(2016-10-06) Owl Droppings in a Sauna
Owl Droppings in the Sauna
Summary: Tabitha gets a visit from Rissa while recovering from her reaction to teleporting.
Date: 2016-10-06
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And to think that she'd gone months without being in here as a patient. After ending up out cold after teleporting to the school with Gabrielle, Tabitha was brought into the medbay with flu-like symptoms, mild seizures, and a complete lack of energy to fuel her powers. Fortunately the last one has happened before so the staff knows how to treat it. They put her in one of the isolation rooms, cranked the heat to max and then put a pair of tesla coils at the head of her bed. After being in there overnight it hasn't done much good yet.

Right now Tabitha is lying in the hospital bed in one of those hospital gowns that manages to be slightly to small even on her waifish frame. She not using any covers so more heat can reach her skin, so nearly all of her glyphs are visible on her neck, arms, legs and the uncovered part of her torso. They seem to form a much thicker cover over her body than before. She's got a rolling table hanging over her lap with the owl-dropped bundle set on it. The packing string it was closed with has been cut and Tabitha is going through its contents one piece at a time and taking photos of them with her crappy tablet.

She notices the heat. How could she not? It wouldn't be comfortable for most people. It just means Rissa has to take off her jacket, though. Thanks to her enhanced toughness. Maybe she'll sweat a little? Whatever the case, she has an odd combo on today. Some body padding, yeah, but also a tanktop underneath that jacket and tight little black jeans. Boots. Some sultry makeup. And even a pan of brownies.

Rissa knocks before coming in, eyes partially covered in case Tabitha isn't decent,"Hey, ladyboots. I heard you were in the pokey, so I came to smuggle you brownies with a file in them. Minus the file. So they're basically just brownies." She is smiling a little bit,"How ya feeling?"

Because the room is kept so hot, the door doesn't stay open after someone comes through. It's hot enough in here that aerodynamics break down and oxygen is difficult to extract from the air, no telling what it might do to the other sick or injured in this dome. Being currently sans powers, Tabitha doesn't notice that anyone's coming in until the knock. She looks up from the papers and smiles when she spots Rissa. And Tabitha is never decent, but yeah this is more skin than she's seen showing outside of the showers although all strategic bits are under cover. Thin hospital gown material cover, but cover nonetheless. Her eyes are red and have dark bags under them and her skin is paler than normal. She's also got one of those nose air tube things in place that always makes someone seem more sick than they really are.

She smiles when Rissa comes in, the smile getting wider when brownies are mentioned. "Ooo, brownies. Might want to leave them outside, though or they could become brownie soup." She gives Rissa a once over and tries to show her appreciation of the look with a whistle but she can't quite put that together.

The girl offers a shrug, takes a brownie free of the pan, sets the pan outside the door, and sets the brownie on Tabitha's table on a clear bit. Once she's sure she's not going to eyeball parts of Tabitha it would be rude to see accidentally. Which means she gets to see rather more of Tabitha than perhaps her brain is able to process, but at least there's strategic covering sort of. A flush suffuses her grey face, darkening the color. "Aaaabbaga…" Oh look. She's doing that thing where she tries to talk. At least she's been practicing her voice enough that the new sound is reflexive even then.

She eventually recovers powers of speech only to find herself blushing at Tabitha's sort-of-whistle. She gets the intention even if the action passes by unformed. "Sorry… I uh… came over with this whole… thing in my head and it looks like my brain has just gone all… stupid. How are you feeling?"

At Rissa's loss of human speech, Tabitha actually blushes although with her current state her body can't convert it to the human-seeming pinkish color and it comes out as a greenish tint to her skin. She takes a moment to tear off a bit of brownie and eat it before a nurse can notice and confiscate the treat or something equally horrible. "Me? I'm feeling… a bit blah and way too human. I think I'm going to just say no to demon portals and teleportation from now on. They just never end well for me. What kind of thing was in your head before getting dazzled by my twig legs?"

