(2016-10-10) Just Talk
Just Talk
Summary: Besa and Rain talk about things
Date: 2016-10-10
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Monday classes are finally over, which didn't come soon enough for the tired Rain. Once more she looks sleep deprived, which can only mean one thing, another bout of nightmares. Something must have happened to set them off again. Coming into the art room she drops her backpack onto a chair with a thud, glancing around to see who is here, if anyone at all.

The teachers have been rather kind to Besa, considering the kids have not. He finished whatever assignment and the teacher let him go early. So here he sits, his sleeves rolled up and tie off while he kicks the throwing wheel round and round. There's already something forming, but the teen is frowning at it. Or maybe he's just frowning at his own thoughts and the poor clay is taking the brunt of it. the art room itself looks relatively clean after Sky's once over (detention) of it. Dark eyes raise and it's a whole second before he stops glaring, "Rain? Are you well?" He noticed the tireless on her earlier, but he didn't get a chance to ask

It isn't until after the question that Rain figures out that he is just glaring in general and not specifically at her. "Just tired is all." she answers as she grabs a chair and starts to drag it over to where Besa sits at the wheel "Do you want me to turn on the radio?" she asks before she gets to settled down. Once she sits she isn't going to want to get up again. "You alright?" she throws back at him "Or did the clay talk back to you?" she tries for the joke.

Besa shrugs, "Only if you wish to listen." He's gotten used to never hearing music. No one plays live, except Tabitha. And she's been not around lately. He watches her approach, the frown melting into worry, "Does your head hurt again?" There's a hesitance, but then he nods, "I am." And then there's a small, barely there smile at her, "It has nothing important to say. I think it is mad at me." like the rest o the school.

Rain isn't a big fan of silence and goes to turn on the radio, but keeps it low enough so that conversing is easy. "My head is fine. It wasn't anything a couple of advil couldn't fix." With the back of the chair closest to the wheel she sits sideways in it, folding her arms across the back she rests her head on them as she watches Besa "Well you show it whose boss than." she tells him "Do you know that Sorrel girl. She's in Metis."

Besa watches her, trying to pick out any signs of what's really going on. His leg keeps kicking at a steady pace, "Good. I am glad it is better." His gaze shifts back and forth, from Rain to the clay. He seems to just be playing, it's too tall for a mug. "I have. I am the boss of all pottery." Look out world! His brow furrows again, "Yes…I think so. Why?"

The boss comment draws out an amused grin "The boss and not the king?" cause All hail the pottery king would be funny to say. She mostly watches his hands work the clay, focusing on the parts that won't make her dizzy by watching the spinning movement. It took her a while to get that one down. "She has one of the little ones." you can almost see the shiver go down Rain's spine at the thought. "Like the ones that chased us that day. She showed it to me yesterday." it was awful.

Besa's smile drops and he shakes his head, "No…I am not a king of anything." Kings were a very real thing for him. His hands slide up and down the clay, almost caressing it. And then suddenly the vase is destroyed, Besa's hands crushing it even as he stands up, "She What?!? She is with them?!" The ten tenses, eyes shooting to the door like he expects the robotic creatures to burst through, "Are you alright? She did not hurt you…" But he's not so certain now, his gaze travels over her, looking for injuries.

The extreme reaction from Besa has Rain sitting up quickly herself. She stares at him a moment as she reconsiders the ramifications of what the girl having who could mean "I don't…." she hadn't thought that Sorrel could be a spy for whoever is doing this. "I didn't think so. If she were would she have told me what she discovered on the thing or even showed me it in the first place?" she doesn't think so, unless she is playing some kind of game. Rain looks unhurt and she confirms it as well "I'm fine, really. She just scared me is all," understatement "Then freaked me out more after Jacob showed up."

Besa stands there, hands covered in clay and fists clenched. He feels so powerless with this entire situation; he does not like his friends being scared. "What does Schuyler think?" The boy can read minds. His hair sways softly as he shakes his head, unsure. He does not understand the mind set of evil men. "What did Jacob do?" Besa doesn't like not liking people, but this school is starting to give him the opportunity to try out those emotions!

"He thinks Sorrel is weird." Rain supplies without hesitation "But he doesn't think she has anything to do with it." she furrows her brow as she thinks back to yesterday "Uhm, he was kind of acting weird. He was awful quiet and got embarrassed about something." she has no idea what that was about "Then Sorrel told him I was her secret girlfriend and gave me her number." this is still shocking to the girl "He kind of freaked out at that." as did she "I left…quickly."

