(2016-10-07) Coral Springs Bingo
Coral Springs Bingo
Summary: Various students chat at lunch. It gets chaotic as they discuss events past, present, and future.
Date: 2016-10-07
Related: There's a few callbacks in this one.
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Scene Runner: NA

The school's cafeteria is never empty, however that doesn't mean that the place is completely crowded. As Diego can be found at an otherwise empty table. With the boy eating and humming a bit to himself. Around the cafeteria the sound of chatter can be heard, with it being as active as usual. Most people seeming relatively bored though, which might be why they are here to begin with.

She doesn't really need to eat, exactly. But Rissa has an even better reason to show up for the lunch room! She knows people now, and she's even begun to load up a tray with deserts. Not like she needs to eat healthy. "I love pastries. So much. Here's to hoping I can't get fat, right?" The girl plops down at a table and bench, legs crossed one over the other. She's in a bizarrely good mood. It just happens to be Diego's table is all.

After getting metaphysically buggered and spending two days in a medbay hotbox to get her aura kickstarted again what is Tabitha's first priority? FOOD! ALL OF THE FOOD! She's in line with Rissa and has four trays juggled in her aura to leave her hands free to grab two big pitchers of lemonade. She slides into the chair next to Rissa, giving Diego a grin as she plops. "Well if you can, you'll just figure out how to use fat cells to boost your immune system or something like that. Anyone want in on a glass of lemonade? Speak up now before I turn it into cyanide poisony goodness for my belly!" Yeah, she's jazzed to be out of medbay.

Sierra has ventured out of her room to see what the world is up to…and get food! When her stomach growling was louder than the music in her headphones then it was time to eat. She balances a number of plates on her tray, though she's not sure what most of them are, and then wanders around a little to look for somewhere to sit. Tabitha she knows so she gets the 'pleasure' of the Latina's company. "Hey, Tabby" she smiles before giving a shy nod to the others at the table. "Cyanide? Umm…should I just burn you again? Would that be easier?"

Diego grins as he looks to those that has joined his table. "Sounds like a good time." He suggests and grins. Tilting his head at Tab's suggestion. "Not sure if that's harmful for me or not. I've never tried it." He admits with a small grin. "Now you've made me curious about Cyanide." He offers before looking to the others. Having been too busy, as of late, to actually hang out with people. Moving to make sure that they all get some room to sit.

Rissa helps settle the trays (as if Tabitha actually needed help with her defacto aura-arms. "Actually, could I? Someone reminded me recently that just because I didn't need to eat, doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy it." Rissa gives a little bit of a grin as she holds out a cup meaningfully. Lemonade please! "That's a pretty awesome idea. When the weekend's over, mind if I try some of that stuff?" She's a little obsessive about pushing and testing her resistances. "Maybe I could turn my fat cells into chemical storage…" She's lost in thought now. Not even eating her deserts.

Tabitha's smile widens when who should wind up on her other side but Sierra! She shakes her head, "Your fires are a joy to be engulfed in, but I've been stuck in a burning hot room for two days. My energy levels are good, it's my biology that needs some love, now." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out two vials of her drink additive and gives them a shake to make sure the various ingredients are well blended. "Hence the blackdrink. Essential minerals and compounds to keep my designer genes tickin'." She nods and fills up Rissa's glass when it's held up, feeling jaunty enough to pour it through a tube of her aura like a crazy straw. "Sounds like an idea. Can never have too many things you're resistant to." Diego gets a grin, "Dunno if it'd harm you, Barkface. Be something to look into."

Diego, Rissa, Tabitha and Sierra are enjoying lunch at one of the tables - though Tabitha seems to want to make it a poison based meal. The Latina nodding to Tabitha's explanation about not needing to be burned to a crisp right at this moment. "I do not think I will try the drink" she smiles sweetly and apologetically before eyeing off her food. "Though I think it will tastier than this." No one uses enough spice here! "I am Sierra" she adds for those who don't know her…which is most people.

Diego grins at Tabby, "I could probably copy your body's resistants." He suggests. "If so, it should be okay." Seeming quite curious now. "Diego." He introduces himself. Even if he probably recognizes all of them, or at the very least most of them. IT's always good to get a reminder about names and such.

