(2016-10-02) You Can't Change Dead
You Can't Change Dead
Summary: Rissa is in mourning while a few try and comfort her. Lynzee.. is far too practical.
Date: 2016-10-02
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It was later in the evening. After…news had had time to spread. Earlier in the evening, students from the school had been on board the Ferry and it was attacked by the mechanical Kraken. During the event, Besa had gotten dragged under the water while protecting others. His body was later discovered and he had been pronounced dead. Aidan had two initial instincts when he heard the news.
First, was the obvious grief. Second, was checking on Rissa. Besa and her were both on his team…Prometheus. Sitting on one of the benches now, with Rissa, Aidan just tries to be there for her. Sure, he was broken up about it too…it was obvious by his expression but Rissa had actually been there. He could break later…he'd make sure his teammate was alright first. In whatever manner she needed to grieve, he'd let her…silent for the moment.

Rissa is definitely not the strong silent type. Which is unfortunate for Aida. Because she's COVERED in black dye, though she's mostly dry now. Her hands have been bandaged up, though they're likely already on the mend… ever so slowly. As it is, she, probably much like her fellow students, feels pretty… hollowed out now. So Aidan gets a stained shirt for his troubles, and a tall lanky young Promethean who probably needs to go get a shower or stop touching things. "I was right there! I went into the water after him, but it was so dark, and I couldn't see, and if I'd just stayed down a little longer, maybe I would've found him, and…" It's been going on and on in that vein for a good few minutes. Sacrifice is a Promethean thing. Apparently she feels she failed at that.

Lynzee was in her room having just got back to the school after the weekend out to wherever it is the orphan goes on the weekends. Coincidentally, Harold had been absent for the weekend as well, so conclusions could be drawn. Of course the news was buzzing through the school and she had heard it, but though she looks rather solemn, she doesn't look as if she's been crying. Noticing Aidan and the girl, she gives a curious once over. "People die," she says in a solemn tone that matches that look.

Jacob hasn't yet heard who was there, but darn it, /someone/ is going to need moral support, and so here he is. Homework can wait a while, he was pretty much caught up anyway. There's one other thing that's occurred to him, something he was going to keep to himself, though when Lynzee speaks up, he does whisper it to her. "People might get better." Because superpowers, right? He really really hopes he turns out to be right about this one.

Aidan keeps an arm around her, letting her lean into him if she wanted but also not forcing it. His shirt was indeed getting messed up, but he didn't care. Clothes didn't matter. "Yeah or we could be mourning TWO deaths tonight…" His tone falters at that, the awkward pyro not used to experiencing this kind of grief really. He was lucky in that regard. With Lynzee and Jacob's arrival, as well as their subsequent remarks, Aidan frowns but doesn't respond to either.
Maybe they meant well and maybe they didn't…but right now the lanky junior was obviously not in the mood for obvious statements or wishful thinking. Instead his attention goes back to Rissa "You need water or anything? I've got a bottle in my backpack…some other drinks and snacks too. Just let me know." Aidan's backpack sits on the ground beside the bench.

Lynzee's expression of the nature of life gets another fresh, bawling round of sobs from Rissa. "BWAAAAAAAH…" Yep. Definitely not a strong silent type. "He was a nice guy! He was always nice! It sucks and its wrong! He was excited about his POTTERY. He was selling it. Making money. He was PROUD." More bawling, and she drags her arm across her face. She does not hear Jacob's comment, probably because of her own loud crying. "N-n-no… that's worse somehow… I'm… falling apart in my brain and everything feels just… fine…" Even in this emotional crisis, her body just says: No ma'am, no water, no food, no air. We don't need to rest. Please continue. "I just feel so damned tired…"

Lynzee regards the crying girl with that same solemn look though she does turn her attention to Jacob with his input. "Some people can come back, but I don't know what his powers are. I hope he can." There's a curiosity that takes root in her expression. "Why are you crying? People don't live forever. No one does, I guess." It befuddles her a little, but she's got a slightly detached air about her.

Well, Jacob was /trying/ to keep his voice down. Maybe he didn't, or Aidan has super hearing, or the place just has weird acoustics. Maybe all three. In any case, he just looks to Lynzee again and nods, then heads over to the other side of Rissa. "Hey. Hey, you— I don't know." He really doesn't. "But we're here or you, okay?"

