(2016-10-08) Home Visit
Home Visit
Summary: A small glimpse into Tabitha's home life. Scene was a bit rushed due to extreme late hour.
Date: 2016-10-08
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Bar Harbor, Maine is one of those colonial fishing towns like so many others. The two big differences being that when other fishing towns started foundering it just adjusted and moved on strong. The other is the orphans. Bar Harbor has the most orphans per capita than any other town in Maine, and all of them are concentrated in one place. Because who wouldn't want to have all of their chaos concentrated in three acres of insanity wrapped in a sea of toys never put away?

After a full morning of introductions, getting crushed under a wave of all her little 'siblings', and a round of tests to figure out if her orphan sister/best friend ever has brain powers, Tabitha is now sitting on one of a series of old but solid wood platforms linked together in a copse of willow trees that saw the first American colonists arrive. She's got a couple sandwiches and some sodas and is enjoying a few moments of quiet before the next round of glorious insanity. Since she's home and doesn't want to scare the kids, she's got a mild illusion on that hides her glyphs and makes her eyes look like normal intense blue human peepers. She's also stayed barefoot since landing in the yard with her friends from school.

The horror. The horror. The pie never stood a chance. Still, there's one benefit for not needing sleep. Infinite shoulder-rides until bedtime occurs. Rare questions from especially little ones are fielded with aplomb because… really, they're just kids. As it is, it becomes clear… even if there ARE a lot of little sibs, the girl absolutely adores them. Perhaps even with a bittersweetness born of her own rather large family and their distance. One might even catch her stealing a few wry moments to text via phone. Presumably, from the stricken look, one of her less communicative siblings is on the other end.

Still, Rissa's in mostly good spirits when all is said and done. In time, because she's not quite a social butterfly unless she's dressed for clubbing, the girl will go hunting Tabitha. And once she's sure she sees Tabitha in the tree? She looks around to see if anyone's watching before she kicks off her own shoes,"Coming up." She barely even bends her knees as she exerts herself. The air around her briefly seems to grow hazy as she hops into the air towards the platform. She twists, her joints bending in a way that… really they shouldn't for a normal human as she plants a hand on a branch when she overshoots, twists again, and lands butt-first on said platform with nary a thump. "Hanging in there? You got a little used to having more peace at the school, huh?" She is frequently loathe to show off her powers, but she's inexorably approaching a point where her body won't pass for human easily, anymore. So why not?

Tabitha smiles over at Rissa as she lands ass first, but shakes her head. "Nope. This is perfect to me. Honestly the school can seem way too quiet at times. This," she makes a gestures to the series of platforms and rope bridges and the like linking the giant willow trees and then the sandwiches and sodas by her side, "is one of the traditions here. While the horde is having lunch down in the third wing, some of us older kids will find a spot to plant ourselves away from the crowd so that…"

She stops and smiles softly, nodding towards the ground. From around the corner of the nearest wing of the orphanage there is movement as a girl of maybe seven or eight years is walking towards the trees. She's one of the newer arrivals and when she seems uncertain on how to get up into the trees, Tabitha hooks her legs into the platform's railing and hangs upside down where she can be spotted. "Hey there. Want a lift up?"

When the girl nods, Tabitha slides so that just her feet are holding her attached to the railing and grabs the girl's upstretched arms. Then with a bit of swinging and a, "One… two… three!" She effortlessly swings the girl up and over onto the platform she and Rissa are on. The girl seems nervouos when she spots someone else up here, but Tabitha just pats her shoulder. "It's alright. You remember, this is my friend from school?" When the girl nods tentatively Tabitha continues. "So was it Emelia that told you that I'd be here?" The girl shakes her head and eventually finds her voice. "It was Aaron."

Rissa smiles at Tabitha as well, a sort of oddly relaxed expression,"I get that. Seven kids in my house. It's not quite this large, but the noise we made… You know, I could barely sleep at first when I got to the school. I kind of like it, though. You do get to miss… people." The girl looks when directed though, eyes squinting,"Which one is that? You know, I used to wear glasses." Unnecessary trivia. But she looks at the small child approaching, and also watches as Tabitha helps her board the platform. It draws another, warmer, and slightly nostalgic expression.

With her grey flesh, lack of breathing or pulse unless she makes the effort, and gold-thread 'scars', Rissa has gotten used to such looks from children. Thankfully, she suspects this is less due to her appearance than it is the fact that she's a stranger. Maybe strangers are a dubious thing to some of these children? She's not sure, but she offers a gentle smile to the girl nonetheless. She's certainly a lot less timid around kids,"Karissa. Hey. Did you want some time alone with Tabitha? I can go play on one of the other trees."

