(2016-09-28) Night in the Gym
Night in the Gym
Summary: Do you even train?
Date: 2016-09-28
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Aidan had finished with classes for the day and decided to head to the gym. So here he was! Going at it on the treadmill, he wears his typical exercise shorts and tshirt attire. His hair and face hold sweat to indicate he's been in here for some time, his current speed accelerated on the treadmill as he sprints. Working on endurance. A small cough escapes his form though, a wince from the pyro before he continues.

Slipping into the gym for her second work out of the day, Becca is in her red and white team gym clothes. The girl walks over to the hand weights with a glance over at Aidan, offering a small wave as she picks up two thirty pound weights. She settles them in her hands and squares off her posture before taking long, lunging steps around the gym with the added weight.

Armed with a six-pack of water bottles filled with her usual semi-toxic refreshment (labeled with 'Hazardous Contents, Do Not Drink), Tabitha has also been in here training since shortly after end of classes today. Her workout has been focusing on her purely physical abilities without the advantages of her aura. So no multi-ton weights or flyer's course, but rather the climbing wall, sprints, and normal range weights. She's got an ipod on her arm and ear-clip headphones in. She's been keeping more or less to herself for her workout, but hasn't been ignoring anyone else in the gym. Rather short nods and brief smiles as others come in or leave. Such as the one she sends Rebecca's way.

A brief nod is given to Rebecca before another cough sounds. Aidan presses a button on the treadmill, slowing it down to eventually stop while he hops up to stand with feet on either side of the belt. Leaning over he coughs again before standing back up straight, leaning back to stand up straight and look up towards the ceiling placing his hands on his back. A frown is on his face as he catches his breath, but it seems to be a frown of frustration more than anything…followed by a sigh as he steps off of the treadmill and grabs his water bottle from the cup holder. Taking a long drink he runs a hand through his hair. He then gives a thumbs up to the other two. He's fine everybody! Honest!

Glancing sidelong at Aidan often while he coughs, there's worry on Becca's face. She's not about to snoop though, trudging along on her lunges, a little more wobbly with the long steps on her left side. Catching Tabitha's smile she nods back, no grins from Becca lately.

Tabitha sets down the bar she was doing dead lifts with with a light clunk, then snags one of her remaining drink bottles (a couple have already been emptied) and walks casually over to the treadmills where Aidan is coughing and getting a drink of his own. She reaches up to adjust her headphones so they're not in fully, then picks up one of the gym towels and sets it on the arm of Aidan's treadmill. "Push yourself too hard and you end up undoing all the work."

A quick glance is given to Tabitha before Aidan sets his water bottle down again "Sure…thanks." Easier to just take the unrequested training tip than to explain what actually caused the coughing fit. Last thing he needed was THAT lecture again. Even if it would be from a new source. "How ya been?" His gaze does drift over to Rebecca briefly, a brow lofting before he looks back to Tabitha.

Measuring her breathes, Becca looks at the pair talking and turns her focus back to slow, meditative breathes as she does her lunges. It's so much easier to just focus on that and nothing else.

Tabitha's arch expression suggests she's not convinced by Aidan's quick acceptance of the advice, but she also doesn't push the issue. She's not the boss of anyone. Instead she shrugs when he asks how she's been. "Oh, y'know, living the dream under the sea. Classes don't suck yet, things are decent with the band. How 'bout you?" She takes a few sips of her gritty black drink between comments. When Aidan doesn't use the towel she snags it for herself, wiping it back over her copper and black hair. Rebecca gets a glance during this, a look of concern passing over her face.

Aidan shrugs "Pretty good. Been training more. Working on my endurance…as you just saw demonstrated there" he motions back to the treadmill with a chuckle. "as well as my fire." So there's that! Aidan was standing by the treadmills, talking to Tabitha who was drinking whatever toxic beverage was in her bottle. Rebecca was across the way, doing her thing. You go, Glen Coco!

Becca rolls her eyes back at Tabitha and continues her lunges. Deep breath in nice and slow, deep breath out. When she starts to get shaky, she sets the weights down and pauses, leaning against the wall, massaging at her hands as she glances back to Aidan and Tabitha chatting at the treadmill.

Daxton had been out jogging. Well, jogging for a speedster, which meant he was going very fast, from the island to the mainland, back and forth. Now that he's down with that part, he's heading ingot eh gym, looking for a punching bag. He steps inside and almost turns around when he sees the colliection of people. He can't imagine this is going to make him any less popular. You can't go lower than the bottom,. right? His yank is coaled not only from running, but the ocean as well, but eh ignores that and heads over to the equipment to look for tape for his hands.

Tabitha just lets out a short sigh at the eyeroll from Becca, then nods to Aidan. "Good things to work on, and good that you're getting better with your fire. I'm due for a session with mine later this week, since it's currently my weakest area. How's your flight coming along?" Daxton's arrival gets her notice, but she takes the effort to stay even. She gives him an upnod as he comes over to the equipment side, gesturing to her hair as she does so. "Nice cut, Dax. Your weekend go alright?"

