(2016-10-12) Found in Translation
Found in Translation
Summary: Besa solves part of the mystery that is Tabitha.
Date: 2016-10-12
Related: Creation Myths Written All Over Me
NPCs: Nathaniel King, A bastard owl, Peter Draxus
Scene Runner: NA (interlude sections by Tabitha)

With various personal events that have been happening of late, along with homework and band reherals for their second album release, Tabitha had allowed herself to leave aside her research into her glyphs for a while. But since she still hasn't gotten word about the arrival of the specialist that's promised to show up someday, it's back to the books for her. Except the books aren't doing her much if any good since there aren't many volumes on ancient etruscan or summerian in a high school library. Still, one works with the resources one has.

Right now she's set up in one of the corner alcoves on the library's middle floor, tucked up not quite out of sight but not likely to be spotted at random. In addition to the books she has managed to find she also has her notebooks filled with her transcriptions of the glyphs as well as a locked portable file cabinet with all of the high definition photos that have been taken of the glyphs in their various configurations. She's hard at work comparing her transcribed notes with letters and symbols in one of her books, moderately frustrated that she can't seem to find many that match.

Besa spends 1 luck points on For research on Tabitha's Glyphs.
<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives +50: Amazing Success.

Besa has been trying to meditate, for sereval different reasons and noting has worked. Until he was throwing clay tonight with Rain. He left the poor twin in the arts room, and rushed out, his hands are clean, like he's wiped them. But there's splatters on his shirt and his tie is missing. He runs into the library, but stops and starts to try to quickly, but quietly look for someone or something. The librarian gives a stern glare.

Tabitha has been letting her aura spread out and do its thing out of sight just a half-breath left of normal space since losing it for a couple days last week. So thanks to its extention of her sense radius she sees Besa come in looking like he's looking for something he lost. She doesn't call out to him, because library, but she does give him a quick 'over here' wave when he comes within physical line of sight of her alcove. "Hey there, Besa. What's got you so excited?"

Besa's eyes widen and he nearly hops as he comes over, "TAB-itha" He has to lowe this voice from the excitement. "Tabitha, I figured it out!" He hurries over and squats down next to her. His hands point to the glyphs, It came to me when I was making a mug, "which is completely destroyed in his excitement, by the way, "I know how to read them!"

Tabitha cringes when Besa starts to say her name loudly, but he lowers his volume and the librarian doesn't track them down to skin and eat them so it's all good. When he says he knows how to read the glyphs, her jaw drops and she quickly sits up in her chair with all mental exhaustion forgotten. "What? How? What does a mug have to do with it? How do we read them?" All this comes out in a rush that's barely coherent enough for the words to be separate.

Besa smiles warmly, he likes helping, and this is important. "Do you have paper?" This will be easier to show than explain. Assuming she does and gives him some, "Can you show me your arm…well, any of the glyphs will do…" The writtign utensil, wiggles in his fingers form excitement. "I have been meditating on it, I think I needed to focus on my own demon to let this come to me instead." Demon? Anyway, as soon as he's shown some of the glyphs he starts copying them down, exactly as they are on her skin.

Tabitha nods and slides one of the mostly empty notepads over to Besa along with a pencil. "Of course, here." When he asks to see some of her glyphs she rolls up her sleeves and holds her arms out for him to see clearly. Today they're in Phoenecian with a smattering of Akkadian. She raises an eyebrow as Besa talks about meditating on his own demon, but she watches him work to see what it is that he's figured out.

Besa nods, as he copies her arm, "It is so simple. I should have seen it." Once he gets the glyphs drawn he tears out the page. "We just need to look at this differently. Look!" And he holds the page up, draw side away from her so the light form above shines through making the glyphs and direction correct to read."They are coming from inside you, so we must look at it with that in mind!"

When the page is held up to her reversed and backlit, Tabitha just sits there stunned for a moment. Then slowly her face goes from stunned to smiling and full of energy. "Besa, you are a genius!" She starts to flip through the stack of notepads filled with hand copied glyphs and holds each page up to the light so she can see it in the proper perspective. The more she looks the more excited she gets, until she has to stop and take a breath to keep from tearing the pages in her haste. When she's gotten better control over herself she slides all the notepads between herself and Besa. "This should make it a lot easier to find translations. With this new information in mind, is there anything in the stack that you can read?"

