(2016-10-17) Disturbing Questions
Disturbing Questions
Summary: Alive once more Besa searches for answers
Date: 2016-10-17
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With only remembering bits and pieces, Besa is very confused on what has happened to him. It's rather upsetting, and while he's been told to take it easy for the next week, he wants answers! Dressed in jeans and a white tee shirt he's sitting on the floor in the middle of the pottery section , legs crossed in a lotus position. Someone's trying to meditate the answers. At the scene of the crime (which has been cleaned up, obviously). Pretty hair is loose, framing his face as he takes a deep breath.

Unless they are injured the Masters twins still aren't being allowed into medical, but at least there week long ISS and detentions are over. With classes going on Rain can't loiter outside of medical either. With classes over though and hearing he has already been released she heads to the art room. He'll show up there eventually is her thinking. And it seems he beat her there. Not all that surprising really.

Hard to miss where he sits in the middle of the floor, Rain knows meditation when she sees it. Not wanting to interrupt him to much she quietly sets her things down on a table, removes her blazer and begins to roll her sleeves up.

Trying was the important word there. Besa's trying to meditate. As soon as he hears the soft sounds of her things being set down, dark eyes snap open. It's not quite panicked, but he definitely wants to know who's in the room with him. There's a moment where his expression doesn't change from the nervous and flat on he has but then it registers who she is, "Oh…hello Rain. How was class?" She even gets a soft, although not very big, smile.

His reaction isn't surprising. Rain would be jumpy to if that happened to her, heck she was after her own attacks. So she can sympathize with him. At a loss of what to say, and trying hard not to picture the scene she found last time she came to the art room, she will happily take the question and run with it. "It was good to be back in it. I have a lot of catchup work to do though." which she hates the thought of. His soft smile is returned, she is glad he is back. With her sleeves rolled up past her elbows she goes to grab a smock off the hooks where they hang. "Not going with the throwing variety of meditation today?"

Dark eyes study her, taking in her words. "You will get caught up soon enough." She's pretty scholarly. An eyebrow raises slightly as she gets the smock, he assumed she was only throwing clay to pacify him. "No….I do not want to feel it." The clay. For some reason that's making his skin crawl, the idea of it. "I can leave you to it though." He starts to untangle his legs.

"Yeah. It will be a long weekend of having my nose in books." not her favorite way to spend a weekend, but it has to be done if Rain wants to be in line for those AP classes next year. Eyebrows arch at the strange confession from the boy and her eyes move to the barrel of slip and a sick feeling develops in her stomach and she quickly looks back at Besa "Right." does she understand why he would feel that way? Doubtful at the moment but she does acknowledge it at least. "You don't have to leave."

Besa thinks it won't be so bad for the girl. "It will be quiet. I am sure you will be fine." He doesn't even quite know why he feels that way, only bits of the conversation are remembered. His gaze follows hers, frowning. He has not been told of any of the details. Instead of standing, he just pulls his knees to his chest, making him look small, "Do….do you know what happened?"

"I think the whole thing was…a learning experience at least." she certainly learned a lot from it. Rain doesn't immediately doesn't get the clay and get to practicing. His question has her face going a bit cloudy and her fingers pluck at the sleeve of the smock "A little bit," there is a slight nod and then that sorta ill look and she shallows before speaking up, "Sky and I found you."

Besa's gaze snaps away from the barrel to look at her. His breath even catches before he can get out a soft, "I'm so sorry…" There will be no more pressing for details then. He was hoping for second hand knowledge from her. Frowning, Besa looks down at his hands, "Are….are you both okay?"

"Not as sorry as whoever did it probably will be." despite the vindictive nature of the statement Rain doesn't sound particularly vengeful. It's more just a statement of fact. "You don’t remember anything?" she's been keeping herself from asking questions, assuming he has been interrogated since he first woke up. "We are fine." she doesn't sound very convincing, well they will be. And thanks to some wonderful meds that were given to her by the doctors she hasn't had nightmares!

Yes, everyone is being vengeful. It's not as upsetting as getting murdered, but it's not helping Besa feel calm. He though Karissa was going to hurt everyone she saw on Sat! 'I remember…bits. The psychiatrist wanted to see the Arts room." He frowns, not believing her so he repeats, "I am sorry Rain." Maybe this is just proving the priests right! He's just hurting his friends!