Besa nods slowly, his hands unclenching. He trusts Sky's judgment for the most part. Well, except when it comes to Besa, cause Sky's then all over the place. "Alright." The news about Jacob has him from, "Like he was acting when we went for ice-cream?" secret girlfriend news gets an eyebrow raise and a head tilt, "Do you like her?" And then after a beat, cause Besa's not oblivious when it's other people, "Do you like him?"

"I guess…" Rain pauses a moment to think back to the ice cream parlor "Yeah, sort of like that." she gives a nod "I think for a few moments he was trying to decide whether to go after Sorrel or try to get me out of there." she is clearly confused by that part of the encounter. "Not like that…I don't even know her well enough to consider her a friend." they have barely spoken to each other before yesterday "Just as a friend. Why?" she then blinks at him "You don't think…"

Besa frowns more, "He is very grabby." The Egyptian teen has not forgotten Jacob's part in the nurse debacle. He takes a deep breath and shrugs, looking briefly like Sky, "Perhaps?" The frown seems like it is going to stay for the rest of the conversation, "Would you like for myself and Schuyler to speak to him?"

"Well besides helping me up yesterday he hasn't been that way with me." Sky would have stepped in already if that was the case. The offer is seriously considered, her hands resting on the back of the chair tightening on it "No, that's okay." she says it with a sigh "It's my problem I should try and deal with it first." though there is little she can do to stop them if they decide to do it anyway.

Besa nods slowly, clearly unhappy with the situation and her response, but he'll honor it. "You should speak with Schuyler about this though, so he is aware." He knows Sky probably knows, but still. He sighs, looking down at the twisted lump of clay. "And please let me know if there's anything I can do to help." He slowly sinks back to his seat, his head starting to hurt. Who knew having friends would increase his headaches (and heart aches!)?

Rain doesn't seem all that happy about it herself. On a list of complications that would happen while at school boy troubles just didn't make it to the list. There are a few brief moments where she is looking past Besa, at basically nothing "It's not like I can keep secrets from him anyway." she says as her eyes focus back on Besa, not easily at least, and usually it isn't worth the effort. "It makes Christmas and birthday shopping extra hard."

Besa blinks, that statement seems kinda…odd? Sad? He’s not sure. "I would guess so. If you ever need my help, let me know." he can pick out things, then she won't know what they are either! "He is still angry at me." His hands go back into the clay, trying to tame it down into a ball. "He is very hard to make happy."

It could be a little sad, it means no real privacy and that is important to teenagers, Rain no exception "You may regret asking that." a bit of a grin finally comes to her face "Christmas is coming up soon." then she realizes something "When is yours?" his what? Birthday? There is a frown then at the comment about her brother "A little. He is more hurt than anything right now." she pushes a lock of hair from her face "Yeah. I know. He's only upset because he is your friend and he just wants you to have what everyone else has."

Besa looks up from the clay, his foot slowing to a steady spin of the wheel, "I do not mind. I like helping you." He then blinks, having no idea what Rain is asking, "My…Christmas?" But then Sky talk, "I am not like everyone else though. I cannot be like everyone else." Even with just his mind the way it is, he's different, he knows this.

"Your birthday." Rain corrects sounding a bit amused by the confusion "You have one of those, right?" though with as many times as he has died and been 'reborn' that could get complicated "That's something he doesn't quite understand." but apparently Rain does? "Just like he doesn't understand why I want to throw off centuries of family tradition and let my abilities come naturally instead of forcing them." she once more folds her arms over the back of the chair and rests her chin on them, this time she looks at Besa though instead of what he is doing.

Besa's shoulders drop slightly out of embarrassment, "I do not know the day I was born." Even if he did, he wouldn't tell, it would just be upsetting, some B.C. date. The clay starts to form into a mug, it's what he should have been doing anyway. He nods softly, eyes staying on his hands, "And not understanding makes him angry." Besa's figured that much out, at least. "I think…He fears for you. Fears losing you. Losing you would be more deviating that losing a limb." The sides of the mug start to form, this one is bulging out in the middle, organic looking. "You and he are part of each other." He chances a glance up and a small smile, he's happy his two friends have that.

"Really?" it’s surprising but Rain believes him "What day did they put down on your application to attend school here then?" that bit of information was on her application "Yes. He thinks you will be happier if you had the same choices and free will that everyone else does." she refrains from stating whether she agrees with her brother or not. If she does she is taking a different tactic. At his own thoughts her eyes drop a moment to what his hands are doing "Is it that obvious? You'd never guess that he is the older one, would you?"

