(2016-10-14) Bride of Frankenstein
Bride of Frankenstein
Summary: Felicia is rocking a look, when she comes back after work
Date: 2016-10-14
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The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

A notice has been posted. An official sign now hangs on the yellow taped laundry room door, it reads: Notice: Restricted Access, Students Prohibited.

It is after curfew, pushing the weekend's later light's out time of night, so anyone that doesn't have a job that takes them off the island is around, maybe not here exactly, but places. There seems to be a bit of quiet conversation coming down the stairs, male and female if the voices are any indication. Words can't be made out but definite conversation. It doesn't last long, or it runs its course and suddenly there is bit of a breeze that wafts through the hub, and then Felicia can be seen descending the stairs. She is dressed in her civvies, but her hair and face are made up Bride of Frankenstein style. It's probably the first time anyone has seen her with her hair in any configuration but covering her face, she has quite the white-streaked beehive hair-do going on there and the makeup does a good job of concealing the scars, mostly by adding one or two more and calling them out while effectively hiding the real one.

Ollie has to be up bright and early tomorrow for her job at the coffee shop, but it's still far too early for her to get to sleep. She is, instead, in the hub with her guitar, practicing some as she continues to work on the song she decided she wanted to learn this semester. It might take the full year, it's rather slow-going and challenging. At the breeze she looks up but then does a double-take upon seeing Felicia all dressed up.

"Wow! You look amazing! Is that a practice run for Halloween? Is that your real hair?"

There is a eye roll and a shake of head as she takes a glance toward the Ares dorm. The guitar music has her stopping though to look at Ollie. She begins to head over to where the girls sits, she isn't quite ready for turning in either. "Thanks!" she says with a grin "It's for work. Every weekend until Halloween they are having a sorta Fright Fest (like at Six Flags only not as scary). They have a haunted house, different halloween themed activities and all the staff have to dress up in costumes. I got lucky and was assigned this one." she lifts a hand to her hair "Yep, all mine." she does have quite a bit of it and the curliness makes it perfect for a beehive sorta of style.

Ollie gives a low whistle, "You did get lucky! Wow!" She then smiles up at her friend, "Is it fun? Or is it just even more screaming, entitled kids? We get that at the coffee shop, but they're all theoretically adults." And still entitled and petulant. "How did you do that with your hair?" She pulls her hands from the guitar to push her own hair back…maybe considering trying that style one day.

"Yes. To both. Sometimes it is the adults who are the worst really. I can understand little kids acting immature but grownups." Felicia gives a shake of her head. "I had some help, with it and the makeup. There is a lot of hair teasing involved. And so many hair pins." she eyes lift as if she was trying to look up at her hair "It is going to take a bottle of conditioner and hours to get all the tangles out of it."

Maybe that doesn't sound as fun then…unless Ollie cheats. "And you have to do this every night you're working? Wouldn't it be easier to wear a wig then?" She looks at the hair style again, "Coconut oil maybe? Before you wash it? I dunno, but it looks amazing." She then gestures for Felicia to have a seat if she wants. "So, Link seemed really nice."

Felicia nods "It's easier getting it like this than getting it out." she explains to Ollie "You would think a wig would be easier, but this," she points to her hair "is a lot of hair to be putting under a wig." maybe they tried that first. "Huh..Maybe I'll try that." she nods again and smiles "I make a great Bride of Frankenstein." she pressees fingers into the side of her neck "They even glued bolts on." she clearly had fun at work this evening. When Link is brought up she gives a shrug "He's okay." yep no interest there. "Between him talking about making out and Aidan asking me out an a date…and the attack…yesterday was weirdo."

"You do! And I love that it's a classic monster and not any of these new things. I also like the Addams Family and the Munsters for that too…" someone managed to watch old reruns at some point in her her live. Ollie looks back to her guitar as Felicia says he's just 'ok'. She does blink at the other, "Aidan asked you out? Are you going? He seems nice even though I don't know him too well. And yeah, what is going on? Do you think the kid will be ok? I guess he can heal but…it's scary thinking that there might be someone here willing to hurt another student."

