(2016-10-02) Bike Shopping
Bike Shopping
Summary: Dax and Felicia go bike shopping, Inferno tags along to help out
Date: 2016-10-02
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Coral Springs is too small and touristy to have its own bike shop…well bike shop for motorcycles, there are plenty for regular bikes. Thunderbay was much larger though with plenty of the right kind of shops for their bike needs.

While Felicia may not have the funds to buy a new bike or even a recent year used one, the guys at bike shops know bikers and could know someone who needs to get rid of a bike fast and cheap. At least that's what she got out of the initial conversation when Inferno explained why they were here. Right now the two guys of duty are busy, one with another customer, the other on the phone, so the trio for the moment are being left to thier own devices. Not that she will need one but Felicia is looking at the helmets. Picking one up that is black with a blue stripe along each side she puts it on her head, and slides the sunvisor down over her eyes, it's a bit big though and the helmet nearly blocks her eyes instead of the visor.

Daxton's has been quiet for the most part, letting Inferno and Fel talk. Currently he's nearby, looking at helmets too.

Inferno smirks at her though, "Need one that fits or you'll get pulled over…or crash your bike." And no one wants that! He turns his head and coughs, it's pretty rough sounding, and Dax's head whips around to watch him, worriedly.

Turning her head to look at Inferno Felicia nods to him, the helmet big enough that it just slides around a bit. "That's an easy fix." raising her hands she puts one on each side of the helmet and it slowly starts to shrink, until it fits her head perfectly. "You okay?" her hands drop and she gives Dax a glance then looks back to Inferno.

Inferno looks back and smirks, shaking his head, "Don't that revert back ever?" He shoots Dax a glare, which causes the speedster to roll his eyes and move over to the jackets. Inferno sigh, "Yeah, just can't shake this damn cough is all."

"Not as long as it is on me. If I put it down and don't touch it again it will go back to its normal size in a few hours." she glare is noted and she can't help but give a laugh at the two. Removing the helmet, she puts it back on the shelf, then ruffles her hair "And I guess seeing a real doctor is out of the question?"

Daxton snorts from where he is but keeps quiet. Inferno's eyes narrow, but then he shakes his head, "No. Tempo's got the best healthcare plan of us all. Although Pulse is decent with Medical crap." She's just not a doctor. He eyes her ruffling her hair, but doesn't say anything else.

"Yeah but he has to pay for it with boring classes, homework and detentions." Felicia isn't quite sure that it is a fair exchange. And she knew exactly who Inferno was speaking of. "Maybe after this we should stop by the pharmacy and get you something for it at least." she moves over to where some motorcycles are on display "So should I go with the crotch rocket," she's a teenager she can't help but chuckle at the term, "or someone more retro?" they have both.

Inferno just laughs, "Shit. He does homework?" That's going to be a source of ribbing for a long time. He starts to argue, but then nods. Maybe something will help this time. Daxton ignores them, focusing on the jackets, armor might be nice when he's running. Inferno asks, "Well, what's the point of this, speed or strength?"

"Well not willingly, but with enough prodding and bribing he will." Felicia admits, maybe that will cut down on the teasing about that at least "I have plenty of strength, speed would be good." she knows what Inferno is getting at so she turns to look at the speedier of the cycles on display. Maybe she is going to take up racing.

Infenro waits till she turns her back before making a face. Ugh, crouch rockets. Okay then. He steps up, looking at the models with her. "He was never good at doing written assignments. He'd always flash his baby blues and get Pulse or AfterThought to fill out his reports." It used to annoy him, not it's just kinda amusing, and a memory when things were better for them.

Felicia leans a bit to look past Inferno to Dax "Oh yeah, he does have blue eyes doesn't he." that's one of those things she forgets every once in awhile. There is a nod at Inferno "There are probably a few girls at school that would work on." clearly she is't one of them. Which is smart since she is sure that Dax wants to pass his classes with better than a C average…maybe.

Looking back at the bikes she frowns at the bike "I'm sorry. Every time I see one of these bikes I can't help but think douchebag. Is there a model that is like a happy medium between strength and speed. That I don't have to give my right arm and leg for?"

Daxton's is actually trying on a jacket, slipping it on. It fit him pretty well. Inferno laughs, "I thought the entire female populous knew that." Oh thank god, the older man laughs and will quickly step away to a better model, "You decide what you want, I'll make it happen." He can rattle a few cages.

