(2016-09-29) Dancefloor Metaphor
Dancefloor Metaphor
Summary: A night of cutting loose.
Date: 2016-09-29
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Rissa is sporting a… different look than she normally does. Why? Because this is a part of her life, she didn't ever share with anyone. How did she vent without being able to be herself at home? By sneaking out and dressing up to go to clubs in a most spectacular fashion. Somewhere, she got CURVES. Underneath her clothes, they certainly APPEAR like part of her. She looks far less androgynous, and far more 'Betty Page' too. Little tricks of makeup give her mouth a fullness her lips don't really possess. Green eyeshadow, sparkly gold lipstick, plenty of glitter, and a black wig that's all curls make her oddly-hued skin somehow more pale, but just this side of normal. Her dress? It's tight for those curves. Definitely a club-going thing, but it somehow manages to show that shape without showing actual skin. The boots she's got on even make her legs appear to go on forever. In short, only someone who knew her by sight pretty well would easily be able to recognize her.

She's currently got a soda in one hand, her nails very elegantly painted (and fake), and is standing at the edge of the dance floor, leaning against one of the tables gently. A couple of young women and a young man have just departed. Who is this outgoing young lady, and what have they done with young Rissa? It's like all the nervousness is GONE from her posture. She even seems to be… relaxed… Having FUN.

It took some convincing to get Tabitha to agree to come to Downtown Funk for a night. It's not that she doesn't like the place, but rather that she's a bit too recognizable there since the Standing Tall competition this past summer. So she told Rissa that she'd meet here there after she took some time to make herself a bit more incognito. Her end result is one that should keep any errant fans from recognizing her as the Tabitha Jones from Orphean Wing. She's cut all the copper parts of her hair down to a one inch buzz but left the shock of raven black at her left temple intact and long enough to reach her waist. She's wearing the RWBY-inspired outfit that Katrina made for her: Dark copper tank top under a half-length black denim coat, short black denim 'battle skirt' with peticoats, copper knee high socks and black strappy heeled sandals. She's also tossed on some silver hoop bracelets and done her makeup in something of a pharoh style in copper and gold. The finishing touch is that she's allowed some of the glyphs on her arms and neck remain visible instead of hidden under her usual illusion of normalcy.

It's not hard for her senses to locate Karissa in all the press and bodies, given that mere physical camo doesn't change how a person reads to her expanded senses, but when she sees the newest Promethean's look for the night she pulls those senses back to get a purely visual take on things. And she's impressed by not only the different appearance but all the confidence and strut that's come with it. This is full-on True Karissa and it. is. good. She snags her own drink from the bar and heads down in Rissa's direction, sending a wave the girl's way as she gets near.

Well, there really isn't a great reason for Kaylee to go out to a club by herself. Especially not on a Thursday night when there's school in the morning. Which would leave a great many people to wonder … WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE? "So … do you guys do like, birthday parties?" she asks the person behind the bar. The person doesn't respond, just rolls their eyes and then ducks behind the counter for a second before returning with a flyer. A 'Have Your Party at Downtown Funk' flyer. Which they just drop right in front of her and go about their business. Kaylee blinks a little at the abruptness before chirping a 'thanks!' and smiling in the person's direction. She picks the flyer up and gets her glasses out, turning around again to start perusing the pamphlet.

Karissa's eyes drift ever to Tabitha's differing appearance, her eyes lighting up. If her heart flutters a little bit, well so what? Karissa's feeling GREAT, and her heart soars just a little bit to be out where she feels fierce, and strong. To be recognized that way by someone she knows and respects? It's practically amazing. She throws her arms wide as Tabitha approaches, demonstrative,"Look at you! You look fierce! Va-va-voom. You look ready to kick ass, take names, and turn a few heads while you're doing it. You got something to drink already? Excellent." She starts pointing at the people who just left her presence,"That's Bruce, Kelly, and Kim. There's like some crazy love-triangle stuff going on there, but they're good people. You like dancing? I love dancing. It's harder to get really fancy with these heels, but I LOVE them, and I don't care the slightest that they're medieval torture devices because they make my calves like amazing." More than she's ever said in a single go for a long time.

Eyes track Kaylee and, seeing her 'plite', she purses her lips, whistles, and beckons the girl over, arm-jewelry rattling festively. Yes, Kaylee, she's talking to you!

