(2016-10-13) A Serious Offer?
A Serious Offer?
Summary: Link makes an offer that can be refused
Date: 2016.10.13
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

It's morning. Normally the bane of your every day, run of the mill teenager. The SUN comes up, you gotta get out of bed, you gotta put clothes on, go out and DO stuff. Ugh. And there ain't even parents around to force it on you, either, you gotta do it yourself at Coral Springs.

Well, Lincoln apparently isn't your average teenager. Soon as morning rolls around (get it?), he's up and at 'em. Usually with a smile on his face. He LIKES mornings. And he especially likes breakfast, which can be seen by the two plates and bowl he's got on his plate. It's got the good stuff: Eggs. Bacon. Fruit. Hash browns. A bowl of oatmeal with just a touch of sugar. And two big glasses of orange juice. Now he's just gotta deecide where to park so he can eat it!

Felicia has already parked herself at a table, her tray of food in front of her as well as a large can of Monster energy drink. She must not be as much of a morning person as some, her elbow is propped onthe table, her hand supporting her head as she seems to be still half asleep. As usual her tie is on wrong, and her Ares red-trimmed uniform could really use a visit with an iron…and is she only wearing one shoe?

Felicia! Felly Fel! Homegirl! All things that run through Lincoln's head when he sees a person he knows already seated. He smiles as he rolls up, gabbing one of the chairs with the intention of moving it out of his way. What he /says/, though, is, "Sup, girl? Mind if I join you?" He's got a tray in his lap full of breakfast foods, like the other few students who get up early enough to enjoy breakfast in the cafeteria before classes start.

Ollie might do the ironing thing…it's hard to say. She might also be wearing a tank-top and running shorts even though it certainly -looks- like she's wearing the school uniform; skirt, blouse, and Metis Green tie. Her wavy, turquoise hair has been pulled back in a loose braid today as she carries her rather boring breakfast of fruit, cereal, and non-dairy milk over to the table with Felicia and the new kid. "Hi!" she greets with a smile, before setting her tray down and taking a seat.

Felicia definitely has that early morning stare going on, her dark eyes half closed. At the arrival of the energetic Link followed shortly by Ollie she blinks a few times as she sits up straighter in her chair "'Sup?" she replies back then nods "Sure. Pull yourself up." she covers a yawn then grabs her energy drink "Morning Ollie." she greets before taking a long pull from the can.

Link continues grinning as he pulls the chair out of the way and sets his tray on the table, pulling up and engaging his brakes. He's just clapping his hands and rubbing them together when Oliver arrives. She gets an upnod and a, "Wassup?" But then he turns his attention back to Felicia, chuckling a little. "Rough night? Or just ain't good to go without some go juice in the morning?" he asks.

They had a somewhat intense discussion at lunch yesterday, but after that, Ollie was pretty much off in her own world doing homework and the like so didn't see what happened in the evening. Felicia gets a look of concern, "Are you all right?" She then starts to slice up a banana to go into her cereal before turning to Link, "You're in some of my classes but I don't think we've officially met. I'm Ollie."

"Yeah." is her answer to Link. Sounds like this morning it is both, though usually she isn't this bad "The faculty had me doing some heavy lifting last night." probably part of a detention she had. She gets a lot of those. She glances down at Link's plate of food "did you leave any for the rest of us?" she nods at Ollie "Fine. I'll just nap during history."

Ollie gets another nod as Link starts in on his breakfast, oatmeal being first on the list. "Yup. Green hair don't care, I recognized you. I'm Link. A pleasure and all that." He then quirks an eyebrow at Felicia. "Really? You know, next time, you could holla at me first. Could help take some of the weight off. For a minute, anyway," he offers. And then she's commenting on his food and he looks down at it and laughs.

"Hey, you already been through the line. You had your shot. Seconds might be slim pickin's, though," he says, laughing again. Then he gestures towards Ollie. "Besides. I was just taking her share, since she ain't want it. Eatin' breakfast like a bird, over there. How you s'posed to make it through the day on that? Ain't you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day before lunch?" And he grins again, this time at Ollie.

Ollie frowns some at Felicia's exhaustion, "That's not very fair if they're making you so tired that you have to fall asleep in class." She then flicks her glance to Link, "I thought about green, actually, but I didn't want to look like the Joker. I'm not sure that the turquoise goes with the tie…" that she's required to wear.

She then looks down at her own tray, "It's not like a bird! They don't…there's not a lot of options for me for breakfast," she insists. With so few students they probably aren't going to tailor meals to each and every one so vegan options do tend to be limited.

