(2016-10-01) Comics and Codenames
Comics and Codenames
Summary: Rissa gets a crash course in comics, Aidan, Daxton and Felicia talk codenames
Date: 2016-10-01
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Buried Under Comics

This little area of the store is a cramped affair, it's narrow but deep. Behind the counter is a glass display case with action figures both large and small as well as t-shirts dedicated to the heroes of the comics. To the right are shelves full of comic book boxes of back issues of comics sorted by company and alphabetically. Above that are wall shelves which contain graphic novels. Further towards the back there are more shelves with boxed back issues. Along the back is where the racks of new releases can be found. The walls are decorated with various superhero themed posters and murals. It's a store any comic book lover would feel at home in.

Saturday afternoon. No classes, Felicia does have to go to work later, but for now she is still in weekend, no responsibilities mode. New comics dropped on Tuesday, but since she is unable to get to town during the week, Saturday is a good day to go see what's new and if there is anything she wants to purchase outside of what is in her box. She already has a few titles in her hand as she peruses the shelves for anything new or interesting.

Aidan had accompanied Felicia because COMICS! Flipping through the pages of one of his own preferred titles, he grins "Finding anything go-" he looks to her and pauses when he sees the collection growing in her hands. "Nevermind. I see your answer" he laughs. "Whatcha got?" he turns his attention back to the display and searches for more, keeping the one in his hand to buy.

Meanwhile, it could not possibly be clearer that Rissa has never been in a comic shop, ever. Ever. "So, like, it's a store filled with Garfield and Family Circus? It doesn't sound that interesting." Riiiiight. She's working on grasping the concept. She's gotta meet someone in town anyway, so she might as well go with the other two. They're pretty good company, after all! "I don't understand any of this." She looks bewildered.

Felicia has the usual comic standbys, a few Marvel titles, some Doctor Who and one or two other indy sci-fi and fantasy titles. "I probably should have a few of these returned to my box. I don't want to eat into my motorcycle fund." she glances through the books in her hand as if trying to decide which ones to sacrifice until next time but Rissa's comment has her looking toward the girl "Don't over think it. It's a store to by comic books and comic book based stuff, not much to get really."

Aidan grins over to Rissa with her comments. "Not exactly THAT kind of comics…but I'm sure they have them in here somewhere." Walking over to where she stands, he nods to the shelf she's by "Here. What kind of story or genre do you like? Whether it's with movies or tv shows or books. If you have a general preference to go on I can try and suggest a comic. If you want that is." He wouldn't force comics on anybody no matter how much he may love them. Because that's just rude.

"Wow. I really dropped the ball on the whole teenagering things. Um… I Dunno… like… stuff with real life dramatic events." Slice of life? Drama? Who knows. "Romantic stuff?" There we go. She's practically custom build for shoujo-manga at this rate. Rissa puts a finger to her lips looking on in thought until she spots something,"Oooh! They have dolls!" Action figures, girl. Action figures.

"Yeah they are over there." Felicia gestures to where the kid area is, a small section toward the front of the store. "You want romantic stay away from for big three, Marvel, DC and Image. Some of the indys have them, but the artwork is only meh." she nearly facepalms when Rissa calls the action figures dolls but doesn't correct her "Want me to pick a few titles out for you Rissa?"

The grin spreads "You might like Scott Pilgrim versus the World then. It's about a guy who falls in love with a girl, but before he can date her he has to defeat her seven evil exes. It might be a little goofier than you prefer but it's fun." Then nodding at what Felicia says "I'm sure there's something you'd enjoy, Rissa. It's just a matter of finding it. Then again…not everybody is into comics. That's cool too" Aidan shrugs. "Either way." Then, something behind her catches his eye and he rushes over to one of the display shelves "WHAT!? I didn't think this issue was out yet! Oh man!" He is suddenly full geek mode, grabbing a comic and flipping through the pages.

Just back away slowly Rissa. You can still leave. You're still free. No reason for another thing to spend mone- "Oh, that'd be neat! You'd really do that?" She'd probably be offended if she realized the literature was in the kid's section. She doesn't though. Still, she dodges Aidan adroitly as he rush over to a display shelf. "Whassa? You're speaking like a foreign language."

"Scott Pilgrim is a good one. Should watch the movie again…maybe tonight!" Felicia agrees with Aidan on that choice. "Why wouldn't I?" she is a bit confused by Rissa's question and then heads over to the manga section and /not/ the kids section to go pick out some books for the girl.

"Huh? Oh yeah that sounds fun!" Had that actually been an invitation? Aidan didn't seem to think that far ahead. He was in geek mode. Looking back to his comic he grins, finally closing it and adding it with the other he already had ready to buy. "So. Comics obviously aren't a hobby. DDR is" he lists off what he knows of Rissa so far "What else do you like? Or not like? Or…are indifferent towards?"