Rain is in Athena, she wants justice, not revenge. Is it the same side of a different coin? Probably, but not in her teenage mind, where things are still a bit black and white. "Why?" she thought the whole situation was weird to begin with, and how it turned out has only made it darker and weirder "I am too. You shouldn't have to be going through this or the chaos on the other side of that door." there is a idle gesture to the door that leads to the hallway.

Besa frowns, clearly trying to remember, "To…see where I liked to be." It's his lot, his destiny to die, but not like this. Not murdered. An arm sneaks around his knees, almost like he's hugging himself, "I am sorry you had to find me. I know my back…" he stops, besides knowing he was mutilated from behind, he really doesn't know what else happened to him body. he could have been beheaded for all he knows. "I am sorry you had to see that." He looks towards the door, "No one has said anything to me yet." They may not, murder is kinda different. And there's a good chance the teachers have all yelled at the students who have been picking on him about it. Maybe.

Rain ohs as she nods "That makes sense." well as much sense as any of the rest of this situation does. "Stop saying you're sorry." she tells him moving forward to join him on the floor. "It's not like you asked for any of this." There is nothing said about the state of his back, the facial expression she tries to hide says enough. "Let's hope that isn't just a passing fad." she lifts a hand, the nails painted a lavender today, to pat his back, shoulder area, in a comforting fashion. She hopes at least.

Besa can't help it, he tenses up at the touch. He saw it coming, so he doesn't flinch or pull away at least. "It will be…fine." He doesn't look up at her, not really believing that himself. "They….used magics on me. Bound me. I could not see who it was….I was not even in the Arts room." He swallows, staring at his hands, "They …took something…out of me. I do not feel right." Although to be fair, no one would feel right after that!

Rain isn't totally convinced of that either. Things like that change people and not always for the better. She is a bit taken aback by that. Magic?" she frowns, her hand stilling a moment under the tensing but she will return to the patting when her relaxes a bit "There didn't seem to be anything ritualistic about it…but bindings don't really need that…I guess." her knowledge there is quite limited "Lady Fascinate was the first to investigate, she may have answers for you." Took something from him…that's alarming "Like what? An organ?" but wouldn't that grow back when he resurrects? Maybe if it wasn't a necessary one? As if it couldn’t get any stranger.

Besa's hands seem very interesting , at leafs he's watching them, "I could not move…." He swallows, the tension loosening but not completely going away in his body as she keeps patting him. He frowns, head shaking, "I don't know…if I knew I would understand it…" The hand not wrapped around his knee etches up and rubs his chest near his heart. "I do not know if staying here is the best option anymore….this was not my priests."

Well that bit she can relate too "That's an awful feeling." magic, tentacles…almost the same thing! "We are here for you no matter what." cause that's what friends are supposed to do. Though can she really speak for her brother that way? "What other option do you have? Where can you go that is safe?" she knows this place isn't safe for him anymore, not until the person who killed him is found at least.

Besa's dark eyes lift up, but it's too look around the room. Maybe he's noticed the lack of Sky? He swallows, knowing she (and sky) will not like the answers, "I only have two I can think of." His eyes go back to his hand, his fingers fidget slightly. "The nurse can contact the priests…she may have already. They would protect me." He doesn't say the other option. To him that's even scarier.

Rain knew she wasn't just a normal nurse, but really didn't have a way to prove. She is still unsure what side the nurse is on. She opens her mouth to ask something but thinks better of it. No she doesn't like the idea but unlike her brother she doesn't fight him about it. "There is a third option." she is tentative when she says it, as if she already suspects he is going to refuse as soon as he hears it.

Besa frowns, head tilted causing his hair to flop to one side, "What is that?" At this point he's willing to consider anything. Desperate times.

The hand stops its patting, resting a moment before Rain pulls her hand away to smooth her skirt as she shifts a bit to face him better. Must the a serious suggestion "You could go stay at my house until whoever did this is caught." there it is her suggestion "The person would have to be pretty desperate to willingly tangle with my parents." as she speaks another thought pops into her head "Unless you want to go the bodyguard route." she is sure both suggestions will get rejected but she is trying to help.

