(2016-10-04) Dirty Laundry and Sister Stuff
Dirty Laundry and Sister Stuff
Summary: Where we learn that Rissa has a serious thing against poor laundry skills, and Tabitha gets news from home.
Date: 2016-10-04
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NPCs: Katrina Evans, Nathaniel King
Scene Runner: NA

There are days where Tabitha thinks that the school's design put the best television and most comfortable, teen-friendly couches in the laundry room because it was the only way to get students to do their own washing. Which is the excuse she gives for putting her laundry off 'til the last minute… more time to spend being lazy in the best seats around watching cartoons or Whose Line reruns. She's got a bank of three washers and dryers claimed and is letting her aura do the washing. Sure it could be seen as cheating, but she just sees it as more lazy time with added practise in fine power control. So it's homework, really! Over on one of the couches she's got herself wrapped up in a blanket with her laundry day PJs of old tank top and boy short undies. There's a music scales notepad on her lap that's got several pages filled in with notes and lyrics with a few bits crossed off. The television is showing a Thundar the Barbarian marathon.

Daxton has a laundry bag thrown over his shoulder as eh enters the laundry room, dress himself in sleepy pants with Jake the Dog on them and a tank top. His hair is buzzed back into that miliitary cut, although his bangs area touch longed, so it's not just buzzed. Seeing Tabs, he gives her a nod, although his face smoothes to show no emotion.

Rissa meanwhile is pretty good about doing her thing when it comes to keeping her laundry clean. So she doesn't have a huge bag or pile. She does have a tablet PC to watch… Which gets tucked away as she walks in… She notices Tabitha first,"You want me to get some of that for you, keep you compan-" Oh. Look. Daxton. Big. Fit. Is that a gurgling sound coming from Rissa's mouth? She jerks her gaze back over to Tab,"Writing a new song, ladyboots?"

Tabitha glances over when the door opens, returning the nod from Daxton although she does roll her eyes at the speedster's slip into stoic mode. She decides against ribbing him about it, though. She's relaxed for the first time in days and isn't sure if anything like stress might cause a return of the soul tearing (which led to body tearing) terror from the owl's little present. This also means she hasn't slept in a few days, which isn't a problem for her. Yet.

Then Rissa comes in shortly after Dax and the minor threat of Snitty Tabs making an appearance is cancelled. Instead she hides her grin at Rissa's reaction to Daxton and nods at the question. "Yeah. Figured it was something I could do."

Daxton walks over to the nearest machine and just dumps the entire bag into the machine. Darks, whites, gym clothes, school uniform, doesn't matter. It all goes in. He frowns though, last time he did this he did the detergent wrong, so he doesn't just throw it in , instead eyeing the knobs and then the cup to pour it. Blue eyes blink and Daxton looks up and over at the noisier that Rissa makes, "You okay?"

Rissa moves over to join Tabitha… Until Daxton shows some confusion or hesitation about his laundry's ultimate fate. "Uuuuh…" Her voice slips from its usually slightly too deep feminine register to a high pitched near-squeak,"Icanhelpyouwiththat if you like." Right. That might not even be understandable. She squeaks and decides to hop over and stand next to Tabitha. She'd be hiding behind her if the girl were large enough. Instead, she begins to separate her clothes between machines in quick certain motions. Her face is blushing about as much as it ever does. Then she clears her throat, and manages in a more normal tone,"It's going to be amazing. You have a lot of artistic spirit and experience to draw on."

That she's reclined on a couch might also contribute to her being unsuitable as a human shield. When Rissa's voice decides it wants to do the 'all over shuffle' she just waits until a moment when Rissa is looking her way and does a short pantomine of 'slow breaths… speak from your chest' which is part of the help she's been giving Rissa on keeping her voice where she wants it to stay. Then she shrugs about the song and crosses out another several measures on the notepad. "Not really getting where I want on this one, though. I keep slipping from 'respectful mourning' into 'deeply creepy'."

Daxton stands there, head tilted slight, "What?" His piercing eyes dart to Tabs briefly confused before looking back to Rissa, "Do I know you?" He doesn't sound mad, more just confused. Rissa's voice doesn't seem to bother him, or maybe it's not even registering as odd. He then sighs though, girls hiding from him isn't a new thing. Hopefully this one won't trying to kill him like Gabrielle keeps trying.

