(2016-10-13) Awkward
Summary: Aidan has an awkward moment and gets shot down
Date: 2016.10.13
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It was shortly after classes on Thursday at school, the bustle of students heading to one activity or another moving filling the hallways surrounding the Hub. Maybe that's why Aidan had ducked in here. At least until the crowd died down.

Sitting on one of the sofa benches, his tall form is hunched over the book he is reading. Still wearing his Prometheus polo and uniform, his backpack sits on the floor beside his legs.

There isn't much time between the end of classes and the start of Felicia's detention. Today it is kitchen duty, that can get a bit messy so she wants to change into something that she doesn't mind getting messy. Her tie is already off and dangling in her hand as she rushes through the hub on the way to the Ares dorms. Seeing the reading Aidan she just stops suddenly, her mary janes making that high pitched noise that can make people cringe. "Heya Aidan." she greets. "Why you studying out here?"

The sharp sound of the shoes does get Aidan's attention, the pyro looking up with a blink but then grinning once he sees it's Felicia. "Hey!" Glancing down to his book, he lifts it and turns to show her the cover. "Meditation and Chakras. Going to the training grounds later to try out some new stuff." Keeping the book opened to his place, he lays it over the arm of the sofa before looking back to her.

"Oh! While you're here…there was something I wanted to talk to you about…Well two things really." His hands rub up and down his legs a moment where the book had been, fidgety. He looks to the tie in her hand "Sorry you're in a rush now aren't you? Whenever you're free no worries! It can wait!" Awkward Aidan is awkward.

Felicia just takes a passing glance at the book, "Sure. Sure." not like she can read the cover…not that anyone knows that outside of faculty and her roommate, which she is hoping stays that way for as long as possible. That's a source of embarrassment for her, even if it is from the TBI and not lack of intelligence, trying or learning disability.

There is a shrug from the teenage titan, "The kitchen isn't going anywhere." she states "What's up?"

"Oh. Right." Kitchens don't move. Not that he had known she had been going there, but either way the lanky Prometheus pauses a moment. He could do this. He had already gone through either option in his head, the likely one and the less likely one. No matter what happened, they'd still be friends…hopefully. God, why did he have to be so awkward!?

Feeling his fire coursing through him a bit quicker now, he manages to keep his temperature in control despite his nerves. However, a thumb does start drumming against his leg. "Well. First thing. I know we have been training a lot together. Or more accurately you've been helping me train…which I appreciate. I've liked getting to spend time with you…in training and outside of training…and getting to know you more as a friend…as a person in general really. You're nice. And pretty. You're very confident and strong and fun and…"

An awkward hand moves through his hair and to rub the back of his neck. Right. Just come out with it already. Aidan clears his throat "I was wondering if you…would like to go out to dinner…with me…" He manages to bring his gaze up to look at her, at least wanting to give that respect. "As a date?" Oh God what did he do? No. Maybe he had said it in his head and it wasn't too late to change his mind? Nope. Never mind. He had totally just said that out loud…

Felicia was with him up until the pretty part, it was about there when she starts to realize where this is going. She doesn't interrupt him though, just stands there staring at him. Under most circumstances the girl is unfazeable, this one has her a bit taken aback "Seriously?" her tone is surprise, there is no mocking in it at all. "You and me, on a date?" there is a quick glance around, checking to see if they have an audience, not searching for a place to run "Where did this come from?" can we say clueless?

Okay. Not a positive response, but not terrible either. Listening to her questions, Aidan shifts on the bench some and again the pyro clears his throat a bit nervously. "Yeah. Seriously…I mean obviously only if you want to though." Her last question has the awkward teen furrowing his brow and looking to his hands a moment, contemplating the question with an expression that indicates he had already thought it over several times in his head before this moment. "Honestly? I have no idea…"

Aidan looks back up at her, hands rubbing up and down the tops of his legs a moment again before he realizes the nervous habit. So instead his hands just grip his knees lightly to keep them still. "I mean obviously from hanging out with you, like I said and getting to know you…but I've never done this before. I've never…had somebody who made me WANT to do this before so…I'm kind of clueless about how it all works or what to do."

