(2016-10-07) Bullies and Flatlines
Bullies and Flatlines
Summary: Bullies go after Besa during lunch. Rain and Gabrielle are on hand to help
Date: 2016-10-07
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

It's been almost 24 hours since Besa's retuned, and he's now questioning why they have him at this school. Amongst the confusion that comes with resurrecting, the teen is also dealing with the stares and whispers that come with resurrecting at a high school. It doesn't help that the3 group of friends he's made is MIA (Or at least conveniently not around), So here the mummy boy sits, alone with his salad and water for lunch. For some reason several of the kids seem very interested in what he's eating. It's weird, he'll have to question one of the teachers later on that. But for now he'll busy himself with putting honey on his roll.

MIA…ISS pretty much the same thing, but Rain has to eat right. So she has been freed from her punishment to do that. Hobbling into the cafeteria on her crutches she doesn't seem her usual self. She is quite embarrased by the rumours going around so she isn't making any eyecontact, in fact her head is hanging, and isn't carrying herself with her usual assurance. She gets whispers as well, but of a different variety, but they go ignored…or at least she pretends to ignore them as she makes her way through the dining area and toward the line.

Besa isn't the only one eating alone. Gabrielle is also sitting by herself, in her case all the way back in the furthest corner of the cafeteria. As she tucks into her usual salad she keeps her eyes glued to her plate. Until the whispering finally gets her curiosity going. Just in time to look and see Rain coming in on crutches. Then she sees Bessa who's supposedly dead. NOw her attention is on the two of them, curious to find out what's going on but too shy to ask.

Dark eyes rise to watch Rain hobble in and guilt floods the pretty haired boy. He could have healed her, if he was faster, she wouldn't have gotten hurt at all. It's not dawned on him some of the whispers are about her as well. All he sees is his friend not making eye contact with him. He sighs and starts to gather his lunch, maybe he'll eat in the Arts room. Or not eat and just throw some mugs. That sounds even better.

Nothing looks good when you don't have an appetite and your stomach is in knots, so Rain gets nothing more than a fruit cup and bottle of water. As she waits in line to pay her head lifts to look around the cafeteria. There is surprise to see Besa there, she thought they would still have him in the infirmary, her Athena team mate is noticed as well, though she doesn't really know Gabrielle besides the fact that they are both on the same team.

Gabrielle snaps her eyes back down to her plate when she sees Rain has noticed her. But after a few seconds she peeks back up through her lashes while she chews on a bite of salad. And one of those side benefits of being as shy as she is is the fact that she has lots of time to people watch, so she's pretty good at catching undercurrents. So now her eyes are going back and forth between Bessa and Rain. Something's going on in there…

Besa's rolls is wrapped in his napkin before he rises to take his tray to the kitchen. That puts him on a path of a group of older Arena Fetch players. it doesn't help the whispers that he's moving slower than normal, his torso wrapped tightly in an ace bandage underneath his school uniform. As he passes the players, a foot from one of the more academically (But not physically!) challenged players shoots out, causing the younger boy to go sprawling out on the floor, the contents of his tray go skittering. When he hits the ground he makes a loud pained noise, which causes the now quiet cafeteria to erupt into shouts about how he is a zombie, look outs, and I told you so.'s.

Having paid for her purchases Rain is making her way out of the line when Besa meets his cruel fate. Her crutches clatter to the floor and the teen girl limps over to where the Guardian is sprawled "Besa? Are you alright?" she begins to crouch down to check on him and send the agressor a scathing look that females are born innately knowing "What the hell was that about?" oh she is not happy with the jerkface who tripped him.

The AF player and his croonies laugh at Rain as well "What are you going to do about it…Flatline?" there are gasps all around at the name and his taunting tone, Flatline…he may as well of called her mudblood, the insult is just as serious and vile, though in essence she is more of a squib, but there is no term for that.

The words have her turning crimson, but is it in anger or further embarrassment, her head drops again and she focuses on Besa once more "Let me help you up." she moves to do that.

Gabrielle may be socially she but she's not a coward and seeing people being bullied sets her blood seething. Grabbing the hilts of her ever present practice swords in her hands she disappears with a *POP* and a flash of light. Instantly she's appearing in the air coming down diagonally, planting both feet into the AF player's shoulder. As she hits she pushes off, fliping in the air to land on her feet between Rain and Bessa and the group taunting them, already in a fighting stance. With the adrenaline running through her she has no problem glowering at the now fallen bully, "Want to pick on someone? Why not pick on someone healthy and able to fight back?"

Besa lays there briefly, pained and feeling foolish. There's a nod, he's trying to not give the group any more reason to taunt him…or Rain? He starts to scamper up, trying to not lean on Rain too much with her hurt leg. "I will be….alright." He's about to say something, very brave and heroic, but then there's suddenly a blue haired girl with a sword and that just makes him stop and blink.

The Af player's eyes roll at Gab, along with several others of his grip, "I didn't do anything, Zombie Boy tripped himself." A look is given to Rain as one of the teachers comes over, "Unlike some people here, I don't attack people unprovoked."

The teacher glances around, and since there's no blood, "Everyone go back to your seats." Besa gets an uncertain glance, "Go to the Med Bay if you're hurt."

Right now isn't the time to question Besa in further about his state. Rain nods at him and is ready to help him pick up his scattered tray when Gabrielle makes her move. She is suprised by the Athenian's sudden appearance and defense of both Besa and herself too. Watching the exchange she flushes with embarrassment once more when that reminder is thrown in her face. "Yes ma'am." she tells the teacher, not making eye contact with the teach at the moment.

Gabrielle frowns at the AF player, "To bad for you I saw you trip h…" She stops talking as soon as the teacher walks up but she keeps glaring at the player and his group. She lowers her swords but doesn't move from her spot between the people she's protecting and the bully, waiting on Rain and Bessa to move. And when they do she moves with them, keeping herself in the way of any other possible mischief.

The teacher points to Gabrielle's sword, "Put that away. Now." Practice or not, it's not what the teacher likes to see out in the cafeteria.

Besa forces a smile at the teacher before he crouches with a grimace to gather as much of the spilled salad and well, he has no idea where his roll went to. "I am sorry, thank you Rain.." He looks up at Gab, unsure of her name, "Thank you." He moves towards the tray deposit, not even going to bother with getting a replacement for his roll or water bottle. He's moving a little more carefully now.

"/You/ don't have anything to apologize for." Rain tells Besa as she gives him a hand, she looks back to give the AF player another scathing look but will quickly turn away if she is noticed. What she has gathered goes into the garbage and then napkins are gotten so she can wipe her hands. A few are offered to Besa as well. As Gabrielle guards them on the way to their table she studies the other girl a moment…well mostly the swords that she has with a curious interest.

Once the trio is far away enough from the bully Gabrielle heads back to her table and to the fallen document case she uses to carry her swords. The swords are made of some kind of very dark, beautifully patterned wood, three feet long and carved to look like thin longswords. Once the swords are put away she sits back down in front of her salad and starts eating again. Now that the excitement is past she's back to being a shy wall-flower of a blue haired girl.

Besa accepts the napkins with a soft Thank you and wipes his hands. Those get tossed almost immediately and he sighs again. "I am sorry you had to be involved in that. You do not need more strife."He frowns, finally looking at her, "Please let me heal you." He follows Rain, but his gaze flickers over to the quiet Gabrielle, who seems to be done with the rescuing and talking to them.

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