Rissa nods to Tabitha taking a few slow deep breath to calm herself. Socially inept. She keeps separating her clothes and tries speaking from her chest. The voice that comes out needs some work still. It's a little bit high pitched. But it's feminine and fairly soft,"I… I'm Rissa. You look a little confused. I was offering to help you do your laundry." She says it with a measured, carefully paced tone before swiveling her head to refocus on Tabitha,"Creepy or respectful, I think he would appreciate real, and you're nothing if not that." There's a deeper layer to that.

Tabitha gives Rissa a smile when the other girl gets her voice under control, then nods from one to the other. "This is Rissa. What doesn't kill her makes her stronger. She was this year's first late arrival a couple weeks ago. And this is Daxton. He's the reason pizza delivery around here is otherworldly fast." She then smiles at Rissa's compliment, blushing a touch. She's opening her mouth to respond when there's a buzzing from under the blankets. She frowns and pulls out her old beater prepaid phone and reads the display, then pulls an old beat up secondhand tablet from her laundry basket and turns it on. While it's warming up she goes back to talking to the others. "I just want to be respectful paying my respects is all."

Daxton frowns, but it's mostly at the machine, "I can just never get the detergent right…" Tab just introduced then so he nods, looking over at Rissa, "Hey, how goes?" No explanation on how he makes pizza deliver fast. An eyebrow raises slightly at the girls' talk, but he doesn't add to that conversation. That's dangerous territory.

Rissa actually giggles. Does… does she giggle? It fits her 'new' voice at least. She bustles over to Daton and reaches in, tutting as she begins to tug clothes out, separating them by lights, darks, taking out the reds, etc,"Let me… Please. We got to separate before you put detergent in. There's a guide on the side." Rissa smiles. Perhaps a tad shyly when Tabitha actually blushes. "Different ways to show respect, but I get what you're telling me. Besa will love it. I know he will. Whatever you have to say."

Tabitha doesn't get involved in the laundry talk. She's got her own clothes to deal with, which about now is aura-lifting them from the washers to dryers before Rissa notices that she's not exactly a 'separate by type' type, herself. Instead she waits patiently for her crap tablet to finish its start-up and opens up a messenger program to reply to the text she got on her even more crappy phone. She does a few rapid-fire texts back and forth with whoever, which leads her to seem very excited but also… worried? Then she sends another message and fires up Skype.

That frown stays, "It doesn't-" Dax then sighs, letting Rissa separate the clothes. He's not going to fight someone helping with laundry. There's a lot of tank tops and sweat pants. One hoodie which smells a lot like pizza. And two LightHouse Pizza shirts. He huffs, "Reading." Is he joking or serious? It's hard to tell. He glances again at Tabs, but doesn't say anything. Things are rock enough between them.

Cue the stare of Laundry-disapproval. Rissa stares a the undifferentiated mass of Laundry Tabitha extracts. She looks ready to blow a blood vessel at the sheer untidiness of the thing! She doesn't say anything to that, though. Instead. She takes a deep breath. She'll not fuss… for now. Still, she works to start measuring out detergent when she has everything separated and ready, apparently unconcerned with the smell. "You don't like to read? Well, that's okay. Is everything alright Tabby? Those tacos comin' back on you?"

Tabitha's aura shifts the clothing into several dryers (she doesn't separate but she also doesn't overload) while trying to maintain an innocent expression in the face of Rissa's gimlet stare. She'll eventually shrug and try to exchange a 'what's the big deal?' look with Daxton. Rissa's question gets a raised eyebrow, "I'll have you know that there is no food on this Earth that could ever make me sick." The girl drinks cyanide as a nutritional supplement, so this is likely a true statement.

She raises up the tablet as her Skype connection is completed. On the screen is the other side of the connection in which a teen girl sits at what looks to be a kitchen table, her features are a mixture of African and First Nations. The girl gives a wave when she sees that Tabitha isn't alone on her end. "Oh, hey there Dax-licious! Love the haircut. And hey, unknown person." Tabitha shakes her head at the greetings. "That's Rissa." There is comprehension on the Skype girl's face at the introduction. "Rissa, this is my orphan sister, Katrina. The fashion maven I was telling you about. And who was going to tell me what it is that has her calling me about something she doesn't want to tell our caretaker about?" The stare that Rissa was giving Tabs earlier is now sent Katrina's way.

Daxton isn't dumb, Angry girl about laundry is angry. He sighs, "I'll read it." He doesn't need another girl pissed at him. His cheeks flush and he waves, "Hey Katrina." Yeah, he quickly scans the directions and throws the detergent Rissa measured out into the machines to wash his clothes. "I'll be back…I'm gonna go run." He's running much more than before, possibly too much. Three machines are started. He glances down at the wind up watch on his wrist. "I'll be beck in 50." And then he's suddenly not there, running out of the room quicker than the eye can follow.

