(2016-10-09) Freak Outs
Freak Outs
Summary: Sorrel gives Rain two reasons to freak out
Date: 2016.10.09
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The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.

After the phone call with me mother this afternoon Rain sorta disappeared for awhile. She showed up for meals, but that's about it. She hasn't been hiding, she has just been busy doing other things. Like now for instance she is working on her part of the group English project she is doing with her brother and Besa. She is doing so at a table toward the back near the shelves, reading a bit, writing a bit, the example of an overachieving student who is looking to get into AP classes next school year.

Normally the library would be an odd place to catch Sorrel. However, she was on a mission. Trying to read up some in the technology books available to try and get a handle on her new pet friend. Cthulhu was his name! The Metis wears tattered jeans and a graphic tshirt as usual, walmart knock off converse on her feet and a well worn hooded sweater to top off the look. Her wild locks are left hanging free against her back and shoulders, hanging in her face at some places too. Eventually her searching brings her towards the back area of the library where she spots Rain. "Hey…" she says, walking over to the girl's table, a few books of her own held in her arms.

Rain doesn't look much different than she did earlier. Same designer fashion clothes, not a hair out of place and her makeup light natural. The only difference now is that her brow is knitted as she does her work. It almost like she is brewing a headache…which could be the case. Who knows. At the easy greeting from Sorrel she glances up "Oh, hi there." she keeps her voice low so as not to get frowned at by the librarian. "How did the game of catch go?"

"It went good. That other girl had to bail after you left, but Link and I got to play some before catching dinner. He seems nice enough" Sorrel nods and comes over to stand by the table so as not to talk louder than necessary. The usually relaxed girl seemed a bit on edge about something. However, not one to beat around the bush, she looks to Rain "Can I sit down? I actually have something I need to talk to you about…about the other night. Something I found out."

Rain nods, "She was a strange one." she says of Lynzee "It's like she was five or something." At the request the chair across from her is pushed out with a foot "Sure. What's up?" she sets her pen down and pushes her work aside "The other night? You mean Sunday morning? The attack?" since that was the only other time besides today Sorrel and her had been together she has to assume that is what she means. Rain shifts uncomfortably in her seat. "This is good news is it?"

Sorrel shakes her head "Right. Sorry. Days jumbling together…I've been doing research." The girl looked a bit tired, but nothing too bad. She takes a seat as it's pushed out, setting her books down on the other side of her and turning to face Rain "Well I guess that depends. I mean it's information…which could be good…but the information itself is actually kind of disturbing? Originally I was just trying to get information in general and…" She pauses, shaking her head again to send her curls dancing about "Let me just show you something instead. Don't worry, he's on our side now…so don't freak okay?"

As if using that as a command, a little kraken bot comes scurrying out from Sorrel's hoodie pocket and along her arm. Finally coming to rest in the girl's hand, Sorrel holds it out for Rain to see but still back enough in case she tried to swat it. "I named him Cthulhu. I hacked him and he's not part of…whatever hive the others are in anymore. I was able to find files…pictures on him. Rain…there were a lot of pictures of you." She watches the girl, trying to gauge her reaction. "Somebody is spying on you…and it's a serious level of creeper."

Asking her not to freak out is a guarantee that it will happen. Which it does, to a certain degree. As soon as the little creature comes scurrying out Rain is on her feet, the chair toppling over and her quickly backing up, tripping over it and ending up sprawling on the floor. She doesn't get all the intro that Sorrel went though, just that last part, the spying and serious level creepier.

Okay, to be fair, Sorrel was expecting SOME level of freak out. Just not…chairs flying, ass planting level. "Whoa whoa!" She stands up quickly and rushes over to the girl, the bot scurrying back down and into her pocket. Standing over her she offers a hand, the other moving to push some stray curls out of her own face. "Sorry…guess I should have given a better lead in."

