(2016-09-27) Unnecessary Drama
Unnecessary Drama
Summary: If there is an Ares involved there is going to be drama
Date: 2019-09-27
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Ares Dorm Hub

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

It's still an hour until curfew, which means that most of the Ares students are probably out doing better things than hanging around the dorm room. Not Felicia though, not today at least. She had double detention today. Kitchen duty during lunch break and then after the evening meal, so she is loathe to do anything except veg out on the couch and watch anime. Which is what she is doing, in her pjs, with a half gallon of ice cream for company. Not that she is upset or any of those other stereotypical reason girls eat ice cream…she just likes ice cream, okay. As usual for the anime she watches its not dubbed, but there are English subtitles.

Daxton comes in after a bit, dressed in his sleepy pants and a full laundry basket against his hip. The speedster has a swollen lip and his hair's been mostly buzzed (his top's a little longer so it's not just a straight buzz). Seeing Fel on the couch he diverts some and gives her a nod, "Hey Fel." He sounds tired.

Felicia's eyes move from the screen with all its colorful action to Dax as he walks in. It's possible she saw him earlier in the day, meals or classes or whatevers, but with detentions and stuffs, probably not much conversing was done. So there really is no surprise at the new look or fat lip, not that there would have been anyway. She doesn't do surprise. "Heya Dax." The spoon in her hand is wiped on her pants briefly and then she holds the bottom of the it against the side of the freezing ice cream carton. "Looks like you had an adventuresome weekend."

Daxton shrugs and moves to set the basket down on the couch. He can fold laundry here just as a good as his room. "Yeah. it was okay….How was yours ?" The basket has a lot of army looking stuff in it. More than Dax normally has.

The reply gets a bit of an amused snort of disbelief "Just okay?" Felicia eyes his busted lips then holds the cold spoon out to him so he can hold it to the injury "your fat lip tells a different story." so did the news outlets but she holds that one back for a moment and instead nods to the basket "That's a lot of OD green."

Daxton waves away the spoon, but the motion gets a small smirk, "That'll just wake me want ice cream then." A tee shirt is pulled out and when he folds it it's very….precise. Like a military fold. "I took a hit so i could make one." if that makes any sense. "Yeah, I grabbed some of Unit 23's shirts. Sometimes stuff like laundry gets put on the back burner. If i can help with that…" Then he feels like he's contributing.

"You say that like its a bad thing." Felicia sticks the spoon into the ice cream, it looks to be just recently opened, there is only a few spoonfuls taken from it "I know how to share." it's doubtful she can eat the whole 1/2 gallon anyway. "So you will be going back next weekend?" she asks, her brow knitting a bit at him and/or the idea.

The smirk stays, "It's a bad thing if you want the ice cream back." Dax could totally eat the whole tub. "Not sure." Another shit, much smaller than the first is folded, clearly a girl's. "I'll message them and either they'll meet me before work, or I'll go out there next weekend." There's a beat, "If I go, it'll be Saturday afternoon. I'll make Inferno come up to look at bikes. He said he didn't mind."

Felicia shrugs "Why? Unless you run off with it I can get it back." she might not be faster, but she is stronger and can be heavier. "I'll just sit on you." the smirk is returned. It's about an hour until curfew, and Dax and Felicia are hanging out in the Ares common room. The tv is on, an anime in original Japanese, but subtitled, is playing. Neither of the Ares students are watching it though. Dax is folding clothes in his pj's while Felicia is sprawled on the sofa nomming ice cream from the carton. "Just Inferno and me? Nevermind, don't be making people do things on my behalf. I can go by myself." or just not go. There is a brief show of grumpy face that dissolves as she takes a bite of the ice cream.

Daxton just laughs about that. "No, I'll be with too. He seemed excited to do something not Unit 23-ish." All the clothes are green military, and some are clearly not Daxton's, too small for the broad shouldered speedster.

Ollie was concerned for Daxton when she heard that the other just took off…after all, she knew what she was going through when she did the same thing just recently. When she heard that Daxton was back, however, she pretty much booked it to the Ares Dorm Hub to see if he was all right. She rushes in and just sort of skids to a halt when she finds Daxton and Felicia…just hanging out. She looks between the two before stepping in further. She wants to be mad, but she isn't sure if that's the best thing right now. "Daxton, are you ok?" is asked even as she notes the green military that's being folded and the new haircut.

Felicia oooos at the clarification "That's okay than." she likes Inferno well enough but without the buffer of Dax there she isn't sure she, him or both would be comfortable. Plus he is /so/ old, as far as she knows at least. "Yeah those guys need to go out and do fun things every once in a while." that doesn't included rescuing busloads of people or burning down drug houses. "Did you ask about the lessons too?"

When Ollie rushes in and stops suddenly Felicia arches an eyebrow at her "Heye Ollie." she greets with a grin about to ask her what's up but she figures that out pretty quick when the Metis girl queries Dax.

And busted lip, was that to mentioned. Well, it's fat, anyway. Blue eyes come up in surprise and eh just blinks, "Uh….yeah? I'm okay. Thanks." A quick lance in Fel's direction before he starts folding clothes again. He just nods to Unit 23 stuff, "We do." Not those guys, he's part of them. "I kinda asked about teaching nth of us. might make it easier." And more comfortable, he knows Inferno can be a bit much.