Aidan is trying to comfort Rissa's now increased state of emotion when Lynzee's words…and especially that tone again…get his full attention and he turns to face her. "What in the hell is wrong with you?" Keeping a firm hand gripping Rissa's, that's probably the only thing keeping the pyro in his seat. He would stay here for her. "I don't care how used to death you are or just how apathetic or…whatever you are towards it for whatever reason…but not everybody is the same way. Obviously she's not and I'm not so how about a little sympathy and tact? You're obviously just upsetting her more…" When Jacob sits down beside Rissa he tenses, but at least the Athena didn't seem to be escalating Rissa's emotional instability…at least for now. Aidan just sighs, giving Rissa's hand a reassuring squeeze. "Counselor said we can stop back by the office if we need to tonight. Or just return to the dorm. It's up to you…"

"Because it makes me sad! It's not like I knew him super-well, but he was sort of my friend, and my teammate. When I came here, I'd never had any friends! And now there's one less again, and I don't get to spend any more time with him because he's gone!" Not shouting. Just sobbing her guts out. At least she gave Lynzee an answer. Oh look! Another body to comfort. Now there's an arm on Aidan AND Jacob, and now more people can have black stuff on their uniforms. Share the love! When her hand is squeezed, she does her best not to squeeze back too hard. Mostly to avoid breaking any hands or anything. She shakes her head at the Counselor, though,"Home. Home is what matters." Whatever she means by that. "Aidan I… thanks, but it's okay. Everyone deals differently." She THINKS Lynzee is in denial. Because of pop psychology.

Lynzee doesn't look taken aback by the outburst from Aidan, simply accepting of it. "You can't change dead." The words have a ring of finality to them. "Did you know Kaylee is gonna be blind? Are you so sad over that? It's something that can maybe be fixed, but I don't see people trying so hard to fix that. There's so many other things that need fixed and no one wants to fix something until it's too late. Until someone is dead."

Man, and this is one of Jacob's favorite t-shirts, too. Well, they're all one of his favorites, he left the lame ones back home when he first came to the school. "Yeah, I know," he offers to Rissa, even as /he/ now shoots Lynzee a quick hey-what-the-hell? sort of look. This is sort of like a wake, right, they should say nice things about the departed? "I didn't know him that well, but I remember him all right. All 'I don't know about this' or 'I'm not allowed to do this'. I was waiting for him to come out of his shell, you know? Because you knew he was going to make it."

At Rissa's words to him, Aidan glances back to the girl and is quiet a moment before he just nods. He'd leave it at that, not responding to Lynzee, but also turning his attention back to Rissa now since she was still upset. Jacob's words then, along with Rissa's prior ones, cause a sad smile to come to the pyro's features. "Exactly. He was a friend, Rissa. A good friend…a good…person." He pauses, frowning again and looking to the floor, taking a moment before continuing. "He gave his life protecting others. People he cared about. We need to remember that and celebrate that…even while we grieve. He was brave. He was a Prometheus."

Rissa is nodding,"He was nice to talk to. He was friendly, and he never made me feel good. He was definitely Prometheus. He-" Lynzee's comment 'you can't change dead' kindles something in her eyes, cutting her short. She steps away from Aidan and Jacob, and looks up. Maybe at something only she can hear,"Can't change death… Of course you can…" Her eyes take on a soft, reddish glow,"COME ON YOU LITTLE TWERP. I know you can fix it! You did it once, you can do it again. Answer me!" Nothing happens. "No, I don't want you to 'fix it so it doesn't hurt again'. I want you to fix HIM. Fix Besa!" Her face twists in anger, and she shots,"I don't want to hear that!"

Truly, Lynzee hadn't expected her own views to be welcome, in fact she was just passing through when she had noticed those gathered. The response from Rissa somehow doesn't freak her out, she just nods solemnly, "If it can be changed then it will be. If it can't.." she shrugs, the conclusion is obvious. "I gotta go unpack my stuff. I was out at the clubhouse all weekend. I didn't want Besa to die though. And I don't want Kaylee to be blind either." As if the two are the same. With a wave and a smile, she heads towards her dorm room.

Jacob takes a couple steps back, giving Rissa plenty of room. A glance toward Lynzee: well, yeah, she's not wrong about any of that, even if the decision to bring it up now is… yeah, wow. As for bringing people back from the dead, he doesn't know anything specific, so he just turns toward Aidan and shrugs.

A similar look of confusion is given from the lanky junior. Aidan had no idea what was going on, but he did know one thing. If a woman is angry enough to see red…whatever you do…don't do anything to get her focus on YOU. His mom had taught him that! Given that Rissa's eyes were literally red right now, he just sits on the bench and watches, ready to step in if she needed but just letting her sort things out for the moment.

"Screw you!" A middle finger is raised to the sky and a torrent of abuse litters the air as she curses some unseen source of ire. Since she doesn't need to breath, it gets pretty impressive in length and emphasis. Eventually, however, even she tires herself out, and she is left panting. "I can't bring him back. And HE refuses to." She plops her head into her hands,"Go. Go get unpacked. Everyone should rest." She plops onto a bench, and sighs,"Sorry. That… that looked crazy, huh?" The red fades from her eyes.

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