(2016-10-06) Back to Life
Back to Life
Summary: Scene in Progress
Date: 2016.10.06
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The Med Bay is very busy this afternoon. Several of the nurses are calling to each other as they run about, one heading to the security room, "He was there my last round! Stop yelling at me!"

No one is stopped if they head inside, the faculty too concerned with what's missing to deal with who's coming in. The room that Besa's body was being held in is open, strangely covered in a dry, white dust. There's so much noise from the commotion outside that the small gasps that are coming from the closet inside the room, along with the disrupted dust on the floor go unnoticed.

Schuyler has been trying to figure out how to get in touch with Besa's ghost to find out how to resurrect him. He's lit candles, he's drawn a pentacle on the floor (his roommate probably loved that), but Sky is no mage. He finally did what he does 'best' and reached out his mind towards his friend. Imagine his surprise when he caught it! There's an actual audible gasp when he does before he launches off of his bed and towards the MedBay, mentally calling for Rain to join him there.

The urgency it her brother's mind call has Rain starting in surprise drawing the looks of her classmates as well as the math teacher. "Excuse me! I have too.." she is grabbing her crutches as she speaks and is hobbling out the door before she even finishes the sentence. She'll probably get detention, but that's the last thing on her mind at the moment. She is only a minute or so behind Sky in reaching the medbay, »>What's got you all worked up?«< though she already has an idea of what it is. It could only be one thing…or person. And they were calling her crazy.

»>Wait?!«< there is shock and surprise in rain's mental tone. Sure she has been going around telling Besa's friends that he could come back to life, but there was always that level of skepticism…it's resurrection. It's a bit scary really, and exciting, worrisome and a number of other emotions. »>I'll make it.«< she hurries along, going as fast as she can as swings between them as she goes forward. Once they get into the medbay she kinda gasps at the commotion going on and begins to dodge around doctors and nurses to get to where she last knew Besa was.

Schuyler keeps pace with Rain as they head to MedBay and he even scowls at the doctors and nurses, shaking his head at the thoughts he picks up from them. 'Idiots' is signed to Rain before he looks around, as if trying to pick up Besa's mind again.

There's one nurse that keeps looking into the room, she even seems to pick up on the fact that the dust is disturbed on the floor near the closet. But her mind is hard to read, let perhaps she's trained in shielding herself.

The room itself is quiet, almost echoey. The dust has a very dry feeling to it, like a combination of dust and sand. Once they enter the room, low coughing, like someone is trying not to can be heard from the closet.

Rain hobbles past the nurse, rubbing her nose to keep from sneezing at the smell of dust in the air. While she does agree with her brother about the idiots part, she really doesn't blame them. It's not often..or ever..that you run into this sort of phenomena. The girl looks at the closet and then to her brother »>I get that he is scared…but the closet?«< though given the limited options…

Schuyler also looks to the nurse, his eyebrows arching as he can't read her mind. Interesting. But Rain's thoughts bring him back and he follows her towards the closet, «Closest to a tomb? Dark and snug? I dunno?» This is his first experience with it as well.

The noises still in the closet the closer the twins get. And then there's a quiet voice, Besa's, calling out in Coptic. It's much faster than what Besa's been trying to teach Rain. There's another soft cough, dust can be seen circulating in the air.

Rain guesses that makes sense and it is the only explanation they have so she will take it. There is no way she can follow the rabidly spoken words, she may recognize them but without knowing the others they are nonsensical and out of context. She does know enough to at least greet him and perhaps ask if he is okay and tell him its her in coptic, so that's what she does as she lightly knocks on the door. /Hello Besa. Are you alright? It's me Rain./ her pronunciation may be slightly off and her accent horrible, but she figures hearing his own language will help put him at ease if he is scared, right?

Schuyler looks to the nurse who's there and tries to reach her, «He's in pain.» He then looks to Rain, «Tell her. Maybe he's not fully healed, but he's awake. And alive,» he thinks, «But he's hurt.» Maybe the nurse can help?