The girl blinks at the sudden lack of Daxton in the room, but instantly seems to relax looking, bemused. "Wow. I… wow. Did I just turn fifteen shades of airhead because of a boy?" Rissa is then being introduced and so she feels the urge to show off in the face of the girl's gaze. One hand goes on the corner of the furniture, and almost effortlessly she is using it to flip up and over onto the corner of the couch in a little acrobatic display meant to seem effortless. Thus plopped down next to Tabitha, she makes use of her new voice to greet the girl,"Nice to meet you. Your sister didn't tell me you were so pretty! Isn't it cheating with fashion if you already look good in anything?" Okay. She's laying it on thick a bit. She's trying to be nice though,"Did you need me to split, Tabby? I understand if this is private business." No commends about cyanide. Everyone likes almost, right?

Tabitha doesn't seem too surprised by Daxton's hasty retreat. All of Daxton's retreats are hasty, after all. She just shrugs at Rissa's bemused blinking, "Speed's his thing. Also awkwardness, and…" Here Katrina pipes up from the tablet, "And hotness, rippedness, and general YUM. Too bad he's taken." Katrina shrugs and lets out a dramatic sigh. "A girl can still fantasize, though."

This causes Tabitha to roll her eyes and make a 'talk, talk, talk' hand gesture where Rissa can see it but the camera can't. "I'd call it more five shades of airhead, maybe seven." She claps at the acrobatic display, the tablet being held up by her aura. "But don't worry, you're in good company at least. I was kind of the same around him last term. Right now, though I just with he'd stop making his trust issues into everyone else's problem."

Katrina shrugs at this but smiles from Rissa's compliment. "Well thank you for that. And hasn't knowing Tabitha taught you that the best way to play is to cheat? And no need to run off, either." Tabitha echoes this sentiment. "Stay. I'm guessing it's all girl talk Trini's got on her mind, and is just being dramatic."

"I haven't been into guys very long. Since the medicine, though… And lately, I've been noticing how they smell, which used to gross me out, but now…" She blushes and waves a hand,"That's gross and you should treat me like a leper for saying it." She manages to look sufficiently embarrassed,"Not important."

The hand gestures have Rissa stifling a giggle, even as she hops up again, finally remembering to turn on her own laundry and check on Dax's. Then she's popping back on the couch,"Anyway, just because I like looking at them doesn't mean I'm ready to do anything else. Eyes like candy too!" She doesn't shoot an evil look Tabitha's way, at least, in spit of the airhead comment. "Ninety-nine problems and a dude ain't one."

Rissa smiles brightly at the girl on the other end though,"I'm a good girl. I do things the right way." Except when she sneaks out to clubs to live it up the way her spirit feels free-est. But that's less cheating and more… subversive honesty. "So hit us with it then, Kitkat. I appreciate a sense of drama."

"Smell can be sexy, easy. And you're not a leper you're a leaper. Vowels are important." Tabitha shifts her position on the couch so she can kick her foot out from under her blanket and give Rissa a friendly nudge. Katrina chimes in at the ninety-nine problems bit. "I hear you on that. And no, it's not girl talk." She gets serious and leans in closer to the camera on her end. "Old Man Nate's been acting more odd than usual the last few weeks, like he's got big things going on. So I don't want to talk to him about this until I know for sure."

Tabitha looks like she wants to make a crack at this point, but that stops when she sees the seriousness in Katrina's face. "What is it, Sis? What's got you so wound up that you won't take it to Nathaniel when you know he'd drop everything for any one of us kids?" She sits up and shifts over a bit so that she can more easily hold up the tablet so both she and Rissa are in view and have a good view.

It takes Katrina a moment to find the words but when she does she whispers them into her mic. "I think I might… You know how the kids here all do what I say? Almost all the time and with hardly any argument?" Tabitha nods her head, "Yeah, you've got a way of getting through to just about anyone."

"Exactly. Except now I'm starting to think it might not just be a winning personality." Katrina sounds a touch worried but mostly uncertain. "Today at school Mellie Frye got in my face on one of her usual no talent rich girl tirades, but of course she did it where there weren't any witnesses around. I told her to go crawl in a corner and cry about it. And she looked like she wanted to hit me, but she just walked off." Here she pauses, but she continues before Tabitha can get impatient. "I didn't think of her again all day until I overheard some teachers talking about how the found her in the gym equipment closet crying. Tabs… I think I did that… I think there's something in my head!"