Good thing Rissa isn't sure how to interpret shades of changing green! She looks at all the girl's bed and medical equipment curiously,"They really got you wired. Anyway, it's okay. Being down here in the mud with us feckless humans isn't so bad. We're happy to have visitors." The girl actually laughs. "I think you're making a wise choice." Her hands suddenly curl around her belly in thought as she watches the girl help herself. "It's just… I begin to wonder if it's entirely appropriate at the moment with you in a hospital bed."

Now she can't stop staring at the legs. Thanks, Tabby! "Uh…" Pause. For a moment, she fumbles for a reply and for once, stumbles across a tactic few teenagers ever manage to refine: "You joke, but… you know I my feelings towards you are more than just 'friendly' right? So when you say things like that… I worry you don't feel good about yourself." She bites her lower lip and decides to change the subject, quickly,"What did you find in that… owl dropping? Did it shed light on your situation? Give you any clarity?"

Tabitha glances at the monitoring equipment and shrugs one shoulder. "Yeah… normally they can't pierce my skin with the standard stuff so they're taking advantage of my moment of weakness to get readings on my insides." The 'feckless humans' comment gets a smirk, "I guess I can play tourist for a while longer." She listens to Rissa talk about appropriatenss and shrugs, "Don't worry about that part. Perfect times and places to talk about things rarely happen.

Then after the next part and the attempt at a subject change her eyes soften and she scoots over a bit and pats the bed next to her. "Come sit here and I'll show you what the owl droppings were. And I like that so it's what I'll call this stuff from now on." Should Rissa take the offer of sitting on the bed next to her (there's no extra furniture in the room due to the extremely high temperature), Tabitha will lean over to rest her head on the taller girl's shoulder. "And yes, I know. For the record, I'm pretty damn fond of you, too."

"My skin isn't invincible, but… it's getting harder for the infirmary to do things like take samples, find blood… They can't even measure my O2 saturation anymore. I'm probably going to end up in a similar boat to you given time. Plus, there's… this…" She holds up her hand, where the cuts on her palm from fighting the kraken robot should be. Where there should be healing scars, there are slashes of pale gold showing there. "So. That's a thing now, apparently." Tabitha gets a helpless shrug.
Still, the look on her face is almost pitifully happy as she climbs into the bed next To Tabitha. Her arm adjusts so she can stroke the other girl's hair lazily as it finds a suitably comfy position on the large girl's shoulder. "Owl droppings. We're kinda gross sometimes. I like it." Her eyes remain focused on the bundle's contents. Mainly so she doesn't have to make eye contact. Shyness, and all. "I'm glad. It's good to… uh… have that in the open and clarified." Looking at her trying to sound adult.

Tabitha's gaze shifts to Rissa's hands and the slashes of gold, "Huh. That's a new one. Pretty, though." Her expression becomes a quiet, if exhausted smile when Rissa takes the offered seat. "Always good to know how things stand. Which is why this crap is pissing me off." She gestures to the documents on the over-the-bed table. All of them look to be decades old.

One stack is newspaper clippings about the mass murder of a dozen teens in Palmdale California in 1976, some about how another pair of teens were considered suspects until they were also found dead in the prime suspect's cellar. Another stack are what seem to be medical records which are heavily redacted but have NASA headers with names handwritten in the margins next to blacked-out sections. The names include Charles Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Dr. Peter Draxus. The doctor's name is on all of the documents and circled heavily. A third stack seem to be some kind of logtistical documents and invoices with OSS stamps.

"I've been sorting through them according to how much they seem to be connected to me." She points to the news clipping stack, which has on top an obituary for a Lilian Draxus that by appearance could be Tabitha's twin in 1970s clothing. Then she points to the Dr. Peter Draxus name on the redacted NASA documents. Last she points to the CIA stuff with a shrug, "No idea what these are in there for just yet."