Tabitha has something of a strut going in this look, not something the orphan girl normally sports. She walks into Rissa's open arms and stands tip-toe to give her a peck on each cheek, "You look perfect, love! Every inch of you!" She follows the point and nods at the names of the three, grinning at the crazy love-triangle thing, "My kind of people." Then she grins as Rissa goes on about dancing and awesome outfits and heels, nodding at the last, "Yes, I'm not a fan of the heels but I do like creeping a smidge closer to five-foot."

Then looks around at the whistle and spots the person Rissa is beckoning to. She sends a wave Kaylee's way as well, "Kaylicious! Get your rear down here!"

Kaylee's focused on the pamphlet, so when someone whistles, she doesn't look up right away. Because it's a club and whistling isn't that uncommon since it's full of teenage boys. Plus, the pamphlet is IMPORTANT! So Rissa gets mostly ignored. But, 'Kaylicious' sounds enough like Kaylee to get her attention, so she looks up, then looks around. And Tabitha's got her own special glow which makes her pretty much instantly recognizable to Kaylee, no matter what she's wearing. She cants her head to the side a little, her brow furrowing as she's told to bring her rear …. But, she shrugs a little and folds the pamphlet closed, smiling amicably and heading towards Tabitha. "Hey, Tabby! How's it going?"

"You're a total cutie with a bootie, hun. Don't worry about the height. I absolute hate how tall I am, but I just LOVE my calves. And thank you! Scenes like this were my only outlet for the longest time. You can just come, and be, and you may never see anyone again." For someone who hates their height, her manner doesn't actually seem to convey that sentiment. Tabitha gets a squeeze, and a cheek-smooch right back, followed by a hip-bump after disengage. "Super-loving the hair, too. It says 'I'm a badass biotch and I want everyone to know'. I'll introduce you to the trios later."

Rissa turns her eyes to Kaylee at this point, and lets her eyes skip up and down Kaylee now. Examining. Assessing, but not really judging,"Kay? That your name? Nice to meet you. Karissa. Looks like you know my friend here. Come to dance? Maybe you can show me how they do it here on the island." If the double entendre was intentional or not, she shows no indication. Her face is utterly sincere.

Tabitha isn't expecting the hip-bump despite it being a thing Rissa does and has to catch herself. So when she returns with a hip bump of her own she puts in just the teensiest amount of extra oomph to Miss Calves 2016 as her revenge. She grins and runs a hand over her buzzed copper hair before twirling the long black length. Then Kaylee arrives and she strikes a hip-shot pose and grins, "Surprised to see you out on a school night, especially here, Kaylee!" She eyes Rissa and quirks an eyebrow but doesn't comment. "This is Kaylee. Kaylee, this is Karissa. Karissa, Kaylee." She decides to not complete the rest of the introductions, wanting to let things happen as they may. Instead she glances at the pamphlet that Kaylee's holding, "What's that there?"

"KayLEE, actually," she corrects with a friendly smile. "It's nice to meet you! But no, I just came to find out if they took reservations for parties or anything." She waves the pamphlet as proof of that endeavor. "But I know who you are, silly! I'm the one that puts up all the decorations in the dorms to welcome the new students. We didn't really get an announcement that you were coming ahead of time, though, so sorry we didn't have your room decorated yet. But I hope you liked it!" And indeed, within a day of Rissa's arrival, she would have found her door plastered with 'Welcome to Coral Springs' and 'Welcome to Prometheus' 'Go Guardians' and other decorations- Kaylee may go a taaaad overboard with the glitter. And colors. And construction paper. "Also- if you want, you can let me know what your favorite colors are so we can always make sure your door decorations are to your liking," she adds, grinning.

Thankfully, as it turns out, Rissa IS in fact oblivious about the double entendre she dropped. She whips out her cellphone now to hold it out and up away from her and says,"Group-selfie?" She does stumble a little when she is hip-bumped right back, but all it gets is a giggle. "Don't hang out much after school I take it? Me neither. But I needed an occasion to get dressed up, and I was like, 'PLEASE TABS' and she was feeling extra generous, so here we are!" She drains about half of her soda, and sighs happily. Does she actually need it? Who knows. She did it though! "So, Kay-kay, that was you? That was totes the best welcome ever. Thanks so much! I was totes worried about how welcome I was going to be with the rest of the girls, and you totally cleared that right up. I owe you one." Favorite colors? "Hot Pink. Native Gold. Vinyl Black. Cherry red. So, you throwing a party then? What's the occasion?" She swivels to look back at Tabitha,"I like her. PLEASE tell me she's not a senior. One year to hang out is not enough."