There's a movement of clear con side ration, but then his head shakes softly, "No….I would not wish this upon your family." From what Rain has said, she'd the black sheep as is. If they are all more like Sky…. He doesn't know if that would be best. She gets a small, half smile, "It is very kind of you though, thank you. I do not deserve friends like you and your brother." His nose actually wrinkles at the idea of a body guard, "Please…no. I have had them before. It is not….ideal." He shifts, looking back down at his knees. "I could just leave….disappear." Surely he could make it somewhere safe on his own. Just stay out of the news. "If I am alone, they can not hurt anyone else." Whoever they are.

It's strange that the preppy, overachieving Rain would be the blacksheep and not the goth wannabe Sky, but her family is a strange one, in a lot of ways. "Sky can be a bit of an ass," she says in typical sisterly like affection "Not sure /anyone/ deserves him as a friend." she is going the opposite way with it than Besa did. She is clearly joking, maybe trying to lighten the mood some "You could yes, but that doesn't guarantee no one else will be hurt."

Besa smiles, but it's tight. "The both of you are my friends. I have never had anyone like you in my life before." The closest were some older body guards and priests at one time, but that was a very long time ago. The smiles crumbles and he looks away, clearly upset, "I do not know what I am supposed to do, Rain…I do not want anyone to get hurt….I don't want to ..be…" He holds his breath, closing his eyes. He doesn't want to start crying. That's not going to help.

"Well it is about time you did then." Rain tells him "Who else is going to cheer you on when you need it…or kick you in the butt when you need that?" she is more of the former while Sky is more of the latter. Her hand comes up again, this time rubbing his back instead of patting "I know." at least about the not wanting people to be hurt "You were dealt a crap hand Besa."

Besa's heart is thumping in his chest, she may be able to feel it when she rubs his back. He sniffles, but doesn't start crying. "I would rather not be kicked at all." That's fair, he was just stabbed to death. "I am fearful….This is not familiar." Murder? Or something else? "I tried to mediate, to…find the name of the demon, to find anything, but then…this happened." he glances up at her, "What if this was because i tried?" Destiny is a harsh mistress.

"Well no, now one does, and in this case anyone that does is just being mean." Rain isn't going to throw out the ass name again, once is enough for the day. "I can't blame you for that one." she can't even get on the ferry without being a nervous wreck anymore. There is a shake of her head "Don't be blaming the evils of one individual on karma, fate, destiny, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes…most of the time it is what is and nothing else. This is just some sick, twisted person trying to do…something…wind you up…see how far your powers can go…remove something from their bucket list? she actually shudders at that last one, because that is so many shades of wrong.

Besa's noticed there's quite a few mean people around too. Maybe he was sheltered too much before. He looks back towards the pottery wheels, "How can I not believe in destiny? It is what made me what I am." He has no idea if his blood was like it is before he was chosen, or if it's an effect of the curse. Looking over at her, the teen wants to believe her, but… He frowns again, something coming back to him, "They knew…wanted to know….They…" His eyes widen, "There was a deeper voice…." His hand finally leaves his chest to rub his head, which is pounding suddenly, "Said…it was part of my cycle…They knew…"

"I'm not saying not to believe in it, just that not every little thing is part of it. Somethings are just random." Rain's brow furrows as she listens to what he is saying…remembering "Part of your cycle? Well that makes it sound as if it was…" there is a beat as the finds the right word "preordained?" that seems like the proper one. "But what does it mean?" her eyes go to the hand that is rubbing his head "Want an aspirin?"

Murder isn't a little thing, Besa thinks. But he's not going to argue. He frowns, head shaking, "That is not how it is. They were not priests, none of the proper rituals…Whoever it was they were….deliberately….slow." He pales, remembering the pain. The teen looks like maybe he's lost a little bit of weight. He nods, still rubbing his temple, "I feel for Sky if this is what he goes through daily."

Rain nods, slow doesn't sound pleasant…at all. Though none of it sounds pleasant, period. She isn't sure what else she can say or do to offer comfort or consolation, but aspirin, that she can do, so she gets up to get that and the tepid bottle of water from her bag. The latter is handed over first then she gets two of the pills to hand over as well "Well if you want we can go talk to Lady Fascinate, see if the knows anything. She was casting all sorts of spells, I can't imagine that she didn't find something."

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