(2016-10-01) Owls are bastards!
Owls are bastards!
Summary: After poking its beak everywhere, the owl shadowing Tabitha stops only watching. Hilarity ensues.
Date: 2016-10-01
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NPCs: A bastard owl
Scene Runner: Tabitha

Late afternoon catches Gabrielle sitting on the training ground bleachers. She has a plate of fruit slices, most likely pears and apples, on her lap and a pair of headphones around her neck, just loud enough to make the classical music she's playing just audible while she watches the sunset, her foot tapping away in perfect rythm with the music.

Tabitha has been distracted this weekend. By an owl of all things. It's been poking its beak around too often and in too many places for comfort, but when she goes to look for it it's nowhere. She's tried the sneaky ways today and got bupkis again so she's given up and is on her way back towards the school. She comes out of the forest and onto the training sands looking a tad grumpy. She gives Gabrielle a wave and sits on the bleachers to start pulling twigs out of her hair. "Hiya, Gabby. How've you been?"

At least Gabby's shyness has been breaking down over the last few month, especially when it comes to her fellow Athenians. She actually smiles when Tabitha sits next to her and offers up her plate of fruit slices. "Been OK. Just enjoying the sunset. You look like you've had an…" She takes in the twigs and leaves in the other girl's hair as she finishes with, "adventurous day. Everything alright?" With the hand that's not holding the plate she turns her music down to the point where its barely audible at all.

Tabitha nods about the sunset and smiles at the offer of fruit bits. "Thanks." She snags a couple slices and puts one on her knee and the other in her mouth as she keeps pulling bits of forest out of her tresses. "Yeah… this might sound crazy but I've been trying to catch an owl. Or follow it, or something. I swear it's been following me." She tosses a few bits away, "Needless to say, this did not go as planned."

Gabrielle chews leisurely on a pear slice while she takes that in. Once she's done she tilts her head a bit to the side, looking at Tabitha out of the corner of her eye while still dedicating the majority of attention to scenery in front of the two of them. "Owl? Is this a specific owl you're trying to catch or just any old owl. If you want any old owl that's easy… Come to think of it, even if its a specific owl it should be easy if you can show it to me…"

"Specific owl." Tabitha's hair has a lot of tree bits in its current short length. "Great grey owl that's big even for the breed. Damn thing's almost as tall as me and I keep seeing it all over the place. Even in California a couple months back." She talks around the fruit slice between small bites. "If it decides to show up now that I'm not looking, I'll be sure to point it out but how would you get it? I thought you had to touch things to teleport them?"

Gabrielle chortles for a quick moment then asks, "Have you met Button yet? She's a new student. Apparently she's some sort of tech genius specializing in robots and quantum technology." She pops a slice of apple in her mouth then talks around it as she continues, "Faculty has had me working with her, using her robots as practice drone. Most of the practice has focused on anticipating targets, teleporting to where they are most likely to be going. I've gotten pretty good at it. It'd be a matter of teleporting to it, getting a hand on it, and teleporting it back to you." She sounds pretty confident about all that but it can't really be as easy as she's making it sound…

Tabitha shakes her head as she finishes the first fruit slice but nods her appreciation as Gabrielle talks about her training. "Sounds cool. I've been focusing on my unpowered training lately. Faculty is trying to figure out how much of what I can do is my aura and how much is down to my designer genes." And here is where anticipation would come in handy, as a split heartbeat before Tabitha reaches over to grab the fruit slice she put on her knee there is a flurry of feathers, talons, and large eyes that go by in absolute silence. And when the owl passes and starts flying up and away again it's got the fruit in its grip. Tabitha looks like she's about ready to fry it in midflight.

A little smirk pops up on Gabby's lips as she tries not to grin. "Is that the one? Do you want me to try for it or is this one of those things you need to do yourself?" While she waits for Tabitha's answer she nonchalantly grabs another slice and offers it up to her.

Tabitha is seething at this point. She flings the gathered twigs and tree bits in the owl's wake with exactly as much usefulness as would be expected. Then to make matters… more, the owl settles at the top of the Athena team pillar at the training ground's edge and starts to eat the fruit with all the daintiness of a lady of highest breeding. Tabitha accepts the replacement slice with a short nod of thanks and starts to chew on it without breaking eye contact with the owl. "Yeah, that's the one. And why not? Give it a go if you want."

Gabrielle lets the smirk turn into a grin as she takes in the owl and its surrounds after it lands on the pillar, "Big isn't it? And its really strange that its eating fruit. I thought owls were strict carnivours…" Once she's satisfied she has the owl's surroundings clear in her mind she puts down her plate and takes off her headphone putting them and the MP3 player attached to them next to the almost empty plate of fruit. "Be right back. Don't forget to cover your eyes." Almost before the warning is out of her mouth she disappears with a *pop* and a flash of light. At these distances her appearance to the left of the owl is, for all practical purposes, instantaneous. As is her reappearance about a foot to its right, where she's expecting it to be after being spooked off its perch by her first pop and flash near it.

