(2016-10-12) Something Weird's At CS
Something Weird's At CS
Summary: something weird is going on, but what?
Date: 2016-10-12
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Classes are over for the day, and Besa can be found in the arts room. Strangely he's not on the pottery wheel, instead he's tucked away in one of the couches, near a light that was left on. The teen is missing his tie already and his shirt is untucked. A large book is in his lap and he seems fairly intent on the words of Whitman. He's a strange mix of emotions today, but that seems to be shoved to the back of his head while he works on the words in front of him.

Schuyler has been in the Art room for a little while, seated at one of the tables, a somewhat large bit of paper before him with a charcoal drawing in progress. His hands are covered in the stuff, but he seems unconcerned — probably because he's back in his black clothes. Maybe it's so that the charcoal and the ink he tends to prefer don't end up on his clothes…or showing on his clothes.

Being the overacheiver she is Rain stayed after in one of her classes to get some clarification on an assignment from one of the teachers. It isn't until she is satisfied that she understands the assignment that she heads to the art room where she knows her brother and Besa are hanging out. Not necessarily together, but they are in the same room at least, so that is a start. Wandering in she smiles to them both, she has been in a pleasant mood today and looks well rested "Hello Besa, Sky." she greets as her gaze goes from one boy to the other "Good to see the room hasn't imploded yet." she is even in a teasing mood.

Besa looks up, studying Rain briefly before nodding, "Hello Rain." He turns the page, but doesn't continue reading, instead casts a look towards Sky and his drawing before looking back to Rain, "Did the teacher help you with what you needed?" For a change he sounds tired instead of the girl.

Schuyler just sort of glances at Rain before going back to his drawing. A few more strokes and smudges are made on the paper before he steps up behind Rain, his charcoal-covered hands stretched out as if he intends on wiping it off on her nice, neat, pressed clothes. Because…brothers.

"Yes. She cleared it all up. You aren't still being picked on are you?" Rain asks with concern as she studies the tired Besa a moment. She may know the answer to that, she does pay attention to things like that. Her eyes don't live Besa and she points a thumb over her shoulder "He thinks I don't know he is back there." she finds it amusing at least "We've gotten into throws in akido…I could use the practice." she wouldn't actually do it…and is probably not skilled enough to do it effectively, but she'll throw that out anyway.

Besa lies, and he's not very good at it, "I am well, thank you." Or maybe not lies, but deflects the question. His eyes widen at the potential throw down, his book slowly closes incase this goes south.

Schuyler isn't deterred by the threat. «I know you know I'm here…I just want to smudge your clothes up. They're all too light.» There's a smirk from behind her shoulder as he just waits, wiggling dusty, dirty fingers at his sister. Grey eyes flicker to Besa «Don't lie.» This is what happens when one can read minds.

Well Rain was going to let it go but Sky went and called him on it. "We are your friends Besa. You don't have to put on an act for us." she tells him. A look to Sky is thrown over her shoulder and she moves away from him to set her bag down "If you were going to do it you would have just done it without all the talk." she gives a shake of her head at Sky as she sits on the other end of the sofa, curling her legs under her.

Besa frowns up at Sky, Signing now that his hands are free, "I am well." Maybe he doesn't realize how stressed he's becoming. "It is not an act. I will be fine." Which is not what he said. "I am even going to the school psychologist tomorrow." Does the school even have one? "And then everyone can be happy with me being ok." So they're not the only ones that have noticed. He'll try to change the subject, "Do either of you know Annaliese?"

Schuyler sticks his tongue out at Rain but moves back to the table to continue to work on the drawing. It's one good thing about mental conversation — he doesn't need to watch to know what's going on! He does catch Besa's signs however, «Your thoughts say otherwise.» He shakes his head when the other name is mentioned, «Why?» Has he forgotten the frustration he feels with Besa? Or the hurt? Probably not. But right now they're not talking about that so he can set it aside.

