(2016-10-02) Death by Kraken
Death by Kraken
Summary: Another robotic kraken attack leads to a fatal outcome
Date: 2016-10-02
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Today is the day! What day is it! A day to go into the city, Thunder Bay though not just town. Get Rissa her makeover, maybe catch a show. Rain of course is the instigator for this whole outing and she has invited other friends to go as well. Of course to get to Thunder Bay getting to the mainland is required and that is happening at the moment. The ferry that shuttles the students to and from the island is pulling into the dock at Coral Springs, the soft bump of the large vessel against the dock sending a slight tremor through the ferry. The sounds of the crew securing the vessel and getting ready for passengers to disembark can be heard easily.

Recent experience has left Rain a bit nervy of this mode of travel instead of leaning against the rail and watching the scenery through the voyage she has taken a seat on the upper deck, where she can enjoy the pleasant weather and still feel somewhat safe.

Besa's at the railing, eyes nervously watching the waters. A hand is in his pocket, fidgeting with something. His fedora hat is back on and the Egyptian teen has a hoodie on to stave off the cold air. He's been fairly quiet, something on his mind.

Rissa is excited to say the least. She still has her hair in a waterful braid, of course, but mostly she's just bouncing from foot to foot as she follows Rain. Sure, she's not seated, but she can SEE things from the upper deck at least,"What's got you so in a tiz?" Right. She's new. She wouldn't know about new troubles and such, not personally. "I've never done this before, but it's going to be so much fun." She whips out a cellphone and starts tweeting to all seven of her twitter followers. Maven of society and fashion, this one!

Sorrel hadn't been part of the group roped into going into town for the makeover party. However, she was standing at the docks waiting for the Ferry. She needed to take care of some things for Project: Bot Fight. If she didn't do something with that soon she was going to lose her mind. Even though she was grateful to have her powers back, thanks to Becca and Daxton, she still couldn't actually show that she had them back…so things had still been stressful.

Which led to frequent trips out, like now. Sorrel's eyes go over to Rissa with her excited statement, a brow lofting at the rapid tweeting but she offers a smile over to Besa who looked more nervous. "Nice hat…" It was a true compliment, but hopefully something to help distract the panicked teen. "What are you guys up to?"

The tremor that goes through the vessel has Rain taking a bit of a breath and getting to her feet "It's nothing Rissa." she gives a smile to the other girl then glances over to Besa "You ready Besa?" she begins to head down the stairs to the gangplank that leads to the dock "I hope so." she watches Rissa get to posting on her phone and addresses Besa again "Everything alright?" and then Sorrel is coming onto the boat and addressing them. Not really knowing the girl, but recognizing her from school at least she gives her a polite grin "Taking a trip to Thunder Bay."

Hat, no hat. It's been a topic of much debate lately. Besa offers Sorrel a soft smile, "Thank you." It doesn't distract him long, he straightens and brings his gaze back to the water. But Rain is calling, "Yes Rain. I am ready." he follows, giving Rain a Sky like shrug, "I am." he's not, but doesn't want to get into it here.

Rissa grins at Rain now as she tucks her phone away,"Maybe we can get you a feather for your hat, Besa? We can get you some more braids, if you like, too." She is still practically skipping but at least she has begun to calm down a little. She even holds out a hand to Sorrel,"Rissa. Nice to meet you. At least, I don't think I have. Memory isn't always so good."

"Ah…cool" a nod is given to Rain as Sorrel follows the group onto the Ferry, hand moving to adjust the satchel that is over her shoulder and across her chest. She's probably a stark fashion contrast to the group. No snazzy fedora. No coordinated outfit or manicure. No pretty braid. Her wild curls were left free and she wears jeans that were tattered around the feet, a graphic tshirt on and walmart brand knock off converse shoes. A well worn hoodie is atop it all to help keep any potential weather at bay, at least a little. With Rissa's introduction, Sorrel takes the hand in a quick shake…"Sorrel. Hi." Her hand is then back into the strap of her bag.

<FS3> Rain rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Besa rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Rissa rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Sorrel rolls Alertness: Failure.

The shrug is very familiar, but Rain doesn't have Sky abilities or that type of connection with Besa so she can only accept what he says as fact..though skeptical. Either way she gives him a smile, encouragement yay! "I'm Rain and this is Besa." Rain continues the introductions after Sorrel gives her own.

As that is going on the surface of the water all around the ferry begins to churn and bubble slowly at first though it picks up quickly.

Dark eyes glance to Rissa and her feathers, but then he shakes his head softly, "No…I do not think I will braid my hair anymore." It causes more drama than it's worth. "I may just shave it." The horror! But it would keep people from using it against each other. Stupid people. Besa takes a deep breath and offers Sorrel a small smile and hello, "Hello." His head tilts, hearing the water before seeing, "What is that?" But in his heart, he knows and takes a smalls rep towards Rain while reaching into his pocket again.