"Me and Kaylee watched a movie last night, Alvin and the Chipmunks. I didn't see so much of it, 'cause I was chattering the whole time. And Kaylee's kind of hard to understand. But she's friendly, anyway." She offers a shrug, as she follows along, eyes cutting to Aidan,"Dancing. Though I'm not exactly schooled in that." Rissa offers a sort of shrug, then,"Um… gymnastics. Clothes. I didn't really DO much before I came here. Super-introvert. For reasons. You making a list?"

Felicia has been pondering the manga titles while the other two converse, picking books, flipping through them, some she returns other she keeps in hand. After she has a few, including the first few Scott Pilgrim books she returns to the pair and hands them over to Rissa "I think you will like these ones."

"Not a list, no" Aidan shrugs "Just getting to know you." Because some weird people genuinely cared like that and apparently Aidan was one of them? "Alvin and the Chipmunks? How'd you like that?" he grins and then chuckles "Yeaaah…Kaylee is excitable, but nice enough." When Felicia brings the books over he smirks "Awesome! We ready to check out then or what do you guys have planned for the day?"

Rissa shrugs,"It was cute, I guess. I Wasn't really into it. It seemed kind of… third grade if that makes sense?" She shrugs helplessly,"Rain is getting me a makeover this weekend." She slithers fingers through her hair and accepts the books offered to her with a smile,"Thanks Leesha. I appreciate it."

Having missed part of the conversation Felicia has no idea what is third grade seeming "What's wrong with things seeming third grade? You're never to old for third grade things!" just like you are never to old for cartoons, at least that what the teen titan believes "A makeover? Huh." she never has understood the need for those, but she seems pretty confident, overly so at times "No problem. Hope you like 'em."

Aidan shrugs "I guess?" he grins at what Felicia says "She has a point too though…" At the makeover part he just kind of nods, "That sounds fun." Maybe makeovers are just what Rain did? She had offered to fix his hair for him. Or rather, have her hairdresser do it. Did she just like changing people? Or was it how she showed she cared in some weird way? The pyro pulls himself from his distracting thought process before shaking his head "So. What else are we looking for? Felicia, anything else you need help finding?" he offers.

Rissa tucks the purchases-to-be under her arm, and nods,"It's less wrong, and more… I'm a sophomore. So, I'm more interested in sophomore things and not so much third grade things?" Rissa offers a helpless shrug. "I didn't think guys usually liked makeovers. I'm sure she wouldn't mind a tag-a-long. Though I suppose I should ask her anyway."

"What's the point of being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes?" Felicia says, instead of what first springs to mind. Thankfully her filter is kinda working today. There is a shake of head at Aidan "No. If I look around anymore I may just spend everything and not have enough for tomorrow." that's really not a huge risk, but if it keeps her from spending to much she will beleive it.

Aidan doesn't comment, letting the two women share their thoughts and not getting involved. His mom raised him smart in that regard! At the offer for the tag along on the makeover though he shakes his head "I don't mind makeovers, but I'm good with what I'm working with. Thanks though." His hair may be unruly, but it was his. He liked it. Most days. Felicia gets a smirk "Fair enough. Do we want to head somewhere to eat next? Or what do you two have planned for the day?" he looks between the two. He could always eat!

Rissa heads towards the counter with her purchases now,"I think… I think I'm just going to buy these, get them back, and prep for the weekend ahead. I've never been on a makeover before, and after that, I have other obligations. It's a really busy weekend of sorts. Somewhere along the line, I got a social life." Still, she grins at Felicia, though,"The point is, it's not my way of being childish."

"I've never been on the receiving end of a makeover." Felicia has never given one either though so she really can't say either way if she would enjoy it, but she doubts it. There is a reason she hides behind that fall of bangs and makeover would just expose it.

It's Saturday afternoon and the trio of Aidan, Rissa and Felicia have descended on the comic book store. The latter of which already has a handful of comics and she is eyeing another on the shelf as she talks with Aidan and Rissa "I have to be at work in a couple of hours, but until then I'm up for stuffs."

Aidan nods to Rissa "Sounds good. Have fun with your make over!" Just because he didn't understand didn't mean he couldn't be supportive right? Teammate support? Eyeing Felicia he suddenly looks over to her "Do I need to be a supportive friend and encourage you to pick up that comic you're eyeing because you deserve it…or do I need to be the responsible friend and remind you of the motorcycle fund?" He could do either! He's just that skilled!