There is a glance over at Dax at Inferno's comment "It's a small school." she points out to Inferno and then calls out to the speedster "It looks sharp, buy it! Don't you need a jacket for winter anyway." delivering pizza in the winter is bound to be cold work, even at his speeds. "Okay." she follows Inferno and looks at the next bike "Deciding that should be easy when my choices are limited." she certainly can't afford anything on display.

"Is there something I can help you with?" the sales guy that was on the phone seems to have gotten done with his call and has walked up to Inferno and addresses him.

Inferno doesn't buy it, he's seem Dax bat his eyelashes and get secret military info. Homework just seems silly. There's nodding, agreeing with her about the Jacket, "It'll make you look less like a pussy." And that gets a double bird salute back which just makes Inferno laugh. He hand waves, "Don't look at the price, we'll find something that's in your price range once we know what you want."

He nods, "Looking to try out some hogs for the girl here." He folds his arms, implying he's going to stay here, every step of the way.

Felicia had to bite her lip to keep from bursting out in laughter at the interaction between Inferno and Dax "You two act like brothers or something." all the poking and teasing…well Inferno poking and Dax making faces and rude gestures.

The salesman looks to Felicia, schooling any look of surprise he may have "I see. Birthday present or graduation gift for your daughter?" well what else is the salesman going to think. Inferno looks old enough to be her father, right?!

Poor Inferno, "Just show us the damn hogs. No need to get our fucking life stories." His arms tighten, clearly not happy.

Daxton sees this, and despite being teased just moments ago he's standing next to Inferno, a hand on his back to calm him. They don't need to burn down the store. Not before they get a bike.

"Huh?" is Felicia's response to the salesman and a brow raises at the reaction from Inferno, she's more confused to find it funny at the moment, she might later though "We're not related." she tells the sales guy.

The salesman, we'll name him Rich, looks between the two and seems a bit surprised at Dax's sudden arrival "Uhm sorry. I'll go get you a few brochures to look at and then we can discuss what exactly you are looking for." with that he quickly retreats, to give himself time to get over his embarrassment and Inferno time to cool down.

With a small jab from Daxton, Inferno huffs and readjusts his folded arms, "Snot nosed kid ain't gonna screw us on pricing." Yeah, cause that's what he was mad about. Either way, Dax gives Fel pleading look, for something.

Felicia isn't as oblivious as she pretends to be, so she notices the look being given her, but not being a mind reader isn't quite sure what it is about. Does he want her to distract him or something? She has no clue but they are here to look at bikes. Taking Inferno by the hand she gives him a tug and pulls him in the direction of the bike with the gorilla bars, she'll use her strength if she has too, "What's the deal with the handle bars that look like you have to make monkey arms to steer it?" once he seems to be moving on his own she will drop the hand.

Jesus, this girl is strong. Inferno stumbles over, the frown melting into a look of appreciation. "Looks mostly. They're harder to handle, you may want to wait on those for your first bike."

Daxton seems happy with this distraction and will use this time to slip off the leather coat he had tried on.

Felicia gives a sly grin at what she is told, "That sounds like a challenge." telling her something like this is hard with an undercurrent of danger is just going to make her want it more. Swinging a leg over the seat she straddles the bike, hands on the 'business' part of the handlebars "Do I make this thing look good or what?" no lack of confidence from her. She gives her head a shake, as if the wind of riding was blowing past her, the scars on the left side of her face flashing into view a brief second before the hair settles back into place to cover them.

Inferno Smirks, "Don't try. The bike and you will be one, not you showing it off. If that's what you want, go back to one of those sissy crotch rockets then." It's Dax's turn to roll his eyes, there Inferno goes again, making up stupid philosophies. No jacket today, but it's now lodged in his head for later.

Felicia just looks at Inferno for a moment and then returns the smirk "If you can say that like Yoda, I'll pay for lunch." she gets off the bike, glancing over at the crotch rocket bike with a nose wrinkle. Nope still not liking them.

Inferno doesn't think that's funny, but Dax does. The teen laughs loudly, "IF she doesn't pay, it's pizza again." That's the most Dax can afford! Ignoring the two teens, the older man moves over to check out some of the other bikes he thinks would work best for Felicia.

Felicia knows that she has a tendency to say the wrong things at times, but this one is confusing to her, espcially considering her love for all things Star Wars. She moves over to Dax, "Did I say something wrong?" her voice is softer but it may still be heard.

Daxton gives a small heard shake, but then negates that by softly says, "Later." As in he'll tell her later. He moves over to look at bikes with Inferno, pointing out and asking a few questions to his teammate, and then including his other teammate in the questions as well.

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