"Oh, hun, that would be a shame. You've got such beautiful hair. It's certainly your choice, though. If you decide to shave it, then we'll get you some beanies or something." Rissa is suddenly distracted from more well-wishing after the shake, her mouth open to say… SOMETHING to Rain. Then she notices something, so she goes over to the rail,"What's that?"

Sorrel grins and is about to say something about Besa's head shave idea, but then his question followed by Rissa's curiosity causes her to tense. Stepping close enough to the rail to see the action on the water's surface, a hand quickly grabs Rissa's arm as the Metis attempts to pull her back away from the railing "It's the water monster. Don't get near the edge!" Investigating the strange event is what gets you killed in horror and sci-fi movies, people! Also…water monster? Maybe it would act as motivation for her to move though. Still, even as she tries to pull the girl to safety, she keeps herself more in front of the group herself. Stubborn Metis.

The thought of Besa shaving his hair off because of other people's behaviour is a cringe worthy event for Rain but so is the sudden apprehension of those around her and than Sorrel mentioning a sea monster. There is a glance at Besa then she is looking over to the other two girls "Get away from the rails!" she exclaims, looking around for a path of retreat.

Sorrel and Rissa, looking over the edge easily see the mini-krakenbots skittering up the sides of the ferry, the ends of their tentacles pointy and sharp, peircing the side to make getting up fast and easy. There are lots of them, and they have already blocked the way across the gangplank. The water continues to bubble and churn rapidly there is still something under there, and when the longer, thicker tentacles burst out of the water there is no question as to what it is.

Besa curses, it might be funny in any other circumstance. "Son of a Donkey!" He takes a step back, his free hand flying out to try to shield Rain. He yells to the hopefully retreating from the rails girls, "How many?" He needs to know what rune to grab!

Rissa at first clings to the rail, but then she's got TWO people telling her to get away from the rails and one of them is even pulling at her. So she finally lets herself be pulled back, looking… Confused. Still, she sighs as she is pulled back from the rail, and pulls a hair tie out of her pocket and begins pulling her hair back,"I take it the thing isn't the sort of thing we can just punch into submission. How strong are those little things?" She starts to kick off her shoes, sliding them back to Sorrel,"Any chance of rescue, or are we on our own? You know, this actually seriously makes me miss having people shoot at me."

<FS3> Sorrel rolls Technology: Good Success.

Sorrel looks down at the little bots, brow furrowing as she doesn't back away from them but does kick them off her shoes or away if they get too close. "Not sure how many, but there are several…and they're AI." What's AI? That's on them to know! Her focus remains on the little bots, looking across as they block the gangplank. She starts to focus harder, aiming to try and disrupt the little bots if she can, but then the larger tentacles bursting out of the water have her eyes widening. "Get back!" she yells to the others, as if they needed that motivation, her taking a couple steps back herself but keeping her focus on the bigger Kraken. "Try and take out the little ones. Stomp em. Squish em. Whatever!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Large Kraken=8

< Rain: Success Large Kraken: Great Success

< Net Result: Large Kraken wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical Vs Large Kraken=8

< Besa: Failure Large Kraken: Success

< Net Result: Large Kraken wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sorrel=hacking Vs Little Krakens=5

< Sorrel: Good Success Little krakens: Failure

< Net Result: Sorrel wins - Solid Victory

It had been weeks since the little krakens had made an appearance and even longer since the incident with the larger one. Rain had hoped that it was all over with them, but seems that is not the case. With no retreat off the ferry and Besa sheilding her, she looks around, maybe she will have better luck with that oar this time. As the larger tentacles burst out she grabs Besa's arm for a moment but the lets go, she refuses to be a damsel in distress and goes for that oar that she used, to little effect against the sharkmen, but these aren't sharkmen so she hopes she will have better luck.

She doesn’t get to far before the tentacles are homing in and arrowing toward her to wrap around her waist, lifting her up into the air, the other attempting to knock her protector aside.

Besa has dealt with the large Kraken before, sure he got hurt doing it, but he was effective. There is a glance back at Rain to make sure she is okay and then he is rushing toward the rail, his plan to jump over board is derailed though as he is knocked over board instead, he manages to get a deep breath in though before hitting the water.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rissa=physical Vs Large Kraken=8

< Rissa: Success Large Kraken: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Rissa WAS getting ready to stomp out baby Krakens… Then her new friend gets captured by a giant tentacle. "Crapcrapcrap… I've only fought PEOPLE before…" Still, she leaps up onto the tentacle holding Rain, and digs her fingers and toes into joints in the creature and starts to exert herself. The air around her grows slightly hazy as her body warps physics to give her the strength to fight. Unfortunately, the thing seems to be just as strong as her, and the two are locked in stalemate, Rissa straining as hard as she can… While the tentacle does what tentacles do: Hold on. "It's… nnng… too strong… Don't know if I can force it open. Rain, you okay?"