Rain's wide eyed, somewhat terrified stare is on the pocket that the eightlegged /thing/ disappeared into and not the hand of Sorrel offering to give her a hand up.

Is later in the afternoon, sometime between lunch and dinner. There is quite a commotion going on in the library, the screeching of chair legs across the floor then in clattering on the floor as it tips over and then the tripping over it as Rain backpedals away from Sorrel. The Athenian girl is still on the floor so whatever happened just did.

Scrambling backwards away from Sorrel, Rain shakes her head "Keep that thing away from me." she wants nothing to do with it, harmless or not.

A glance goes down to the pocket before back to Rain, Sorrel frowning but nodding. "Okay. Look he's staying in the pocket now okay?" She takes a few steps back to give Rain room to stand back up. She had heard of people being scared of bugs before, but this was a whole other level. The Metis eyes Rain "You know who it is…don't you? The person spying on you…controlling that thing in the water…who is it?"

Wait, what? Jacob /just/ walked in, planning to get in some reading and a change of pace from his dorm room, only to come across… this. Dropping his books on the nearest empty stretch of table, he runs over to offer his hands to Rain to help her back up to her feet so she can make a run for it. "Hey!" He'll mentally process Sorrel's side of things in a moment or two.

There is a shake of her head at the question "If I knew who it was they wouldn't be a problem anymore." she is a Masters, that name has a lot of weight, power and money behind it. If she knew, her family would know and that would be the end of any threat. The shouting pulls her attention from Sorrel only briefly and after a few beats takes the offered hands of Jacob and allows him to help her up, but she isn't running from anyone.

Sorrel is about to say something in response to Rain, but then Jacob comes running over shouting out. She takes a few steps back further now with a high lofted brow, glancing over as the boy's shouting earns a hissing "shhhhh" of judgement from the librarian. The Metis just looks back to Rain, frowning with her answer but looking to Jacob a moment before back to Rain again. "We can talk about this later…if you'd rather." She didn't know the guy. Even if Rain did it didn't mean she wanted her business blabbed in front of him. So she'd cut it short unless the girl gave her go ahead.

As soon as Rain is standing up again, Jacob takes a step forward, as if he's about to throw her into a bearhug and carry her out and not wait for her to run. And then— wait, she's not running. Huh, okay. He turns to face Sorrel, opening his mouth and then closing it again without saying anything else.

Once on her feet Rain brushes herself off then straightens, back stiff, wrapping dignity around her like a shield "Thank you." she tells Jacob, recognizing the protective gesture. She has seen such things from her older brothers a lot. "It's alright. I was just startled that's all." she assuries Jacob, taking a breath, no big deal. "Sorry." she tells Sorrel with sincerity. "You really named it Cthulu?" a wary look is given to the pocket of Sorrel's hoodie.

Sorrel just gives Jacob that same lofted brow look of confusion, not really sure what he's on about…or on. Either way, Rain seems to have gathered her composure again. Or is at least faking it well enough for the Metis to proceed. She looks to her and nods "Yeah. Sorry…I didn't realize he'd freak you out THAT bad. Guess I should have thought my presentation through better…but like I said…I just wanted you to know what I found out." She keeps Cthulhu in her pocket for the moment, not wanting to freak Rain out again and also not trusting the reaction of the other person present if she brings out her little pet again. "I'm going to keep looking and see what more I can find out…I'll keep you updated alright?" Still being sure not to disclose too much intel just in case the girl didn't want it to be public knowledge.

Jacob has had this mindset kicking around in the back of his head for a while now. It's not /just/ Sorrel and her skerry eight-legged pet. Nodding to Rain, he steps back and retrieves his backpack, slinging it over one shoulder like it didn't weigh so much as a feather. Well, he does have the super-strength thing going on.

Rain picks the chair up of the floor and sets right before taking a seat at the table again "History." she gives as an explanation of her reaction. Sunday wasn't her first encounter with either the large or the smaller robot krakens, the first time nearly killed her the last time killed Besa..but at least he got better. Since Jacob just stands there quietly she continues to speak with Sorrel "Please do. Any information you can get will be helpful..hopefully."