Rissa has the grace to blush at the compliment. When a blanketed foot kicks at her, she raises her hand in surrender, then raises the blanket so she can toss it over her lap. She has commandeered part of Tabitha's blanket! Now zero in! Absent-minded foot massages! Pokepoke, prodprod, squeeeze…

It's fidgety activity, alright but at least it keeps her hands busy. She's listening intently. Most of it makes no real sense to her. It involves parts of Tabitha's life she's not a hundred percent informed on. Still, she shows her concern all the same… Until finally…

"You'll need to be careful with this. Anyone finds out, you could be looking at assault with superhuman ability. It was an accident, but people can be douches about this kind of stuff. People find mental stuff scarier. Trust me on this." Because that will totally make the girl feel better about herself.

"Good news is, your sister being who she is means you're not out in the dark on this one." She looks at Tabitha and very seriously says,"Anything you need, you got it."

To say that Tabitha isn't quite sure how to process this news from her sister would be putting it mildly. She doesn't even really notice the under the blanket foot attacks, although she does absentmindedly retaliate a couple times. When Katrina finishes and after Rissa's reaction, she nods. "And doubly out of the dark because Nathaniel is a freaking super, too. Hell, he's /Tempest/ ferfucksake. So you're going to wait up for him, because you know he'll be back before midnight. You're going to tell him to call you in sick from school. Something that'll need a few days leave. Then you'll tell him what you told me and let him help figure out what's going on."

Katrina doesn't look happy about the 'assault' comment since it's an echo of why she's so worried in the first place, but the more Tabitha talks the more it seems like she's getting through. Eventually she nods although it's a bit shaky. Then the blinks as something Tabitha said gets through to her. "Wait… Old Man Nate is /Tempest/? But isn't that…" And Tabitha nods, "Yeah, the last witness in my war crimes trial. The one that fought against Lilith in Somalia. And yes, he and I had a long talk about him keeping that from me." Then she smirks and tosses her hair back in a dramatic flair. "Didn't hurt that he had to admit I completely kicked his ass back then."

"Jeezam. I'd be more impressed if I'd ever met this Nathaniel guy, I think, but still… TEMPEST?" She is quite positively 'agog' at this information. "Jeeze. You two travel in rarefied circle. I sit here praying noone will look up the Port Arthur crime page and you two know Tempest." Rissa switches to actually kneading the soles of the other girl's foot. Still needs something to do with her hands, and attacking Tabby now seems inappropriate.

"You'll be fine, Kitkat. Your sis is absolutely amazeballs at handling this kind of stuff and bonus, I'm on face-inverting retainer for her until further notice. Just… be careful what you say to people. Like, extra careful. At least until this all ends." Rissa flips her hair, trying to mimic Tabitha. It just doesn't really FIT her. "Anyway, anyone who can kick Tempest's ass can damn certain make sure her sister is taken care of."

"Port Arthur crime page, eh?" Tabitha shifts her eyes towards Rissa and smirks while trying to use her feet to grab at the poking hands. This causes blanket tangle, however, which is never helpful. "And I wouldn't say that we know Tempest. We know Nate King, flippin' giant, orphanage caretaker, and basically our dad. Also a Coral Springs alumni, which is why you need to put him in the loop, Trini." She turns her gaze back to the tablet and her sister on the other end. "He'll know how to figure out if you do have a power developing or if someone's just using you as a prop against Mellie." Then she smiles and holds her arms out to take in the room. "But hey, if it is in your head then you khow what that means."

"That I'd have to relearn how to put up with your snoring and bad study habits?" is Katrina's quick smartass response. "But alright, I'll message him." "Echo me on the message so he'll see it's a 'Twin T' issue. The worry about another broken fridge will get him to respond faster." Katrina laughs at Tabitha's remark, which causes Tabitha to smile since the point was to get her sister starting to relax. Soon a message pops up on the screen of Tabitha's tablet: 'OMN, come home early… got a Thing going on.' a reponse pops up, 'Already OMW. This a bagel Thing or a coffee Thing?' To which Tabitha holds up a finger to Katrina and sends her own reply: 'It's a muesli and cold tea in Rotterdam kind of Thing' Then she nods briskly, "That'll get him home quick."

