(2016-09-30) Trust Issues
Trust Issues
Summary: Oliver (in his boy form) and Felicia have a bit of a talk
Date: 2016-09-30
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.

After classes on Friday, many students head into town. The Coffee shop is always a rather popular place, especially since they've introduced all of their Fall-inspired drinks. Pumpkin EVERYTHING! It's busy, especially since the Fall Tourism season is upon them — Leaf Tours of New England are a legit thing. It's probably why, despite the fact that he just took off without warning and was gone for nearly a month, they let Oliver come back to work. He's not allowed behind the register for now, but is stuck on dish and table duty. Punishment, so to speak.

Felicia has to work tonight, the park doesn't close until after Halloweeen, but until then it is only open on weekends, instead of everyday. She still has time to kill before she has to clock in, plenty of it, so may as well hang out and have a beverage and a pastry right. She eyes some of the local teens, wrinkling her nose as yet another teenage girl orders a pumpkin spice latte. So gross. She has already ordered a mocha coffee and waits for the drink to be made "It's awesome that they gave you your job back Ollie." not so awesome that she had to out herself as powered to do so, but Felicia has been out in that department since day one.

Oliver glances over as Felicia addresses him and gives a sort of half-smile, "I'm on probation. I just realized that working at the library -and- the coffee shop would give me more money to save up." He shrugs and adjusts the beanie on his head — even though he's not as close to the food being ordered, it's still regulation that he wear it. He lowers his voice as he steps a little closer, "And it means shifting back…" at least for the shift.

"Well as long as you are getting paid, right?" Felicia nods her thanks to the barista as her drink and pastry is set on the bar "I didn't even realize they paid you to work at the school library…huh." she takes her food and glances around for a table "Seems like it would be cheaper for the school just make that a detention task." there is a grin than to Oliver "Works out for you though."

"I get paid a little there," Oliver admits, trading out a full bin of dishes for an empty one he can then set at the bussing station. "It's more of a Work-Study…the State can only pay so much for me to go there, so in helping out, I sort of make up a difference. But they give me a little bit on top of that which is something." Just not enough and probably not minimum wage. "If I had time for a third job, I'd probably take that as well.

Instead of sitting down at a table Felicia just decides to follow Oliver around with her pastry in one hand and mocha in the other. "I see, but not much of a something. I get it." she pauses a moment so a teenager can move his backpack out of the way of the walking area "Yeah, school really gets in the way of real life doesn't it." as if school wasn't part of real life or something. "Guess you will just have to wait until summer rolls around again and gets tons of jobs then!"

Oliver does look over his shoulder as Felicia follows him around as he makes his rounds of the cafe to clear tables and replace the bussing bin. "I thought about just leaving…but Fake IDs are hard to get and they're all pretty expensive." Is he being serious? "And I probably wouldn't be able to do what I want to do without a college degree." Which is still very frustrating.

There's a pause as he sets the bin down and then he turns to Felicia, "I kind of didn't want people to know I was turning back and forth. I still don't…I just don't know."

"I'm sure someone at the school could produce you one if you asked around a bit." Felicia points out "One of the computer wizes could probably hack into the DMV and make it an official one even." she must have thought he was being serious, since she just escalated the thing. "What do you want to do?" she nods in understanding "Who am I going to tell?" everyone he knows, she knows and they all know already!

Oliver looks sharply at Felicia and actually seems to be considering that for a moment before he shakes his head out of that thought. "And if I got caught, I'd be tossed in jail and the school would get in trouble. It's tempting, but I probably shouldn't." He -could- get an official state ID, but that would mean choosing a form for it. There's another pause before he answers, "I think I'd be a really good spy."

"Jail?" she shakes her head "Nah, you're a minor, first offense…not jail." but what does Felicia know sure gets a lot of detentions but she has never been busted by the cops….yet. "A spy? Does

"Jail?" she shakes her head "Nah, you're a minor, first offense…not jail." but what does Felicia know sure gets a lot of detentions but she has never been busted by the cops….yet. "A spy? Doesn't that require like military service? Like the CIA stuff…all those people are military or former military. They'll pay for your college!"

"I'm a Ward of the State, Fel. If I get a first offense, even as a minor, I'm more likely to be sent to Juvenile Detention than back to the school." Discrimination is real. "I don't want to be like a…shoot 'em up spy. But since I can just blend in anywhere or turn into almost anyone, it seems like it could be interesting. Besides, could you really see -me- in the Military?" He -hates- going to the gym and camping and if he's able, he's pretty much styling himself as a hippie.

