after waving to Becca and Daxton,"Have fun on your walk!" She's utterly clueless. Still, once she's dragged the cookies and pizza over closer to the bed for Tabitha and herself, she holds up a cookie in front of the girl,"Want one?" Pause. She leans over to peck the girl on the forehead and asks,"Did you get… ANY rest? I can come back later if you need to sleep or….. absorb stuff right now."

Tabitha waggles her fingers at the departing duo, "Yes, have a good 'walk', you two. Don't get caught by the curfew monitors." Then the door is closed and Rissa is rolling over her, which provides demonstration of one of many benefits of being strong and somewhat unsquishable even with her aura at low tide. She also nabs about a half dozen cookies, then puts the plate with the rest over on Rebecca's desk with her aura. Then with a bit of concentration she shapes the aura into a dome lid over the plate, makes it solid, and detaches it so it remains in place when her aura is withdrawn.

The offered cookie is nibbled at a bit, then when Rissa leans in to kiss her forehead she plants one on her chin. "I slept from end of class until about ten minutes before you got here. And through lunch. And maybe a bit in lit class, too."

"You slept through lit class? But however will 'The Crucible' be appreciated by you if you sleep through lit- I'm sorry, I can't finish that sentence with a straight face. That book is awful. How far is 'Wing from another album, then?" She giggles as the girl eats cookie right out of her hand and even receives a kiss to her chin. She leans on her shoulder and begins to stroke the girl's hair with a distant sort of smile on her face. Eventually she lays down again, throwing an arm over the girl's belly and burrows in again. "Mrrph. So…" It starts with an innocent enough drawl.

"… Not that I'm… complaining, and sorry for being such a girl about it, but… what are we?" Yep. Those are always fun questions to hear via non sequitur.

The cracks about lit class cause Tabitha to giggle. Her reply to the question about the album is just a shrug and an arch look. The hair stoking causes her to close her eyes for a bit, then open them again when the arm shifts to her belly. She seems to have anticipated the question as it's being asked since it doesn't take her long to answer. She's brought her arm up to wrap around Rissa's back and strokes her fingers down the girl's spine. "Well, I've been hoping for a while now that you'd want me as your girlfriend." She half whispers this as Rissa's right there next to her. "But I'm good with other things, if that's too much too fast."

The girl seems to thrill like a cat as her spine is stroked. It's a sort of purring, almost whimpering sound. It earns Tabitha a playful nip to her side. Wherever did that come from? Regardless, the girl moves to trace circles over Tabitha's belly, even as fingers comb through her hair. And Tabitha's response? Well, it earns a rather loud squeal. Then she's burying her face in a blush. "Sorry… Sorry. Um. I'm dumb. Yes." She practically whispers the word. "Sorry. Yes. I'd like that. Girlfriends. It's… fast, but… you make me feel… safe and… pretty, even. I liked dancing with you… Could we do that again?" Rissa pauses, though, and says,"Just… be patient with me? I'm kind of new to all this."

The nip on the side causes Tabitha to jump a bit. Then there's the face burying and squees and she smiles and pulls Rissa to her in a comforting embrace. "I'd hope we'll go dancing again and more times after that. How about this Friday night? We can have a date before the crew drives down to drop off Katrina Saturday morning." Then she's reaching down into a pocket of the jacket hanging on her bedpost, pulling out what looks like a USB drive with a fancy case. "And, um… you asked about the album? It's coming out in November, but some radio play starts next week. But, um…" She holds up the drive meaningfully.

Rissa leans up to press a kiss FIRMLY to Tabitha's lips, then hops up to grab the USB drive. Why? So she can go listen to it of course,"OMG. I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. I HAVE TO GET READY, I ONLY HAVE FOUR DAYS." Yeah. Hopefully noone's sleeping too deeply. Because one could practically follow Rissa back to her dorm with the sound of those 'squees'. Life is very weird in superhero-school.

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