<OOC> Tabitha says, "In essence it's a historical record of events that had been transcribed from a long oral tradition. There's no accurate notation of when the events happened, just vague references to the fading of the Nemesis Star and the Soul-Bridged Children of Chaos and Entropy. Since Besa is a mage as well. he can likely also pick out sections of the writings that seem to be strong bindings as well as protective and regenerative spells worked into the fabric of the glyphs There are also references to the Seed of Creation, the Will of the First Mind, and the Word that Speaks Itself."

Besa laughs softly, moving to rest a hand on her forearm, "Slow Tabitha. It is known now." He's so dry happy for his friend. Soemthing good happening! He lifts one sheet, sets it down, but the second he keeps up, "….yes. Yes, this is…about the fading of the Nemesis Star…There are strong magics….it's regenerative….protective…." His head tilts as he studies it more, but then points it out to her, "I am unsure if the magic is just on the glphys, or on you as well, as you are the scroll for those tales…" He'll go on to tell her of Soul-Bridged Children of Chaos and Entropy and the seed of Creation, the Will of the First Mind and the Word that Speaks Itself. The zomboy, as the bullies have been calling him, patiently points out everything he can. He only stops to shift his legs so they don't fall asleep.

Tabitha pays quiet attention as Besa looks things over and finds parts that he can read. She frowns in concentration, a crease forming between her eyes as she starts to copy down what Besa is translating on a fresh notepad. While the talk of embedded magic doesn't hit any bells with her (her only experience being battle magics used against her when she was Lilith), her expression shifts from concentration to confusion as some of the phrases Besa reads. "Some of this sounds familiar… give me a minute."

She reaches over and sets her hand on top of the locked portable file cabinet. A palm scanner activates, reads her hand, then releases the lock. She opens it and starts going through to the section in the back, pulling out a half dozen small locked journals and an mp3 player. She pulls some keys from the cabinet and starts to unlock the journals one at a time then flipping through the pages, which are filled with musical notation and scribbled lyrics in a child's hand.

Besa stays quiet, just watching and giving Tabitha her minute. An eyebrow raises =at the cabinet, impressed. Technology is always fascinating, and untouchable for the teen. He will lean forward to eye the books and music sheets. His pretty hair tumbles around his face.

It doesn't take Tabitha long to find what she's looking for. The journals are of the sort that one would expect a young girl to have, but instead of secret thoughts and other diary stuff they're filled with bits and pieces of lyrics mixed with scribbled musical notes. The handwriting is of someone just learning (or re-learning in this case) how to write, but the lyrics are anything but simple. As she marks pages in three different journals, she then turns on the mp3 player and scrolls to locate the song files that match the lyrics.

As she does this she remarks to Besa, "When Katrina, Terrance, and I actually decided to make our band, I'd already been writing songs and lyrics for years. It was something I did almost every morning after waking up, then later as a part of my mandatory therapy. I've got a LOT of finished songs, but with some of them I was never quite sure where the lyrics came from, just that they made perfect sense to me. Here…" She opens the first journal to the marked page and hits 'play' on the mp3 player. The voice is hers but much younger and unpolished and the verses are unordered but coherent.

I'm enhanced a synthetical fire
I'm a product of chaos and entropy
As the dust kicking in I get tired

Failed destiny facing liars
Let me know I'm the one, I am reborn in a cosmic fire
Will I die or return from my demise?

As the song reaches that section she points to the part that Besa translated about the Soul-Bridged Children of Chaos and Entropy. "And there's others that I recognize at least in part." She looks from the glyphs to the songs and back, seeming a bit lost.

Besa was a lot of things before, but he doesn't think he was a musician. or if he was, maybe not a good one. He nods though, watching the words on the paper as they match the younger voice of Tabitha. "This is good though….right? You will be able to start piecing things together?" Because this is all very confusing to the Egyptian boy. He then points though to one line, 'Failed destiny facing liars', "That is not true. It was not your true destiny then." He means that helpful. Hopeful. Mayeb for him too. Maybe. She gets another warm smile.

Tabitha starts to pull herself together a bit with Besa's words. "I guess… yeah, it's a start. Not the whole puzzle, but it's maybe a good start on the edge pieces." She is distracted from further digging into lyrics that match the partial glyph translations by Besa's remark about the destiny lyric. She listens to him, then quietly nods.