"Well it's not like a normal jail cell could hold you. And if you can't shift out I'll bust you out." Felicia smirks giving Oliver a wink. At his speaking of how unfit he is for the military she holds up her arms "Hey I don't make it rules. All I know is that all the spies you hear about are in the military. "Unless you want to do that whole corporate spy thing..and I don't even know what that is all about."

"Escaping from jail would just be another mark," Oliver points out. Has he actually thought through all of this? "Maybe if they saw what I could do, they wouldn't feel the need for me to be in the Military?" But he's also sort of thought through that as well. "Corporate spy? That sounds awful." He picks up some half-empty coffee mugs and plates to bring over to the bin, "If it's not that, I have no idea what I want to do."

Felicia just shrugs "That's what other countries are for." yeah she is totally going to be some minor villian if she keeps thinking like this…or some major villians sidekick…one of the two. "You still have to be trained, and learn languages and stuff. Just in case things go sideways." a sip of her now cooled down coffee drink is taken then she wrinkles her nose at him "You a junior still, you have plenty of time to figure that out. I don't even know what I want to do after graduation."

Oliver shakes his head, "But I don't! If I want to go to college, I need to start thinking now about how I'm going to get the money to do so…or scholarships. Or any of that. Because once I turn 18, I'm completely cut off from any help. Financially." Since they sort of had that discussion but it's obviously been weighing heavily. "I don't even know who I want to be much less what I want to do."

"Yes you do. My older brother just started his second year of college and has changed his major four times already." Felicia tells Oliver "Go talk to the guidance counselor if it is really bugging you. That's what she is there for." she glances around continuing to follow Oliver as he buses tables "Or go into acting. You would be good for that one, you could be a body double, a stunt person and leading man…or whatever."

"Again, I'd have to stick with one form," Oliver points out, "If I did acting. I mean, sure, I could probably set myself up to be gorgeous and all, but…" He sighs, "I started freaking out with one form for 5 years straight. What would happen when I did that again? It would eventually come out, you know?" But there's a small sort of smile then, "Thanks, though, for helping. I'm sorry I blew up at Daxton, I just don't like what that military group does to him."

"That's why you do the body double thing…all the forms!" with things in her hands she can wave her hands, but Felicia probably would. Then she is canting her head at him. "You don't like it when he is happy and feels like he belongs?" oh she has gotten serious "Because that is what Unit-23 does to him."

Oliver sighs and looks down at his feet, "I don't like it when he can't look people in the eye and when he's not showing any individuality. He was getting out of that, even though it was slow, and now he's back. I guess I get wanting to belong, but I don't know that I'd do it at the expense of my sense of self."

Felicia shakes her head though she is thinking "I don't think Unit-23 is part of that…he's been meeting with them for quite a while." she sips her coffee as she thinks more "That didn't start until after the return from space…China…he was really upset after China…for good reason." she sets her coffee mug down a moment to put a hand on Oliver's shoulder "I've meet Unit 23. It's not them, okay. In fact they are looking for a place to stay locally so Dax doesn't have to go so far to hang out with them, so he doesn't have to leave his other friends. Would people who want to bring him down and change him do that?"

Oliver looks at Felicia's hand before he turns to more fully look at her, "Maybe? If they were insidious? Maybe they're moving closer to try and get more of his friends to join?" But then again, he hasn't met them, nor does he seem eager to do so. "He was almost there, looking at people face to face. Then he went back and he's regressed. I'm not sure that it's not them." He also doesn't know what happened in China though.

"Right now they are squatting in safe houses and eating a daily diet of ramen…I think at the moment they have more important things to worry about than boosting their numbers." Felicia loves ramen sure, but she doesn't want it for /every/ meal "Hell Inferno can't wait for this weekend to take me motorcycle shopping for something to do." they don't get out much. "Oliver, it's not them you have to trust, it's Daxton. He's not an idiot. He doesn't want to be used again. I trust him, if he says that are okay, then they are okay."

Oliver just quiets for a moment, "I don't know who to trust anymore, to be honest." Maybe that trip up to space messed him up more than he thought it would. "I don't even know how to trust myself." He then moves quickly to clear off another table as one patron leaves and another prepares to swoop in for a seat.

"Well I know what I am getting you for your next birthday than." Felicia tells him with a bit of a smirk. The girl can only stay serious for so long before it breaks. "Sometimes it helps if you don't overthink it. Overthinking is what brings on the second guessing and the doubts. At least that's what my therapist used to tell me." yeah she sees a therapist, why do you think she is such a well adjusted troublemaker! "A few of us are watching movies tonight after we all get out of work. Come be one of us for the evening…an honorary Ares!" she gives another wink "time for me to get to work. Later Oliver!"

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