Besa has to think on it, "June 9th. It is the day I awake in the man's study." That must have been a mess, if it's anything like how he awoke in the Med Bay! Dark eyes dart up to study her, maybe trying to figure out if she does agree with her twin or not. "I feel …everything I try to explain , he just gets angry. He does not wish to understand." He sighs, looking back at the mug. "I was given a purpose to protect people. How could I not try to always fulfill that?" He looks back to her, maybe she has an answer to that. He smiles then warmly, "It is a good thing. Most will never know that kind of connection with another person. Be happy you have that." Does he sound a little sad? Possibly, he puts himself in the category of never going to get that. He then tries to change the subject, "Does that mean he blows out his candles first?" Besa seems to know some of the rituals of birthdays!

And the phone comes out and she is quickly typing away at it for a few moments before it goes back into her pocket. "That would make you a Gemini?" she questions and then cracks up laughing at that, Gemini being the twins an all. It's funny to her. "He just doesn't want you to not give up the normal things to fulfill this purpose. You can do both." she seems to be doing her best to see it from both sides. Maybe trying to find a happy medium for them both so there aren't any more fights between them." she nods "I am. It's good to know that no matter what at least there is one person that has my back." she doesn't take it for granted /all/ the time. She looks back up at Besa at the question "Only when he is cheating." she chuckles as she says it.

Besa opens his mouth to argue, but she's laugh so he lets it go, instead just smiling and skiing his head as he goes back to the mug. "I cannot though….it would not be fair. If I chose a mate, and knew I may die is 6 months? Is that right to do to them?" He doesn't feel it is. "I am doing more than I've ever done…had. It is almost too much. Sometimes I feel over whelmed." He was certainly overwhelmed in the Med Bay. He will offer, "I promised Schuyler I would seek answers on the Demon. Perhaps there is something I have missed before." See? He is trying!

Rain wrinkles her nose at his choice of term "I get it." as much as her 14 year old level will let her at least "It just sucks that you don't get to have the same experiences as everyone else. That's all." as she speaks her phone beeps, but she ignores it, this is more important than a text message. "You two just have differing opinions of what is fair." she sage nods, she makes it sound so simple, and maybe it is or should be. "Do you need any help with that? I surprised Sky didn't offer."

Besa smiles though, the warmth over shadowing anything negative, "I do not. But I also got the experience of helping to save you. That is uniquely mine. And is good." His eyes flicker to her phone but then rerun to the mug. He's stopped kicking the wheel and has reached over to get a small amount of clay to ash ion into a handle. He chuckles, "Schuyler was barely talking to me. I do not think he wished to see me, much less help." She gets another smile, "It begins with meditation, seeing what I can remember. But my head has been too loud to do so lately." Being called a zombie is distracting.

"Hopefully there won't be any more of those." especially after the results of the last time. "It's just Sky. If it was really important he would tell me." hence the mystery of why Rain is ignoring her beeping phone "I guess that means he didn't ask you about Thanksgiving than?" she know where Sky and her left it, but doesn't know exactly what came of it, if Besa was asked and Rain doesn't know guess someone is keeping a secret, though to what end, hardly seems worth the energy to shield that from her. "Do you know the name if this demon?"

Besa's head tilts, "You should answer your brother. I do not wish him to be more mad because you ignored him to speak to me." And then she's asking about another Holiday…"No? What about it?" Did he break some taboo he doesn't know of? That frown tugs at his mouth again, "I feel like I did at some point…" Hence needing to meditate. "If I cannot find answers, I will go to the priests and demand them." Which is what Sky doesn't want, but it's the only other lead he has on it.

"I did, no worries." she doesn't need a phone for that one "He's being a grumpy face." no surprise there! "/He/ was supposed to ask if you wanted to come to our house for Thanksgiving break." a bit of a sigh "Considering the situation I will understand if you don't want to. Plus they can be hard to take. They are my family, and even I can find them overwhealming." if she could, she'd probably skip it herself. "That's one way to get answers, but maybe try that other thing first." she isn't as dead set against it as Sky is, but she'd rather leave that as a last resort.

The handle is still being formed, but Besa slows, looking up at Rain, "Is that not a sacred time?" With the sacrificial turkey and prayers? "It is why I am here, to try to clear my head so I can meditate."

Rain almost laughs at the question, but thankfully realizes he is being serious before she does so. "Not like religious kind of sacred no. It's more a traditional kind of thing. Family and close friends getting together to eat until they are about to explode and then tell everyone what they are thankful for. You are welcome to come home with us." there is a beat "You don't have to answer right away, just think about it." she facepalms "And here I am bothering you with things that aren't helping." she gets to her feet "I'll see you at dinner." she then heads out, letting him work in peace.

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