(2016-09-29) Girls Talk Boys
Girls Talk Boys
Summary: Rissa and Rain talk about boys and hair is done.
Date: 2016-09-29
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It's one of THOSE days. Rissa is looking TIRED of all things, even though she most pointedly does NOT need to sleep. Apparently, though, she needs to rest occasionally. She's at one of the tables in the library, and she's got a pile of books surrounding her. She looks… what? A little frazzled? Her makeup isn't its best, her hair needs a little tending, and she could probably stand to fix her padding a little bit. Still, at least she's engrossed in a book. That's healthy, right? Right?

And looking quite the opposite from Rissa is Rain. She looks well rested today, that isn't always the case, and as always she is put together, hair neatly braided back, natural looking makeup, nails done, uniform spotless and crisply ironed. The embodiment of a perfectionist. As she walks through to head toward the shelves she passes the mussed up Rissa pausing a moment at her table "Are you alright?" she leans forward slightly so she doesn't have to talk above a whisper to ask.

Rissa looks up and as if realizing what a state she must be in, she begins fussing with her hair, trying to get it into line. Her own voice when she finds the werewithal to respond, is just as hushed,"Ooooh… Yes. I… Apparently I have… friends now. For like… the first time in my life. And I'm… noticing things and people… which is confusing. New life. New headaches. Plus, add in way too much coffee, and I didn't rest at all. Like… I don't sleep… but I rest, sometimes. Is it bad?" She pats herself down for a makeup compact to get a look.

A soft, warm grin is given to Rissa as she begins to explain in broken up fashion. "Here, let me." she moves to stand behind the seated girl and begins to tidy up her hair. Step one: free the braid. "Well as your friend, I'll tell you that hair feathers went out of style a few years ago." Rain goes on to step two pulling a small comb from her purse to smooth hair down, carefully dodging the beads that clamp the beads in. "Resting is not bad…not resting though…even if your body may not need it your mind does."

"I knooooow… I'm using it to cheat. My hair isn't very thick, and I guess that's no excuse, but they're just so pretty…" She heave a sigh, and finally says, "But you're right. Ugh. I've got this… thing going in my head, where I'm sort of… catching up on all the things I missed out on before my transition. And… the other day, there was like this… guy. And he was hot. But also kind of a dick. And I've never found ANYONE attractive before. But he was mean to my new friend, Besa. And I think Besa got sort of… upset that I didn't tell him he was hot. I think… I think I'm bad at High School, Rain." Despite the fact that this may be one of the more mundane problems at this school. She allows the fussing with her hair though. Looks like Rissa enjoys the attention. "You're right, I think. I'm just…" Blows a puff of air. "Uuuugh." She pushes the load of books away and dangles her head over the back of her chair in a rest position so Rain can work. "Thanks."

Rain quietly listens as she fusses with the girls hair, finger combing the back, real comb clenched between her teeth for a few moments as she does so. Her brows furrow slightly as she looks down at Rissa and removes the comb to comment "In my experience…" all fourteen years of it! "It's usually the attractive ones that are the most dickish." there is some digging into her purse a moment to get little bitty clear elastics. "Who was the guy?" she divides the hair into small sections on the upper layer of hair, leaving the under sections alone. There is some confusion to what is told her "Besa was upset that you didn't tell him he was hot or you didn't tell the other guy?" the first part doesn't seem likely, but stranger things have happened. "This weekend I will take you to my stylist. We can have the feathers removed and extensions put in. That will add the thickness you want." is she asking or telling?

"Grayson. I thought he was cute. Which is new to me. Then he opened his mouth. And I kind of just wanted him to shut it again." She makes a face, then lets her eyes drift closed again. She's resting NOW. Apparently, she finds having her hair fussed with, combed, etc QUITE relaxing. "It made him instantly less attractive. And Besa… yeah. I think he got upset. Grayson kept calling it a date, but I don't, you know, see Besa that way. I mean, he has glorious hair, but even so… He's a bit young for me." She blows an easy sigh, "Anyway, he started looking kind of frowny after I mentioned that Grayson was cute. I guess that was a faux pas, huh?" She shrugs heplessly. "Oh, that's so nice of you… Maybe an updated style beyond just 'down'? Like, something with some life?"

"I don't think I have met Grayson." Rain admits as she continues to work on the hair. Whatever she is doing it seems a bit intricate, and involves some sort of braiding action starting with the sides right above the ears. "That would upset Besa." there is a slight nod of her head "He is very firm on the whole not dating thing. He and Sky got into a big fight over it even." she tells Rissa "He does have nice hair though, and eyes." her brother and Sky are good friends. "I hate that Tabitha said something to him about it and now he feels he has to cover it up." she is a bit disgruntled about that one "Maybe some hightlights? Not blonde ones though."

The girl nods, slightly. She's enjoying whatever is going on. STILL, she doesn't want to nod too hard and dislodge Rain's work,"I put his hair in a bunch of braids for him, though I'm honestly not super-good at it. He seemed to enjoy that. Gave him a scalp massage." Where Rissa learned that is anyone's guess. "He's a nice guy. So stressed though. I want to see him do well. I like it when nice people are happy and he seems nice." Rissa would normally play with her hair as a reflex. She restrains it this time. "Is Sky into Besa? They could make a cute couple." She smiles at the thought. "Grayson said he smelled like dirt. Several times. I thought he was just wearing patchouli oil. Anyway, I told Grayson he was a dick for doing it." A shrug. "Besa's really excited about selling his pottery now." Clearly, she's friendjacked Besa. "Oooh, hilights? You think? I mean, blond wouldn't work with my skin, obvs, but what do you think would work? I kind of wish I had better options than goth."

The mental image that brings up gives Rain an amused grin "I would have liked to seen that." Besa with braided hair its a must see event! There is a nod of agreement about how nice he is but then another amused chuckle "No, Sky isn't into Besa." she leans over a bit to whisper a bit softer "Sky is trying to set Besa up with me." then a bit of a head shake "I don't think Sky realizes I know that…and I am pretty sure Besa doesn't." she continues with the braiding, strange that is goes sideways across the head from both sides and not up and down, securing the braids with the itty-bitty elastics "Yes. Besa is teaching me how to throw pottery and I am trying to help him make the teacups. He is so much better than I am." but she is just starting out. "Maybe a burgandy or violet." definitely not blonde. "What makes you think you are stuck with goth?"

"Well what about you? Are you interested? He's a pretty boy. Just… a bit young for me. I feel like he deserves someone equally nice." She giggles as the girl whispers to her. She's smiling a bit wider. Far more relaxed than she was before, "You're doing something… intricate up there, it feels like." Rissa is, internally, basically curious, "White-gray skin. Not all of my black makeup is actually makeup, either. Though my color seems to be changing more and more. I'll be happy if I just stay human." Rissa stretches out her toes, "I like burgundy. More subdued than violet. What I need… is a makeover. A more planned approach to my look."

"Besa is firm on not dating, so whether I am or not doesn't matter." way to not commit to an answer! "A waterfall braid. It's a really pretty braid for people with shorter, thinner hair. It would be better if I could put a few curls in it, but it will be really nice without them too." there is a shake of her head at the complexion excuse "Well if a makeover is what you want." she gives a sly grin "A makeover is what you will get!" oh the wheels are turning in the teen girl's head. They are going to have quite the weekend! She finishes off the last braid and fingercombs the cascade of hair that still hangs down "All done." she steps back letting Rissa have her head back and collects the few things she pulled out. "I have to get to class…I should have been back ten minutes ago!" she doesn't wait for thank yous, comments or anything, just hurries off so she doesn't get into trouble.

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