Well this escalated quickly! "Hold on!" Who is she yelling that to? Everybody! Sorrel manages to get enough of the little buggars under her control and soon they were scurrying over towards where Rissa was trying to help Rain. "Don't hurt the 20 bots coming up the tentacle. I've got control of them. They're gonna try and help you get her out of there." With that, the little bots are sent to work! Her next focus sends her running to the side of the ferry Besa had fallen over. "Besa!" If he's easily spotted she'll offer her hand, but either way she looks desperately for the teen.

Rain of course is screaming, a mix of fear and aggravation as her fingers claw at the tentacle around her waist. Her manicure is going to be ruined! As Besa is knocked over board she cries out and struggles even more frantically "Get me loose!" she pleads with Rissa as she notices the girl attacking the tentacle that has her captured.

The tentacle that has Rain is starting to retract back into the water, with both Rissa clinging on to it and Rain in its grasp.

The other tentacle darts after Besa as he splashes and sinks down into the water.

As for the little bots they are scurrying along the tentacles and are quickly using their sharp pointy tentacles to perforate around the tentacles near where Rissa is clinging on, perhaps giving her a weak spot that she can use to her advantage!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rissa=physical Vs Large Kraken=5

< Rissa: Good Success Large Kraken: Success

< Net Result: Rissa wins - Solid Victory

Rissa scampers along the tentacle as the little bots turn on their… progenitor? Whatever it is. She gets her fingers and toes in the perforation,"I'm trying, Rain, I'm trying! How's Besa doing? Is he okay?" Rissa turns, changing position, sets her shoulders, and flexes hard,"Almsot… got it…" As the haze around her grows thicker, a high-pitched whining sound escapes. This is followed by the sound of metal tearing as she begins to do her darned best to rip the tentacle in half. It's hard to concentrate with all those creepy baby kraken running around, but Sorrel said ignore them. Luckily, she has other things on her mind. "AAAAAGH!" She's never tried to rip robot-parts in half before! It's hard!

<FS3> Sorrel rolls Technology: Good Success.

Crap! This was NOT good! Sorrel watches as Besa is taken down under the water, turning back and seeing Rissa at least seems to have some luck with the tentacle that has Rain. "It dragged Besa under! I'm going to see if I can get a read on the thing from up here and bring it down. Or at least weaken it. If you guys can do anything to help Besa without getting yourselves killed go for it!" She didn't know their powers or what they were or weren't capable of. Right now though they had to act fast. She tries to focus on the Kraken and get an idea of what she was working with. If she could do that…her next goal would be to attack it directly.

As Rissa rips the tentacle that has Rain captured in half the rent section falls to the deck of the ferry, letting the girl go in the process. The girl is free but ouch that hurt. As for the little robots they are swarming around, their task isn't really to attack but to confuse, distract and at times collect data. They are swarming around Sorrel, climbing on each other and even go so far as to climb up the girl. Another group of them are going after the renegade robots trying to get them off the tentacle so no more harm is done. The rest are going after Rissa.

Rissa meanwhile drops to the ground, nearly landing poorly on her foot. And then? Things are SWARMING her. SWARMING. "ACK!" Harming? Maybe not so much, but Besa's in the water. And these things are creepy, trying to crawl all over her! Flailing about and sputtering, she moves towards the water for a jump into the ocean. She takes a deep breath… Though not for her own benefit. She doesn't really need to breath. No. Besa's down there and she has no idea how long he can hold his breath. Time to see if the mermaid trick works! She leaps in with a splash. Probably still covered in creepy little robots.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sorrel=hacking Vs Little Krakens=5

< Sorrel: Good Success Little krakens: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

With Rissa going in after Besa, Sorrel keeps her attention on the little bots. Batting away the ones starting to crawl up her and stomping at some of the others…the goal is to get more control. However, with all the distractions it doesn't go well. At least she manages to keep control of the 20 she has, but she doesn't get anymore than that. That'll have to do. 12 of the mini krakens stay on the big one, increasing their attack even as it goes back under the water. For whatever help it gives those below. 7 remain on deck and start going at the other mini krakens to try and deplete their forces. Finally, one lone kraken bot makes it's way to scurry over and up Sorrel's form before securing a spot in the pocket of her jacket. "You okay, Rain?" she looks over and checks on the girl that's left on the ferry with her.

