(2016-10-01) Stuck in the Middle
Stuck in the Middle
Summary: Besa just wanted to work out in the gym, but somehow ended up getting stuck in the middle of Grayson and Ollie. Feelings are hurt.
Date: 2016-10-01
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

Grayson is laying on his back in the middle of the room on one of the mats. He's staring upward into the air, where there is a large, floating, undulating blob of water. The entire room smells like fresh rain as the glob of water moves and slowly takes the shape of a crotch rocket motorcycle. The wheels even look like they are turning.

Besa's been trying. it's not paying off just yet. But he's here again in the gym, dressed on Guardian sweats and a goth tee shirt. It's hard to miss Gray, and Besa almost doesn't continue in, but maybe the older boy will just ignore him. The younger looking teen moves over to a mat that's furthest away from Gray and starts stretching

Grayson looks over as the other boy sits. He smirks, and he moves his hands just a little, letting most of the water vanish and dissipate into the air, but a small ball of water the size of a ping pong ball remains. He smirks, and makes a gun with his finger. He makes a "pew" noise and the ball of water fires gently at Besa, hitting him in the chest with a small splash.

Ollie hates going to the Gym. She's always hated it and having to deal with Gym class or working out is just a chore. That hasn't changed. She is, however, on her way back from her first weekend of working back at the Coffee Shop (as Oliver), and passes by the gym on her way back to the dorms. She did peek in to see who was inside and upon seeing Grayson and the younger boy with the good hair, she steps in and sort of leans on the wall by the door. Grayson isn't on the climbing wall. This is a good thing, right?

The water-gun causes an eyebrow to lift but again, she doesn't step forward. Not yet. She doesn't want to ruin Grayson's mood.

Besa doesn't see the bullet till it hits him. Eyebrows raising he looks up, baffled. "Pew?" Thankfully his tee shirt is dark. His head tilts, pretty hair falling to the side, "Are you well, Grayson?" Besa wasn't in the coffee shop this weekend, but one of his mugs was! Looks like he made a deal with the manager. It may not be as much cash as having an hourly job, but it's something!

Grayson grins and he sits up as the rain smell fades from the room. He shrugs, "Yeah. Pew." He then fires another finger shot, "Pew" but doesn't send any water. "Look, I aimed for your chest, not that hair of yours, bro."

Ollie may have been there when the mug discussion went down, but was Oliver then, so may not have been recognized. Or maybe he was. But she's back to the female form as she watches the two banter. "I'm glad you're not wearing the hat," is offered to Besa as she takes a chance and steps closer. "So, it's a water balloon fight…with Grayson at the distinct advantage? I'm in."

Besa's eyes the finger gun. "And that is better?' he sounds confused, but not upset about it. Grayson is confusing. Hearing another voice he turns to look over at Ollie, "Would not wearing a hat be awkward when in the gym?" Dark eyes look between the two, after the fiasco in the coffee shop with Gray and Rissa, Besa can see where this is going. Instead of answering, he bends over and touches his toes, starching out.

Grayson's smile fades when he looks over at Oliver. He sighs. "Still a girl." It's not really a question. He looks at Besa then. "How are the mugs selling?"

"I just think you shouldn't hide it," Ollie offers, trying to offer Besa a smile. "I guess it would be awkward, but some people do wear baseball caps while in the gym." Not her, mostly because she's so rarely in here. Blue-green eyes look then to Grayson, "For now, yes," but she also looks back to Besa to hear the answer to the question.

Besa shrugs softly, still touching his toes, "I do not know. I was told to come back in a week with more mugs." Hoepfully the one will sell! Dark eyes flicker up to Ollie, "I do not have a baseball cap." And the Fedora would look weird, even he knows that. He glances between the two, trying to decide if he needs to be here.

Grayson pushes up to his feet. He's wearing a wife beater and a pair of school sweat pants. He walks over to where Besa is, and he sits down next to him. "Have you read that book yet?" he asks.

"That's a good thing then," Ollie smiles at Besa when he mentions that he should bring more next week. The smile fades though as Grayson essentially ignores her and she says, quietly, as if to herself, "Got it." There's another attempt at a smile as she offers to Besa, "You don't need a baseball cap." She then steps back towards the doors. "I'll let you two work out." Without her there

Besa freezes, confused as Gray sits down next to him, "I…read half of it. He is very good." He won't mention he return it thinking Gray didn't like him. Looking over to Ollie and takes a deep breath, "No, Ollie. Stay. Grayson is just rude sometimes. I think he thinks it is attractive." Besa clearly doesn't. He stretches more, "I need to learn to braid my hair to keep it out of my eyes." It is, even now, flopping foreword.