"As far as I know they are. And yeah… not a great feeling having a predatory bird that's taller than me." Instead of covering her eyes, Tabitha just thickens her aura enough to be slightly visible between herself and Gabrielle so that when the flash happens the light is absorbed such that it doesn't even cause shadows.

Up on the pillar the own isn't spooked by the first quick in/out teleport. It doesn't move so much as a tuft of down but instead is standing in the same spot and looking right at Gabrielle as she reappears. Its large eyes blink once slowly and then it reaches its beak down to tear off a chunk of fruit before bolting it down. All in all it seems almost Mckayla Moroney levels of unimpressed.

Watching this from below, Tabitha is not any more pleased than she was when her hair was still full of forest.

Gabrielle blinks in surprise when she finds herself lacking an owl to catch, "What the.. Ack! Fall…". As she starts to fall she pops out again and reapears behind the owl, hands already moving to grab it so she can teleport it back to Tabitha, "…ing. Come here, you!"

You know that thing owls do with their heads where they turn it so far as to look straight behind them? Well that's what's staring at Gabrielle when she pops in again, an owl over four feet tall staring backwards at her with its wings wide open and letting out a hunting cry with all of its sizable lung power. It doesn't move away from being grabbed and teleported, although with wings that size open to their full span there's a helluva lot of feathers in people's faces when Gabriells lands back on the bleachers with it in tow.

Tabitha holds up her arms to ward off the beating wings, too startled to do much more than shout and protect her face. And then after a handful of seconds the beating stops and there is no owl. There is also no more fruit on the plate.

For her part, Gabrielle is stratled enough by being received with an owl screeech to the face that after reflexively teleporting the owl to Tabitha, she disappears and reappears back on top of the Athena pillar. The smile she has on her lips while she watches Tabitha struggle with the owl quickly fades away as the owl escapes, vanishing into thin air. "It can teleport!?"

It takes Tabitha a moment to realize that there's no longer a giant owl beating at her with its wings after being deposited onto the bleachers practically in her lap courtesy of Gabrielle. When she does notice that it just up and vanished on them she's keeps sort of half crouched with her hands guarding her face as she looks around rapidly trying to spot the feathered menace. "The hell! Where did it go?"

And that's how things are at this moment. A frazzled and wing-beaten Tabitha looking like a lord of the flies refugee of some sort with wild hair (which is now all of the same length after the club night, the short buzz now long enough to qualify as a pixie cut after less than two days), and Gabrielle perched up on the top of the Athena team pillar on the training ground's edge.

And cue Rissa in her usual training ground clothes. Which is to say, black t-shirt, black jeans. No padding. Survival knife on the hip. She's got scratches on her arms from… who knows what, and the pointer and middle finger of her right hand is taped up. She's a little on the masculine side of appearance when dressed like this. No padding. No makeup. Still mostly androgynous.

Where does she come from? UP. A tree? A pillar? Wherever it is, she hits the ground with a crunching sound. How does she survive that kind of drop? It's anyone's guess. At least it's just a short jog up the bleachers. "Holy crapola! Was that a giant owl?" (re)

Gabrielle is looking all around her for the owl. and she's distracted enough to not even spook at the fact that there's someone suddenly joining them that she really doesn't know, which would normally mean she's either disappearing or going completely silent. Instead, she continues to scan the sky as she says, "Yep. A giant, /teleporting/ owl. Why didn't you tell me it could teleport, Tabs!?"

"Because I didn't know! I mean, who even considers that as a possibility? It's an /owl/ ferfucksake!" Tabitha starts to calm down a bit. Or rather she /was/ calming down until a wild Rissa suddenly appeared! "Gah! Don't sneak up on people who are locked in combat with a giant teleporting fruit stealing owl!" Because everyone should anticipate exactly that scenario, right?

"I'm just going to give you a moment to assess that statement." Rissa crosses her arms and gestures to Tabitha,"Go ahead. I'll wait." Gabrielle gets a sort of look,"To be fair… if it's a giant owl, why WOULDN'T it teleport? By leaving behind 'normal-sized', wouldn't it be best to just kind of assume whatever else it's doing is sort of natural do it? Plus, you know… I can probably get you MORE fruit if you want. I'm almost certain the school has some."

OK. Now Gabrielle realizes there's someone she doesn't really know in the area. With a *pop* and a flash she disappears from her highly visible perch. For a few seconds it seems like she might have teleport completely away but then her voice wafts back to the two other grils from among the leaves and branches of the trees along the edge of the training grounds. "Why does she need to assess? Its completely true." Leaves rustle as she shakes her head in her hidding place. "And that was the last of my certified organic apples and pears. We need to get more."