With lunch in full swing and the cafeteria fairly busy, it takes Kaylee several seconds to find her bearings once she's made it through the line. Her head swivels back and forth several time as she glowers, unable to find someplace she 'ought' to sit. She furrows her brow for a second, then shakes her head and closes her eyes. After a few moments of scanning, she grins and opens her eyes, bouncing a little as she skips over towards Tabitha's table. "Hey, guys! Can I come sit with you?" she asks the table in general, flopping one hand back and forth rapidly in her usual animated greeting.

"Your biology needs some love." Rissa deadpans this, then leans over to gently nudge the girl's side with an elbow,"I'ma let this one go. This time. Because your lemonade pouring skills are AMAZING. You know how into that I am." All joking aside, she watches the lemonade funnel with plenty of wonder for the whole of it. Rissa drinks a mouthful of lemonade, then looks over to Sierra,"Rissa. Nice to meet you. You do heat? We should work together sometime. If you've got a strong stomach, I mean. Don't want to put you out." Whatever that means. "So Diego, how's the forest?" A nod is sent to Kaylee, though, pointing to a free chair,"Come on. There's plenty of space, happy lady."

Tabitha pauses as she starts to add her blackdrink mix into one of her two lemonade pitchers and giving it a stir. She leaves the other one as-in in case Rissa wants more. She gives Rissa a raised eyebrow and one of /those/ looks at her comment and responds in a not quite whisper, "We'll get to that later." Is that a blush? Maybe it's just the sunlight. Sierra gets a nod and a shrug, "They do their best in the kitchen, but it's not home cookin'." Kaylee gets a smile and a wave while Tabitha's mouth is full, then when it's not she nods to Diego, "Right. Like when you and Moritz cured that magic plague thing last spring." She smiles as Rissa and Sierra become introduced, "Sierra is all about the hotness." Is that a weighted tone? Maybe it's just the sunlight. Does that even make sense?

"Hey, Kaylee. Nice to see you again" Sierra greets the excitable blonde before adding her gesture for the girl to sit with them. She has her own blush going when Tabitha mentions hotness so she better explain! "Ummm…I have an Aztec fire god in my body." That should make things clear. A curious glance between Rissa and Tabitha before Sierra shrugs it away. "I am in Ares" she notes because she's probably meant to. "But I am a good girl…mostly…sometimes…" She decides that eating will help keep her mouth shut and she starts shovelling it in.

Diego grins at Rissa, "I suppose it's all quite well. The forest is still standing after all." He offers in return. Before looking to Tabitha. "Right, something like that." Perhaps not having realized that people actually talked about who were behind all that.

Sliding into the empty seat, Kaylee sets her tray on the table. Coming in to the middle of the conversation, she blinks and tries to follow along where it was going, but finds it too elusive. So, she just starts making sure her food is in order before she can start to eat it. Which might surprise some people, since Kaylee usually is the first to say something and the last to stop! But, she's smiling and everything, so she's not out of sorts or anything …. Just quiet!

If Tabitha isn't going to blush, Rissa certainly is! Right there for everyone to see! "Tabitha…." It's a plaintive tone as Tabitha's whispering sets off her shyness reaction, followed by a simple, dumb nod to the girl. Time to hide behind her lemonade glass. Yep. Noone look at her face. In time, she recovers her boldness. "Aztec fire god? Holy crap. I just get punched in the face a lot. Prometheus. Obvs. And I believe you, Sierra. If you say you're a good girl, then you're a good girl. Wait… Curing PLAGUES?" She looks to Kaylee,"Are you following any of this? I think I missed a story somewhere."

Well Tabitha was one of the folks that got cured by the duo, so there's that. She nods to Rissa, "Yep. Some kind of borked up mystic thing. Made people's powers go haywire. Might've been due to flying monkey demons." Yes, the Coral Springs bingo card has some fun squares to fill in, and can be as hard to follow as a telenovela started in the middle. Seeing Sierra's blush causes hers to stick around so she just gives her a quick smile and a half-shrug before looking over at Rissa and blushing a bit more. Rissa hides behind her lemonade glass, Tabitha prefers to put a burger in front of her face. The good girl talk gets her mood back again, though and she just smirks. "She's mostly a good girl. Usually. Except when she's…" And she just leaves that part hanging under her upraised eyebrow. Then she goes back to her food for a few beats before asking, "So what are weekend plans for folks?"

