(2016-10-13) Just part of the Cycle
Just Part of the Cycle
Summary: Annaliesa takes Besa to see the psycoligist that Professor Krutchen has asked him to talk to. It goes exactly how the Adults want, not so much for the students.
Date: 2016.10.13
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NPCs: Krutchen Mrs. Vandershelt
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As most of the upper most ring of the school, this office opens up to the courtyard and has windows that face the sea. They have been opened up to allow ample light into this area. To one side is a door marked 'Detention' and facint it is another door belonging to 'Head Mistress'. Along the detention side there are a few couches for students waiting to see the Head Mistress, opposite them is a small wall no more than three feet that only servies as a barrier for the secretary that works here. There are some plants on his desc, as well as the window seals, giving the room a cozy feel to help detract from the fact that it was once a fort. There is a large area rug giving the room some color as well.

As the two students arrive at the designated time, Krutchen is in his office with another individual. A woman about his height with a tight bun in her hair, grey jacket and skirt, looks clinical professional. Glasses and such. The teacher waved both in, "Come come, Mr. Ini-Herit, this is Mrs. Vandershelt, a psychologist from Thunder Bay who will be helping the school as needed." Not fully official it seems, contractual maybe. "I think I can leave you two to my office for some privacy, I can take Ms. Brooks here outside, we can have our conversation." And they can see Besa and the woman through the glass window if they like while they go outside his office proper.

Besa's a little hesitant, but he nods, "Very well." The woman gets a small smile and head nod, "Hello Mrs. Vandershelt. I hope you are doing well?" He seems in a fine mood, although his dark yes do roam Krutchen's office. "May I ask why we are meeting here, in Mr. Krutchen's office?"

"A pleasure Besa Ini-Herit," she says, not yet shutting the door as the boy eyes the office for the moment, "It is okay if I call you Besa?" As a formality, to bridge the gap towards conversationl more likely. After a moment, she closes the door when the question is asked. "I've no room yet to see students until Professor Weald can find a location. We don't have to stay here, we can go for a walk? You could show me some of the school grounds?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=psychic Vs Mysterious Psychic Something=10
< Besa: Success Mysterious Psychic Something: Good Success
< Net Result: Mysterious Psychic Something wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Annaliesa=psychic Vs Something Else Just As Mysterious=11
< Annaliesa: Success Something Else Just as Mysterious: Good Success
< Net Result: Something Else Just as Mysterious wins - Marginal Victory

Besa turns back to the woman, "Of course." He offers her a warm smile, "I do not know much of the school. I mostly am in classes or the Arts room." The Guardian dorm is assumed. He's wearing the team colors on his tie.

A turn by the woman and she opens the door again, "You could show me the Arts room, or maybe the training grounds, I've heard about them?" Offering a hand, she'll follow any direction he chooses it seems. More into the conversation, "You are enjoying the school Besa?" Warming things up, conversational, not a stab at the heart of the pscyhological curiousity just yet, so to speak.

Besa hesitates but then nods, "I like the Arts room. There is a kick wheel I use to make pottery." He will start leading her that way, looking for Anna to wave as he passes. He knows she's nervous about all of this wand wants to keep her calm. "The school is fine." Well, besides the Arena Fetch layers, but that's a whole other topic. "The library is suficiante. The food is…" His nose wrinkles, "american."

Annaliesa watches with a wary expression, she watches for the wave, a sense that he was fine, that he wasn't being forced to anything. The mistrust is very clear on her features, she had an inkling of what her teacher was capable of as to what he was willing to do, not of any of his powers as much. "I'll wait here for you, Besa," she tells him in a matter of fact tone. "I'll be with our teacher here, keeping his company." Never letting him out of her sight.

Anna seems in convrsation, or another stare off, with Krutchen, perhaps unnoticed, or just too much into that conversation it may seem. Mrs. Vandershelt listens, "Pottery is a favorite hobby is it? Something you've known, for a while?" Listening about the library and the food, nets a grin from her, "Something to tolerate while here I imagine. You could access more books online I would think." They are in the old parts, the old 'fort' like parts upstairs going to the Arts room. "And living here, or going to school here, does it seem confining?" She seems to notice a window/portal down a side hall on the way, "May I have a look real quick?" She indicates it, he's welcome to come.

Back with Krutchen, Anneliesa may notice they stay in the office the whole time. From her perspective. Krutchen nods as she parts with Besa. "We are going no where. But, let us talk Ms. Brooks. Come, sit with me." Couches, usually for students needing to meet other faculty or see the head master/mistress. A hand offers a seat. "We can discuss the injustive you perceive from my rightful seat on the council, as voted by many, if you wish it?"