The girl's expression swims as she looks over the documents. A blush causes her to close her hands. "It moves weird. Like the muscle there is different. I'm relearning how to move it normal." Her fingers are, in fact, a bit twitchy as she moves through newspaper clippings, eyes darting over them. "Thanks, though. And I really do get it. You know how much it pisses me off that the Voice is so bad at just… communicating? I can't get any answers from it. Just more… 'tricks'. I imagine this feels similar…"

She rifles through the stacks of course, but she doesn't possess the background or experience to make any real sense of them. "I don't know exactly what any of this could even be. You know better than me But if I had to guess… It looks like this Dr was related, was up to some shady shit, and had a bunch of government agencies eyeballing him. Employee, maybe, even? I don't know. It's over my head, hun." She tilts her head,"You have to show these to Nate… you know that, right?"

Tabitha moves to slip her near handinto Rissa's when she sees the twitchy. That's a normal thing, after all. She nods at the comparison between their situations. "Yeah, that sounds about right. Except for one thing." She points to the name of Dr. Peter Draxus, "That's not just a random name to me. He created the genteks, starting with me."

Her gaze shifts to the Lilian Draxus obituary and she touches it with her other hand. "At least I thought he started with me. And these other names are Apollo astronauts. I can only guess he was doing to them. Other than that picture, and the name… Lilian is similar to Lilith, which is my given name… this stack doesn't trip any mental alarms." Then she shifts to the last stack, "The only thing that stands out to me on these are the dates. During and shortly after World War 2."

But she takes a long breath through her nose tubes and lets out out slowly. "But you're right. I should tell Nathaniel about these. I'm going home for the weekend to help him run Trini through some more tests. I'll tell him then." She shifts her gaze up to Rissa, her head still being on the other girl's shoulder this whole time. "Want to come along?"

That settles Rissa's hand somewhat, though there's ever a sort of odd… sense of movement along the golden lines in her palm. A squeeze is given to that hand,"He MADE you, you said? Like… Made you, made you. Maybe… you were made in the image of someone he loved? Maybe your genetic material is based on someone he lost. A daughter, maybe? So maybe he started with you, but… you were an attempt to get back something he lost?" Where she gets this is anyone's guess.

"You still prefer Tabitha, right? I never want to call someone a name they hate. I hate my birth name. With the force of a thousand fiery suns." She makes a face. "World War 2… right after it? That's like… when they started doing all that MK Ultra stuff and the like, right?" Tinfoil hat time, maybe? "There was a lot going on then. The entire world in flux. It was a good time for secrecy."

She turns her head to look down at the girl whose head rests on her shoulder,"I… I'd love to actually… You've talked your family up so big, too, and… Your father actually seems really nice. More… normal than I expected." She keeps calling Nathaniel her father! The girl licks her lips as if hesitant, and then asks,"Should I… bring something? In the south we bring food…" Yeah. That tone? That's babbling nervousness and blushing.

Tabitha smiles at Rissa, "Yeah, I prefer Tabitha. It's the name I picked when I had no memory of who I was. But I do use Lilith as my codename still. Then she nods seriously, "Yes, he made me. He created the gentek species, and I'm the prototype. And I doubt I was made in any image of love." Her voice deadens and goes flat. "He has no concept of what that is. As for the rest…" she pauses as there is a tickle of something in the back of her mind. "Well I can't be sure. All this is from decades before I came out of my womb tank." She also shrugs about the MK Ultra stuff. "Well, secrecy we certainly had down." She sighs and starts to put the reordered stacks back into the accordian folder they came from. "I'll just have to turn this over to the tender skills of Nathaniel and his people. See what they can learn or if they can figure out who sent them or the magic booby trap that was on it."