Sierra doesn't know about flying monkey demons or plagues so that has her attention for a moment - between mouthfuls of bland food. Everyone is using food and drink as camoflauge these days. A frown and a playful elbow nudge of Tabitha about the good girl smirk. "I think I will be spending the weekend hiding in my room after this conversation" she notes, "Though hopefully Mabel will finish her tests before then. They keep pouring her into test tubes to see how she works. It must not be very nice for her. How is your girlfriend, Kaylee?" A curious look at Rissa. "You keep getting punched in the face? Maybe you should learn how to protect yourself?"

Kaylee blinks when Rissa asks her about the events, shaking her head. "I don't know, I wasn't involved. Really, the only thing I've even sort of kinda got involved in was trying to rescue Lynzee from an alternate dimension. And I was about as helpful as a flashlight with no batteries on that one, so …," she trails off. And she doesn't even GLANCE at Tabitha, bygones officially being bygones by now. Then Sierra is reminding her of someone and she grins again. "Oh, Mabel! I haven't hung out with her in so long! Is she doing okay? Is she getting used to school? I hope they're not keeping her from making more friends," Kaylee chirps at the mention of the other girl. And then she's asked about Violet and she grins, her eyes lighting up (literally) with excitement. "Her birthday is this month! I've been trying and trying to plan something, but she's SOOOO against having anything big happen. 'It's just a birthday, Kaylee. They happen every year,' she says. But not EVERY DAY!" Yes, Kaylee is whining. "But even if she won't let me throw a party, I'm STILL going to totally absolutely FILL our room with balloons and decorations and make it so she can't even move around without bumping into SOMETHING to remind her," she says with a nod of utter finality. She punctuates the gesture with a forkful of salad.

"Oh god. Dare I ask what it did to you? I hope noone died." Rissa seems worried about that. "I'm hoping to be immune to disease by the end of the year, but… Gotta start slow. Pick up the flue. Work my way up…" She looks… a little distracted for some reason. Under the table, she pats Tabitha's leg and decides to shovel dessert into her mouth for a while. Less chance of her filling it with her foot instead. "Mabel… Have I met Mabel? I don't think I have." Pause. "My power is adaptive. I… get hurt. Then I get better. Than I get stronger and tougher against the thing that hurt me. So… Power training for me is kind of, like, a severe beating." she turns her gaze on Kaylee then, and just lets the info-dump rush over her. Finally, she offers Kaylee weakly,"I'll help you blow up the balloons. Oh, hey! I got a roommate finally. Lynzee!"

Tabitha shrugs, "It didn't do too much to me, really. Diego and Moritz figured out a way to get it out of people before I hit the late stages. So all that really happened to me was that I basically got a bad flu for the first time in my life." She takes a few sips of her soup by drinking from the bowl (spoons just take extra time), then some of her blackdrink lemonade. "I didn't like it." She screws up her face when Sierra talks about Mabel getting put through more testing. "They have got to get their grubby mits off that poor girl! I should see if I can't get in touch with Alexandra again so she can shut them down like she did before the two of them came here."

Sierra's comment about her weekend gets a smirk and an eyeroll. "Gabby, Rissa, and I are heading up the coast to visit my family at the orphanage. There's a chance my orphanage sister, Katrina from tthe band, might end up a student here. We're gonna help Nathaniel run her through some tests, then I'm gonna show them my hometown." She takes a bite of whatever it was that she grabbed (she doesn't pay much attention anymore). "There's still a couple spare guest rooms in the big house."

"Mabel will be fine" Sierra smiles hopefully, "Or some people will be in a lot of trouble. The birthday sounds like it could be a lot of fun. If Violet does not want to take part then she does not have to. Does not mean you are not allowed to celebrate." She studies Rissa for a moment. "So you get beaten up to get better?" A shake of her head. "That does not sound like a lot of fun."