Tabitha has never really been a selfie kind of girl, mainly because she's never been able to afford a phone with a camera until recently. But she's not opposed to the idea, so she stands up close to Rissa to get into the shot. Then after she grins at the talk of door decorations, "Yeah, Kaylee's all into that sort of thing. You should've seen the signs she made to cheer us on in Thunder Bay back in June!" Sure, they ended up getting trampled in the pre-concert attack by Tabitha's wayward relatives, but they were great signs.

She grins and rolls her eyes at Rissa's description of how the two of them ended up out at the club tonight. She raises an eyebrow when Kaylee mentions party reservations, "Planning something big? Something for anyone I know, maybe? Someone with soulful eyes and a taste for leather armbands?"

"Here, I'll take the picture," Kaylee offers, absolutely against having her picture taken unless absolutely necessary. At Tabitha's guessing about who it might be, Kaylee blushes a little, smirking and ducking her head sheepishly. "Yeah … Violet's birthday is next month, so I've been trying to figure out just what to do. I'm not sure what would be best, so I'm figuring out lots of options while trying to keep her from figuring out what it's gonna be," she admits. "Oh! And Violet is my roommate slash girlfriend," Kaylee adds for Rissa's benefit. If Rissa hands the phone over, Kaylee will absolutely take the photo for her, but she's definitely going to avoid getting into the picture if at all possible.

Karissa pouts,"I was hoping to get all three of us in the photo, but if you want…" She holds out the phone to Kaylee, though, as she poses with Tabitha,"That's super hella adorable. And convenient too! Noone telling you to break it up when you wanna spend alone time. And you get to try out living together. It sounds like you two hit the jackpot. And that's soooo sweet, the way you're working so hard to make it awesome for her. She's a really lucky girl. I am totes envious." Pause. "Wow. I just realized. I don't even know if I like girls or boys. Aren't I suppose to know that at this age?" She simply shrugs, determined not to let existential angst intrude on her evening. There's a photo to pose for, so she strikes her best sexy-look. "So does this school have clubs. I feel like I should join some or something." Pause. "Do you think I'll get a roommate? That would be super-neat. I'm not used to sleeping in an empty room."

Tabitha smirks as Kaylee the Camerashy ducks the selfie, then gives her a quick peck and a wave when she goes to leave with her party pamphlet, "Give Violet a kiss for me, Kaylee… and make sure you tell her it's from me and that you make it a HOT one!" Yeah, Tabitha's in a /mood/ tonight, too. A moment later she turns to nod at Rissa, catching up to questions asked earlier, "Yeah, she's a sophomore like us so there's plenty of time to become innoculated to the cuteness overload." She takes a sip of her own drink, which is a fruit juice blend of indeterminite origin. "If she does do Vi's party here, though, I wonder if I could get the band to come back down. They'll be in town around then because we're playing halftime at the Shady Cove High homecoming game. Also, there's no rush on figuring out which side you bat for. Hell, no reason to pick one or the other, either, but I /might/ be just a tiny bit biased on that score." She gives a quick wink then starts to give the rest of the crowd a scan. "There are a few smaller clubs at the school, pretty much all student organized. Only one I really know about is the dance group, though."

Rissa smiles after the selfie is done, wiggling her fingers after the departing Kaylee,"She's kind of ridiculously adorable. Eh. I wish I could be like this all the time. I don't know what it is about being in these clubs that makes me feel this way. Hell, I even FLIRT." She snickers,"It's always been about my self-esteem, not INTEREST. But… eh. Lately, I've been noticing people. The past day or two. And now I come somewhere like this, and my brain is noticing all… sort of things. Like her arms, and his pecs, and it's a little heady, and a little confusing, and it's… kind of glorious over all." In other words, without all the stress of… everything on her, she may have actually discovered that, yes, she DOES have a sexuality that is real and exists. Weird. "Maybe I won't. Maybe I will. But all these new feelings… they're kind of great. It's like it's adding a whole new dimension to something I already loved doing." Her eyes are flicking from person to person in the crowd. There's a sort of 'heat' behind her eyes. "Don't worry, though… You won't unduly influence me. Sense of self, if nothing else, is something I have in spades." She plops into a seat, swinging her legs as she grabs her cup,"Thanks for the help with my voice too. I feel like I'm almost ready to start trying it permanent-like. May need some calibrating, but it feels like I found a piece of myself. I don't know if it seems big to you, but to me, that's huge. So. Wanna dance? Sort of what these places are for."