At least the pyro was honest, for all his awkward quirks, you couldn't deny the honesty. "Look." One of his hands moves to rub the back of his neck again "I know I kind of…okay I totally sprung this on you. I just figured being up front would be better than not saying anything. Because I mean, best case scenario, you never know until you try right? Worst case scenario I didn't want it to be something I didn't tell you and it somehow affected our friendship negatively…that's the last thing I want."

Sighing, Aidan's hands and shoulders raise in a helpless shrug "I get it. If you don't feel the same way. Honest, I do and I won’t' bring it up again and we can just stay friends if it's not too awkward for you. Like I said. I just…wanted to try."

Felicia usually doesn't do awkward, it's not her style and goes against her personality. She might not be feeling as awkward as Aidan but some of his is rubbing off on her. Gross! "Well I've never been asked out before, so we are even there at least." is that supposed to be comforting? Maybe.

"Yes. Keeping that to yourself could have caused problems in the long run." she watches TV and movies. Keeping feelings inside never goes well. The tie is wrung in her hands, poor, poor tie. It's the only sign of her own awkwardness at the situation "Honestly, I've never really thought about you that way…or anyone really. My life is complicated enough, and that's just another complication I'm just not ready for." she studies him for a beat or two "I mean we can still go get dinner, but I'm not sure I am comfortable with that D-word just yet." she can't even say it!

Aidan was honestly surprised to hear she had never been asked out before, but he manages to keep the expression off his features. Maybe it's because he was so focused on keeping his own temperature in balance. Nerves were an awful thing! Especially when he couldn't tell where she was going with her answer at first.

When she does get to the part of 'never really thought about you that way' his stomach does drop a bit, but he manages a small smile. Listening to the rest of her explanation he looks to her and offers a reassuring nod. "I understand. And honest, like I said, it's fine. I'm fine." Or he'd be fine rather. He was more just glad she still seemed to be comfortable with him as friends. "I don't want things to be awkward." Or anymore awkward than they had to be. When Aidan was involved there was always SOME degree of awkward.

The pyro gives her a smirk "Invite anybody else you want to dinner too if it helps assure you it's a total non d-word. No D-words. Well…except dinner…that's a d word. Or if you get deep dish pizza…that's two d words…but hey we can figure out semantics later!" He tries to joke, grinning and reaching for his backpack, pulling it onto his lap.

"NOW for the second thing I wanted to talk about…" and please get them off this topic. For both their sakes! "I wanted to wait until after I asked you that first part…so that you wouldn't think it had anything to do with this." With that he'd reach into his backpack, pulling out a large manila envelope with a semi-squished bow on it. "Consider it a thank you…again for helping me train and also a congratulations on your motorcycle. Whenever you get it. If you haven't gotten it already?"

Inside the envelope, in its own clear protective sleeve, was the Spiderman comic.

She gives Aidan a bit of a dubious look as his double assurance of it and him being fine, but even if he wasn't there isn't much she can do about it without making herself uncomfortable or matters worse "I'm good. I don't have to bring anyone along." she told him how she feels she trusts he isn't going to push it or think of it differently. She laughs at all the d-words he throws out. "Or my favorite…dessert!"

There is a moment of confusion as the envelope is pulled out and handed over "Okay?" she takes it and begins to open it up "And Yeah I got it. It needs a few minor repairs and I need lessons, but I have it." she pulls the comic out and grins "You bought this for me?" she was there when he did it.

Aidan does laugh at that, "Dessert is definitely going to be involved, don't worry!" With all of his mom's baking skills it was no surprise that sweets were a weak spot for the pyro. When she opens the gift, and at her reaction, he grins as well. "Yeah. Even though I had to be 'accountability friend' and tell you to put it back. Figured I'd surprise you with it." He had intended to give her the comic long before planning to ask her out, so there was no awkwardness to his statement. It was a genuine gift. "I'm glad you like it and congratulations on getting your bike!"

Felicia doesn't have a mother…at least a female figure that feels like a mother, and certainly not one that bakes like Aidan's mom does, so it should be any surprise that she enjoys baked goods and dessert when she can get them. She laughs "Well it helped, between you making me save money and Inferno, browbeating the seller into a deal I had just enough money." she then gestures to the Ares dorm "I have to have to bail. But the kitchen might not be going anywhere, but unless I want a double detention I better not be to late." she turns to leave "We can work out dinner details later." she then scoots, hurrying away so she doesn't get into any more trouble.

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