Rain's misspoken words confuse the poor Egyptian boy even more, but they seem to calm him as well. There's another cough and dust swirl before shifting can be heard in the closet and then Besa's form can be seen coming into the light, still sitting on the floor. The poor kid is covered in dust, his dark hair almost white. There's indents on his skin where something was wrapped around him tightly. He's still in his jeans and torn up tee shirt. Every time he coughs, dust flies, it's hard to say if he's coughing it up, or just off of him. Dark eyes nervously take in Rain ad Sky, part off him knows them, but that's not fully in control yet.

The nurse does not seem to be picking up on Sky's thoughts, but is looking in. She raises a hand to the other nurses to get their attentions.

The teenage girl's first impulse is to fling herself at Besa and hug him..Rain thought he was dead and now he is alive again. She doesn't between what her brother asks her, the leak through of what Sky is getting and what she can see herself she keeps her distance. Looking to the nurse she does what her brother can't and speaks to her "He's in pain. I don't think he is fully healed yet." she notes that the nurse is calling her co-workers over "Is there something you can go get that can help?" hopefully something that isn't in the room so she nurse will back out.

Rain is watched as she speaks to the nurses, Besa eyes her injury confused. He doesn't think she should be hurt for some reason. More hushed words come out as his attention shifts back to Sky in front of him. He coughs, causing his whole chest to hurt. He then holds out his left arm, palm up towards Sky. It's almost like he's offering it to the other boy.

The nurse just nods, whispering something to one of the others that rushes over, who the scurries away to get something. The shielded nurse does not move, eyes watching Besa and the interaction between him and the twins.

Schuyler doesn't turn his gaze from Besa but he offers, «Don't let them take any of his blood,» for Rain to tell the nurses. He then reaches out a hand to just place it on Besa's. No taking of anything. «Rain, come put your hand with mine,»

Well that didn't go according to plan, but it seems the nurse isn't going to come in any farther so Rain turns back to Sky and Besa. »>We'll make sure they don't.«< it's a strange request and she gives Sky a strange and perplexed look, but she goes to do it anyway, limping over to kneel down and place a hand with various bandaids wrapped around the fingers over his.

The nurse does step into the room, but hangs back, watching. She's waiting for the other nurse to return with whatever she asked them for.

Besa's eyes dart between the siblings, and then down to their hands on his. He grimaces as another cough strikes him. It's hard to tell how his coloring is with all the dust, but his hand is trembling slightly. He says a single word in Coptic, and it's clearly a question towards Rain.
From afar, Schuyler is kind of appalled, «He thinks he was brought back to life to heal you, I think. I just…who did this to him? Why would they give him a life like this?!»

Schuyler gives Besa's hand a squeeze and shakes his head. He's not here to heal Rain. «You're here at school with us. You died saving Rain and others from an attack and now you're back. Do you remember?» He tries to send images and memories of conversations, of classes, of the art room…

Rain still isn't sure what the hand thing is about. There is a glance at Sky and her shoulders lift in a shrug. When Besa asks her what is obviously a question she can only shake her head and look apologetic "I'm sorry. I don't know that much of your language." she begins to pull her hand away and get to her feet giving a glance around the room.

Long distance to Schuyler: Rain mentally hmmms "Is that what you are getting from him?" she is a bit surprised by that too.
Schuyler pages: «Pretty much. And between that and our other conversations, I think that's what he's used to.»

Besa blinks, the images where not expected and he gasps, trying to pull his hand away. There's very little strength in the teen currently. The freed hand tbs his face and he pulls back slightly against the wall of the closet. After a few beats he licks his licks and offers a quiet, "…yes." Some of it is starting to come back.

There's some cloth strips on the table they had Besa on, they look like they are falling apart from age.

The other nurse final brings the one in the room what she asked and She approaches, "Besa Ini-Herit….I am here to help you." Besa's large dark eyes rise and the teen stills.

As Rain stands and Besa pulls his hand back, Sky also stands, a little more slowly. He looks to the nurse who steps forward and he clears the path so she can get to the other boy. His clothes are probably covered with dust, but he doesn't really seem bothered.. Instead, he'll watch and try to figure out what's going on…unless this is the nurse who is also shielded.

<FS3> Rain rolls Medicine: Failure.