"Sure thing…" Sorrel offers, giving a smile to Rain, not going any further on the subject for the time being. Looking between the two of them now she clears her throat "I can uh…give you two some space if you want? I really just wanted to tell you that, Rain. Or…if you don't mind having another study partner" she motions to her own books that are still on the table. "I can hang out. Don't got any plans. So…your guys' calls" she nods to Jacob too.

Jacob is probably reading more into this latest line of commentary than Sorrel intended. He and Rain are ostensibly teammates, after all. "Um," he says, cheeks touched with crimson for a moment or two. "Up to you, I guess…?"

"I don't mind the company." Rain tells both of them, though mostly answering Sorrel since she asked directly. As long as Sorrel's new pet stays out of sight she should be fine. She rearranges her books on the table, a glance going to the door briefly as if watching for someone. Jacob blushing, that's perplexing but she doesn't want to embarrass the teen boy further by asking him about it.

Sorrel grins "Awesome!" A shush from the librarian has the girl grinning and chuckling a bit. Sliding into the seat next to Rain she pulls her books back over. All are on the topic of technology in one manner or another, the Metis opening one and starting to flip through the pages. "It'll probably do me some good to get out of my room anyways…thanks."

Jacob shrugs, setting his backpack down again and snagging a chair that's sort of close but not too much so. Are the others looking to compare notes, or just have some quiet company while they hit the books?

"Yeah. Locking yourself in your room all the time isn't healthy." Rain tells Sorrel as she has a set next to her "Plus people will start to think you are up to something." there is a bit of a chuckle then she looks to Jacob "You are awfully quiet, we might start to thing you are up to something you keep that up."

"Fair point…" Sorrel looks up at Rain and grins a bit, laughing. "What are you studying?" At Rain's comment to Jacob, she looks down the table to him "You can sit closer if you like. I don't bite. Much…and I'm up to date on all my vaccines even if I do!"

Jacob shrugs and scoots his chair closer, wincing as it makes a noise. Okay, better to pick it up and move it over that way instead. "Well, that's good, we wouldn't want a rabid girl running around the school. I'm Jacob, hi."

"I'm working on my part of the group project for English." Rain answers Sorrel "Sky and Besa are supposed to be joining me soon so we can bring it all together." they must be her partners for the assignment. There is a glance between Sorrel and Jacob a bit of confusion on her part "Yeah, the school has had to deal with that once before. It was a nightmare. I'm sure the staff don't want to have to deal with that again." is she serious about that.

Sorrel nods with Rain's explanation, "Sounds cool." With Jacob's introduction she grins "Hi! I'm Sorrel. Local trouble maker and Rain's secret girlfriend. Oops! I guess not anymore…sorry sweetheart." Winking over to Rain she then looks to her phone as it goes off. Earning another shush and glare from the librarian. "Shit…" Reading the text she stands back up, "I need to go." Gathering the books under her arm and then grabbing Rain's pen that rests on the table in front of her notebook. "Here…call or text. Doesn't matter to me. I'll save it and let you know when and where to meet up. Shouldn't be more than a couple of days." With that she jots something down on the notebook. Digits. Nice. And then, the curly haired girl makes her exit.

Jacob doesn't know if there's actually been a rabid student before, but it wouldn't surprise him, what with all the other crazy that comes and goes. Sorrel's words catch him off guard, though. Acting on instinct, he waves as she takes off, then turns back toward Rain. "Is she really—?"

As soon as the words come out of Sorrel's mouth Rain looks mortified. "Wait?! What?!" for a moment she stammers as the other girl calls her sweetheart and writes her number down "No..it's not…" oh my god how embarrasing! She gives an adamant shake of her head to Jacob and she quickly grabs her stuff to flee out the other door, once more knocking the chair over in her haste.

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