"Oh it wasn't the weight that was the issue. Heavy lifting is one of my specialties." Felicia glances down at her own food and begins to eat as well "It was the time that was the problem." they must of had her up late. There is a tired grin given to Ollie "You are assuming I wasn't going to fall asleep in history anyway." an eyebrow arches "I don't think anyone cares if your hair matches your tie." she certainly doesn't.

"Turquoise got green in it, so you close enough," Link says with a shrug. He's already finished his bowl of oatmeal and is moving on to the eggs. "And what you got there," he says, gesturing with is fork in a circle at Ollie's food. "Bird food." But, he's smiling, so he's probably just teasing the girl.

"So you sayin' I should be asking you to be my workout partner, that it?" Link asks, turning his attention back to Felicia. "You think they let you out of the work, if you gotta help your crippled classmate in the gym? I could make a special request." Then he clasps his hands together and hams it up. "'Oh, you gotta let Felicia help me! She's the only one that understaaands!'"

"I don't need it to match," Ollie starts but then waves it away. Not important. She tucks her spoon into her cereal, before frowning at Felicia, "They made you stay out late to do work for them? That seems weird. Like…we're growing so we're supposed to get lots of sleep, right?" Well, some of them are growing. She can decide if she wants to grow and in which direction.

Link gets a tongue stuck out at him, "Well, this bird happens to eat very well then. And until they have vegan bacon or breakfast patties, this is what I've got. It's been fine for the last 8 years or so."

"I don't think that's how detentions work." Felicia tells Link "But if you want to try that I won't stop you." there is a chuckle "Most people wouldn't be able to handle being my workout partner." there is only one that she knows of "But you can try if you like." when she worksout she goes all out. "Probably more than you realize." she tells him about the understanding thing. "I think I am done growing." and with her other power would anyone notice if she did.

"Oh … you a vegan? Man. Like it ain't hard enough having super powers and going to school in a fishbowl," Link says, shaking his head. "But hey, you do you. I ain't mad at ya." He then turns and quirks an eyebrow at Felicia.

"Well, seeing as how I can make anything way pretty much nothing or a ton, I think I can probably handle it. Unless all you do is squats. Then I'm out," he finishes with a chuckle. And then he drinks about half of one of the glasses of orange juice to wash down the eggs he's already demolished. This boy can EAT.

Ollie just glances between Link and Felicia at their banter and works on her fruity cereal. She does smile at Link though, "It seems pretty creepy to eat animals one can turn into, don't you think? And I would hope you're not mad at me! I'm not making commentary about what you have on your plate!" But she's also joking around a bit.

"Truth." Felicia says to Link. Life is complicated enough with all that they have been handed, why make it more so. She gets it though. There is a nod to Link "I can do that with myself, not with other things though..not yet at least." she maybe able to one day, just like she can shrink things. The teen girl wrinkles her nose "I hate squats…and burbees. I avoid them when I can." she leans over the table and stage whispers to Ollie "If he is I'll squish him for you." she then gives a wink at Link.

Link quirks an eyebrow at Ollie's statement, then Felicia's not-so-quiet whisper. He's about to make a comeback, when you can see he thinks better of it, instead just shaking his head and chuckling with a smirk. Instead, he says, "You can say what you want bout my plate, but it's go'n be clean in a minute!" He then gets to work on those hash browns, the bacon having magically disappeared already. Bacon is like magic, how that happens all the time.

Ollie grins at Felicia, "You got it," is offered as she works on her cereal some more and continues to listen. As Link comments about the food on his plate being gone in a moment, she lifts her eyebrows, fascinated. "Did I eat like that last year?" she just has to ask.

"Just don't eat the plate." Felicia uses her fork to point to the plate that is getting cleared of food rather quickly "No Ollie. I only know one other person that eats like that." more and faster actually, but she doesn't name names, not wanting to send the other girl into a mood. "You should try the burger challenge at the Burger Barn." she tells Link. "Anna and I did it…and won."

"Whose Anna? And what burger challenge? If it involves eating, I'm usually in. This ain't even half what I used to eat, before I got shot. Coaches wanted me taking in at least thirty-five hundred calories on the daily, before my workout stuff. And that stuff was like at least another grand, if not fifteen-hundred. Now, it's just the food, so I gotta get it in when I can," Link explains.

"Felicia's roommate," Ollie answers for the other girl, "And a Mermaid. I hadn't seen her around and then I heard that she's back but not really. What's going on with that?" She is a little more delicate in eating her own breakfast, but it's not all that much to finish. When Link mentions that he was shot, she looks quickly over at him, a little unsure as to what to say for the moment.