The group are sitting at the one table scoffing down food and drink - or using it to hide blushes. "You have a family but you are in an orphanage?" Sierra asks, confused once more by the English language. "Is the big house the orphanage? I hope you have fun" she smiles to Tabitha, "I think it would be nice to get out of here for a couple of days but Mexico is too far to go home. And when they put that wall up…" A frown from the Latina.

Diego has been quiet for some time before nodding. "Yeah, we managed to counter the stuff. Moritz did his thing to allow me to try and find a way to help things out. So together we were able to manage things and make it docile and then make it stop permanently." He explains to anyone that is listening.

Kaylee swallows suddenly when Sierra mentions the wall. Then she almost chokes! But, after covering her mouth with her hand just-in-case, she does manage to keep the food down, only taking a few moments to regain her composure. "We are NOT building a wall," she says, shaking her head and trying not to chuckle. "But! Gabby could probably take you there, no problem! You'd just have to get her pictures, I think? I'm not sure how her jumping powers work." Kaylee wasn't hiding behind her food! Just eating it, regularly. She smiles at Diego as he explains how they were able to save the day, grinning. "Go Guardians!" she cheers quietly, raising her fist in the air.

Rumors of Jacob's expulsion are apparently exaggerated! He might well be serving detention, but not /right/ this minute, heading over with a plate of his own and nodding to the others. "Mmm, I don't know," he offers to Tabitha, "this place has been getting pretty crazy from time to time. You think she'll consider that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Tabitha nods to Sierra when the travel distance for her to get home is brought up. "Well, like I offered Koa, I can always do a quick flight down there to set up a portal site. Then you could have a no lagtime visit." Then she nods with Kaylee's idea as well, although she does go a bit pale at the mention of Gabrielle's teleport. "That's also an option, even though I'll never take it again." She just nods quietly to Kaylee when the demon tower rescue is mentioned. A lot happened there that's best left there.

To help aleviate Sierra's confusion she does a better job explaining her crazy home life. "I've lived at the orphanage for about eight years. I consider all the kids there, our caretaker Nathaniel, and the rest of the staff my family. What we call the big house is the original house that was built on the property. It's an old three-story tall colonial house. Nathaniel and the oldest kids live there. There are three other wings built into it that have the bunk rooms, playrooms, infirmary, and such in them."

Diego gets a nod and a grateful smile. "And I'm glad you two found the fix when you did. They were talking about airlifting me to a remote site so I wouldn't shut down the school if I went into stage 3. My aura, overcharged by the plague, draining the juice from every system here? Not worth thinking about."

Rissa nods along with the story slowly, then makes a face,"I'm sure you don't like getting sick. You're high octane. The flue is kind of like being on minimum octane. "I'm bringing pecan pies. Disguised. So they'll make it to dinner." She pauses and informs Tabitha,"Careful, don't eat that one. It's a napkin." Teasing… right? Either way, she nods Sierra,"We'd just knock it down if they built a wall anyway, and tell you to come on back. I'm from Texas myself. Most of us don't actually want an ugly-ass wall outside our window." She lives nowhere near the border, but still.

"My power isn't much fun, but… it's mine. And I'm determined to make the most of it." Rissa even makes her determined face and everything! She even pumps her fist as 'Go Guardians' is shouted,"GO GUARDIANS!" Other members scattered around the cafeteria cry out in unison with them. "Any allergies in your family, Tabby?"

"I can fly over the wall" Sierra shrugs, "But that does not make its message any nicer. I wonder what it would be like to have a big house like that. I have lost count of how many there are in my family but we only have a small house…I do not think you would even call it a house. I have never had a room with only two people in it like I have here. Though I do not see Rosa much." A worried look at Diego. "I think it is good that I did not know about this plague." The arrival of Jacob gets a wave and a smile - the first person she met at the school. "How have you been?"

Diego grins and nods. "I know that some had to be locked into solitary confinement in the medical bay while the outbreak was going on." He replies to Sierra. "I'm just glad that it's over with, before anyone got seriously hurt. People that might accidently disappear might be the worst." Shrugging some. Being a bit quieter than usual, perhaps it's all that time spent in the forest. He does stay though, even after finishing his food and draining his glass of water. One of many, most likely.

