(2016-10-09) 'Catch'-ing Up
'Catch'-ing Up
Summary: Link wants to play catch. Some girls turn out to be better at it than others.
Date: 2016-10-09
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

It's late Sunday morning and lunch will probably be starting soon for some folks. But without much else to do and no football to watch on TV yet, Link's found his way back to the gym. He's wheeled over to the 'Equipment Room' and is currently perusing what's available- basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs …. He picks up one of the footballs and spins it around, squeezing it and tossing it up in the air once, smiling. But, being by his lonesome, a football probably isn't the best choice, so he puts it back and rolls down towards the basketballs instead.

It was just in Friday that the freshman Athenian Rain has hobbling around on crutches, with band-aids covering her hands and wrapped around fingertips. How things change in less that 48 hours. She seems all better now, with no sign of previous injury. She has her gym bag slung across her chest as she walks into the gym as if she owned the place, in her hand a fencing foil. The teen girl notices quickly that the gym is occupied, but this is no matter, it's plenty big enough for the both of them "Hello." she greets her team mate pausing to wiggle her perfectly manicured fingers at him on her way to the girl's locker room.

Like the others, Lynzee comes in, but she is twirling around and around and around, arms outspread, laughter bubbling from her. Unaware of the others around her, she doesn't pay them any mind at first, she's too busy getting dizzy. Once she stops turning around, she tilts her head back and closes her eyes which makes her stumble all around until she falls in a heap on the floor in giggles. Opening her eyes, she looks over as she hears the greeting, sprawling on her back, arms outspread. "Hello!" she greets in a bubbly manner.

Link stops and spins his chair partway around so he can look and see who was calling out. He smiles, throwing up a peace sign over his shoulder to Rain as he calls back, "Sup!" And then someone comes spinning into the gym and falls down. Link's eyebrow shoots up and he blinks several times. Then, he just chuckles and upnods, likewise giving Lynzee a, "Sup." He then decides that, since there are more people here, maybe he can pick a football after all and grabs one before rolling out of the equipment room. "Either of y'all wanna play catch?" he asks, grinning.

For as much as Rain appears that she would be a stuck up snob she always seems to prove people wrong. Now is no exception as she gives a grin to Link and is urban inquiry "Not much." she glances down at her previously injured ankle "Now that I am healed up I was going to get some practice in. How's things with you?" The sudden sound of giggling as her attention going to the spinning Lynzee who gets a peculiar look, one that clearly states 'WTH is that weirdo doing?' "Catch?" the question from Link catches her off guard, she looks like she has never played catch in her life, let alone touched a football."

Weirdo is the least of the names Lynzee has been called, but at the question of catch, she sits up and smiles. "I can catch. Or we can play hide and seek." Because that's really fun for someone who can be invisible. Hopping to her feet, she grins as she approaches. "Hi, I'm Lynzee." You know, in case people didn't know. She notices Link in a wheel chair and tilts her head. "How did you get broken?"

Tactful. That's something she's never been accused of.

"Oh, I'm good, shorty. Livin' the dream, you know," Link says with a shrug and a smile as he tosses the football casually between his hands. At the question of 'Catch?' Link chuckles again and nods. "Yeah. You know. Catch? That thing that happens when I throw the ball to you and you keep it from winding up bouncing all over the ground? Don't tell me you ain't never played /catch/ before?" he says with a wink.
And then Lynzee's asking him how he got broken and he turns back to her and blinks for a second, and then just /laughs/, grinning. "What's good whitcha, Lynz? I'm Link. And I got shot. So I ain't really too great at hide and seek- chair makes me pretty obvious and I can't really get into tight spaces so good no more. So how bout catch, tho?"

Pale blonde eyebrows lift upward at Lynzee "And I'm not eight." Rain is 14 going on 30, in most cases, and to her hide and go seek is a baby game. She rocks back on her heels "I'm not short." yes, she has no idea what shorty means outside of being a term for short people. And being average size for a girl her age she isn't short. "I know what catch is." she says with a sigh, she was more suprised that she, of all people, was being asked "Fine, I won't tell you that." she gives a bit of a smirk "I'm sure though that is all the ball would do if it was thrown at me."