"Former roommate at the moment." Felicia says "She has been staying at her parent's house in town." is the first explanation, then she lowers her voice to further explain "Mr. Squidface," she really needs to stop calling him that. Most of her detentions nowadays come from him because she won't call him is name, Krutcheon "and Anna's have a history…and not a good one." she tells them both "I don't know the details, but apparently they are enemies or something." which is probably why Felicia shows him a lot of disrespect. Teammates gotta stick together, yo! "The Burger Barn has this huge burger with all the fixings, ten pounds, maybe more. If you and up to three friends can finish it off in less than an hour, you get t-shirts, your picture on the wall, and your $35 back."

"Wait, a mermaid? … but she got legs and stuff, right? They had to put a couple ramps in for me, I ain't seen no kinda airlocks or nothing for a mermaid to come and go," Link says, surprised. Then, he smirks a little. "Did she gotta give up her voice or something? Or can she still sing?" Because Disney is a valid source of information on the life and culture of mermaids or something. But then, Felicia mentions food.

"Wait, ten pound burger? You jokin', right? And it takes three people to finish it? In an HOUR? Shooooot." Link shakes his head and smirks. "That's not even a challenge. I could probably finish half of that right now, and I ain't even started. Wanna show me that place this weekend? I gotta see this burger."

Ollie actually makes a face at the description of the burger challenge…whether it's that much food or that much meat though, it's hard to tell. "I think I'd die if I tried that." She then looks to Felicia, "So the school is allowing her to do all that…did they know about Krutcheon being her mortal enemy? What's he going to do? I mean, if he wants to teach her he can't be bothering students and can she just avoid his classes?" It seems…weird. Fishy, even.

"She can turn into a mermaid and back at will and I guess she can sing. She doesn't turn into mermaids for anyone except her family and boyfriend though so don't ask to see it."

"At least ten pounds, could be fifteen." she shrugs "It's been awhile since Anna and I did it." Felicia chuckles at Link's confidence in how much he can eat "I ate most of it myself." she refrains from mentioning the cheating part, no one needs to know that. "Sure, we can head to town this weekend and check it out. There is a nod to Ollie "More people fail at it than succeed." there is a shrug then at Ollie's questions about Krutcheon "I don't think they did when they hired him. I think Anna and her family being here is the only reason he is around though." it is definitely suspicious.

"Don't worry, Ollie. Ain't nobody gonna force you to eat nothing you don't want to," Link reassures her, regardless. "And maybe they brought him in to teach conflict resolution or something? 'How to Hate Your Enemy and Still Get the Job Done,' or something?" he offers, smirking. Though he does quirk his eyebrow at the mention of Anna's shapeshifting. Then he snickers again and shakes his head. "Man, too many jokes going in right there. And ain't none of them appropriate."

But that talk of food, though. "Man, fifteen? Cot damn! Think bout all them starving kids over in Africa!" He's clearly joking, too, as he chuckles. "But this I gotta see. Man, I'm impressed you managed to do all that. You look like you weigh maybe a buck, buck and some change, shorty. You got a hollow leg or something?" he asks, leaning back from the table to make a show of examining Felicia's legs.

"Ok, well, if he's here because of her and her family, that's really fishy…" and only then does Ollie realize what she just said and she isn't sure if she should laugh or apologize. "Hey, mermaids are cool. It was really neat when I was one…I mean, emotional trauma aside." The continued talk of all that hamburger, however, has Ollie pushing her tray from her.

"I can be a lot heavier that I look." and at the time Felicia was "I can pack away the food when I need to." or when she wants to. She usually doesn’t have the need or desire though. "Very" she agrees with Ollie, giving a frown as she pushes the food away "Sorry if we made you lose your appetite."

Link drinks the other glass of orange juice in one long chug, setting the empty glass back down. He likewise notices Ollie's decision to put off the rest of her breakfast and grimaces and shakes his head. But, the mermaid comment is surprising. "So you been a mermaid, too, huh?" He chuckles a little. "Too bad we ain't got a swim team or something. We'd clean up!" He grins again and leans back in his chair, folding his hands together and reaching behind him in a lonnnnng stretch. "Well, if you ain't fittin ta eat the rest of that, least I can do is take your bowl for you, Ollie. You can pile on, too, if you want, Felicia? Just stack it up on my tray."

