(2016-09-28) A Strange Concern
A Strange Concern
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Date: 2016-09-28
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Training Grounds

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Lunch break, but instead of eating in the cafeteria, Rain has decided to have her lunch outside. It's quieter for one, so she can read, study or just eat in relative peace and it’s still nice out, which won't be the case soon. She has taken a spot at one of the picnic tables that don't sit very far from the tunnel entrance, her tray of food at her elbow while she writes something out on an index card.

Quiet is good. Sky really misses the quiet…nothing's really been as it was before his Quest, even with the pills he takes at night. All the thoughts merely go to a murmur as he can't focus on them as easily. So, when he catches Rain's idea to bring her lunch outside, he quickly joins her. There is no interruption or query about her writing — he just places his tray at the table as well and begins to eat. He may peek through her eyes at the cards if he feels he must.

As usual Rain's thoughts are quiet and orderly and not the chaos of randomness that a lot of people's are. Her mind has always been that way, probably because of the twinbond, defense mechanism or something. And right now her thoughts are on the new words she picked up last night and thier translations into English. This is what is being written on the card, each coptic word

As usual Rain's thoughts are quiet and orderly and not the chaos of randomness that a lot of people's are. Her mind has always been that way, probably because of the twinbond, defense mechanism or something. And right now her thoughts are on the new words she picked up last night and their translations into English. This is what is being written on the card, each coptic word (Besa's language) written out and spelled phonetically and what it means contextually in English. Writing things repeatedly helps with her memory…she even writes it backwards sometimes »>Mom was a piece of work this morning.«< she mentions out of the blue in reference to the skype call the pair received before classes started.

The words on the cards do get a lift of his eyebrows but he actually thinks that's kind of fair. After all, Besa has picked up ASL pretty quickly. «That's nice of you,» is offered between bites of his lunch. Her comment about their mother has him looking back over, «Isn't she always?» Maybe just with him?

Sky is gifted with a mental image of the Egyptian teens face lighting up with joy as Rain tried but butchered the first of the words he taught her, »>I doubt I will be able to speak it at all or even form sentences, but I think just being able to say Hi or good morning in his native tongue will be good.«< both are on Rain's list as are other nouns and a few verbs. Little does she know that his language is ancient and mostly a dead one. She looks up at him to give a bit of a nod, »>She was in rare form today though." a sense of mild horror comes over her then »>You don't think she could be pregnant again…do you?«< their mother still hasn't gotten the third daughter she needs to carry on the magical line.

The mental image is considered as it's sent to him and Sky tries to hide a smirk from forming. «I think so too.» He's certainly not going to discourage it, especially since he's trying to get the two together! Better Rain be with someone he knows and likes than someone else! He tilts his head as Rain continues to comment about their mother, «Did she say anything more than she signed?» It wouldn't be the first time and he can't read thoughts over Skype. «I suppose if she's going to try, now's the time, right?» Although their parents are -old-…especially to fourteen year olds.

Rain taps the card with her pen »>You want me to make one for you?«< it wouldn't hurt if he knew the words as well. There is a shake of her head at the question »>Just the usual. Take care of your brother and the usual concerns and wanting me to tell her things that you won't.«< it never works, she has become an expert at covering for Sky and appeasing their mother since the accident. She makes an eww face at the comment, she doesn't want to think about her parents trying to do that sort of thing…they /are/ old, and that just makes it even more gross.

Schuyler takes a bite of his lunch and contemplates before shaking his head, «I don't know what good it would do. Fingerspelling wouldn't mean much and I guess I could think the word at him?» It may work? It may not? «I can take care of myself,» is said with a frown as he stabs some food on his tray. «I made it to New Orleans without any help!»

»>I never said you couldn't.«< Rain gives him a mental poke »>Don't take your stuff out on me. If you don't wanna know don't ask.«< she is in to good of a mood today to put up with the surliness of her brother. The mention of New Orleans has her grimacing »>Don't remind me.«< she's went the whole week without any nightmares, let's not get those started again.

Rain wants to, but she refrains from getting literal with his comment. She can imagine it, but she doesn't want to, and Sky mentioning it certainly doesn't help. »>Our mom? Stop worrying? Impossible.«< she glances at her food a moment and takes a few bites of her own. »<Dad too.«<

Schuyler just sort of grunts as a response. He works some more on his food, «They shouldn't. We're here, they know what the school's like…it's not like it's an unknown entity.» Although a thought does strike him as he thinks about their parents visiting during Homecoming and the like. «We should invite Besa home for Thanksgiving.»

»>They are our parents. I think it is in the parent code or something.«< Rain looks down at the words on her index card, flips it over and starts again. His suggestion has her nearly dropping her pen. She has to take a moment to get over her shock at Sky suggesting that. That seems more like something she would ask about »>Do you think he would want to?«<

Schuyler looks up at her shock. «Why is that so weird? And it's that or he's stuck here without us.» Because they're so integral to his social life, of course. That and they should get to him before Tabitha does.

Rain understands that part, but she is still leery and unsure. She has that whole shame thing going on. Not ashamed of her family, just there financial status and they live in a mansion on a private island with tons of servants. She can downplay the wealthiness here at school but there…well she is worried how something like that could affect the friendship. Typical teenage angst kind of stuff »>You think we can talk them into having Thanksgiving at the Boston house instead of home?«< at least Besa has seen that one and it is less intimidating.

Schuyler doesn't seem to understand Rain's aversion to bringing Besa to their home on the island. «Don't you think he'd enjoy exploring the island?» Boston was ok, but it's not home. Not really. «I mean, I guess it depends on who else they might invite? If it's a lot of people, we won't fit in Boston. Do you really think he'll care that much?»

When asked about the explorations Rain mentally agrees, but it is more feeling than anything. »>It will probably be the usual group. Just the close aunts, uncles and cousins.«< which are quite numerous in the family. Does anyone just stop at one child in their family?! There is a sigh »»No.«< she doubts he will care though it might make him uncomfortable »>You can ask him about it though.«< she begins to pack up her things »>There is the bell.«< she nods to the school collecting all her belongings before heading back in to face the next part of the day.

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