"Oh, I wasn't worried." Tabitha hops up onto another stool at the table. Hops up because club chairs aren't short and she is. "Seeing you tonight has put many things in my head, but worry isn't on the list." She smiles as Rissa talks about the effect clubs have on her, then nods and raises her glass when she is thanked for her voice help, "Just doing my part where I can. Glad to help." She joins in the people watching for a bit, licking her lips a tiny bit as her gaze falls upon particularly tasty looking co-eds. Then she nods and drains her juice when the talk goes back to dancing. "Hells yes! Let's get out on the floor! But first, a quick stop. I'll meet you out there." That quick stop is a run past the DJ booth where she puts in a request she knows they have on file. It's a song that's only ever been played or aired in this club, after all. Then she's back on the floor heading towards Karissa and getting into the rhythm.

The girl raises an eyebrow? "Like what? Whatever it is, I hope it wasn't 'this girl got issues'." She doesn't let herself dwell on it though, instead teasing,"You look like you're literally ready to eat someone." This to the lip-licking. Still, she laughs about it. So much more easygoing this one. She finishes her own soda as she hops up, and shuffles off to the dance floor to get herself limbered up. By the time Tabitha returns, she'll have her hand up in her hair, and is gyrating all nice and proper like. There's something to be said about agile, acrobatic bodies moving to music. There is plenty of wiggling and shaking of what God most definitely did not give her. She's doing a good job of faking it though.

Tabitha eyerolls at the question from Rissa, "No. That is definitely not on my mind." Then she waggles her eyebrows at the remark about being ready to eat someone. Out on the dance floor she's the kind that doesn't just claim her own piece of real estate but rather goes around visiting the neighbors. She dances around from point to point, sharing moves with anyone that's not partnered up for a bit before traveling on. She'll come back to give Karissa some time every so often, becuase it's rude to adandon your friends and also because yum. The only thing she doesn't stand for is grinding. Somehow, anyon that tries to grind on her ends up having mysterious muscle spasms in their legs and has to abandon the floor.

After a half dozen or so songs, the DJ comes in with, "And the next track will be a different speed from our usual Thursday fare! By request, a song that only exists in two places on Earth… the band's digital master and this club! Get ready to let your beast loose because we've got Orphean Wing and the Beast Within."

There's a good number of cheers for the song before folks get down for some more serious dancing. Tabitha doesn't do any different than the rest, but just lets the crowd's energy take her. She doesn't usually get a chance to really see how people respond to her music when she's not around.

( https://youtu.be/sitYTR1tjcg )

And Rissa is more about drawing people in. She invites friends over. Has a potluck on her front lawn. No grinding for this girl. Still, one would think she knows some of this people more than she really does, the way she'll drape her arms over shoulders, spin her compatriots, and at one point, even do some kind of tandem shuffling for a bit. Why? Because why not. Whether this is her true self exulting, or a disguise that provides her sheltering anonymity, she doesn't currently seem to possess shame.

Of course, she too deals with some people getting handsy. More young men than women. Most of them get polite dismissals by the way she turns her body to pointedly begin dancing at some other drifter. Hell, Tabitha, unsurprisingly, will always find a warm welcome when she dances back around. There's not even much of an interruption from the one overly-eager young man she DOES have to deal with. At one point, hands on her hips transition to trying to cop a feel. Whatever the young man might feel about what he gets handful of, his vocalizations will be swallowed by the music. Which is good, since the process of removing his hand from her also leaves hand-shaped bruises on the boy's forearm. The bizarre thing? This removal seems almost… practiced. Not the first time it's happened.

Either way, it doesn't ruin her evening. Why not, when you can headbang to a song by one of your friends who's sort of famous and kind of a big deal around here. She must have confidence in that wig, though, the way that hair is flopping around. At least she definitely digs it.