Limping to the sink, Rain pulls a plastic cup from the dispenser and fills it with water. With so much dust in the room she may have to get one for herself in a few minutes. Turning back with the drink she eyes the nurse and what she has with her. The syringe is eyed but at the moment she can't think of the names of the various pain releivers that are delivered that way so she can't ask about a specific one(s) "Is that a pain killer?" she asks as she limps back over to crouch down and hand him the cup of water.

The Med Bay is very busy currently, everyone seems to be scurrying around busy. The room Besa's body was being kept in looks as if a flour bomb went off, white dust is everywhere, including on most people in the room. The Masters twins are there, along with a nurse that's now kneeling in front of a figure that's crouched inside the closet.

The nurse repeats herself "Besa Ini-Herit…I am here to help you." She seems to be waiting for a response.

Besa, indeed the figure is the dead Guardian, looks up as Rain offers the water and takes it with a shaky hand, but then he's brought right back to the nurse's repeated statement and he sighs, almost like he's giving up. His voice is tired, low and his throat is clearly dry, "I accept your help… and all of the help from the Holy Men…" Another sigh and Besa lifts the water up to finally sip. It leaves his lips clean, but the rest of him is still covered in dust.

There's bandages not eh table where he was that seem to be slowly disintegrating. Like they're that old.

Well, isn't /this/ an interesting scene for Jacob to come across? He'll take interesting over depressing or ambiguous any day. Peeking inside and taking a look around, he spots Besa and the nurse but stays out of their way, shooting the twins a quick little wave instead. Hi.

«Don't let her take any of his blood!» Sky says to Rain as he looks between his sister, the nurse, and Besa. He can't read the Nurse so he's a little unsure as to what is going on. He notes Besa's expression but doesn't get the ritualistic response. «Rain…» help! What is going on!

Rain stays crouched where she is, looking between Besa and the nurse. While the nurse is a familiar one her beside manner is just odd..and off. She has experiences with nurses, having dealt with them when Sky was in the hospital. »>I won't. Don't worry about it.«< the send back to her brother. As she watches the nurse, maybe even a little suspciously thanks to her brother, she notes Jacob's arrival and nods to acknowledge the wave.

The nurse smiles, "I am happy you are found, Blessed One. We thought we had lost you." Blessed One? Lost? What in the world is going on? She busies herself getting the syringe ready. "This will help the pain, and hop you stay calm."

Besa doesn't smile back until he glances over at Rain. And then it's a forced one, for her benefit, "I am alright, Rain…Just sore…" He then seems to take in her injuries again, "How hurt are you? Was anyone else injured?" The teen even shifts to sit up, causing more of the dust to fall from his hair and he coughs, wincing. Dark eyes flicker to Sky and then Jacob.

Schuyler turns as Rain nods to someone and his eyes narrow upon seeing Jacob. He then looks back as Besa moves to sit up, his eyes shifting to the nurse and then to Besa as he gets thoughts again. This is when it's frustrating when he can't do anything but -think- at someone…but they're shielded!

Okay, well, it looks like the sandstorm has already come and gone, and the medical staff aren't shooing him out. Jacob heads inside, hands clasped behind his back as he meets Besa's gaze. "Well, you seem to be doing /awfully/ well for someone who was clinically dead for the past few days. And I think it's safe to say you've got your own fan club." He reaches over for his armband and slips it off, not /really/ any point to that any more, is there?

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Nurse=3
< Rain: Success Nurse: Good Success
< Net Result: Nurse wins - Marginal Victory

Blessed one. Lost…yeah that's just all sorts of wrong. "I'm fine Besa." she assures her resurrected friend "No one else was hurt." she gives a worried look at the expression she is given. Something for the pain? Rain isn't sure about that, especially since she was ignored when she asked, and there are perfectly acceptable pain killers that can be taken orally, even if they don't work as fast. Besa doesn't seem to be in enough pain to warrant an injection, to her uneducated eyes at least. She makes a grab for the syringe but the nurse moves and she only manages to get a hold of the woman's hands for the moment.

You paged Schuyler with 'Don't just stand there. Do something.'
From afar, Schuyler can't understand her…can't hear her
Schuyler pages: She's shielded from me
Schuyler pages: «PRIEST! GET HER!»