Kaylee glowers at Sierra's comments about the wall, her brow furrowing as she frowns and nods her agreement. "Trump is the stupidest, meanest, jerk-i-est person in the world and I don't know how anybody could ever vote for him," she professes. Which is incredibly unusual, since Kaylee has never uttered an unkind word about ANYONE before. And after a few more seconds of glowering, Kaylee shakes her head again and banishes the thoughts of negativity with another forkful of salad. She sighs, and then smiles again, and goes back to being happy-Kaylee.

Jacob shakes his head. "Man, we have had too many people come down with things. I mean, the med staff are doing a good job, but I don't want them to be busy, you know?" He waves to Sierra as she addresses him. "Doing all right. Though, speaking of, I did manage to get in some trouble the other day…" And as Kaylee chimes in, he grins and shakes his head. "I'm pretty sure he's gonna shoot himself in the foot a lot."

Tabitha considers Rissa's question for a moment before pulling her beat up tablet from her messenger bag. "I don't think anyone alergic to anything in pecan pie, but I'll check." She fires up the tablet and sends a text off, then sets it aside to wait for an answer. "But we should talk with Gabrielle tonight before we leave. Make sure we can have something she can eat, too." She avoids any talk about current presidential assholes, mainly because the topic tends to bring out the dormant political terrorist in her. And ain't no one got time for that. She smiles to Sierra, "There's about as many people there are there are here. Everyone sleeps in one of the bunkrooms until they turn fourteen, then they get their own room in the big house so they can start learning how to live on their own since it's unlikely we'll get adopted by anyone once we're teenagers. The state cuts us loose on our eighteenth birthday."

"Groundlings like me find flying VERY impressive, personally." Rissa's head swims a little bit, though, at all the cross-conversation alright. Jacob gets a wiggle of her fingers and a wink for some reason. The subject of Trump? Rissa remains silent. Apparently she does not enjoy political discourse. Then again, she also harbors secret hopes to be a cheerleader when noone's looking. And then Tabitha says a SAD THING. "Oh, but anyone would be lucky to have you for like, a sister or a kid. That's stupid. It's like an amazing set up! They get a cool kid and they don't even have to change poopy diapers or anything!"

Sierra shrugs at Trump talk - not her election though she may have to put up with the results. "I might come with you then, Tabitha" she decides though I'm still hoping that Puddles will show up. A long sigh. "I miss her so much and I've already had one girlfriend disappear. Maybe it is me?" She pushes her empty plates away before reaching over to hug Tabitha. "You're awesome, don't be silly. Do you want to be adopted by my family?"

Diego does grin some at all the talk. Suddenly standing up. "Sorry, got to get going. Was fun to catch up with you all though." He says and scoots towards the exit.

Speak of the Puddles, and the Puddles appears. Well, she doesn't just appear, she walks in, like a normal teenage girl, and not a puddle of water with delusions of humanity, at all. As to why she's in the cafeteria when she doesn't need to eat, well, eating is a thing normal human girls do, so, it is a thing Mabel intends to do as well, surely. She pauses as she hears voices, though, and looks around shyly until she spots the group there, recognizing most of them… and her eyes lighting up as she spots Sierra in particular. She starts making her way over, smiling a bit bashfully and waving slightly. ".. h-hey. Didn't know there was a party going on in here."

"Wow, that orphanage musta been HUGE!" Kaylee responds to Tabby's explanation. Kaylee's sitting at the same table with everybody else and she offers Sierra a pouty face at missing her girlfriend. Boy does she know how THAT feels. Well, sorta, anyway, since ICly Violet is still around more often than not. And then, there's a, "MABEL!" Kaylee grins and claps her hands, since that's sure to make Sierra's day brighter. "Oh my gosh, we were just talking about you! I haven't seen you in forever!" And then she's glowering again. "Are you okay? I think Tabby said they were doing tests on you or something?"

Jacob looks over to Rissa and shrugs. "Well, /we/ know she's cool, but… I can guess how the line of thinking goes. 'Oh, it's been how many years, and no one else adopted them yet? Must be something wrong with them.' Never mind the hundred different way it could not be that at all."