Lynzee takes the explanation and walks over, walking halfway around the chair and Link before she nods a touch solemnly. "Can you fly?" Of course that was the next obvious question from her as she comes back to stand near the front of him. "I can play catch. I can throw a football too." The response from Rain brings a smile directed to her, "Oh." A nod as she contemplates the answer, the sarcasm lost on her. "You're not eight and you're not short." Trying to find the meaning in that, she just gives another nod, this one holds an appeasing quality to it.

Link can't help but to snicker at Lynzee's responses to Rain, grinning. "Right. Well … I'm not purple and … I'm not a leprechaun. What about you, Lynz? Since we finding out things we ain't, today," he says, winking at the girl as she circles about him. "And why you being so sour, Rain? Ain't nothing wrong with hide and seek. Even adults play it, they just call it politics." Then he grins again. "Oh, and catch!" he warns, gently tossing the football up in the air in a slow arc in Rain's direction. It shouldn't be TOO difficult to catch- if she even tries. But if she doesn't, he's intentionally thrown it a little to the side so it won't hit her if she doesn't move into its path.
Sorrel has arrived.

Rain blinks at Lynzee…did she really just ask that question. "Sour? I'm not sour." logical and serious, yes, sour…well perhaps sometimes.

It's Sunday afternoon and Link, Lynzee and Rain have found thier way to the gym. As the trio is talking Link has tossed the football in his hands toward Rain. The fencing foil in her hand drops to the floor with a clatter as she throws her arms up to sheild her face from being hit. It wasn't aimed at her face no, but it is arcing toward her at am alarming rate of speed, in her POV, so she has to protect herself. The football glances off her arm, bouncing away to fall to the floor where it bounces again before rolling a bit and slows to a stop.

"Oh good, cause leprechaun's are green and they're really, really mean. I've seen that movie!" Maybe Lynzee is joking a little in that, because she gives him a grin. Though in response to the question she asked also, it makes much less sense. "But you don't have to be purple to fly, you know." Again, there's a hint of a grin in her features. When the ball is thrown, she watches it arc.. then land on the floor. "You're s'posed to catch it." Walking over, she scoops it up and tosses it towards Link. She hadn't mentioned Sour, so she doesn't comment on the response and instead focuses on the fun.

Link watches, then grimaces as Rain covers up instead of catches. He clicks his tongue and shakes his head. "My bad, shorty. I thought for sure you had that one. Sorry," he apologizes, and even though it might be construed as teasing, he sounds and looks quite earnest. As Lynzee retrieves the ball and throws it back to him, Link catches it easily, spinning it between his hands again. "Well, Rain … would you like to learn, then? Or we could leave you alone if you was only coming here to fence. I ain't really meaning to pick on you that much, I was just trying ta get you to laugh and play with us. Don't be too mad, aight?" he asks with a smile.
But, Lynzee's asked him a question twice and he hasn't answered it yet, so he gets right to that. "And nah, I can't fly. Well … not … not exactly, really. I can probably levitate and stuff. But … it ain't /really/ flying. And I ain't really tried it out that much, yet, so I'll probly wait til I'm working with the instructors 'for I really try to get that worked out. Do /you/ fly?" he asks her, throwing the ball back to her.

The door to the girl's locker room opens and Sorrel walks out, wearing gym shorts and an oversized graphic tshirt along with tennis shoes. Her normally out of control curly hair has been tamed, for the most part, in a messy bun atop her head. Glancing to those gathered she offers a nod in greeting before pulling one foot up behind her back to stretch out…followed by the other after that. As her gaze lands on Rain she gives the girl a small smile and wave. Not really sure how to follow up form the last time they had seen each other. A lot had happened, but apparently a lot had not been as it seemed either? This school was so weird.

Easy for Lynzee to say "I had my hands full." well that's only partially true, she did have the foil, but her other hand was free, though you can't catch a football with one hand, or she can't at least. "It's fine Link." she assures him, she isn't mad or anything at having the ball thrown at her. "Let me put my things to the side and I'll join you two." she bends over to pick up her dropped practice sword and goes to put it and her gym back near the wall "Oh, hi there." she greets Sorrel with a wiggle of perfectly manicured fingers, no more band-aids on them and a polite smile.

When he catches the ball, Lynzee nods, impressed, though as he answers the question as to flying, it confuses her a tiny bit. "You can't fly or you can?" She grins and approaches, a little too close to properly play catch but not enough to invade his personal space. "I can fly. It's really fun but kinda weird. I fly to the clubhouse all the time." She gives Rain another look, then down to the sword, opens her mouth, closes her mouth and nods. "You can play too." Then Sorrel approaches and she gets a wave. "We're playing football catch. Want to play?"