Well besides bleeding fingers from ripped fingernails and some bumps and bruises, Rain seems okay "Fine." she gets to her feet, limping over to the rail to look over the side, eyes searching from the two that went overboard.

Once under the water Rissa can see the shadow of the underwater menace and the little krakenbots that Sorrel is controlling swarming toward it to wreck whatever havoc they can do to it. They more a lot faster under the water.

As the two girls look over the edge of the boat, the fedora that was onto of Besa's head floats up to the top of the ocean. It's crushed.

Rissa wasn't exactly made to see underwater, but she can see the beast and no sign of Besa just yet. So she heads in the direction of that under-water shadow. Why? Well, hopefully he's just being held close to it. Hands and eyes cast about as she swims on towards it. If she doesn't see Besa there? Then she's just gonna try to grab the thing and start twisting and pulling things until it either stops… Manages to stop her… Or she loses consciousness from a severe beating.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sorrel=Hacking VS Little Krakens=5

< Sorrel: Good Success Little Krakens: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

"Damnit!" What was wrong with her today? This is what she gets for being out of practice for so long now. Heading over to the edge of the boat, she can still feel the bots she's controlling and she has to hope that's enough to help Besa and Rissa for now. However, as she looks into the water and sees Besa's fedora her form tenses. "DAMNIT!" and she delivers a swift kick to the side of the ferry. "Stupid fucking school and it's restrictions!" What on earth was she on about? With a shaky hand running through her hair she looks around "We have to do something. There has to be a way we can help them…"

Spotting one of the life preserver rings Sorrel grabs it, moving over to the side of the boat again now that the bots were starting to draw back. If nothing else at least they could be ready to help them when they surfaced? They had to surface. Right? Dropping the life preserver at her and Rain's feet she then starts taking her backpack off, the bot she had kept in her pocket scurrying to get inside really quick before she closes it and then picks the preserver back up. She'd jump in if they weren't back soon…then THREE students could drown!

The crushed fedora has Rain blanching and she leans over the rail frantically searching for Besa "No. No. No." she cries real tears beginning to form in her eyes. He can't have been captured…or worse.

The robots on the ferry have started to retreat, flowing over the sides of the ferry to sink into the water and rapidly descend on the larger ship. The ones that Sorrel commands have gotten into the underwater vessel someone. Whatever they are doing the thing starts to vibrate and shake, its remaining tentacles flailing as it suddenly emits a large amount of dye into the water, making the surrounding area go pitch black as it suddenly takes off through the water at a high rate of speed, using the ink to cover its tracks.

Well. That's gross. And still no sign of Besa. She flails around under the surface of the water for a long time, looking for some sign of the young man. Still, in time, even she gives up. She can't see, and she doesn't THINK he'd be holding his breath this long. Soooo… the now well-dyed young woman, hair and clothes sopping wet surface, letting out a shout,"I can't find him, and I can't see!" She's scrubbing at her eyes. Trying to get the dye out? "Someone throw me a rope?" Her hands flail about in the water for signs of some kind of line or something.

"If he's still down there, something must've taken him. It squirted… like… ink and stuff everywhere and that was the last thing I saw." Her own blood, from manhandling metal is now making small red notes among the dye from the cuts in her palms. She is otherwise, mostly fine. Not what she meant when she asked for a makeover,"Did he surface while I was down?"

Breath catching in her throat as something breaks through the surface, there is a sigh of relief when Sorrel sees it's Rissa. However, her heart instantly drops as she realizes Besa isn't also with her. Still, at least one of them was alright. They'd figure out the rest later. Taking the life preserver and making sure the rope is secured to the boat, she calls out "No…he didn't" That is quickly followed by "Life preserver coming out! Watch out and listen for where it hits in the water!" With that warning she'd toss it and aim to get it as close to the girl as she could.

It's a few minutes of searching, not only the students but the crew of the boat and quickly the people on the dock as well. A student overboard is scary.

Soon, a call goes out, there's something floating off the edge of the ink cloud in the water. Besa is soon pulled onto the dock and immediately CPR. His clothes and body are stained with the ink.

Rain is wringing her hands in the railing as she moves to Sorrel's side to help the girl pull Rissa in once she has the life preserver "Are you alright? Where is he?" Rain calls out frantically to the girl below. Her attention is pulled then to the cries that a body was found. It can only be Besa and Rain is pushing from the railing and beating feet to the docks where the unconscious and limp body of Besa is being seen too. One of the rescuers grabs her to keep her out of the way and she struggles but he is stronger. As the EMTs work on him a group of CS teachers arrive on the scene, though not before the teenboy is pronounced dead. Several of the teachers help with Rissa and Sorrel, which another takes Rain in hand, comforting the crying girl and the other two take charge of Besa. There will be questions, but those will wait, for now.

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