(2016-10-11) Introductions and Smacking
Introductions and Smacking
Summary: Aidan meets Pulse and a challenge is issued. He picks the 'wrong' side!
Date: IC Date (2016-10-11)
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It's warm out, late afternoon and classes are done for the day. Aidan had ventured away from school, still wearing his school uniform though as he sits at the end of one of the docks, his backpack behind him. One hand rests beside him on the dock as his legs remain crossed under him. The other hand holds a cell phone, his gaze going down to it a moment before back out across the water. The breeze that blows barely has enough force to move his mass of rebellious hair, but it's trying.

Daxton can be seen walking (Which is odd enough) towards the docks, with a very attractive hispantic girl, maybe a year or two older than the speedster. He's smiling and talking, his hands animated with whatever thing he's telling. She's smiling widely, looking like she's hanging onto every word.

As the two draw near, Aidan hears Daxton's voice and glances up. Seeing him with somebody he doesn't recognize…or at least doesn't think he does from this far off still, the pyro moves his hand to wave a moment before stopping short of actually completing the action. In true awkward fashion, the hand instead moves to run through his hair and rub the back of his neck. Daxton seemed to be having a good time. Smiling even. He didn't want to disrupt them. In fact, just in case his presence would be a bother, the lanky teen stands up and starts to grab his backpack, putting his phone into his pocket. Yeah…because at Aidan's height if you don't want to be noticed…the best course of action is to stand up. Obviously.

Daxton doesn't notice at first, hands implying something big, but the girl's eyes glance to the tall boy standing, which gets Dax's attention. "Hey Aidan." He nods to the girl, indication she should follow him and they step over. "What's up, man?" Dax even offers a small smile, although he's not making eye contact. "This is Pulse. Pulse, this is Aidan, he goes to Coral Springs."

The girl, well…woman. She's probably 18, maybe a touch older, is dressed in jeans and a form fitting sweater. Her dark eyes roam over Aidan, evaluating him before nodding, "Hey." She doesn't sound overly excited, but not annoyed either.

Busted! Was it the hair? Ugh that always gave him away. "Hey!" Turning back around, Aidan faces the two as they approach, staying where he's at halfway down the dock though. "Not much…was just hanging out." By himself. On a dock. Like a weirdo. "How about you?" Not one to be rude though, at the introduction, he offers a smile and nod to Pulse "Nice to meet you." His momma raised him right dangit. One hand stays in his pocket while the other grips the strap of his backpack.

Daxton's eyes narrow, but Pulse beats him to the punch, "Are you running away or something? Or is that a bomb?" She asks so casually, it's almost like it's a normal question. Dax sighs, hand going to his forehead, like that is a normal question for the girl to ask. "…Pulse/…"

Aidan blinks, looking between the two "What?" Jeepers these two had an eerie bad cop-bad cop vibe going on. "I…no…" Lofting a brow at Pulse's question he doesn't know if that's a joke or not until Daxton's reaction. "No. It's not a bomb…" Like he'd need one. That would not be the joke to make right now though. "And sorry…I lied…" as if they couldn't tell. Aidan sucked at lying. "Okay not lie per say. I wasn't running away…I just…"

You're doing the rambling thing again, Aidan. Why did he always do that when he was nervous? Or upset. "I was just wanting to be by myself. I had…a not so great phone call with my family and…well yeah…came out here to clear my head." He pulls his hand out of his pocket, revealing the phone. "Heard you guys coming and didn't want to bother you. So I tried to leave…and obviously failed at the stealth aspect." He then looks between the two, rocking on his feet some. Now what?…Please don't let her punch him.

Daxton's eyebrow raises, glance cutting to Pulse. He hates it when she picks up on things like that! "It's ok Aidan. We were just talking."

Pulse glances to Dax and then grins at Aidan, "Then stop doing the grippy thing with your backpack. Some twitchy cops sees you doing that and you'll be on the ground in no time." She really does have a nice smile, it's warm, inviting. "Tempo's right. We're just bullshitting. We can leave you alone."

Aidan seems to relax more when she grins. She had a nice smile, much better than the accusing look! "I'll keep a note of that…thanks" he nods at her advice, offering a smile of his own. "Nah it's okay honest. I can hang." Probably better he's around people anyways. He had a tendency of secluding when he got down. At the use of Daxton's nickname he lofts a brow again, "Tempo…" he looks over to the girl, "Pulse…oh wow I'm an idiot. Sorry!" He looks to Daxton "She's from your family right?" From everything he knew about Unit 23, which wasn't much, they seemed to be that for Daxton. Family isn't always biological.

Daxton hesitates but then nods, "Yeah. She's family." He gives her a small half smile.

Pulse seems completely tickled by that and laughs. "We're like the most fucked up dysfunctional family ever!" She seems ok with that though, a hip bumping into Dax's before she moves over to look out over the docks into the water, "So what was the not so great phone call about?" It's a few moments, but the girl starts to vibrate, much like Daxton does. It may be picked up throughout eh wood of the dock…maybe.