Felicia definitely agrees to that classic monster thing "The park is divided up, the kiddie area where I work is classic horror era. The campy, early days stuff. It's more kid friendly. Other parts of the park have the more hardcore scarier stuff." the dropped look is noted "What's it matter what I think…and don't you have a boyfriend?" there is a bit of a teasing tone toward the end of that question. "He did. I told him no. We are still going out to dinner, he wants to thank me for all the help I gave him, but he knows that it isn't in any way a date." she frowns a bit at the whole attack thing "I hope so. Hopefully they catch whoever did it soon..until then I am keeping the concrete on." she raps knuckles on her arm.

"I…um…well, I don't know that it's official or anything," Ollie stammers, "It was sort of a tease and sort of true…" what she told Link. "I didn't want him thinking I'd just make out with anyone, you know?" But this whole Aidan thing is interesting, "Well, that's nice of him…and nice for you. Dinner with friends is always good too." Not that she wants to press Felicia into any dating.

Maybe it's a little easier to talk about the attack? "I hope so too. I don't get that concrete, but if I drop back to default Alien, I think I'm kind of tougher than usual…"

"Well you might want to figure that one out before you tell anymore people you have a boyfriend. Word like that spreads quickly, and could backfire on you." Felicia advises…as if she has been in that position before. "I know right. Why did he even mention that." so gross, not the making out specifically, but that he asked both of them, in front of the other, though the making out too, sorta "Yeah, he tried to play all cool, but it kinda upset him. Apparently he had never asked a girl out before…and the fact that the first time was a rejection…" poor Aidan. There is a bit of a chuckle at the alien bit "And it would probably throw off the attacker too."

"Yeah, I should probably ask him about that. See if he wants to give it a name or just…see what happens. He's so different from Grayson though," Ollie sighs and looks back to her guitar, playing a chord, before looking back up. "Unless he was trying to get us to make out in front of him?" It's not the first time she's heard of such things. As the conversation goes back to Aidan, she tilts her head, "But you were nice about it. I know you were. Because that's how you are…and maybe the next girl will say yes."

She then shrugs, "Most of the school knows I'm an alien now so if it's someone here, they might expect it."

"Everyone is different than Grayson." there is a kinda sigh when she says it. That boy just frustrates her to the living end, and Felicia is as open minded and patient as they come when it comes to dealing with other people.

It's past curfew, almost pushing the time where lights out is going to be called. Ollie and Felicia sit in hub chatting. The former has her guitar, the latter is made up like the Bride of Frankenstein, complete with white streaked beehive hairdo. She wears civvies though, jeans, shirt etc.

"That wouldn't be surprising. Some guys are into that sort of thing." Felicia shrugs about that. "Of course I was nice about it, he's my friend, I don't want things to be weird or anything."

Coming in from the elevator, Liam looks a little hurried. Seems his buddy ditched him in the library. Liam doesn't have his sun lamp, easy guess from his cow licked hair he fell asleep up their again. Despite his hustle to make it before lights out, he slows seeing who is still in the hub and offers a crooked smile. "Hey." The boy calls out, waving to Ollie before glancing at the other girl.

Ollie gives a little sigh, "I know. I wish he'd just see that everyone isn't against him." She then shrugs to Felicia, "Sure, I guess. I mean…it's just people kissing but at least he didn't push it." She looks over as the elevator opens and smiles upon seeing who disembarks. "Hi! oh, did you fall asleep again?" is asked before she makes the introductions. "Liam, this is Felicia, Ares, troublemaker, and one of my best friends."

"Well he doesn't help the cause by being so prickly." hence her nickname for him. The binging of the elevator has her looking in that direction so Liam emerging from it is noted. Felicia nods to whatever Ollie told him "Good thing or else I would have had to push him." and she just doesn't mean around in his wheelchair. Giving Liam a once over she lets Ollie do the intros even though the probably could have handled it herself "Not necessarily in that order." she jokes.