She smiles when Rissa says she'd like to come along for the weekend. "Great. I think you'll have a good time, although all the kids can take getting used to. And yeah, Nathaniel is almost oddly normal given all the things he's involved in." She shifts her position a bit so she can tie the file folder closed again. "You can bring something if you want, but if it's food you'll have to make sure there's enough for about thirty mouths."

The girl turns her head and tilts it down to rest her forehead against the top of Tabitha's head. Eyes closed for a moment in thought. "He won't let you down. There's love there. He takes care of you and yours. So he'll take care of this too. Besides, I did promise to help you invert some faces, and I always keep my promises." Her free hand comes up to find an arm-glyph and she traces it,"It drives me crazy wondering what they mean so I can only imagine how YOU must feel about it." She squirms a bit, finding a more settled position.
"Challenging, but not impossible. Seven brothers and sisters, remember? I'm one of a brood. My people are Scotts and Germans, and the like… We have big families. I'm not exactly an amazing cook, but I can keep from poisoning most people. "Are they all as… ah… forward-thinking as you?" She suspects so, but experiences have stung her enough so that she feels compelled to ask,"I promise to practice so that I don't just babble gibberish when I meet Nathaniel. I might even manage a handshake"

Tabitha smiles as her arm glyph is traced by Rissa's fingers. She may not have the goosebump response coded in her genes but there's certainly a reaction to the contact under her skin. She just shrugs about how she feels about not being able to translate them, choosing to focus more on the logistics of the weekend. "Well we don't have any special diets in the current batch, fortunately, although we'll need to do a grocery run to a couple local spots for Gabrielle since she'll be there, too. Her diet is so strict. And as for attitudes, everyone there will respond to how you present. So be yourself and they'll treat you as yourself." Then she shrugs, "Some of the younger kids might ask questions if they get the courage up, but folks like us are a lot less rare in orphanages, for all the crappy reasons you can think of." Then she grins about the gibberish bit. "Oh, he's used to that. And trust me, practice won't help as much as you'd hope. I mean, I look like a doll standing next to him."

Rissa eventually curls her knees up so that those long legs of hers end up taking up a bit less space on the bed. "Children don't bother me. If need be, let them know they can just ask me what they want and I'll answer them directly and simply and as honestly as I can." There's a softness in her expression. Apparently the girl likes children. "Folks like us?" She knows what the girl means, of course. She's just not used to having a 'people', per say. "I'll make sure to help pick up Gabrielle's food, though. Gotta do something when everyone else is sleeping… Unless Nathaniel keeps a strict bedtime across the board." Wouldn't be the first time she's laid in a bed for hours staring at the ceiling.

"I'd love to show you my home sometime. But it's a lot harder to get to from here, than yours, I think. Texas isn't so close." She's giving a thumbs-up,"So I'm in good company. I take it… he's even taller than I am?" He's an older man sure, but those hormones wake up crazy things. "I'll be emailing my parents in the morning to put more money in my account. It'll cost more than my allowance would normally cover, but… my parents will be relieved I'm trying to be social. I think dad is still trying to make up for how we left it." Pause. "He accidentally called me my birth name right before I left and he's utterly mortified."

"Well that's good, because we'll be neck deep in kids." Tabitha has no problem with kids, although she's more of a 'crazy aunt' type. Then she shakes her head, "We won't have to worry about curfew. That's just in the dorm wings. Guests get rooms in the big house." She smirks when Rissa talks about how it would be harder to travel to Texas. "I made it to Los Angeles in about ninety minutes with two passengers. Texas isn't even an hour's flight time. But yeah, home is fast. Under four minutes." Then she laughs outright at the question about Nathaniel. "Yeah, he's taller than you by about four feet or so." She raises her eyebrow about the getting more money from the parents but shrugs, "Far be it from me to discourage milking the allowance, but it's not going to cost anything unless we want to go out on the town while we're there. Which is a distinct probability, of course."