"That's a… strong topic for you, isn't it. Destiny, I mean? I've… overheard a few things." She lets out a long breath, then shrugs. "As Lilith, the idea of destiny wasn't really anything I had to think about. I knew who created me and why he did it. My purpose and direction in life were obvious." Here her shoulders slump down and her eyes are a bit moist at the edges. "Until they weren't anymore. Then as Tabitha, when I had no memory that I'd ever been anyone else, Nathaniel raised me to seek out my own destiny. To build my own future, but understand that it wouldn't be done in a vaccuum. What I built would always be tied into the future and destinies of the people around me."

Besa smiles, "Is that not how one starts a puzzle though, with the edge pieces?" The smile fades a touch and he looks down at the music notes instead of Tabitha, "I am not a vampire or zombie." Those are the two things he's been confronted with. "It is…all I have had. For as long as I can remember. All I have ever ever been told. It is a good destiny, I help keep the world safe." His dark eyes flicker back up to hers, "That is a worthy destiny."

Tabitha is distracted from wiping at the moisture in her eyes, "Of course you're not either of those things!" There is a literal fire in her eyes as the illusion of human seeming slips and her natural flaming ember orbs are visible. "And if anyone says otherwise, then they and I are going to have words." Her manner calms down after a few beats though, and she listens to Besa continue.

She nods her agreement with his last comment, "Yes, keeping the world safe is worthy." She pauses before continuing, making sure her tone and phrasing are in order. "Just… consider who has always told you this and why. I, too was told that my purpose and destiny were good and right, only to learn too late that while I did many good and just things they were in service to a lie." She gives Besa a warm smile and a slight bow of her head. "So believe in the good, follow the right, and trust in what is true. Just find a way to be certain that those who set you on this path are equally worthy of your trust."

Here she pauses again, but not for very long. "And if you learn that they are not so worthy, then you leave them behind and find another way to continue on your destined path. To keep the world safe, even to die if need be, but for the right reasons." She blinks and ducks her head a bit bashfully. "Does that make sense, or…?"

Besa sighs, "You will be talking to half the school then. it is alright. i am not those things. It does not matter what they say." He looks away, upset, "I know. I am….meditating on it." It sounds lame, but it's all he's got. "I have heard the rituals, seen the magics, "It is not…false." But it may not be whole true either. Her pep talk gets a small grin, "It does, Thank you Tabitha. But i think the problem everyone has been having is that I am willing to die. For seem it is at all, even for a worthy cause." He reaches a hand out to touch hers, "Thank you. You are a very good friend." Despite the hat/hair debacle she probably doesn't even realize she caused. His hands are soft from all the clay he works with. "I will help you later translating more, if you would like?"

Tabitha smiles at the touch of Besa's hand, seeming to understand fully what he's saying about willingness to sacrifice. "Do not injustice to another. Defend the weak and innocent. Let truth and honor always guide you. Let courage find a life within. Stand up when no one else is willing. Act not in hatred or in spite. Be to this world as a perfect knight. Even if it means your life." Although she speaks these in her plain voice they're obviously something of a personal anthem. "So are you, Besa."

She nods about the translating. "Thank you. That sounds like a plan. I should give my caretaker a call and let him know about your breakthrough." She glances at the open file cabinet and the folders near the front which can be seen to hold many dozen high definition photographs. "It's going to take a lot of work, but we should be able to get everything switched to the right perspective. Then hopefully it's just a matter of time."

The words gets that warm smile again, "You are very gifted Tabitha." His head tilts, "I am?" a good friend? "I have not had many, I am trying to be." More nodding and hair flopping, "It will be worth it." he squeezes her hand softly before releasing and siting up, "And you can make apple peels again!" Is he…teasing her? he's grinning, so possibly.

An hour later, in Bar Harbor, Maine

He smiles and blows a kiss to the girl on the computer screen, a girl that he's known for over a decade in one form or another and whom he's become closer to than he usually does with one of his orphans. "That's great news, Tabby Alley Cat! Now get to sleep, it's a school night. I'll work on my copies and when I come down for the Fall Harvest Dinner we'll compare notes. That way you won't have me underfoot when you introduce Katrina to the school next weekend." He wraps up the call and closes down the video chat. He spends the next few minutes slumped in his chair feeling tired and so much smaller than his physical frame. Eventually he lets out a long cleansing breath and stands up to walk to a nearby shelf full of various oddities that he's collected across his varied careers, picking up a knife of white jade with the hilt carved as an owl.