Tabitha smiles to Sierra, "Well you'd be welcome to join us. Mabel too if she wants to and has the time. And being your sister would rock." She listens to the reactions from everyone else and just sort of shrinks into her chair with a five-thousand watt blush. And then a wild Mabel appears! She uses adorable and it's super effective! She shoots Kaylee a look, "I didn't say that, I was responding to Sierra who was worried about her girlfriend." She gives Diego a quick wave, then uses her aura to snag the chair he's vacated and slide it over to the other side of Sierra so Mabel has a good spot to sit. "Thanks for the pep talk on the adoption thing. It's just that kids who've been in the system for years and years tend to have a lot of issues. Same with kids who go into the system as teens. Honestly, I think it's better to learn how to be on our own. Katrina and I already have plans to file for early emancipation. Get out on our own officially since the band's success means we won't have money issues."

Damn straight Sierra's day just got a whole bunch better! She looks around to see a Mabel bouncing along towards them and she squees…and is immediately embarrassed about that noise escaping her lips. Though that doesn't stop her leaping up to rush on over and give her girlfriend a big hug. "Everything okay?" she asks in a worried tone before planting a kiss on Mabel's lips; reasonably chaste at least since they're in the cafeteria. "Come sit with us" she insists before leading Mabel to the chair Tabitha procured and then plonking down on her own. "You should ask my sisters if it rocks to be my sister" she giggles to Tabitha. "I think they would argue with you on that one. Everyone who does not know, this is Mabel…or Puddles."

The girl makes a face and informs Jacob,"That's a stupid line of thinking. Those are stupid people being stupid." Yep. "So this is… Mabel." She looks over at Sierra,"Your girlfriend?" She blushes a little bit. Then Rissa's mouth dumbly drops a pile on the happy-bounciness,"None of my brothers and sisters are talking to me right now. They call me…" She looks to Tabitha,"That nickname I told you about when they say anything at all. Half of them still call me Ren- My old name." Rissa scratches the tip of her nose, then watches Sierra and Mabel's reunion with an 'aaaawe' escaping her. "That's cute. They make an ADORABLE couple right there. That needs to be on camera. Nice to meet you Puddles."

Mabel's cheeks light up in a blush as Sierra scoops her up in that hug and plants a smooch on her, but she doesn't shy away from it, returning the kiss softly and leaning into the other girl. She keeps her eyes on the floor as she's led to join the group, though suddenly extra-shy after that public display of affection. "H-hi, everyone.", she says to the group, looking up at Kaylee and Tabitha too as she sits close to Sierra. "I'm okay.. I had to go back to the lab, they needed to run tests on me, make sure I wasn't, uhm.. decohering, or anything.", she explains, and looks to Sierra, reaching to take her hand. "… sorry I was gone so long. They had a *lor* of tests to run." When she hears Rissa talk, she glances over curiously at the unfamiliar face, and smiles softly. "Oh, it's nice to meet you too."

Kaylee just snickers as Sierra goes to kiss Mabel. Oy, the kissing. "You know, I think it really depends on where you are in the hierarchy, when it comes to siblings," she shares, though where she got the vocabulary word probably crosses several people's minds. "Like, I LOVE being the little sister and having my big brothers to watch out for me and play with me and stuff. It was soooo funny watching them meet Violet for the first time. And my dad! My mom told us how nervous he was, trying to talk to Violet when he met her, since he had barely prepared for my first BOY-friend," she reminisces, snickering to herself. But … yeah … she realizes after the fact that she was really pretty much just talking to herself, and blushes as she eats some more of her lunch. "I'm really glad you're okay, Mabel. It's really so good to see you again."