Link tilts his head from one side to the other as he debates how to answer Lynzee's question. "I'm gonna go with 'can't.' Yet. Maybe someday, just not today," he answers. To Rain's statement that she had her hands full, Link just smirks and nods. He's not gonna argue … even though her hands were empty once she dropped the sword …. And then another girl is coming out of the locker room. Isn't he a lucky guy? But he hasn't met her yet, so he just gives her an upnod. Lynzee already invited her to play catch, so he spins the football on a finger, sort of like a basketball, as he holds it up. "We can teach ya, if you don't know how," he adds.

As Rain is setting her stuff down the familiar sound of cell phone ringing comes from her gym bag. Digging through it she pulls it out taking a glance at the ID befre answering it "Hi mom." she greets the person on the other end "Count me out." she tells the others as she grabs her stuff again to head into the locker room where she can talk in private.

Rain has left.

Well, at least Rain looked to be on the mend. That was good. As for Besa…yeah she still had no idea how to wrap her head around that one. Because wow. At least he was okay. That was the thing to focus on. As Rain makes her exit she offers another wave before looking to the others and coming to stand where they are gathered. Link just gets a smirk from the Metis, "Well based on her description" she nods over to Lynzee "I'm assuming the idea is to catch the football. How about we start it up and I'll let you know if I get in over my head?" she says with a dry tone, but the smirk still present.

Rain's sudden exit causes the guy in the wheelchair to shrug a little. "So much for coaching …," he muses, smiling. Then, he turns his attention over to Sorrel. "Sho thing," Link says, grinning. He tosses the football in her direction, a gentle throw, before he introduces himself. "My name's Link. Pleasure to meet ya." He then nods his head to the side, looking at Lynzee. "Bigger triangle is usually best bet for three way catch, shorty," he says, winking.

Lynzee doesn't have a cell phone so there's no patting herself down as she hears the ring. She does take several lengthy steps back so she can have a good range in which to try and throw or catch, depending on who had the ball. At the mention of the triangle, she edges to a more pointy position and grins. "Ready when you are!" she calls out as if he's uber far away from her.
… aaaand then Lynzee gets distracted by something and the ball goes bouncing away. Link rolls his eyes and laughs, pushing over to the ball and picking it up off the ground. "Well, guess that means it's just you and me. Sorrel, huh? Ain't never heard that kinda name before. Where you from?" he asks, throwing the ball back in her direction. And this time, the ball /is/ a spiral- though the throw is still a gentle arc.

A small shrug is given "It's just a name…and Atlanta" she answers, catching the throw as it is made and holding onto the ball a moment. "I'd say I've heard your name before…but you probably get enough Zelda jokes eh?" Sorrel grins, adjusting her grip on the ball before sending it back to him with a lazy throw. There was no form or experience to it, aside from possibly experience playing leisurely before. "How about you?"

Link smirks at the video game reference. "Not as much, really. I'm from Chicago. Most of us, only games we play is like Madden or 2k. Really ain't on that nintendo stuff. Now, Lincoln, on the other hand, gets all KINDS of references in the hood. 'You go'n navigate this,' or 'you ain't town, you must be country.' So Link gets by better," he explains as he catches the ball again. "How long you been at the school?" he asks, spinning the ball to get it oriented properly and tossing it back to the girl.

Sorrel laughs "Fair enough…" With his follow up question she sighs, shaking her head "Long enough…we'll say that." Catching the ball again she adjusts her grip on it to get a better handle. "How about you?" she again puts the question back on him. Trying to do a bit of a 'fancier' move…because that could only end well…she attempts to spin the ball as she tosses it at him. This results in a ball that looks more like it should be pulled over for a DUI than having any place on a football field.

"Whoa-," Link exclaims as he reaches out to the side and manages to snag the errant ball. It's a one-handed grab, but he does trap it against his wheel for the assist. Still, it would have counted. "I just got here a little before school started. Got shot at a party they was throwing before we all went back. Came here straight outta the rehab hospital." He spins the ball again and then tosses it back. "You like it here?"

