(2016-10-11) Strange Behavior
Strange Behavior
Summary: Ollie is acting a bit strange at lunch
Date: 2016-10-11
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Daxton's been training pretty much nonstop, which means he's also eating nonstop as well. His tray is pile, almost to the comical level as he heads back to a clear table. Even as he sets his tray down, his phone buzzes in his pocket. Strangely though, the text alert does not stop, it just keeps going, lie he's getting a string of text all at the same time.

Ollie's own metabolism seems to be fairly steady…she gets hungry and eats, but it's not to the amount that some of the other teens eat. Maybe the aliens do growth spurts differently? Maybe it's just all mental? Either way, she has her vegan choices for today's lunch and she brings her tray right on over to Daxton's table and sits down. "Is your phone buzzing," she quips cheerfully, "Or are you just happy to see me?"

Felicia isn't far behind the pair in getting her food and joining them at the table. There is a snerk at the comment from Ollie though she doesn't follow it up with something equally embarrassing or randy "What's that all about?" she asks instead as she takes the obligatory cans of Monster from her pocket and sets one in front of Dax before popping open the other.

Daxton doesn't bother sitting until he digs his phone out, "It's Pulse. Phones can't keep up with her texting." To be fair, when Dax sends a bunch, they do the same thing. He speed texts back, a grin forming on his face before he sets the phone on the table next to his tray and sits, "How's the day going?" While he waits for people's responses he starts shoveling in food. Nom nom.

"So, is Rebecca out of the picture?" Ollie asks innocently, not knowing who the people all are in Daxton's Unit, but if it's a girl texting, well…conclusions are jumped.

Felicia sips at her drink as questions are answered "Going to spend the weekend with U-23 again?" its a curious question, no judgment about how Dax spends his weekends. His grin has her arching a brow put she doesn't ask Oliver does it for her, there is a bit of a look, but she guesses its better than her last reaction to Dax and U-23. "I haven't managed a detention yet. So slow going."

Daxton frowns, his sandwich held gone, "Jesus, Ollie. Pulse is in Unit 23, we're making plans for this weekend." He nods, confirming Fel's question. "We're gonna hit up Chicago again, make sure they haven't set up any more houses." Who's they? "I think on Sunday we might be deciding on a place up here." he sounds hopeful. That would make things much easier on him, them being closer. He laughs at Fel, grabbing the Monster she left out for him, "You're not coin' it right then."

Daxton frowns, his sandwich held gone, "Jesus, Ollie. Pulse is in Unit 23, we're making plans for this weekend." He nods, confirming Fel's question. "We're gonna hit up Chicago again, make sure they haven't set up any more houses." Who's they? "I think on Sunday we might be deciding on a place up here." he sounds hopeful. That would make things much easier on him, them being closer. He laughs at Fel, grabbing the Monster she left out for him, "You're not doin' it right then."

"Well, I'm sorry if I don't know your friends there, Daxton. No one's bothered to talk to me about it," Ollie huffs, obviously taken aback by Daxton's sudden change. "I guess I won't be asking if you want to do anything this weekend then." She just looks down at her tray and stabs some food without actually eating it.

Well that doesn't mean that Rebecca hasn't been removed and replaced by Pulse, but considering Dax's response Felicia just keeps her mouth shut on that one. And she doubts it anyways Inferno would have harassed him about it had that been the case. "I'm so jelly. But at least I have my motorcycle to keep me company." she wants to be out doing exciting, saving the world things too. She furrows her brow at Ollie, "Hello mood swing."

Daxton's eyes narrow at Ollie, head tilted slighting in a 'for realz?' look before his gaze cuts over to glance at Fel before focusing on his food. "Do you want a write up of each of them? Would that make you feel better?" He laughs, actually amused, "You were going to ask me to do something this weekend?" But then he stills as something dawns on him and he adds quickly, "Becca and I are trying to work stuff out." And then Fel's commenting and he frowns, considering something, "I can ask if you guys want to come with. But I can't guarantee anything."

Whatever happened to the talk that Ollie and Daxton had? She thought it was a good talk, at least, and was ready to go back to how they were before the summer. Guess that's not going to happen. She looks first to Felicia, "Really?" And then she looks back to Daxton, trying not to show the hurt at the amused laugh. "It doesn't matter now. I hope you have a nice time hanging out with your friends." She then takes up her tray and stands, "Excuse me."

Felicia doesn't get involved in the tiff between Dax and Ollie this time. Last time it didn't help and she doubts she will be much help this time either. There is an ugh about working things out with Rebecca, perhaps Becca has been put on the same list as Derek, but that is another thing she has learned to leave her nose out of. "Up to you. I don't want to intrude." she leaves it at that. Not sure sure which part she is being reallied about from Ollie she just guesses its the motorcycle part "Yeah. Not that I know how to ride it yet. Still need to get a few lessons." and then Ollie is excusing herself and the girl is a bit confused about what just happened.