Isn't that what a dance floor is all about? Everyone's there for basically the same reason and with the odd exception have nothing in mind beyond enjoying themselves, the music, and the other dancers. In a sense, everyone already knows everyone else out on the floor. Why else would they be there in the first place? When her song is playing she just keeps on dancing. And the more she dances, the more relaxed she gets and the wider her aura spreads out unseen across the room, letting her take it all in at once in IMAX Surround Sound(taste/smell/texture/etc).

The only time she's distracted is when Mr. Hands starts making moves on Karissa, but her friend is clearly capable of handling her own business. Once the dude is sent on his way, she can't help but feel herself shifting almost fully over to the Lilith side of her personality. Without changing her dance pace or even being within twenty feet of the guy she caresses his spine with her aura. A tiny pulse at a time she pulls electric potential from his main trunk nerves. This causes him to sway, then stagger, then slur. And then get thrown out by club security for being drunk in a no-booze establishment.

And all Tabitha does visibly during this is give Rissa a thumbs-up for the Promethean's move in taking care of him herself. Eventually, though she does realize that while she and Karissa could easily do this all night, they do still have to get back out to Coral Springs before curfew. Which is a dozen miles out from the mainland in international waters. But hey, at least they won't have to take the ferry! So after another song spent just loving the dance floor she gives Rissa a signal towards the bar for another round of refreshments. "It's getting close to detention o' clock. We should think about heading back."

She's not even panting or sweating when she heaves to. If she notices the guy's apparent drunken departure, it doesn't show on her face. As to why she's not panting or sweating? Well, her biology's pretty weird, and even if she's not entirely bullet proof, she's not exactly baseline human anymore, either. She orders herself another soda… to go. Mostly because she likes soda,"I feel like I went clubbing with a rockstar." She laughs a little. One could almost think she'd been drinking, but it is indeed just the high that comes from having an active good time.

She bumps into the girl with her shoulder, grinning brightly. She's got that expression that suggest her nerves are still dancing, but she nods. It's a little mopey. "Eeeeh… you're right. That's the problem with these clubs… You never want them to end, you know? But eventually, it's time to get back. Can you help me get back to… *sigh* normal on the way back? I have my clothes stashed." It feels like putting herself back into a box. But she has her reasons. "This is sort of… a private thing I shared with you. I don't… know if that makes sense?"

One can almost SEE the demureness, the awkwarness, the outright SHYNESS beginning to take hold in her again.

Tabitha /looks/ like she's been sweating like mad, right down to slight stains visible on her copper tank top. This falls apart when anyone makes contact with her, though, or notices the lack of any exertion odors. She can do tricks of the light for some camoflage, but she's still a mad science experiment gone wrong/right who's just learned how to hide it. Her own last drink is another fruit juice experiment. She nods to Rissa, "Yeah, but over the weekend it's a whole different story! There's a couple places like this down in Thunder Bay that have great no closing time weekends. We should hit one up sometime."

She nods to the request to help Karissa get her 'public face' back on after leaving, "No trouble." She doesn't ask about the why of not changing back at the school, she just nods and smiles. "Yeah, it makes sense. Remind me to show you some pictures of what I looked like before. I understand that side of things pretty well."

She picks up her drink and Rissa's and hands them across to the man behind the bar, "Can you put these in the Roofie Box, Greg? We'll be right back." Then she reaches out to take Rissa's hand and lead her back to the edge of the dance floor. "I can get us across the water in seconds, so let's enjoy ten more minutes before boring reality."

Does Rissa even HAVE sweat glands? Who knows! She certainly hasn't developed illusion abilities though. "Wow. I'm going to have a busy weekend. Rain's taking me for a makeover this weekend, and then, I Guess we're clubbing at night. I didn't have any friends three weeks ago, and now…" It looks like sweat is breaking out on her body, suddenly. But it's hiding a secret. One of the earliest tricks she learned was to trade switch her sweat and tear glands' functioning. Guess that answers that question!

So maybe she's a little emotional suddenly! Hormones are rough! She gets a little more sniffly easily lately. "I'd like that, if it doesn't bother you to show me. Things like that are kind of private." Still, she allows herself to be led back to the dance floor. And if maybe, she feels a little more of a thrill because of this than is strictly probably a great… Well, it's been a rough year. She lets herself have it. There's abandon in dancing, and in abandon, healing. "Sounds like a plan, Tabby."

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