"Yeah I'm fully airborne now" Aidan laughs "Working on gaining height and thrust and multitasking WHILE being airborne…but yeah." He shrugs "It's coming along though…to answer your question. Sorry." Ah. Poor clueless Prometheus. Oblivious to the drama bomb that had just exploded within the confines of the gymnasium. At least he was fireproof! "Hey, Daxton!" he offers a nod and grin to the speedster as he enters. He looks back to Tabitha "Want to train together sometime? With the fire or whatever?"

Looking up at Dax as he walks in, Becca offers a soft smile. "Hey Dax." She looks him over for signs of injury and picks up her weights, getting back to her walk. She looks back to Tabitha and Aidan, but everything seems nice and friendly, so that's good.

Daxton just kinda nods to everyone, besides the healing lip he seems healthy. His blue eyes narrow slightly, unsure if tabs means that as a jab or not,"Weekend was good." Aidan gets a "Hey." He sounds friendly enough towards the boy, but uncertain to the two girls. Becca gets a look and nod as he starts wrapping his knuckles. He can't help it, "Keep your back straight."

Tabitha nods pleasantly at the response from Daxton. "Good." Her response is genuine and she leaves him to his workout prep afterwards. Aidan gets a smile at the news of what he's been working on in powers training. "That's a lot to do at once. Sounds like you're making real progress. And yeah, co-op training sounds like a good idea." Since she's been doing a purely physical workout this afternoon, she's had her aura locked down. And although there's an itch at the back of her mind to let it out just a teensy bit she manages to not give in. She'll stick to regular senses and not stick her nose any further into things than she already did. She gives a head-nod towards the weights where she was working out before talking with Aidan. "Since you look like you could use some cooldown time, care to spot me?"

Frowning again, Becca nods. She stands a little straighter and lets out a slow breath as she corrects her grip on her weights. She looks back at Tabitha and lets out a little sigh of relief. To Dax she asks as he wraps his hands "How's your back after all that running?"

Daxton pounds his wrapped knuckles into the palm of the opposite hand to make sure they feel right. He's unsure about Tabs, so he just nods and starts on the other hand. Once Becca straightens, he finishes wrapping his hand, "It's fine. It wasn't speed training, more endurance than anything." Not that that realy means he wasn't also going fast.

Tabitha gives Aidan a smile and a nod as the other declines her invite to do weight work together. Flipping the towel over her shoulder she heads back to the weights and goes back to her dead lift reps. She leaves the other two to their own devices, slipping her headphones back in and turning her music on. She's not working out fast or doing too much weight since she's solo, but is more making sure she doesn't get dependent on her powers. While she is leaving Becca and Dax alone, she can't help but glance between them on occasion with a carefully neutral expression.

Nodding, Becca looks down to watch her feet as she lunges. "If it gets to aching let me know." she offers, sneaking looks back up at him. Her arms are starting to get shaky, but Dax just came in, it would look shitty if she stopped now so she keeps pushing herself.

Daxton's face is fairly neutral too, although his gaze does flicker between the two girls. They're both doing things they should hav spotters for. He rolls his back once, ready to leap in either direction if needed., He may be extremely upset with both of them, but he doesn't want to see either hurt. "It's ok. I'll just take a hot shower after this." He's kinda sweaty, he probably needs it.

After a last couple sets, Tabitha starts breaking down the free weights and returning everything to its proper rack. She runs the gym towel through her hair again as she finishes off the half-empty bottle of her drink. The action seems more reflexive than anything since she doesn't sweat and the towel is still bone dry. She picks up the carry rack with the rest of her empty and full drink bottles and takes them over to the workout mat where she starts to do some limbering stretches. Her glances at the other two happen less often.

Scrunching up her face, Becca closes her eyes and lets out a slow breath. "I'm done in. I'll see you tomorrow Dax. Sweet dreams." She offers once she has her breath under control again. Hefting her weights up the wrong way, she starts walking back to the rack to return them.

Now that Tabs is down with the weights, Dax can split his attention between Becca and the bag. It's only a few punches before Becca's then ending as well. He looks over , eyeing her before he nods, "Yeah…you too." He takes a few more swings, watching her bring the weights back, "You need to not overdo it. Your' going to hurt yourself."

With her music on and her aura folded in, leaving her to her 'merely human' senses, Tabitha is in her own world now that her stretching has her with her back to the others. She's almost managed to get herself to a point where her mind isn't thinking in their direction as well, so she doesn't tempt fate by looking that way right now.

"I'll heal." Becca offers as she sets the weights up. "Sometimes the pain is good-you know?" She did chose to learn martial arts over ballet before high school. Pausing before she heads out of the gym she glances at Dax again, taking her time to study him. "Gonna step out, cool down while the weather is still nice." She adds glancing at Tabs before she flees the gym entirely.

Tabitha spots Rebecca fleeing the gym and glances over her shoulder at Daxton to try and get an idea what she missed. It doesn't seem to be more than normal weirdness, which is an improvement she figures. She lets her stretches sequey into some beginner katas before stopping and heading over towards the striking dummies which are over by the heavy and speed bags. She gives Daxton's workout a respectful distance then starts in with some knee and elbow strikes. Since she's working at 'puny mortal' levels, the strikes don't deform the dummy much.

Daxton inhales , but then lets her flee. He wouldn't even know what to say. So instead he turns and attacks the punch bag, pounding the sand hard. Who knows who's face he's imagining!

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