Grayson looks at Oliver, "Yeah, Oliver. Stay." That can't be good. "Only half, B?" He smirks, "Too high brow? Or just too dated?" He shrugs, "He once said, 'The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.' I think it's very true." He tilts his head a little more. "Here," and he moves to behind Besa. "It's not hard," and he begins running his fingers through Besa's hair, straightening it out some to begin braiding, should Besa allow.

Ollie pauses at Besa's request but she turns with a bit of surprise when -Grayson- says she should stay. "Oh, I know Grayson rather well," is offered to Besa as she steps a little closer. A hand does go to rub at her mouth as the older boy moves behind to start braiding the younger's hair. Maybe her lips are chapped? Maybe she's trying to hide a grin.

"I have an English project to focus on." Besa's eyes narrow, "I understood it." But then he nods, "Yes, that is true." Large dark eyes when Grayson moves behind him. he doesn't pull away, but he does tense. His hair is very soft as Grayson starts to run his fingers through it. He's watching Ollie though, feeling like he's being left out of some kind of inside joke.

Grayson begins to braid the hair, pulling it back out of Besa's eyes, over his ears, and weaving the strainds over and under. When Oliver says he knows Grayson well, Grayson immediately responds, "…and I recently learned I don't know Oliver at all." He keeps braiding.

"I didn't know you liked long hair, Grayson," Ollie manages to ask with a little smirk. She crosses her arms at her chest and takes an easy stance, watching. The smile disappears at Grayson's quip right back, "That's so unfair, Grayson. You know what I am." She looks to Besa, "I'm a Shapeshifter. I don't hide that fact."

Besa frowns, a small shiver as his hair is braided. He's aware enough to know he's being talked over, and the idea he's being sued is starting to take root. The Egyptian boy stays silent….for now.

"It's not long. It's perfect," Grayson says of the hair. He leans forward and says over Besa's ear, "I'm not sure if I'm jealous, or excited." He works the hair through his fingers a bit more. "Alien shapeshifter," he corrects Ollie. "You like pizza, Besa?"

"And now you're not being fair to Besa," Ollie points out. "And yes, alien shapeshifter. But if you're trying to make me uncomfortable, it's not going to work. I know you're not interested…I knew when you walked away under the water that day." She looks to Besa, "Don't let him bully you," before she turns on her heel and actually gives a little flounce towards the door.

The frown spreads and Besa tries to gently pull away Grayson, "What are you doing?" He's now completely baffled. Large dark eyes bounce from Ollie to Grayson, "What is going on?"

Grayson furrows his brow a little, looking at Besa. "I'm trying to ask you out." He looks at Oliver. "And apparently being cock blocked by my ex."

"Then be direct about it, Grayson, and ask him out. Not everyone flirts back, you know," Ollie offers with a frown before she looks to Besa, "I think he's trying to make me jealous. But, if you do go out with him, he's a really nice guy. He just doesn't like other people knowing that he is." However, at the mention of being 'cock blocked', she just rolls her eyes and makes her way back out into the hub.

"Out where?" Besa's kinda oblivious….sometimes, "Oh. oh!" He swallows, head swiveling between the two. This is awkward. Double awkward. "This is…I can not. i am forbidden from courting. I did not mean to imply I could…" Ollie gets another glance, "I think the two of you should….talk this out. I do not want to be causing strife…" Besa's starting to gather his legs underneath him to rise.

Grayson hops up to his feet. "I WAS, Oliver." He snarls a bit at the other kid, and then looks at Besa. "Never mind, Besa." He shakes his head, "I'm sorry. I just… I thought… I hoped maybe we could, I dunnow, get pizza, or…" He sighs, and looks off in the direct Oli left by. "Whaat fucking dick, god…" He huffs again, and then heads for the door.

Besa flinches at the anger in Gray's voice. "No…I am. I want to be friends…I did not think you did…" He licks his lips, "I can not date, but if you would like to get pizza and hang out…" He's still on the ground, looking up at Grayson. He takes a deep breath, but doesn't call out as Gray heads out.

Grayson just walks out. He's all pouty mad.

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