Tabitha gives her head a shake and scrubs roughly at her hair while giving Rissa the stink eye, "Think about that, Rissa… it's the owl from last weekend. Great grey owls are supposed to be huge. They are not supposed to eat fruit like it's high tea or vanish into thin air." Then Gabrielle's shyness shows but at least she only teleports to a hiding spot not completely away. Tabitha gestures to the tree Gabby ended up in, then back to Rissa. "Gabby, this is Rissa, the newest Promethean. Rissa, this is Gabby, Athena's swordmaster and dancing queen. School doesn't keep much Gabby chow on hand."

And it's about this time that there is a small object falling down from above where Gabbrielle has perched. It looks suspiciously like a stolen fruit slice.

Rissa shrugs helplessly,"Oh. I thought the size was unusual for the owl. I'm not exactly nature girl detective." She starts looking around as Gabrielle pops in and out, and she offers in response,"Asses… mainly because there is literally no way I could anticipate fruit-stealing owls and Tabitha fighting them." Pause. "To be fair… you were already done fighting." Another pause. "That was a crappy apology. Sorry." Rissa keeps rotating, looking for where Gabby is. "Special dietary requirements? That must be rough. Add that to the checklist of things I'm thankful for." She decides to not take Gabrielle's shyness personal. "I'm afraid I don't have any special titles, unless Suplex Saywhatsit is a thing." She still has trouble remembering 'Super Saiyan' right now.

A three-fingered hand pokes out from among the leaves Gabby is hidding behind in response to Tabitha's introductions. Then it flashes out of sight as Gabby, reflexes ampped up with adrenaline, catches the fruit slice dropping by her before she even consciously realizes what it is. In her hidding place among the leaves the blue-haired girl slowly looks up to see the owl perched a few branches above her. In a stage whisper she says, "Tabitha… I think this owl of yours is not just bigger than your average own but smarter than your average owl too… Why exactly are we trying to catch it?" She keeps her eyes glued to the owl to make sure it doesn't try something silly, like trying to knock her off her branch or something…

Tabitha waves off Rissa's apology, more than willing to forgive now that her adrenaline levels are coming down from their spike. "No worries, Kari, we're just…" And then Gabby is stage whispering and Tabitha slowly turns towards the tree and lets out a long sigh, "I honestly have no idea, now that I think about it. I just wanted to figure out why it was following /me/!"

For its part the owl doesn't do more than finish dropping the fruit pieces one at a time and then take off out of the tree. It flies out over the bleachers in the absolute silence only owls can achieve, passing over both Tabitha and Rissa before performing a wingover maneuver and passing over them again. Only this time it has some kind of bundle in its talons which is drops down onto the bleacher next to Tabitha neat as you please. Then it just flies away out over the ocean.

Rissa eyes the bundle next to Tabitha. Doesn't touch it thought. It's not hers and that would be rude! "You know, if it's smart… This is probably a stupid question, but… Did you try asking the owl what it wanted?" Rissa stands there and starts cleaning under the fingernails of her broken fingers with her knife. They get so dirty out here! "No way are owls ocean fliers. So… that's another weird… thing. Yeah." Rissa plops down onto the bleacher, a smile on her face, though. She looks oddly satisfied with herself.

Gabrielle's curiosity overrides her shyness. To a point. She pokes her head into the leaves in front of her as the owl flies off so that she can keep track of it. Then she focuses on the package it drops next to Tabitha. "Well, I think our Harry Potter refugue may have just delivered an answer to your question. Open it! What are you waiting for??"

What is she waiting for? Well, now that the owl has flown away Tabitha supposes there's nothing for it. And the bundle, a vintage looking accordian style file folder tied off with packing string with a newspaper clipping tucked into the string, does seem to be solid and not likely to poof into smoke when she touches it. And so it does not. Tabitha sits down and glances over at Rissa, raising an eyebrow at her comment. "Well that seems the obvious thing to do now…" She picks up the bundle then focuses more closely on the news clipping tucked into the string. It's shortly after she looks at it that she goes ghost pale and perhaps a bit of green at the lips. The bundle falls out of her hands and slides down the bleacher stairs to the ground at their base. Tabitha doesn't seem to notice or care as she's running for the school tunnel with tears starting to flow and a look like she's about to be sick.

Tabitha gets a pined glance as she runs off, but Rissa calls out,"Gabby, you're faster than me. Go after her." Teleporting is faster than running right? Either way, she bounds down to pick up the bundle and slide it under her arm. Then she's off running after Tabitha,"Tabby, come back!" Rissa has NO experience comforting crying friends. Still, she's distraught enough to not worry overly much about her appearance. For once.

Gabrielle pops up behind Rissa long enough to take a look at the newspaper clipping under the string before Rissa takes off running after Tabitha. Then she looks up at the running girls and calls out after Rissa, "I think she might need some alone time before she's ready to talk if that's what I think it is…"

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