Jacob sure isn't arguing with Rissa about any of that. And he grins and waves to Mabel as Sierra goes and gushes about her. "Hey! Yeah, welcome back and all." As for Kaylee, though… "Yeah, I can imagine. You /could /have messed with their heads a little, though, you know? 'Oh yeah, I met this guy, he's got the cops after him but /I/ know he's innocent…'"

Tabitha returns the knee patting from Rissa, giving her hand a quick squeeze under the table. That quick squeeze turns into a lean and a kiss on the much taller girl's cheek when she mentions her siblings being assholes. "Well that's their loss. You'll get drowned in awesome this weekend." This gets her to shift her focus back to Sierra and Mabel. "It is great to have you back, Mabel. And if you want a weekend away from this crazy and into a different kind of crazy, a crew is heading up the coast to my hometown this weekend. We're heading up to help my caretaker test if my orphan sister has turned into Jean Grey, and to get swarmed by all the little orphan kidlets, and to maybe have a couple nights on the town in faulous downtown Bar Harbor, Maine." Talk of boy/girlfriends and parents just gets a small smirk. "I doubt Nathaniel could be surprised by any permutation of relations."

"Mabel, huh… I like it." Rissa winks at Sierra,"Like Maple and just as sweet, right?" Winkwink, nudgenudge. She suddenly giggles at Kaylee's story, though,"Ohmigod. That's… Glorious. I hope he took it well once he got past the shock." Then, because? She offers Jacob a fist-bump for his suggestion on pranks. Still, Tabitha's hand is squeezed back and the blush is back right after the cheek kiss. Suddenly, her voice is all squeaky and super-high,"Oh yeah. Like… lots of testing and stuff! Um… Wow… so many kidlets… You know I'm going to want to hug every single one of them. Repeatedly. And give piggyback rides. I miss my younger sibs HARD." She returns her gaze to Mabel and Sierra then,"I cannot get over how cute you are together. Really. Like a greeting card."

"What do you think, Mabel? You want to go away for the weekend with Tabitha?" Sierra asks the other girl as she wraps an arm around her and pulls her a little closer…and kisses her on the cheek. It's been a while! "You are still coherent though, right?" Wide brown eyes worry over her girlfriend turning into a literal puddle and not coming back. "Did they say that anything we do is causing any trouble? You know…the…umm…the things…" Sierra's voice is getting quieter as the blush in her cheeks gets brighter. "I would hate to stop but I would also hate for you to disappear. And it's Violet's birthday too."

Sierra smiles shyly at Rissa's words. "We clicked the second we met" she explains about Mabel. "We both had other girlfriends at the time though. Well, I did, Mabel sort of did." A nervous lick of her lips. "Umm…yes…very sweet."

Oh, how Mabel blushes at her girlfriend's words. And the comments about them being cute together. She looks like she might just melt into a puddle and slink off. Which is a thing she is entirely capable of doing, literally. "O-oh, that.. that sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like that.. anything besides being cooped up in a giant test tube while scientists poke and prod at me and make rude comments about how impossible it is for me to have a personality. It's like they don't even care that I can *hear* them, hello.", she mutters, then blinks, looking sheepish. "Err. Sorry. Anwyay, yeah, I'm fine, and healthy. Or, y'know, whatever passes for healthy when you're me.", she assures Sierra, leaning in closer to her. "We're… good.", she says, and then smiles weakly at Rissa, blushing. "… t-thank you.", she says softly, ducking her head as Sierra explains a bit of the complicated situation regarding their relationship. "… w-well, Alex and I were never.. uhm.. really.. y'know..", she mumbles, and then, desperate to talk about anything but her love life for a second, she turns to the others. "So. Bar Harbor?"

Kaylee laughs at Rissa's questions, grinning. "Oh, no, my parents are so awesome. He just left out the part about not getting me pregnant when he gave her the talk, my mom told me. And Violet- she was super respectful to my parents and we had such a great time. That's when she decided to quit smoking, too!" she beams. And then they're talking about how cute Sierra and Mabel are, and Kaylee's smile softens as she has to agree a little. … and … then … Sierra … causes Kaylee to literally start glowing crimson and looking down and focusing so intently on her food that her plate even starts glowing a little blue from the light shining out of her eyes. Oh sheesh. Waaaay more than Kaylee ever wanted or needed to hear.

Rissa grins at Mabel and Sierra,"Oh, so it's illicit love you two harbor, huh?" Rissa grins at watching Mabel and Sierra interacting. It's like watching a girl read shoujo manga or slashfic. Except it's real, and the relationship, Sierrbel is happening right in front of her. She actually claps a little. Then she's refocusing on Kaylee,"What's violet like, anyway. We keep missing each other in the hall."