Whatever indeed? Dax thought they were cool, but apparently not. Dax's hands fly up in frustration, "What the hell, Ollie?!? What do you want?" His phone buzzes again, but he ignores it. He glares down at his food, but answers Fel, "It's not intruding, I'll ask. If Inferno says it's cool, it's cool. He doesn't mince words." That's very true. The speedster sighs, hand reaching up to rub his forehead and then short hair.

Ollie thought they were cool as well. "Don't bother, Daxton. I wouldn't want to interrupt any plans you have with your friends." She then looks over to Felicia and just shakes her head before taking her tray and just walking out of the Cafeteria. It's still warm enough to eat outside and she's going to do just that.

Felicia looks between the pair. This is getting old…was Ollie this sensitive when she was a guy? Maybe she noticed it less. Either way she gives Ollie one of those 'not fair' looks as she walks away. The teen titan never knows what to do in these cases. does she go after Ollie, stay with Dax. It takes her too long to decide either way, by the time it comes Ollie is long gone. They can talk later. Fel looks at Dax. "Okay, even I have to admit that was weird."

Daxton's jaw tightens and his head shakes. "I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to do with her. Run my schedule by her every week to make sure it's ok? Have her okay my friends?" He swallows, another head rub before he starts eating again, "I swear, if it wasn't for you and Becca, I'd be out of here." Screw getting an education. "Nobody else wants me here anyway."

"She is acting like she has some huge crush on you or something." Felicia comments, giving a quick glance toward the door as she noms a french fry. There is a shrug, she has no idea what's been going on in Ollie's head lately, definitely time for an intervention though. "Well if it makes you feel any better it is only 257 days until graduation." did she just add that all up in her head or has she been counting since school started? "I saw a couple of freshman girls eyeing you a couple of days ago. They'd be heartbroken if you left too." she is both serious and joking at the same time.

Daxton's cheeks puff out as he nods, he thought the same thing. "She doesn't though…right?" Fel should know if she does…right? One groan at the number of days left, and then a second at the freshmen girls. He doesn't need more drama. "I'm sure they'd get over it real soon."

There is a less than helpful shrug from Felicia at the question "I doubt it." you would think she would know at least "I think it is more being possessive of the few friends she has. She really hasn't had much in the way of friends since coming here, and her really family pretty much rejected her. There is a snerk at the groan but she nods "Probably. They were eyeing and giggling at some other guy this morning at breakfast." there is a glance at his now silent phone "Inferno is in charge of U-23? I thought it was Pulse." who knows how she came to that conclusion.

Daxton didn't think so, but now he's wondering. "Well, acting like that isn't going to keep her friends." He shrugs, "Did they really reject her? cause I didn't see her try at all either." Then again, he was bleeding out of all his head holes, he may have missed somethings. "See? I'm only Prom Prince cause of Derek. They'll get over me not begin around." He starts eating again, even with super speed , that's a lot of food to eat during the lunch period. "For the most part, yeah. He's the oldest, had a life before Unit 23. It's not absolute though….Why did you think Pulse was?"

Felicia can only nod in agreement to that one. She will definitely have to talk with the girl later about her attitude. "That's my understanding of it." she shrugs. It'll work itself out eventually. "Huh." she says to the leadership thing "Well technically you all did, his was just a lot longer." she makes a thoughtful face that includes a bit of a nose wrinkle "The one time I encountered her she seemed quite possessive and way bossy." but that was way back during the dark days, and Pulse is the only one she hasn't met since.

Daxton laughs warmly, "Yeah…she is kinda bossy." Food is shoveled. "We switch, if it's something someone else can handle better, they take lead. Helps that AfterThought can pop in our heads for that." He taps his temple briefly before continuing to eat. HE thinks and then sneaks, "Yeah, I guess that probably isn't the best impression one could have of her. She's cool though. Wicked fast."

"That's the way it should be done." it's how they had planned to do it on thier space mission. There is a face at the whole mind popping thing "I feel sorry for anyone popping into my head. It's all chaos up in there." she eats a bit slower, but she doesn't have as much food as he does, "And it wasn't the best circumstances to meet someone either." she will point out "Faster than you?"

Daxton smirks, "If Afterthought can keep up with Pulse and I, he'd be ok around you." He thinks, slowing down to chew at a normal speed, "She's beaten me a few times, but I've also beaten her…So I guess we're close?" He shrugs, the idea of Pulse being faster than him isn't troubling, they're on the same team. If it was someone else he might be more upset. "Mayeb i'll have her race me this weekend to see."

That's not quite the chaos Felicia was talking about but it isn't worth correcting him over "So it is pretty even odds in the betting pool." yes there must be betting when it is a foot race between to pretty even speedsters! There is a chuckle at the sudden idea to race her "I would suggest getting that on video, but no one would see it that way either!" finishing off her lunch she gets to her feet "I forgot to grab my science homework in my room." she tells him gathering her tray and empty drink can "I'll see ya in class." where my she can finally do something right and get that detention.

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