Rissa apparently does not mind blanket tangle exactly… but she has to work to untangle it simply because her hands are now caught up. So Tabitha earns a temporary reprieve from poking at least. "If it's a power, then we'll throw you a coming-home party. And if you're a prop?" She smacks a fist into a palm with a sharp crack,"People aren't toys. My friends' people are off-limits."

This is followed by long moments of Rissa just staring at the interplay between the two,"You know… this is all… REALLY hard to follow for anyone who isn't one of you two… I'll just go ahead and assume this is kind of the point. That'll make me feel a little less lost, I think." She nods decisively as if it were settled,"Definitely talk to him. You've got a dad who LISTENS." There's a real ache there in her for a moment or two.

Katrina looks thankful to Rissa for her support. She smiles at the off-limits remark. "Thanks, Kari. For that, you get extra lace." Tabitha takes pity on Rissa's exposure to their 'family' way of talking. "Any kind of trouble at the orphanage is called a Thing. What kind of Thing it is depends on what kind of food goes best. A bagal Thing is simple, low end trouble. The kind you can have a casual meal over with hard to chew foods. A coffee Thing is more serious, where the most you can grab is a cup of coffee before diving in. My message about muesli and cold tea was about the meal he and I had after I learned he was Tempest."

At the ache in Rissa's voice, Tabitha skooches over and wraps an arm around her shoulders and gives her a bearhug. On the tablet, Katrina nods. "Yeah, he's worlds better than my bio-dad was." Then she blushes and looks around as if checking for eavesdroppers, "But don't you ever tell him I said that out loud!"

"Said what out loud, Kitten?" The new voice is a deep, rich slow cadance barritone coming from behind Katrina. On the screen there is a large shadow coming in through the door to the kitchen Katrina is sitting in. Judging by its size relative to the fridge that's also in-shot, it's easy to see why the ceilings seem to be so high in that place. Katrina shuts up with a smothered 'EEP' and Tabitha chuckles and waves at the camera. "Fast driving, Nathaniel! I'll be home after school tomorrow. Save me some muesli!"

Rissa lets a soft 'aaah' escape her as the meals 'scheme' is talked out. She looks on with a sort 'awe'ed expression. "Damn girl. Invite your family over with mine to Thanksgiving dinner. You want a meal so bad you gotta use it for codes, we'll feed you. What's a few more mouths. It's a big family. Germans all over the place."

She makes a chomping noise. Omnomnom. Then she is tensing first… then relaxing when she is hugged. She reaches up to pat one of the arms wrapped around her body gently,"Don't worry, family-girl. Your secret's safe with me. Besides, I don't even know the guy. An adult talking with a kid like me… That'd be a little weird, wouldn't it? YES SIR. HER GRADES ARE GOOD SIR."

"Oh wow is that…" She drops to a hush. Yeah. It's Tempest. Sort of. She doesn't speak up too loud. "Hiii! Your daughter's doing great! Getting good grades and being super-nice and not even dealing crack or anything!" Yes. She just said that. To Tabitha's parental figure.

The shadow resolves into a lean giant of a man with grizzled features that leans over Katrina's shoulder to look into the camera and smirk at Tabitha and Rissa. "Ah, so they finally reopened the laundry room? Took them long enough." His grin widens at Rissa's babble, especially at the 'daughter' part. He's nice enough not to comment on the 'dealing crack' bit, too. Tabitha, however, gives Rissa a good elbowing at that bit. "Shush, you'll ruin my side business!"

That crack has the desired effect of breaking Katrina out of her 'oh shit he heard me' paralysis, but she's still being silent. Nathaniel shifts his gaze through the camera over to Rissa. "You must be the new Promethean I've heard about. That was my team, too." At this Tabitha interrupts with an eye-roll, "Yes, and you can tell her all about it later. Right now you've got a Thing to deal with and its name is Hurricane Katrina. I'll talk to you tomorrow, Nathaniel." She takes a moment to wave and blow kisses and then shuts down the tablet and sits back in the cough with a sigh. "My sister might be some kind of telepath. Huh."

"Could be. Maybe it's just her voice though. Maybe she's not a telepath at all. Maybe she's just got that magicy voice." Rissa flushes, waving after Nathaniel as he is departed,"It was nice to meet you sir!" Rissa leans to the side and flops an arm over Tabitha's shoulder, trying to project a sort of… confidence and bearing. "Look at you being the good sister. Your dad seems cool. Kinda handsome. You got a hot dad. Let that scar you forever. Muah muah muah!" She blows kisses in the air at Tabitha as she pops up to check on the laundry again,"Seriously. You've got a nice family. You've got a lot to be proud of, hun."

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