Rissa finishes paying for her purchases, and turns for the door,"Thanks! I hope I will! Thanks for letting me come with you guys." She huffs a little bit of air, gives a thumbs up to the guy, and a wave to Felicia,"Get something to eat. That usually seems to be the go-to." Says the girl who doesn't eat and isn't going to be there either.

Daxton steps inside the comic store, he seems to be looking around for someone. He stops though, blue eyes latching into some over with interest.

Felicia seems to contemplate Aidan's question a moment "The responsible one. Going to check them out tomorrow with Dax." she doesn't mention that Inferno will be there too. She doesn't want to have to explain that. "Sure thing Rissa. Later." Felicia returns the wave..and speak of Dax, there he is "Hey Dax." she heads over to where he is glancing at the book that has caught his interest before lifting a fist for a fistbump in greeting.

A chuckle is given "Alright then. I'm cutting you off. No more comics!" Aidan offers a wave to Rissa when she leaves, then looking over as Felicia greets Daxton. He'd let her go over and catch up with him, offering a small wave and smile in greeting though if Daxton looked over.

Daxton looks up as his name is called and steps closer to other kids. "Hey. The book was Spiderman and he definitely raises a fist to bump her back. Aidan gets a nod up, "Hey man."

"Except this one." Felicia grabs the comic next to the Spiderman, Starlord's feature comic. She gives one of those wrinkled nose smirks to Aidan as she defies him anyway "I have that one." she flips through the stack in her hand and shows Dax the Spiderman "If you aren't going to pick one up for yourself you can borrow mine." she eyes him a moment "You getting off or going into work?"

Aidan gives a shrug and a smirk "Alright. It's your motorcycle fund." He looks over to Daxton again with the greeting "Hey. How's it going?"

Daxton nods, "Cool. I used to read comics a lot." A glimpse into pre-Unit 23 Daxton! "Going in in a bit." Adian gets a nod, "Doing ok, you?"

"Damn straight it is." she saved hard for that and at the reminder she puts the Starlord away, she may have to buy a helmet too. Not that she needs one but that's the law right. Wear a helmet…if not it should be. Felicia nods at Dax, that much she knew about him "I have a bunch back at the school if you are ever wanting reading material." though her taste in comics may not be to his liking, though there are more mainstream titles in her collection. "We still on for tomorrow right?" she is quite excited about that.

A smirk spreads again as Felicia puts the comic back, Aidan shaking his head. He looks back to Daxton with the question "Good. Yeah it's going good. Classes, training and all that." Aidan training? Watch out!

Daxton nods, "Yeah, Inferno’s gonna meet us in town about 9 in the morning. He's already found a few places to scout out." Nodding to Aidan, "Cool. Let me know if you want to step up morning training, I'm going to be."

"Yeah, and he hasn't burnt anything that wasn't supposed to be..much." Felicia gives Aidan a playful elbow nudge as she pokes fun at him. There is a look of relief on the girl's face "Oh that's good. I looked up some dealerships, but I'd rather not go that route. Too much paperwork. I'm sure he has better ideas of where to buy a decent used one that I do." or even a not so decent used one. She's willing to put a bit of money in to get repair work done…or arm twist a classmate that is good at that sort of thing to help her out…favor for favor kind of arm twisting, not literal arm twisting. "Step up." Felicia snorts a bit in amusement "You weren't at full step already?"

Aidan just blinks at all the motorcycle talk and then the mention of some Inferno person. He doesn't ask. Not his business. At Dax's offer for more training though, perhaps surprisingly, he gives an instant nod "Sure. Sounds great." Felicia's teasing gets a roll of the eyes and a chuckle from the pyro "Gee thanks…and here I thought I was making progress!"

Oh! Adian! Not Inferno. Dax smirks, "Yeah, he's gonna get you the best he can." HE shrugs, "Are we ever?" At full step, that is. "Cool. Monday before classes then?"

"Really? Huh." Felicia still doesn't get why his former team mate is going to this much trouble for her but she isn't going to question it. It works out for her. "I thought I was, but you nearly killed me the other day." and she isn't is pretty good shape, excellent shape as far as teenagers go, but she had been laxing for a bit. She really needs to stop doing that.

Aidan nods "Sounds like a plan!" He then just grins at his and Felicia's banter. Looking over to the comic shelf he'd snag a comic, the one Felicia had been holding just moments earlier. He heads towards the register, "We were talking about getting something to eat, Daxton. Want to join us?"

Daxton does, although it's not all just he has a crush on Fel. He laughs, "You can't just pour everything into one day, Fel." Food? "As long as it ain't pizza I'm in." He's so over pizza.