"It's ok. I wasn't very hungry anyhow and I'll get a snack later if I am," Ollie offers, waving away the apologies. Link gets a grin, "A different kind of mermaid, but yeah. I might do so again when the water's warmer…although maybe I could be immune to the cold…like a manatee." Now there's something to think about. When he offers to take her bowl, she gives another smile, "Thanks, that's nice of you, but I got it. I have eto by the tray station anyhow…"

Felicia chuckles at the misunderstanding "He means he is going to eat the rest of it for you." she tells Ollie. When she gets the same offer her eyes narrow at Link and she holds her fork like a weapon "Touch my food and you will suddenly be spouting a fork from the back of your hand." she is teasing of course. She would never purposefully hurt a friend…would she?

Link laughs at Felicia's reaction, shaking his head. "Nah, actually, she had it right. Though, you right, shouldn't never let good food go to waste. I ain't got a problem finishing it for you /and/ taking the dishes. But it's your call, I ain't gonna die I don't get some bird food in me." He smirks and offers Ollie a wink.

Ollie blinks between Link and Felicia again before she looks to her bowl of cereal, "It's all soggy…I…" she starts but then Link says she's correct. There's a smile of relief, "Good, because that might have been a little weird. I'll remember that next time if I don't finish something. And the birds seem to do ok with the food."

Felicia can't help but be a little embarrassed that she was the one who misunderstood, her complexion doesn't support blushing though, so who could tell. "My bad." she says with a chuckle. As it is Felicia is still working on hers. Finishing the can of Monster, she pulls another can from her pocket, upsizing it as she does "The way you eat though you can understand why I thought that."

"Oh, yeah, nah, you right, Felicia. I'm a little ashamed I didn't think of offering to finish her food, myself," Link agrees, grinning. "Even if it's soggy, it's still free," he adds, to Ollie. "Besides. Why would it be weird? People always be saying that about sharing food. Ain't no different than making out with somebody. If you go'n do that, ain't no reason you can't eat what someone ate. … unless you saying you wouldn't wanna make out with me, Ollie?" The grin that spreads across his face is nothing short of devilish.

How Felicia can sleep in class after consuming so much sugar and caffeine is totally beyond Ollie. She just sort of stares as Felicia starts in on another can of the stuff before she turns to Link. Can she tell if he's joking? Hard to say. Her brows arch and she tilts her head, "I never said that, but I think my boyfriend might be upset if I did that."

"They have a term for that in manga and anime." Felicia says and she tells them what it is. (OOC: The player can't remember it off the top of her head!) When Link suggests making out she can't help but crack up laughing. There is a blinking at Ollie then. Boyfriend? Since when has Ollie had a boyfriend? That's what is going on in Felicia's head right now, but girl code requires her to back up that statement and doesn't counter it. "He would be to totally jelly if you did that."

Link just smirks and leans back in his wheelchair, folding his hands behind his head. "Oh, I gotcha. I just wanted to make sure we were clear … you wanna make out with me." He'll grin at her for a second and then laugh, leaning back forward and waving his hand through the air. "I'm just messing with ya, I'm just playing," he explains. Then, he looks sideways at Felicia for a second, before adding, "Felicia called dibs, anyway."

"Oh, desperately," Ollie grins, flirting back. She glances to Felicia almost a little shyly in an 'I've been meaning to talk to you about this' way before she turns back to Link, "Oh, I certainly wouldn't want to get in Felicia's way. She can bench press me -and- make me tiny. I'm much happier being her friend than enemy.

Amused Felicia is amused! She continues to laugh at the turn of conversation, and even more when she is informed that she gets first go. There is a wave given to Ollie "By all means, you first. I have quite a few other people to makeout with before I get to him." she feigns thinking about it and ticks off on her fingers "There are about five people ahead of you." she teases…but unlike Ollie it isn't flirting.

Link just laughs at the responses from the table, shaking his head. "Well you been here longer, I ain't surprised. I mean, you can't be that cute and NOT have a line form," he tells Felicia. He just smirks again and grabs Ollie's bowl from the table while she's not paying attention, setting it on his tray before he reaches down to undo his brakes. "In the meantime, I guess I'm a just have to wait my turn. Least I ain't gotta /stand/ in line." And with that terrible pun, he spins around and moves to take his tray back to the disposal area.

"Five? Now I'm curious!" Ollie offers before she starts to protest Link taking her bowl. "No fair! Fine, but next time I'm clearing your tray!" is called after the boy as he wheels away. "He's a lot of fun and he's funny."

"I know right!" Felicia tells him, she has no lack of self-confidence and quite the ego to match "Later Link." she waves him off. "He's alright I guess." she tells Ollie. Her usual response to her male peers, no matter who they are. Is this girl not interested in anyone? Yeah she was exaggerating with the five thing.

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