With the knife in hand he walks through the doorway separating his work office from his private quarters. There he opens a hatch concealed in the floor which leads to a small cavern and eventually to an opening in the sea cliff upon which the orphanage sits. Hidden from outside view more by nature than his magic, it allows him a private place to stand and watch the ocean. And to perform actions that must be done in the open air but would cause concern should one of the orphans witness them.

In an act that is equal parts reflex and reverance, he uses the knife to cut his hand at the meat of the thumb. Thick pearlescent blue blood flows slowly and he uses it to create a glyph in the air before him. Soon after he can see the great grey owl he's summoned winging in from the sea. It lands on the scrabbled branch of a tree clinging to the cliff face and stares at him impassively.

"She's starting to figure out the glyphs. A classmate solved how to properly read them and was able to translate some of the pages. I'll be seeing her in two weeks, and no matter how you feel on the matter, I will continue to help her." The owl narrows its eyes and mantles its wings with a voilet hiss. He makes a cutting motion with his bleeding hand, "Oh knock it off, C'vea! That stunt you pulled with the records was bad enough, but you forget that I have monitor spells on all of my orphans. I felt it when your spell took hold. If she hadn't been strong enough to fight off your despair inducement before clawing her own heart out…" The owl stops its hissing, its eyes wide in surprise.

He nods smugly at the owl, "That's right, she fought it off. I didn't intervene, although I was about to. If that doesn't convince you that she has her own separate will…" He shakes his head and makes a small gesture to heal his wound. "I'll be settling my business here so it will keep for a few days. I finally have enough evidence in her favor to bring the matter before the assembled Courts, so I'll be leaving for Haven Citadel." He fixes the owl with a blood chilling stare. "If you do anything to her while I'm gone, we'll be finding out just how hard it is to return you to Shada."

Unknown Location

He watches the images projected into his field of view while relaxing in his private cabin. To one side is a girl he is intimately familiar with. He restrains himself from reaching out to stroke her head at the black streak in her copper hair. Her image clearly shows her excitement as she relates how she is starting to translate the Nexus Glyphs with the aid of a classmate. This causes him some concern. If she starts to read them, it might cause certain aspects of her nature to awaken further than they already have. And that would be… problematic to his requirements.

The other image is a man of almost titanic proportions, a callback to the ancient Eloh if he had ever seen one. That she had stumbled into this man's care out of all the places her disrupted portal could have sent her… it angered him when he bothered to think of it at all. But it didn't anger him any longer. No, that Lilith had ended up in his care had now brought an unforseeable boon. His attention is brought back to the images as their conversation was ending.

"That's great news, Tabby Alley Cat! Now get to sleep, it's a school night. I'll work on my copies and when I come down for the Fall Harvest Dinner we'll compare notes. That way you won't have me underfoot when you introduce Katrina to the school next weekend."

The images dropped, replaced with empty air as the connection was dropped. The ability to tap into communications was an added benefit of the location Hecate had chosen to locate the Twilight Dawn. Originally they had picked this place to be within striking distance of the prison complex holding the genteks captured in Thunder Bay, but routine network infiltration had revealed the presence of an isolated, highly encrypted comms network in international waters. This had naturally piqued his interest, which turned to absolute joy when traffic analysis had found regular video transmissions from Lilith in the stream from that network.

Lilith's new home away from him had recently sprouted something he had been unable to acquire in his recruitment drives for the final stage gentek development - a nascent telepath. One who would be unguarded for a time in just a week. He makes a precise gesture in the air next to his command seat and his field of view begins to fill with responses from his best children, his loyal Primes.

"Begin preparations for a hostile recruitment. You won't have to use any special tactics, this one is still unemerged. But you will need to make special arrangements for the response this recruitment will trigger." Here he pauses and makes certain that the Primes understand the weight of his next words. "Lilith will react and will likely attempt a rescue. So make certain you take the proper precautions. We may yet manage to return her to the fold, intact or otherwise."

After the plans for the coming weekend were finalized he closed off communications and took a rare moment of relaxation for himself. Should things go well, they would have a new powerful recruit for imbuement. And should things go perfectly… his lips curl upwards in a devilish grin…

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