Aidan offers the two a smile again "Cool…" A laugh at her comment, but then it pulls back some with her question. "Ah…" that hand moves to rub the back of his neck again. "Nothing. Just my brother…didn't wanna' talk." He shrugs "It's nothing personal. I just haven't talked to him the past few times…but he's been busy ya know? Teenager." More lies. It was totally personal. He knew why…but he honestly couldn't bring himself to blame his brother. Still, there was a sadness to the pyro's normally comical tone. After a moment he looks towards the water, wondering if he imagined it or…was something moving? Weird.

Daxton and Pulse share a look, they may not be psychic, but they don't always need words. There's a small head shake from Dax, but Pulse ignores it. ""Well, that sucks. Teenagers are the worst." She then smiles again, she's fully aware of both Dax and Aidan's ages. "So….Your plan is to mope out here till dinner time? or what?" Dax speed nudges her, but she speed knocks his hand away. It might be to fast to notice.

"It's okay…he's dealing with a lot," Aidan shrugs it off, looking back to the pair and offering a chuckle. "Or go full teen angst and skip dinner altogether. Except…I love food too much…and I think my metabolism would kill me for it." Catching the exchange of speeds, or the blur of a hand rather, he looks to Pulse with a grin "So you're speed too?"

Pulse laughs, she seems to do that a lot, "I am Speed. Especially when compared to this slow poke." Now sheer's throwing the shove, and he's speed knocking her hands away. They seem to be fairly equal.

"You wish." Daxton doesn't seem bothered. "We'll see. I'll race you to Chicago Sat." That may be the most ridiculous thing ever said. But she nods, accepting the challenge. Dax keeps blocking her hand but glances to Aidan, "Want anything from the windy city?"

Aidan grins, gaining amusement from watching them banter. If nothing else it helped his mood. "The best food item you can find. If you think you can handle that" the pyro nods. "Though…you might be too busy eating her dust to have time for taking in anything else" he chooses to side with Pulse. Sure, he had to go to school with Dax, but he knew better than to side against a woman. Especially when he wouldn't even see the smack coming!

Daxton stops blocking Oulse long enough to give a glare to Aidan, "Traitor." And that gives Pilse enough time to jab her finger into his side, which makes him yelp and intern smack Aidan in his shoulder, "Jerk!" It's not hard, it may push him back, but not injury was meant by it. Pulse thinks this is super funny and laughs more.

"What do you expect?" Aidan chuckles, "OW!" but he laughs too, indicating it didn't actually hurt. Looking to Pulse he grins at her amusement, looking over to Daxton "Oh! That reminds me. I have something for you!" How did getting smacked remind him he had a present for Dax? Who knows. Either way, he moves to take off his backpack again, unzipping it "I've been meaning to for awhile and just…kept forgetting. Sorry."

Daxton's head tilts confused, "What is it?" He's not expecting a present, so maybe it's cookies form his mom? Pulse goes quiet, but she watches Daxton, seemly happy to stand there waiting, although her leg bounces.

Pulling his hand out from his bag, it's clenched around something and he extends out to Daxton, opening it to reveal a smoothed stone laying in the palm of his hand. It has a grooved indention in the middle, seemingly intentionally made. "It's a worry stone." He quickly explains, not wanting Daxton to get the wrong idea. "The idea of it is to give your mind something to focus on. Your body something to put energy towards. When you're upset. Or anxious. Or when your energy just builds up and…you don't always have an easy outlet for it."

Shrugging, Aidan looks to him "I wasn't sure if you're speed works the same way as my fire, but sometimes it feels backed up. Or like it's too much. So my mom had the idea for me to start making these…using some clay she had. I have plenty and figured…well…you might like one."

Daxton's a dude's dude. Worry stones aren't really in his wheel house. But Aidan's also a nice guys so, "Oh. Cool." He takes the offered stone and nods, "You made this, huh? Fire it yourself?" That's not meant snarky, really. If anything Dax can carry it in his pocket and throw it at annoying people, right?

Pulse awwhs, "That's so sweet!" She then unsweetly punches Daxton in the shoulder. "I knew people liked you here, Tempo!" He lets out a surprised cry, "Ouch! That hurts, damn it! Stop punching me!"

Aidan grins, not expecting a huge reaction from the speedster…but the positive one in itself was welcomed. "Yeah. Those times when it felt like too much was built up…turns out I can be a personal kiln. If you ever need one" he chuckles. With Pulse's show of 'affection' he can't help but laugh again, then offering over to her "You want one too? I have plenty back at the house. I can ask mom to bring some with her when she comes to visit." Aidan was very much not a dude's dude. He never claimed to be. He was very much a nerd.

Pulse beams, "That's sweet, thank you." She's borderline, it's so hard to tell if she means that or is being sarcastic. But either way she ends with that smile, which is hard to argue with.

Dax just rolls his eyes at her, shoving the rock into his pants. "We're gonna grab food. You hungry?"

"Sure. I could eat." He could always eat!! "Let's see how much food two speedsters and a pyro can pack away huh? I MIGHT actually stand a chance in this race…" Aidan smirks at the two. "Speaking of food, Dax. Got a cookie request? Mom's already asking…"

Daxton huffs, but is amused, "No pizza." Pulse pouts, but nods.

The mention of cookies has him nodding though, "Yeah! Any she's willing to give me!" Cause, yum. Mom cookies.

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