Jacob rests his chin in his hands, making a show of smirking for a moment. "The ill—" Okay, no, that's not actually a word. "Violet is surprisingly flesh-toned, actually."

Tabitha seems to be happy as it seems that Sierra and Mabel will be joining the weekend exodus to her hometown. "We'll be heading out tomorrow morning bright and early. Travel options are teleporting with Gabrielle or flying Air Tabitha. I'll be flying there first so I can set Gabby up with a video link for her landing sight. Flight will take about four minutes, teleportation somewhat less. Those who require luggage should bring whatever works for a full weekend plus nightlife. Well, what nightlife there is on the island." Kaylee's bout of intense glow gets a grin from Tabs, who takes a moment to finish her own piles of food. She checks around the table one last time, "Lemonade anyone? Last call before I turn my other pitcher into a substance unfit for non-gentek consumption."

Kaylee almost spits out the little bit she had been trying to drink to wash down some of her embarassment when Jacob makes the quip about Violet. Instead, she has to cover her mouth again while she looks at him, shaking her head for several seconds before she's able to swallow, her shoulders shaking with the giggles the whole time. "Jacob! You're so silly!" she says, grinning, now that she's managed to empty her mouth. "And Violet is … well … she's kinda hard to describe?" she offers to Rissa. "I mean, I could tell you what she looks like, but … that's easy. Her personality is … well …," she trails off a little. Then, she shrugs. "She's in Prometheus for a reason. She's a total sweetheart, like most of us. But, she's kinda like a hedgehog. Rub her the wrong way and she's got bristles? And she's SUPER strong. And invincible. And she knows it. So." Kaylee shrugs one final time. Then, she responds to Tabby. "I'm good, thanks!"

"I can fly us if we go" Sierra offers to the others, nuzzling Mabel's ear after her words because it had been like a whole ten seconds since they'd touched! "Why wouldn't Violet be flesh-toned?" she asks in a curious tone before shrugging it away since Kaylee is going 'berserk'. Best to duck that one! Besides, Mabel is giving the thumbs up on their activities so nothing is going to get her down. "So what do you think, Pubbles? Fly down to Tabby's when we can? Get lost on the way?" A blushing giggle at that before shaking her head at the offer of lemonade.

Mabel looks a litle torn as Sierra offers to fly them, but then she nods at Sierra. "Well, I'l go with you, babe.", she assures the firestarter. She's not too familiar with Violet herself, so she keeps quiet there, just cuddling up to Sierra's side. The offer of lemonada causes her to perk up a bit. "Ooh! Yes, please, lemonade!"

"If you two want to fly there together, I can plot you an overland course." Since Tabitha knows how uneasy Mabel is being out over water. "It won't add much to the travel time." She pours out a glass of lemonade for Mabel, then one more in case someone decides they want one afterwards. Then she pours her second vial of blackdrink mix into the pitcher and stirs it up before drinking the sooty grey drink straight from the pitcher. Her tablet buzzes during this and she takes a napkin to her face before checking it. "Nathaniel says the orphanage is blessedly food alergy free even with the new arrivals." She taps out and sends a message back. "I've let him know there'll be more folks visiting, but there'll be plenty of room for everyone to bunk down as preferred." She takes a long drink to drain the pitcher then starts to gather up her dishes. "In my case, I'm going to get in eight hours of shut-eye tonight so I won't need any while I'm home. I haven't sat out in the willow trees all night in too long."

Kaylee just smiles a little, since everybody is making plans for the weekend. "Well, I hope you guys all have a bunch of fun. I've got to stay and work on homework, still. It's kinda hard to keep up with basketball and everything," she says as she starts collecting her own dishes so she can leave. "But definitely have a safe trip! And it really is good to see you again, Mabel. I hope you're starting to really feel at home here at the school," she finishes, reaching out to give Mabel's shoulder an affectionate squeeze. Then, she rises and collects her tray, grining and offering everybody another wave. "It was so good to have lunch with you guys! We'll see you again in the dorms before you leave, I'm sure!" she finishes, before joining the hive of other high school students starting to proceed through the 'Lunch Is Over' lines.

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