Besa nods, "I like the feel of the clay." He doesn't know how much the woman has read about him, and he doesn't offer up his life story. That's always weird. He just looks ahead, also not wanting to mention he can't touch electronics. Again, weird. 'The food is just very sweet, is all." As for confining, "Not particularly. I am allowed to go to the main land when I wish." It's actually a lot //less/ confining than the Priest usually are. He gives a rather teenager response and shrugs, "Of course." He walks with her, as it's the polite thing to do.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=Psychic Vs Mysterios Psychic Binding=10
< Besa: Success Mysterios Psychic Binding: Great Success
< Net Result: Mysterios Psychic Binding wins - Crushing Victory

"I don't know how you did it, what you did to get the votes when anyone I speak to assures me they didn't vote for you." Annaliesa remains detached and aloof towards him, trying to keep her cool as suggested by Besa. She does keep her attention on the teacher during it.
Weald pages: heh, could be interesting if left in the room, we can have Sky make a sensory roll to potentially sense something, but the mysterious psychic has a higher level of control, but its possible

<FS3> Opposed Roll — *schuyler=Sensory Powers Vs Mysterious Pyschic Force=10
< *schuyler: Good Success Mysterious Pyschic Force: Great Success
< Net Result: Mysterious Pyschic Force wins - Marginal Victory

"Yes, the clay, I can well imagine that, Besa," says the woman. "It is good you have time to leave, but that lead to your situation, didn't it. Something of a mechanical device, unpleasant details." She looks out the window of that lone hall, spots a distant island, "Such a view, is that Paragon Island there?" A point to it, then stepping back, to let him move closer or look out the window. Then a focus on him. A long focus, as if in study. "Besa, you are a curious one aren't you. Nothing can kill you it seems. Tell me, how is this." Besa will find himself immobile near the window, able to talk only.

"If I had the time to cast so many votes, my time might be better spent than rigging such an election," says Krutchen to Annaliesa, that scrunch of face that could be a smirk, hard to tell with that squid like tentacles. "While you may not rest, be assured, others saw differently. There were many voters not just your friends and family."

Besa frowns slightly, "I was on the ferry." She knows these things, why is she asking them? He doesn't respond about the kragen, instead he steps over to look out the window, "Yes, I believe it -" He stops when his body freezes up. He's been in many bad situations before, unable to move, but he's always known, why. The bindings now are invisible, and he makes a slightly freaked out noise, "Why can I not move?!?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Annaliesa=psychic Vs The Other Mystery=11
< Annaliesa: Success The other Mystery: Good Success
< Net Result: The other Mystery wins - Marginal Victory

Unaware what is happening, Annaliesa remains watching Krutchen, determined he won't get out of her sight. She doesn't trust him even a little. "I don't know what you did or how you did it.. but I don't think you did it legitimately. You're going to lose the seat even if I have to move back to take it over and see you removed as soon as I am eighteen."

"Besa," says the voice, deeper sounding, "You are too curious to pass up," no way to place it, just its not the lady that started walking with him. She has moved behind him. "It must end again, but, it part of your cycle, isn't it?"

"I welcome this competition, Ms. Brooks. Please do move back, I am curious how that would affect Mr. VanZant, he will surely move with you." Knowing the one is a land walker. But he welcomes any return she has, "But first we must get to you being 18. Then we shall see how this turns out."

"In February I will be eighteen. When I am you will see." The mention of Derek though, it brings a frustrated sound, almost a growl. "You leave him out of this. You already hurt him. You knocked him unconscious! You leave him alone or I will…" The threat is left off. Annaliesa has no idea bit after a moment, she smiles, slowly, "Maybe I will write you a song and sing it for you." The malice is back in her eyes, that dangerous side of her that seldom is ever shown.

There is no telling when Besa will come to again, or what his conscious does in these times. The pyschic binding enough to prevent the activation of rune magic for the moment that his death is inevitable. When he comes too, a slight variation to his body, something taken this time. Nearly whole, insignificant, but the Priests or others may notice on examination.

As for Annaliesa, "Ah yes, the song," says Kruthcen softly, "A curiousity right there. But I do believe your friends time will be up shortly. You can focus on that song later." And indeed, after some time, the face of the psychologist is at the window, and Krutchen stands. "One moment." He goes to the door, they talk a moment, him and the teacher, then he steps aside. "Thank you for your time Besa." And Besa is there, for all intent and purposes, ready to go with Annaliesa. While he just seems a little off, and is quick to want to part company, he is there, for the short while they are together at least.

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