(2016-10-01) Invitation Offered
Invitation Offered
Summary: Jacob and Rain talk about and a group outing to the movies is brought up
Date: 2016-10-01
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Athena Dorm Hub

White marble floors give the Hub of the Athenian League a classical appeal, coupled with the busts of former team captians and heros of Arena Fetch along the walls. The floor is recessed, with stairs going down on two ends, but surrounded by a bench. Comfortable coushins line the bench and the small wall behind to make it seem almost as one big couch. There is a small brass bazier, circular in shape, at the center of this, something to sit around and recall stories from the matches or to study by collectively as a group. To one side is a large arch going to the kitchen and recreation area, and mirroring this on the opposite wall is the archway leading to the dorm rooms themselves.

Jacob has been hanging out here for… let's see, how long has it been, anyway? At least an hour or so. Wading through trig exercises will do that. At least he can see the practical application of these, more or less. If you take off from the ground at twenty degrees to horizontal…

Well he wasn't there when Rain left to head to the gym for fencing practice, but as she returns all decked out in her white fencing uniform, helmet and fencing foil in hand she does notice him pouring over his studies. "Hello Jacob." she greets him as she pauses on her way to her room "Seeing spots yet?"

Jacob sets the book aside, making a show of holding his hands up in front of his heart. "Just the one, here. Please don't stab me, I'm sorry for grabbing the last candy bar at lunch!" Actually there were plenty of extras, but whatever. "What about you? Looks like you've been having fun."

There is a bit of tired laughter at his jesting "Don't worry, I'd be lucky if I could lift the foil now, let alone get stabby with it." instead of heading to her room she moves to the sofa like bench and sits down tiredly "Fun yes." she does enjoy the fencing "Though I have a few new bruises to add to the collection."

Jacob winces at the thought, not to mention that little awkward edge to her movements. "Need an ice pack?" he asks. "Or just an aspirin. I mean, there's 'no pain, no gain' but you don't want to push it /too/ hard."

Rain shakes her head "No thanks. It's not all that bad." she sets the helmet and foil aside. There is a glance at his books "Some would say that is worse." she gestures to his Trig books "I wouldn't, but I'm kind of weird. I like math."

Jacob glances over at it, waggles a hand in the air. "I don't mind it. Much. And I mean, we're all weird one way or another, right? Why we're here and not Boston Public High #14b."

"Well I would hope you didn't mind it. It is an elective right? There are easier math classes that you could have chosen." Rain gives a slight shake of her head "Well why all the rest of you are. My love for math could have easily been filled at Boston Public High or any other normal high school, anywhere. I'm just here because of my brother."

"I could've," Jacob admits, "but the other choices were both earlier in the morning. Nothing's easy when you're still groggy." Turning a little more toward her, he makes a face. "That's not the /only/ reason. Rain? You'll make it through… whatever ends up happening, okay? We'll be here for you." He's throwing out a bit of guesswork here, it's the best he can do.

"I'm a morning person so I'll have to take your word for that one." Rain tells him "Though I guess it isn't all that different than being tired before bed and trying to study." she raises her eyebrows at him "No? I think I would know why I am here better than anyone." a noncommittal shrug is given but she seems to take a sudden interest in some piece of art on the wall, turning her head to study it to hide the flash of terror that lights her eyes at the thought of manifesting her abilities.

Yeah, there's no good way to approach that topic, is there? Jacob leans over, reaching a hand out toward hers for a moment, though he stops short of actual contact. "Sorry. —And yeah, pretty much," he adds, doing his best to change the subject. "I remember back around April, I was getting hit with both sides of that."

Rain inhales deeply getting a hold of her nerves before looking back at Jacob, though there is a glance at the hand in the process, but she acts like she doesn't notice "April? Isn't that a little early to be cramming for final exams?" she is totally fine with the change of subject.

Jacob shrugs, leaning back again. He can deal with 'acts like'. "Little bit, yeah. It's not exactly cramming, more like 'I need to try to get ahead so I don't kill myself cramming at the last minute'. Then when it /is/ the last minute, it's more like 'well, by now, either I got it or I don't'…"

"Ahhh." Rain intones as she nods in understanding. "As long as you are ahead from the beginning staying there isn't to hard. But if you fall behind catching up is nearly impossible." she gestures to his math text "May I see it?"

"Story of my life," Jacob muses. "Transferring here halfway through the spring? Big mess." With a shrug, he picks the book up again and offers it to Rain. "Yeah, sure."

"I seem to recall you knocking yourself out over the summer for that reason too." Rain takes the book from him and flips to the first chapter to scan the first few pages a bit of a frown coming to her face before handing it back "I guess I need to study a few other 'ometrys before I tackle that one." but she is a freshman so no surprise she doesn't quite get it.

Jacob remembers the feeling all too well, setting the book aside once again. "Kinda sorta. Things are going better this semester, long as I don't come down with a month's worth of the space flu or something crazy like that." Hey, space voyages are a thing, it could happen!