She doesn't seem all that worried about the prospect of playing on the tree-setup. It's actually pretty awesome, and the five-year old inside of her is probably jumping with joy. "Your… caretaker really does put his everything into making a good place, doesn't he? Nathaniel is a good guy. Thanks, by the way, for sharing all this with me."

Tabitha reaches over and puts her hand on Rissa's when a small headshake when she asks about leaving. The little girl doesn't seem to be nervous about Rissa being there, just nervous in general. She doesn't say anything else for some time, but while she's quiet Tabitha is chatting softly. Offering her one of the sandwiches and drinks, (Which do you like? PB&J, baloney, chicken salad? … Soda or juice?) asking what she thinks of the house, and other normal questions meant to draw the girl out of her shell a bit. She nods at Rissa's comments about Nathaniel, "Yeah, he is a good one. I was lucky to land here. And you're welcome. I'm glad you wanted to come with this weekend."

Eventually, after a sandwich, the girl responds to one of Tabitha's questions about her name and says it's Anna. Anna Marie. Also that she hates snowmen so don't ask her about them. Tabitha giggles at that but promises she won't mention snowmen. Eventually Anna Marie decides she wants to go back and play with the other kids and Tabitha swings her back down to the ground the same way she got her up. When she's back up on the platform she shifts so she can lean against Rissa and watch the girl head back inside with less fear than when she came out. "This I have missed."

Rissa watches the conversation quietly, a smile on her face at the gentle encouragement of the girl. She lets the hand keep her there, of course, because really? It's always more interesting to NOT go. No snowmen are mentioned by Rissa either. She merely crosses her heart to show that she promises. She's cool like that.

Still, it's a particularly struck expression that finds its way onto Rissa's face alright. Rissa slips an arm around Tabitha's waist when the girl leans against her in a sort of tentative manner. The girl really isn't used to casual physical contact until recently, but then… Tabitha's gone a long way to make it un-threatening to her, alright.

At any rate, her focus is on what Tabitha has DONE with this little girl. That struck expression? "You're really good at it. Nurturing people. Sometime in the future… You're going to have a family of your own. You have big plans. So maybe not for twenty or thirty years, but you'll have one, I bet. And you'll be an awesome mom, or caretaker, or whatever. You always do that. Try to make people feel safe. Comfortable. You're the closest thing to a maternal figure a lot of the young 'uns have ever had, aren't you?" One of those rare times her twang slips into her speech. One can't be guarded all the time.

"If you ever learn how to juggle, we're all in trouble." A joke, at least.

Tabitha shrugs at the comment about how she worked with little Anna, "It's not just me. A lot of us older kids try to learn how to do what Nathaniel does. Lunch time gives us a chance to park our butts in one spot so the new littles can find us if they want." She nods down and towards the ocean. "Micah's down on the beach right now. Looks like he got those twins that arrived a couple weeks ago." And indeed there are the two younger and one older boy about Tabitha's age swordfighting with driftwood.

The part about having a family of her own in the future causes her to go quiet. Eventually she shakes her head. "If I do, it'll have to be something like this. I can't have kids of my own, not the usual way at least." She shrugs against Rissa's side. "I wouldn't mind staying here, though… after graduation, y'know? Sign on as staff and just keep living here between whatever the band decides to do." She grins at the juggling crack, "I've never tried to juggle. But I'm death incarnate at Whack-a-Mole." She shivers against a blast of ocean wind, pulling her arms into the sleeves of the Batman hoodie she's still borrowing from Rissa. "Or maybe I'll move to Florida."

The girl makes soft sssh'ing sounds at the mention of Florida. "That's a dark and evil place and we shall not speak of it. The summer before I left home, there was ninety-three percent humidity and over a hundred degrees. And that was with it raining torrents every four or five days. The entire state of Florida is like that. You are not a fish, ma'am. Still, I didn't think temperature really got to you. C'mere." Yep. Cue tall protective girl trying to wrap up Tabitha in both arms, keep her warm. She likes to feel useful. "That's still a family, and that's still you being maternal. Your family is your family, whatever the names or titles you call it. I have to believe it. I'm in the same boat as you, or will be after a few more months on E."

She shrugs though,"Your band… it'd go a long way to building something like this. You're huge, and you'll be even bigger with time." Rissa hasn't asked for the return of the hoodie. She'd probably say something corny like 'it looks fine where it is'. She looks out to where the kids play. "Just promise me one thing… Remind me to never. Ever. Bring pies here again. Next time… something that needs a little more chewing. You weren't kidding about them not lasting." Quiet ensues. Images of pecans and gleaming teeth will haunt her dreams for eternity.

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