Sorrel can't help but put a hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh of embarrassment at her toss "Oh shit. That's what I get for trying to show off though I guess! Sorry!" When he explains his circumstances for arriving though the laughter is cut short and she frowns "Damn…that's awful. I'm sorry…" Sure it's the typical thing to say, but what else can you really say? "Honestly?…" because when is Sorrel anything but honest. "Not really," another smirk as she gets ready and catches the ball. "It's not bad though. Better than what I came from so I guess I should be grateful for the opportunity I've been given…" Or at least that's what they tell her. The statement is even given like it's quoted from a line she's heard time and time again.

Link frowns at her response, an eyebrow quirking up. "So what parts don't you like? I mean, other than the fact that we live at school, so you can't really get away with ish and your teachers know all about your home life so you can't lie 'bout it. Ain't no dogs eatin' homework around here, and they already know if your uncle passed away," he smirks.

"It's just…different" she shrugs, looking to the ball "honestly though I wouldn't worry about it. I think I'm the only person here that isn't total school spirit mode so I wouldn't put too much stock into what I say." With that Sorrel tosses the ball back to him, keeping it simple this time. "Besides…I'm biased. My only two options were either here or Juvie. I just chose the nicer of two cells…"

Link hmphs as he catches the ball. "Yeah, see, that's what my pops always told me about staying outta the gangs and stuff. 'We all have options, son. But if you choose to break the law, you choosing to limit yourself.' I ain't never really understood what he meant, til one of my homeboy's got locked up. Best damn wide receiver we had, too. Made it real clear, right then, what my pops was saying," he explains as he catches the ball. "Me? I had my eyes set on the NFL since I was bout fo' years old. E'rything I did was for that. Just kinda sucks that it ain't an option no more. But, I still got choices, so. Just keep trying ta pick the right ones." And the ball is tossed again.

Sorrel doesn't show an outward reaction, but inwardly her stomach clenches. That same schpeal. Every damn time. She shrugs "Unfortunately it's not always that easy. Sure we all have options…but sometimes those options aren't that great to start out with anyways. So how do they expect us to end up anywhere other than…well…" she gestures around them. Here. Just a nicer cell, but still a cell. "Even for you. Sounds like you had a good support system at home. Good options and made the right choices and it still didn't go as planned. It wasn't even something you could control. How is that fair?" She frowns "Sometimes life just sucks and we're along for the sick ride…" It felt that way anyways. She makes the catch yet again.

Link smirks at Sorrel's response. Has he heard it before? "Life's fair, shorty. Doesn't matter who you are, it'll kill you eventually. Only thing that's different between us is when and how we go," he says, the smirk growing into a smile. "And you right, wasn't my choice to get shot. But, I chose to go to the party. I chose to be dancing with homeboy's girl. And I chose to stop him from putting hands on her, and laid his punk ass out. And I coulda ducked out the way when he pulled the gun, but I tried ta protect shorty again. That was my choice," he says, without a hint of bitterness. In fact, he could almost sound proud about it. "Now, I dunno what choices /you/ made that got you here. And I ain't fitting ta judge you bout it, no ways. But, you made your choices and got you where you was. Then some other folks made choices. I mean, maybe dude that caught you ain't had to choose to arrest you. Maybe judge coulda chose not to give you options and just locked you up. Thems ain't your choices. Way I always been taught, you can sit there and be mad bout what someone else decide, or you can get on about trying to choose something better. I just don't like sitting around, so I always been on to the next one."

There's a lot she could say to that. Still…she knew he was right, but it didn't make it something she wanted to accept. At least not right now. Hell they were teenagers. Being stubborn and in denial was part of their job right? Either way, Sorrel just looks to Link "I bet your dad is proud of you." The statement is said genuinely, no sarcasm or humor behind it. She meant it. "You seem like a decent guy. I definitely don't know anybody back home, teenager or adult, that'd do what you did for that girl…" Maybe that was some indication of her own story. She grips the football a moment before sending it back to him. "So…speaking of choices. What choice do you think I should make for dinner? Cafateria…or out on the town?" she smirks.

"Well, I got my moments," Link says, grinning in response to the comment about his dad being proud. He catches the football and then looks at the clock on the wall of the gym. "Shoot, you right. Food time. I ain't thrown a football in so long, I's bout to forget e'rything," he says with a laugh. "But, I'm all about them free lunches, so I'ma hit up the cafeteria. You more than welcome to join me."

Sorrel grins "Free food plus teenagers with metabolism increasing powers…what's the worst that could happen!?" She nods and walks towards the locker room "I'm gonna go grab my stuff and change then I'll catch up with you in the hall!"

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