"I never said you wouldn't be." Rain tells Besa as he pushes the whole I'm fine thing. There is a glance at the book he was reading and then to Sky with a slight frown, she will assume he isn't prying into Besa's thoughts but sometimes she isn't sure. "I don't know who that is." she both signs and says outloud.

Besa's eyes roll, but he doesn't respond to Sky's jab. "She and Professor Krutchen are enemies and I think I have somehow gotten into the middle of it. She wants to accompany me when I got to his office tomorrow." It's a big collected book of Whitman. The teen shifts, grimacing from his sore torso and then sighs, "I think she is…Ares." Her ties was blue.

Schuyler blinks, «Wait, is he the school psychologist? And she wants to go with you? Doesn't that…defeat the purpose of talking to someone? I mean, they're supposed to keep things secret and you can't talk freely with someone you don't know there. That's kind of all sorts of wrong.» How does he know about school psychologists is anyone's guess although he's probably met with a few.

Rain frowns at the news about a student being enemies with a teacher "That's strange. Did she tell you why? How?" maybe the guy is dangerous, though you would think he wouldn't be teaching at the school if that was the case. "Is she going to protect you from him?"

Besa's head tilts, "No….the psychologist is going to meet me at Krutchen's office…" Now that he says that out loud, that seems odd. "She wanted to come with me, but not sit in." Like wait in the other room. "It was very strange, all around. I do not understand it all, but their people's are enemies." He thinks. "Protect me from Krutchen? I will not be speaking with him, and she will not be with me when I talk to the psychologist…" he's not exactly sure what it's all about.

Rain knows a bit about these kind of visits, but only from having Sky as a brother. "If you aren't speaking with him…" she just shakes her head "Nevermind. I'm sure they have their reasons and it’s all fine." she trusts the staff, she has too. If they weren't on the up and up well that would be really bad. right? It is weird to her and she glances at Sky as he goes back to drawing.

Besa nods, agreeing, "I will ask tomorrow. That does seem…odd." He watches Sky too, but then looks back to Rain, "What are your plans for the evening? Homework?" He knows her so well!

Rain nods at him, the weird situation is worrisome, but she doesn't have trust issues so assumes it will be okay. She grimaces as being that predictable "No." she scoffs, obviously homework was her plan, but it can't be now. "I was going to watch a movie." not.

Besa raises an eyebrow and then chuckles, "It is alright if you were. Wishing to improve your mind is a good thing." Not that he's doing homework, per say, but he's reading on his spare time. "If you would rather, we can throw mugs?" It is an alternative, and she' probably just gotten all the clay out from her nails, time for more!

"I have to keep up with Sky." Rain tells him. She has to work hard and study to get the grades that come easily to him. She is a bit competitive about that. "At whom?" she teases, than nods "We can do that. I can use the practice…and my hands have never been so soft!" mind the sword calluses of course, she holds y

Besa smiles, but shakes his head. He's head that joke many times. He sits up a little straighter and nods, "Yes. The clay is good for you." Or maybe it's all the lotion afterwards she uses! Eitehr way, "You are getting better."

Rain smoothed fingers across her cheek "Maybe I should try it on my face?" not that she needs it at 14, but like Sky she has a streak of vanity. "Did you want to grab something to eat first or get started right away?" she grins "But are we blaming the student or the teacher for the improvement?"

Besa's eyes widen and he smiles at the mental picture, "I do not think they would like us rolling in the clay." He has no idea what else that could mean. "I believe though that you could do a …spa day?" Did he get that right? He glances to the now absorbed Sky and sighs, he knows things aren't better yet. "Perhaps we should eat first." He'll stand, "Oh, it is you. You are learning."

Rolling in clay? That gets her laughing. "Probably not." that isn't what Rain meant anyway. "A spa day would be great." her last one was ruined by krakens and death. She follows him in getting up. "Good. Nothing worse than having your stomach all growly when you are throwing mugs." she goes to grab her bag as they head out a quick glance at Sky who waves idly "Sure blame me…everyone else does." she throws the old jest out as she heads into the hall.

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