"Uh, yeah, didn't think I'd be up there long enough to need my lamp." Liam runs a hand through his hair and looks at Felicia. "Hi, Liam. I'm uuhh-Guardian of Prometheus, or do we just say Promethean? I uhh, started this year." He offers and looks between the two. He really wants to ask about the hair, it's all over his face. He just can't figure out how to phrase it.

Ollie looks over to Liam and then to Felicia…and back. "Oh! Felicia's part Frankenstein." She can't hold a straight face for very long with that and ends up laughing, "She works at the theme park and they had a horror night. Isn't it awesome?" She does look back to Liam though, as if watching how he reacts to her friend.

"Hai!" Felicia responds back to Liam "I guess it depends on how wordy you want to be." there is a nod about is time here "Yeah? Is it everything you'd hoped it would be?" again she is sorta joking "The neck up part." she tells him since that is the only part of her that looks it "Every weekend until Halloween actually. Which means until it’s over I get to look like this every weekend." right now it’s fun, by the time it is over it probably won't be. As she speaks she begins to pull the pins that hold her hair up. Yes all that beehived hair is hers and not a wig.

"Oh. You're terrible." Liam accuses Ollie, smiling some. "That could have been true around here." He adds and yawns into his hand before shaking his head. "Excuse me." He offers and sinks onto a couch. Watching Felicia unpin her hair he shakes his head. "Sounds brutal. The school's alright. A lot more kids around than I'm used to." He nods and looks back at Ollie. "It's not such a bad thing though."

Ollie scoots over from where she was sitting so that she can be on the same couch as Liam, the guitar resting against the side of the furniture. "Wait, it's every weekend? Are you going to be Halloweened out by the time it actually gets here? What about the dance?" Even though it's for the kids who can't yet go to the prom and this year Ollie can! "I was thinking about going trick-or-treating for canned goods and then donate them to a food pantry or something." She then looks to Liam, "I guess that would be hard for you, huh? At night?" She then explains, "Liam was home-schooled and his family has fruit orchards!"

"We didn't say it wasn't true." Felicia winks at Liam as more pins are pulled from her hair, she starts to have a little pile of bobby pins on the sofa beside her. Of course without the pin support her hair begins to fail, and boy is it a teased up, curly mess. Even more so than usual. "It was fun. I work in the kiddie section of the park, so it isn't so bad. I'm not supposed to scare the customers, just give them a show." she scoffs at Ollie "Halloweened out! Hardly!" is such a thing even possible? She looks between the pair of them, not sure about the night thing "Homeschooled…now that has to be brutal."

"Yeah, never got into Halloween really." Liam shrugs. Night holidays, total bummer."Has makes it sound like other people work the land." He adds in softly as Ollie scoots to sit closer. To Felicia he clarifies "Plant magic runs in the family. So we grow fruit trees, nuts too. Homeschooling wasn't so bad. Plenty of free time. Did the normal school thing at first but, night time homework got to be a problem."

"I did it a few times when my foster families did," Ollie offers, "I like seeing everyone's costumes." Maybe they'll let her dress up at the MugShot? "He's here now and is trying to stay up later…so that he's not asleep by 4 in the dead of Winter," and she smiles at Liam before looking back to Felicia. "Well, I'm glad you won't get Halloweened out. Maybe we can all go to the dance or…do…something?"

"Nothing like this runs in my family. But my younger brother sure is hoping…and being stupid trying to get powers." idiot preteens. "I guess I'm just way to social. I couldn't handle school at home…I can barely handle it here." she gets a laugh out of that. She tousles her hair with fingers loosening a few more lost pins in the process. "That'd be awesome Ollie…as long as I'm not getting voted for anything." collecting the hair pins she gets to her feet "I'm going to go wash all this make up off and try to get all the tangles out of my hair. Night guys." she then is off to the Ares dorm.

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