(2016-10-13) Grisly Findings
Grisly Findings
Summary: The twins find Besa in a very bad way
Date: 2016.10.13
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The school day is over, and Besa's appointment with Krutchen and the psychologist is past and no Besa at dinner. And no Besa in the Guardian's hub or his room. The last obvious place is the Arts room. The lights are off and it's eerily quiet. Nothing can be seen with the light from the door spilling into the room, but after a few seconds the smell of blood hits the senses, leaving a copper metal taste on the tongue.

Not seeing Besa after classes isn't surprising to Rain, he had that appointment, not seeing him at dinner though was a bit odd, though she figures maybe it went bad and he needed to calm down by going to throw some pottery. »>If he isn't here we can check the training grounds.«< she sends to Sky as she pushes open the door to the art room. She blinks at the darkness, surprise that the lights aren't on and he isn't here. Then the smell hits her nose and she puts a hand to it and flips on the light with the other one.

Schuyler isn't too far behind Rain, still a little distracted by that weird feeling he got not too long ago. He's trying to figure that one out which meant he wasn't really focusing on trying to find Besa yet…between that and a full day of school and meals in the Cafeteria, he's wanting his pill to shut everyone out. But when Rain goes to the art room, he tries to focus on finding the other boy to see if he is indeed in here. He's apparently distracted enough that he doesn't even notice the scent of the blood until Rain is startled by it.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary at first. The music section looks fine, the drawing tables, the painting easels. Everything is fine until the ceramics. the floor has a pool of blood, which leads to a very slumped over Besa , who has been places face down over the silt barrel. His arms dangle unmoving, the blood seems to be coming from his back. Which has been sliced open. His white shirt is stain red although the fabric is starting to dry. The egyptian's face is turned away from the door, his pretty hair echoing his arms.

As she looks around the room Rain walks further into it, though when she seems the slumped form of her friend and all the blood she lets out a horrified gasp, and has to turn away for a moment from the scene. Poor Sky to have to feel that kinda of horrified emotion come from his sister, on top of what he is feeling himself.

It may be the emotion from Rain that snaps Sky out of his reverie and brings his attention back to their friend on the ground. He's there to hold Rain for a moment when she turns away but he then steps a little closer, not to get his feet near the blood. «Is he breathing?» is asked before gives a light mental probe to see if there's mental activity. «He didn't do this to himself…people can't stab themselves in the back.»

There's no visible movement from Besa, and when his mind is probed, there's nothing there.

Outside of movies and TV shows, Rain has never seen a thing like this…and that is completely different, special effects and not her freind. There is a shake of her head as she burrows her face in Sky's shoulder for a few moments to compose herself. There are a few deep breaths from her before she lifts her head to look at the grisly murderized Besa »>We have to get someone.«< that part is obvious. She isn’t quite willing to step up to touch Besa yet.

It is stomach turning, but Rain studies the scene a moment and then shakes her head »>This was no sacrificial killing.«< she recalls the lessons on magic lore their mother had taught them when they were younger »>There would be runic writing, on him or on the floor and/or wall, he would probably be dressed better…«< and those are just for starters »>I don't know who or why this was done, but it wasn't for a ritual of any sort.«<

Schuyler looks around some as if maybe trying to find something that could be used as a weapon. Thing is, in the Art room…there are a few that could work. «The entire school knows that if Besa dies, he'll come back. He just did. Maybe…someone's relieving some aggressions? I mean, if you hurt someone and they then heal up, does hurting them mean anything?»

Besa lays there

Rain delivers an elbow to Sky's ribs and the callous question »>Of course it does. Just because a person comes back to life doesn't mean you should go around killing them. It's not right.«< further proof that she is the good twin »>He has feelings. Even if he comes back to life in a few days it still hurt…and you saw how confused he was when he did come back to life.«< she's is just a little upset at her brother now.

Rain scowls at Sky. It isn't often they argue, so this one is bound to be a doozy »>Peculiar or not, saying he invites it is unfair.«< she scolds him »>That's like saying you invite your headaches or I invite the kraken attacks.«< she crosses her arms over her chest »>And he never said he couldn't have friends.«< just the relationship thing. She is bound to say more when Lady Fascinate comes in and takes matters into her hands.

«He told me that he wasn't supposed to have friends,» Sky points out, frowning even as he stays out of the others' way. Maybe he'll explain mentally, or maybe he'll let Rain do the talking and interject by sign when he feels the need. «Didn't they find pictures of you on the Krakens?"»

Calls go out, searching of faculty, anyone. Professor/interim head master Weald cannot be found. Honey Badger cannot either, but presumably she is far off planet at the moment. The closest one is Lady Fascinate. She arrives to the situation, thanks Sky and Rain for alerting the faculty right away, tries to ascertain what has happened in the room since they have arrived. To see what they touched, only to help with investigative matters. While she talks to them, she has summoned some wisp of a sort to alert medical faculty. Maybe prepared to deal with what may come with this Besa. Before they arrive she begins a series of spells to ascertain any clues. Sky and Rain will notice she's perplexed by what she finds. Or, rather, doesn't find. Unable to notice anything tracable, she becomes flustered as medical faculty arrive. They do not enter the room when they see the two specific students in it, they instead wait until Lady Fascinate guides them, like walking on egg shells or something. If she feels she's gained enough info from the students they are dismissed to go of course, otherwise they can wait to speak with other faculty too (she can contact Weald if they insist), otherwise she continues to investigate the room magically as best she can. Which is impressive even if entirely too arcane to know exactly what she is doing.

Rain gives all the information she knows about what has been going on with Besa lately. If any of it is helpful…that she doesn't know. »>Yes.«< which is makes her quite nervous, that she has some kind of weird stalker »>And I suppose that's my fault.«< it'll be a few hours before she lets that one go.

«It's not your fault just like it's not Besa's fault someone stabbed him in the back. But it's not like any of it's a secret anymore…» Sky offers before he just rolls his eyes at his sister. This is most definitely why she's the Good Twin indeed. He'll also answer any questions asked of him and he'll reassure whomever that they didn't touch him or anything. Now he knows, though, not to go into MedBay when Besa wakes up.

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