Dark eyes follow to Jacob as he talks and Besa frowns, confused, "…Fan club?" He has no idea what the arm band is for. He turns to look at Rain for an explanation, but she's then trapping with the nurse. He does what anyone in his situation would do. He tenses, but stays still.

The nurse, though, does not stay still, "What in the world are you doing, Miss Masters?!?!" She pulls her hand away from Rain's grasp, "You will stop this immediately! I am trying to help your friend!"

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Physical Vs 3: Success.

Schuyler just needed to hear that one title and his eyes widen. He looks to Rain even as she reaches for the syringe. Maybe this is when having a mindlink to his sister is most useful because even as she distracts the nurse, Sky makes a run towards her to try and tackle her to the ground and away from Besa. She is NOT going to take their friend away!

Jacob doesn't have the benefit of the telepathy schtick, but he does know the twins (sort of), and he trusts that they wouldn't mess with the nurse without a good reason. "Do I need to be moving him in a hurry?" Because moving Besa in a hurry is most definitely something he can do. Granted it might upgrade the pain from 'sore' to 'that arm isn't supposed to bend that way', but…

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Success.

With her own injuries, mild as they are and Rain isn't just your typical teen, so uberness with her about the only thing she can do is stand between the nurse and Besa, though even that is a bit wobbly since she can't put her full weight on her one ankle. She is about to answer Jacob's question but she only gets as far as gesturing to Besa when Sky tackles the nurse, she knew it was coming, it's the only thing that lets her keep her feet when he does "Help me with him." this is to Jacob, she goes to put a hand under Besa's arm "Can you get up Besa?"

Sky tackling the nurse seems to snap Besa out of whatever shock he was in by Rain's own attack of the nurse. "Stop it!" Unfortunaly his voice isn't very strong. "Stop, what are you doing Schuyler? Rain?" He's not in any real position to stop Jacob or Rain, except for maybe the panicked symbol he's starting to trace on his chest in the dust.

The syringe goes flying out of her hand, not expecting Sky to follow his sister's attempt with a tackle. It skitters across the floor and stops near the wall. She lets out a cry as she's pushed to the ground. Of course this noise will garner the attention to the other medical staff very soon.

Schuyler is only fourteen…he's not terribly big or strong, but Besa said the word that caused this; 'Priest'. No priests are going to come and take his friend away! He already died once now so they should leave him alone! «Go! Run, Besa! Go with Rain and Jacob! I'll keep her down!» he projects so that even Jacob can 'hear'. He's not sure -how- he'll keep her down, but he's going to try!

Would it be a better idea for Jacob to keep the nurse tied up? Or 'nurse', since he's assuming that there must be /something/ wrong with her to prompt all of this. But rather than risk a delay while they switch positions, Jacob just sticks with supporting Besa on the other side. "C'mon, it's not safe here! We'll make sure you're all right."

Besa may not be speaking loud, but Rain is right next to him so she can hear him at least. Besa telling her to stop, Sky screaming in her head to go, not to mention the fear and worry coming across the link she has with him. She is supposed to be the rational, logical one of the pair, but most of that went out the window with her brother's panic. An apologetic look is given to Besa so it's still there somewhere, but she doesn't notice the symbol being traced she just tries to get him up and moving, if only out of the closet.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nurse=3 Vs Sky=Physical
< Nurse: Good Success Sky: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

The nurse reaches up to try to push Sky off of her, she gets him partially off, but the twin is wiry! "Stop it! Damn it! Help! HELP!"

"No!" That panicked look is returning to the not dead teen's face. This is about is horribly confusing as when he woke up. "Please, stop!" He grimaces as he's hosted up and he cries out, both Rain and Jacob can feel him trembling. The symbol is on his chest, but he doesn't swipe it off just yet. Instead he tries one more time, "Please! Leave her be!"

Maybe it's the panic in Besa's voice that gets Sky to stop his grapple of the nurse. He looks to the older woman and scowls before pushing himself away. Grey eyes look from her to Besa and then to Rain and Jacob as they try to pull his friend away to keep him safe. Rain's thoughts cause him to pause and he looks to her for a moment before he flicks his gaze back to the nurse. Getting to his feet, Sky brushes some of the dust off of his clothes and then he all but glares at Besa. "Fine," is actually growled before he strides back towards the hallway.

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