"I'll need the extra for making enough for thirty people. Maybe a little more." She smiles happily enough,"Okay. This is pretty shallow, but… Do you have any idea how cool it's going to be for me to NOT be the tallest person around?" Rissa wriggles herself upright as her inborn desire to be lazy begins to apprehend her. She's in bed, it's soft, and she's comfy. Upright is hard! "Well then, maybe you'll see it sooner than I thought. Wow. Four minutes. Almost as good as teleporting." Rissa offers a broad grin. "Pie. It's definitely going to be pie. Pecan. State tree, ya know?" How utterly mundane.

Tabitha nods her acknowledgement of the logic, "That's fair. But if you're making pecan pie we'll have to hide it in something like boxes labeled 'all natural one hundred percent organic fertlizer' or something because they will get swarmed the instant those monsters know there's pie in the same zip code." Then she lifts her head a bit and fixes Rissa with a stare that is pure death before shifting her expression to one of pure sweetness and light, saying in a voice that's sweet enough to decay teeth, "Oh, yes, I know all about that! I've lost count of how often I've been around rooms full of people that I tower over so much it's just plain embarassing." She holds the sarcastically sweet expression for a beat before dropping it and sticking her tongue out.

"Watch it, Missy." She notes the encroaching lazy and considers just laying back herself but knows the nurses would raise an unholy ruckus if they caught Rissa in the bed with her. So after a moment she sighs and gives Rissa a nudge. "Lazybones, you should probably head out of the sauna before you relax hard enough to remember what sleep is like." She holds up her arm that isn't tangled up with Rissa's. There are occasional very faint blue energy vortexes near the skin and the room has started to feel a bit less volcanic although it'll still be quite a temperature shock when leaving the isolation room. "I should be done baking around tomorrow afternoon."

Rissa seems to shrink in on herself, looking utterly embarrassed. "It's… a thing for me. I know you don't mind, but… the media gives us all these images of cute petite women and that's not something I'll ever be. So it sort of still wrangles? Mom says I'll grow out of the whole discomfort thing eventually, so let's hope for the best. Sorry." Shesighs though, and begins the admittedly reluctant process of disengaging herself from Tabitha.
There's a moment while sliding off the bed where she's hanging over that she ALMOST succumbs to the urge to become the tickle monster. It's right there in her eyes. Then one can also, in her eyes, the desire to keep her limbs. "So if you're baking, I should call you cupcake. I know you'd love that nickname." See! She can sarcast too! "Aaagh. I'll need to wash these clothes." She fidgets by the bedside for a moment, looking… What? Shy for some reason,"I could also label the boxes 'toothpaste'. The twins HATE brushing their teeth." She'll have to explain that some other time. "Okay, so… um… you rest up here. I'm going to go get ahead of some of my classes in case things get busy again soon. It was good… hanging out. Hopefully Nathaniel can… shed some light."

"Well most models are crazy tall, so you're in good company up there. Also, I'll make sure Nathaniel uses all of his short jokes on you while we're there." Tabitha keeps hold of Rissa's hand while the other girl is getting off the bed. She raises a curious eyebrow at the moment where a tickling almost occurs then grins when the shift in Rissa's eyes happens. The nickname just gets an impish smile, "Well it's a nickname that implies certain activities, so why would I mind?" She nods about the schoolwork prep as well. "Sounds like a plan." She reluctantly lets go of Rissa's hand, then slides the rolling table so that it's not over top of her while she lays back. "I'm sure he will. See you tomorrow."

Rissa is looking a little awkward standing there once hands have been disengaged. "Models…" Then she realizes she is being compared favorably! Wait… did she imply what she thinks she did with 'cupcake'? Cue brainless giggling before she blushes. The girl seems to dither with indecesion before she leans over quickly to press lips to the upper part of Tabitha's forehead, blush fiercely, and then babble,"OkayI'llseeyoutomorrowthenbyebye." With that, Rissa turns woodenly and quickly tries to march herself out of the room. Teenagers. Everything's a big deal at that age.

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