Felicia=clueless as to the crush thing. Who knows how she would react if she knew. "I can try can't I?!" and sometimes she does, more so when she is working out with others than by herself though. It's an accountability thing "I'm fine with not doing pizza. Burgers than?" she follows Aidan to the cash register, she has comics to buy "You going to get anything Dax?" he came here for a reason right.

Finishing up his purchase Aidan takes his bag, removing his backpack from his back and putting it in for easier transport. "I'm down for burgers! Definitely get what you want to first though, man. We can hang around…as long as Felicia can resist spending anymore money" he smirks over to her.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, "No…I'm so far behind, I'd just bye confused." He seems ready to eat, "Yeah, Burgers should awesome. And don't spend more, give Infero enough to get you something good."

Felicia steps up to the register looking through the comics for a moment she hands half back to the cashier "Put these back in my box. I'll pick them up next time." if she doesn't buy all of them she can at least get some fries and a milkshake and not touch her earmarked money "Fine." between both Aidan and Dax she'll listen and she knows Inferno is looking forward to this "Doesn't he have a name besides a codename?" she asks curiously.

Aidan waits for the others to be ready before starting out towards the burger place, backpack over one shoulder as he looks back and listens to the conversation. "I don't know…Inferno is kind of badass. I wouldn't want another name if that was my codename." So much for Zippo! Eh that had mainly been a joke between him and Tess anyways.

Daxton shrugs, "I'm sure he does. He was already pretty set as inferno when i joined the Unit." Aidan gets a grin dn nod, "Yeah. It is pretty bad ass. I got Tempo…not as bad ass."

The rest of the comics are paid for, including the Spiderman and she tucks them in her satchel to follow Aidan and Daxton out "Just a little." Felicia will admit about the name at least. If she finds it strange that Dax doesn't know any of U-23s real names she doesn't bring it up. Maybe she will save that for tomorrow and make it all awkward. That's something she would totally do, not entirely on purpose though. "Not as much no, but fitting at least."

Aidan shrugs "If it makes you feel better mine is Zippo?" He shrugs "Ok not really codename, but it's the nickname my friend Tess back home gave me." He makes a motion with his hand like he's flicking the sparkwheel on a lighter with his thumb, following it by opening his hand and moving his fingers about in a dancing flame motion. "…that's the sign name for it."

Daxton smirks, "Zippo's awesome. It's fun." Hard to believe Dax saying that word! The hand signal is nodded to, although Dax can't speak it, "Cool." He looks to Fel, "Did you ever decide on one yet?" If not, she may be stuck with Shrinky-Dink.

"Yeah but doing that," Felicia gestures to the hand signals "is hard to do in the middle of a fight." though she knows why Aidan is showing them. He must have told her that his friend was deaf. There is a shake of her head at Dax's question and a hand comes up to clutch the strap of her bag "I have a few in mind, but I still thing that's a name that should be earned and not just picked on a whim." has she done anything yet to earn something like that, apparently she doesn't think so.

A grin does form at the encouragement. "Yeah? Thanks. I like it." He did like Zippo but…it hadn't really gotten popular responses when he first got here. So he finally just stopped telling people. "I've gotta get Tess up here sometime. I think you guys would like her…she's pretty bad ass." So. Pretty much not Aidan. He looks to Felicia and nods "That makes sense. I'm sure the right one will come along and it'll fit great. Just waiting for it probably isn't fun."

Daxton shrugs softly, he had no say in his name. To be honest he's not even sure who came up with Tempo, although as he thinks about it his hand unconsciously etches up to touch his dog tag underneath his shirt. He thinks briefly about his twins, and bringing them to school, but then drops the idea fast. "Burger, right?"

Felicia opens her mouth as she looks at Aidan and then shakes her head "That one is to easy." and he left his self-wide open for it so she isn't going to say the obvious put down, even if she would be joking with him about it. There is a bit of a shrug "As long as it isn't something stupid I don't mind waiting." though really if she doesn't answer to it it won't stick if someone does try a stupid one. Right? There is a sidelong glance at Dax and the motion but she nods "Unless you suddenly changed your mind. We can always go to the Chinese place."

Aidan lofts a brow, but decides against asking her to expand on that one. He just shakes his head and chuckles "Well if nothing else I'm sure me and Dax can come up with some options for you." In the totally helpful way of course!

Daxton snorts, "I could just ask Unit 23." She's totally going to be called Shrinky-Dink. She is already being called that. "No, Burgers sound good." They seem to be his favorite, his go to.

Felicia looks between Aidan and Daxton a tad on the wary side, "You know, I think I will just come up with my own thanks." sure she trust both of the guys on just about anything, even with her life probably, but picking out a codename…not so much. Not to her face at least! And then they are at the Burger Barn and she is pulling the door open, so it is a good thing he didn't change his mind.

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