(2016-09-28) From Frowns to Laughter
From Frowns to Laughter
Summary: Felicia is good at making people laugh…even Daxton
Date: 2016.9.28
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Mark this day on the calendar! Felicia didn't have detention today. Amazing! So she is actually back to the dorm right after classes have gotten out…whatever is she going to do with her extra time? The girl is really at a loss for that, she could do some constructive with the extra time, like homework or laundry, but instead she has her hands on her hips and his looking around the dorm common room with a frowny face on.

Did someone say frowny face? in comes Daxton, and well, he's not frowning but he's not smiling either. He's not really smiled all day. Seems Tab and Ollie aren't the only two that have jumped all over him. Seeing Fel standing there he slows as he make his way to his room, "You okay?"

The arrival of Dax has her turning to look at him. In case the frown disappears to be replaced by her usual cheerful expression "Yeah, I'm good. Just thinking." a dangerous past time "How come Athena gets a kitchenette but we don't? They afraid we're going to burn the place down or something?" that's probably the exact reason, but still, she wants a microwave! She has noticed that he has been looking displeased? Upset? Well not happy. "Who do I need to sit on?" well at least someone has his back.

Daxton shrugs, "Do you want one? I'm sure if you asked they'd put one in." Her question gets a small head shake and smirk, "I'm cool. What do you want to cook?" he'll be okay, 3 more days till the weekend and then motorcycle lessons!

Felicia nods to Daxton "It would be nice." she moves over to flop onto the sofa "Lydia," her mother, she never calls her by the usual mom or mother, just her actual name. "sent me a bunch of various ramen packs. They don't do me any good without some way to cook them." and she doesn't want to walk over to the Athena dorm and use their kitchen for it. "You sure. I don't mind." she is going to be a great lackey to some supervillian one day.

Daxton laughs, “Then buy a microwave for your room. Or have Annaliese buy one." She seems pretty loaded. A low laugh, "I think Unit 23's been living off of Ramen lately. I nearly got jumped when I came in with real groceries over the weekend."

Felicia wrinkles her nose at him "Hush you. Don't be throwing your logic around at me." she is joking with him of course "I'll ask Anna. I doubt I will have anything left after I get my motorcycle." she saved up all summer for that thing she is going to get as nice of one as she can afford. "Oh is /that/ how you got the busted lip?" she knows it isn't but it is something to tease him about.

Daxton laughs again, "There's a first time for everything." Talk about the Unit seems to be a happy topic, the smile stays on his face, "Oh, yeah. AfterThought clocked me good to get the bag of apples I brought. Great left hook." An eyebrow raises before he offers, "I was gonna go work out. Wanna join me?" He did this morning too, he is probably throwing himself into it like he did when he first got here.

Now if only he could be that happy when talking about this place, but Felicia isn't going to say anything about that, at the moment she is just glad that something can make him happy. "Really? Huh. Afterthought doesn't look like he," unsure of the gender she just goes with the default he "could lift an apple, let alone throw a punch." Afterthought is /so/ scrawny! The offer for working out has her bouncing up off the couch "Yeah sure." she's been kinda lax on that lately. Bad Felicia!

Daxton's smiles is tinged with a touch of sad, "Afterthought is probably the toughest person I know. What they did to me was nothing compared to what she went through." He changes the gender, but doesn't seem bothered by Fel using he. "Meet you back here in a minute then." And he's disappeared into his room in a flash, changing into workout clothes and back way before Fel can be.

Felicia nods in understanding at the comment. She isn't offended by it, Felicia knows what he means. "Good thing you all got out of there when you did." she knows what would have happened if not. That would have been bad. The gender swap goes unnoted for her as well. He, she, makes no difference to her, as evidenced by how easily she accepted Oliver's physical change. "Okay!" compared to him she is Ms. Mosey McPokeybutt, but she does hurry so he isn't waiting to long. As she comes back out appropriately dressed she tosses him a can of Monster to give extra fuel to the workout then opens her own can up.

Ollie's a completely different beast in Dax's mind, but isn't that the case with friends? He's not upset about the switch, it's the aggression about it towards others he doesn't appreciate. And well, the aggression towards him too, honestly. But that's another subject Dax doesn't want to dwell on. The can is caught and he taps on the top before opening it, "Any preference, or just wanna run drills?" Oh, he's so much fun.

A shrug is given to the question. "I don't care. Surprise me!" Felicia likes working out, not as much as Dax does, but she /has/ to workout whether she wants to or not, so she may as well like it. She takes a sip of the drink as she begins to head out the dorm room "Where is Unit 23 living now? Or is that need to know?"

Daxton seems ok with just drills. "Around. We have a few safe havens." We. "I think they want to have one closer, but acquiring another one takes some cash we need to find." He then adds as they walk, "I think Inferno is trying to build up our artillery first."Huh?? (Type "help" for help.)GAME: Save complete.

She doesn't miss the we and after Ollie's attack yesterday is loathe to comment on it so questions instead, but not in aggressive fashion, merely curious as a way to understand, "They are like your family?" her definition of family which is different from Websters. Maybe she gets it even. "How close? Near town close? Thunder Bay close?" there is an amused noise from her "He would."

Felicia nods. She gets him having to think about that one a few seconds. It's how she feels about Ares, even Derek, begrudgingly. There is a sigh, "I wish my younger brother didn't. He is doing stupid things hoping he will get some kind of superpower like me." right now she is annoyed by it, but she will feel really bad if he gets seriously hurt or worse trying to emulate her. "There are a lot of empty summer homes here during the off season. Some remote enough that people staying will go unnoticed but close enough to get here quickly." it's a tourist town, that kind of thing is common.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, "Ugh. That sucks." Little brothers are a pain. "Want Unit 23 to go scare him?" He grins, not really meaning it, but Inferno is kinda scary looking. "Yeah, I think that's what Pulse is looking into. Enough bedrooms for us all, and room to train."

"Could they?" Felicia's reply isn't as joking as the question, but she isn't serious either. She doesn't want the kid to have a heart attack. "Good luck with that. Maybe on one of the islands? The one is shut down for the season…the one with the campground and cottages. It's not Luxor

"Could they?" Felicia's reply isn't as joking as the question, but she isn't serious either. She doesn't want the kid to have a heart attack. "Good luck with that. Maybe on one of the islands? The one is shut down for the season…the one with the campground and cottages. It's not luxurious and may be more roughing it, but it's nearby too.". she racks her brain trying to think of other options.

Daxton shrugs, "Probably." Inferno may induce nightmares. His face screws hop as he thinks too, "Yeah…I don't know. We could rough it, but I'd rather not." He likes hot showers.

Felicia shakes her head, just to make sure it is clear that she doesn't want her brother scared straight by U-23. "I wouldn't want to either. Just that one weekend after I started here was enough for me." plus she came back sick, and spent days in medbay. Though she did become good friends with Ollie because of it. "I'm sure you guys will find something." she is optimistic like that.

Daxton says, "I'd like, even if we can't train there, to have a house." It's dumb, but he wants a home to go to. Daxton agrees, "Even if it's temporary." Which it will be, they have safe houses everywhere. Some he doesn't even know about, hence Chicago!"

Good thing he didn't say it was a dumb thought, Felicia may have had to gibbsmack him for it. "Houses are nice. The bigger the better." as long as she isn't cleaning it at least. As they get to the gym she glances inside to see if anyone else is doing some post class exercise…not many.

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