"Well I may not be able to help your with math, but if you need help with other subjects you can join the study group I am in." of course Rain is in a study group, an overachiever like her would be. There is another laugh from her "I didn't realize that trips to space were part of the curriculum here. Where do I sign up for that one?"

Jacob doesn't miss a beat. "I've got a couple spare forms in my room, I'll get you one later. You have to pay a $100 'processing fee', though." Okay, he may get himself smacked upside the head for that one.

Rain smirks "Later right…I'll be sure to have my pen handy." the girl does lift her hand a bit, but drops it and instead just does the eyerolling thing and gives a shake of her head "However will I be able to afford that." there is a bit of sarcasm there.

"What? Aren't you secretly a millionare?" Jacob shakes his head. "Speaking of things a /little/ cheaper than a hundred bucks, though. Some of us were gonna go see Magnificent Seven later, did you want to come with?"

"I'm pretty sure that isn't a huge secret…or any kind of secret." her last name is Masters. Rain isn't bragging though, she isn't one to flaunt it at least not overtly. Sure she is almost always immaculately presentable and wearing designer clothes and such, but that's as far is it goes with her, most of the time "That's the western movie…with that guy in the Guardians movie?"

Oh, that's right, she actually is, isn't she? But yeah, Jacob doesn't think about it too much, he's usually paying attention to other things. "That's the one. I almost went last weekend, but I figured the opening would be pretty crowded. Good reviews so far." More good than bad, at least.

"Later when?" Rain asks, not that she has a packed schedule or anything, but she could have other plans. It is the weekend "And who is included in that some?"

Jacob takes out his phone to check the time. "Couple hours or so. Maybe half a dozen? Depends if stuff comes up last-minute, I guess."

She was actually looking for specific names but with that many people even if there are one or two she doesn't particularly like, there will be buffer people so ignoring them won't be so obvious. "Sure. I'll come along. I'll see if Sky wants to go too." it is a group thing and the more the merrier.

Jacob grins. And then realizes that maybe he's being a little too obvious, and tries to tone it down some. "Yeah, cool. Might be a pizza run after, unless the place is too crowded, then we'll play it by ear."

Rain nods in agreement "Sounds good." there is some pondering though. "Pizza? Why is it always pizza?" she isn't a typical teen that can eat pizza for every meal. There is a glance toward the kitchen area and she gets up to go get a bottle of water from the fridge.

Jacob shrugs. "Probably because it's what a lot of people agree on? I'm not hung up on it, what were you thinking?"

"I'm don't really care for Italia food." which is funny really considering a large portion of her extended family is Italian…or maybe that is why, to much of it when she is younger "I prefer Thai…or any asian food." she twists open her water and takes a sip of it as she moves around the room.

Jacob turns to face her, considering. "You know, I haven't tried Thai before, just Chinese. How different is it?"

Rain seems a bit surprised at that "Seriously?" that's just something she can't fathom, perhaps because it is her favorite so someone else not liking it or not having it before is odd for her "Let's see…" she hrms as she thinks of how to describe it "In some ways it is the same. Stir fried vegetables and meats, though it tends to be a bit spicier. They used a lot of curry to like in Indian food but usually it is a coconut milk base so it is creamier and richer. There is a decent Thai place in town. Not the best I have had but it’s not like I can send someone out to New York or someplace to get better now." okay so that may have been a bit braggy.

Not that Jacob seems to mind. "Well, I don't remember trying it, at least. Maybe there just wasn't a decent place close by. I did try curry once but it wasn't the spicy stuff." A pause, then: "If we do this, you'll point me to the good stuff, right? Might just be the two of us at that point, you know how some guys /only/ ever go for pizza and burgers…"

"Yeah, good Thai food can be hard to find. Especially the real authentic stuff." sounds like Rain may have had it before, probably more than once. She continues to pace around the room, stretching a bit here and there to work some of the exercise sore muscles out. "I do?" clearly she doesn't "Not my brothers." Sky isn't her only sibling, she has an older brother that attends CS too, and some much younger ones as well "I didn't say I was dead set against pizza. We can work it out later. That's hours from now."

Ah, culture clash. Jacob, meanwhile, is more accustomed to hanging out with straight-up jocks with little interest in variety. "Oh yeah, just saying 'if'. I'm glad you're coming along, anyway."

Might be into fencing but Rain is by no means any kind of jock, just a preppy nerd girl without the glasses and better fashion sense. "It'll be good to get out of the school." she doesn't get out as much as she should or did during the summer. Those last few attacks shook her up a bit and she isn't wanting to put herself in a position where that happens again.

Well, that's okay, Jacob will take her out. Er, that is— "Usually is," he agrees. "I've gotten used to it by now, but you still don't want to coop yourself up too long."

"Right. I should get it all out of my system now before winter hits." Rain knows all about the New England winters, not looking forward to it "Well if there is to be an outing in a few hours I need to go get cleaned up and get some homework done." she moves to scoop up her helmet and weapon "I'll see ya later Jacob." with that she is off to her room to do one or both of those things.

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