Ollie continues to look between the two, a little surprised at the blase attitude both seem to have. "Teaching? And what's with all the green?" But then her brows draw down and she asks quietly, "Should I just go?" Maybe it's an Ares thing that she isn't supposed to be a part of? "I'm glad you're ok, Daxton. I was worried."

The teen titan gives a nod "Sounds like a plan then. Lessons for the both of us!" that's enough to get Felicia excited. Her parents are going to have a kineption, but to her they aren't her parent's persay so she isn't all that worried. Another bite of ice cream is taken and then she explains to Ollie, "I'm buying a motorcycle." a used one of course, she can't afford a new one "Dax and one of his U-23 guys is going to teach me…or rather us how to ride it." because that is important. At Ollie's question she gives a funny look, shaking her head "No silly." she scooches over on the sofa to make room "You can join us."

Daxton adds, "A motorcycle." He shrugs and then nods to the place Fel indicates for Oli to sit, "I'm doing some of the Unit's shirts. Laundry’s kinda on the bottom of the to do list, ya know?" There's clearly different sizes, and even a few different pants. All the folding is very precise.

She doesn't look entirely convinced but Ollie does move to gingerly sit on the edge of the sofa. "A motorcycle? Uhm…ok. Instead of a car?" Not that she is going to buy either. If she's lucky she might be able to get a bicycle, but when one can fly, it's not so necessary. She looks to Daxton and all the folding, "So…you're back with them? I thought you were getting out."

Felicia nods "Yeah. I'm not all that comfortable behind the wheel of a car." or even being a passenger in one for that matter. Who can blame her though. She will have to do it for her driver's test when she finally gets her license, but she will worry about that later. Considering the wrinkled state of most of her clothing, especially her uniforms, she hasn't offered to help with the folding. There is no way she would be able to fold to Dax's military standards, so why try. The question from Ollie has her looking curiously at Dax. It's a question she has had herself, but has refrained from asking…yet, but now she won't have to…unless he throws out a bunch of BS.

Daxton gives a small shrug, "Sure…I mean, I can drive a car, a motorcycle isn't a bad skill to have." He looks up from the folding, "Why would I want to get out? I'm gonna finish school, they want me to graduate. But then, yeah. Of course I'm going back." he says that like that's always been the plan. And he folds folds folds.

"Good luck with the motorcycle. Will you give me a ride on it?" is asked with a little smile but as Daxton answers the question, Ollie looks sharply to Felicia. "What happened to the Daxton who was trying to hide from the army recruiter who came to talk to the school last year?" She gets up then and moves closer to the boy, "Dax, did they…brainwash you or something? You were growing your hair out…you were moving on. Is this about graduating and things being up in the air and scary?"

Felcia nods briefly at Ollie's question "Course." but what she asks of Dax is much more important. Her mouth opens than snaps shut as that iffy filter kicks in. A big bite of ice cream is taken, she can't say anything stupid if she has her mouthful, right?

Daxton's head shakes, his new hair cut not swaying with the motion, "That was the Army. Unit 23 is different." The shirt he's folding is set down and he frowns, "No. What kind of question is that?" Of course he was brain washed, just not by Unit 23. "My hair was getting in my eyes." No, it was longer, but not that long. "What's up in the air? Graduating? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna graduate."

"No, after graduation," Ollie looks between Felicia, who is staying quiet, and Daxton. She doesn't want to upset the boy, but this isn't right. This isn't him. "So now it's just going to be everything about Unit 23? Forget the rest of your friends, it's just them? Or if we want to do something with you it has to be with them too?" Like Felicia learning how to ride a motorcycle.

Felicia listens to Daxton but she doesn't jump to the same conclusion that Ollie does. The spoon taps against her teeth as she lets Ollie finish up his questions the obvious concern noted in his tone "I don't think it is that way at all Ollie." she looks from Ollie to Daxton "Right?" she hmms before continuing "We all have to go someplace after we graduate. We can't stay here." as far as she knows at least. "It's no different than going off to college or joining the actual military…" there is a beat "Well it is different than the military. We'd never see ya then." not with boot camp and then being sent who knows where.

Daxton's tills at the sudden onslaught of questions from Ollie, "Felicia asked, I was just trying to help." He sighs, looking down at the uniforms he's folding. "I never said i wouldn't do things with you guys." He sighs and his shoulder slump slightly. He's not made eye contact yet, but was being better about looking in people's general directions. But right now it's all about the laundry. "I wouldn't ever join the army." Not after his experience. "And i don't really have anything to pursue in college." So Unit 23 is kinda his fall back obvious choice. Plus they want him.

Ollie just shakes her head at Daxton's answer, "I don't like it. We almost got you back…the real -you- and now we're going to lose you again to this…military…" she waves a hand at the laundry, "Thing. Do you like it? Do you like doing all of that and being told what to do all the time and not thinking for yourself?" She then looks to Felicia, "I know we can't stay here, but…it's already not him anymore."

The ice cream is set aside and Felicia focuses on Ollie for the moment "I think you have a total misunderstanding of who and what Unit 23 is." she tells him, yeah she is taking sides, mostly because she knows what Ollie doesn't "They aren't bad guys ya know that, right?" she is pretty sure there isn't the whole bossing around either, but she can't say for sure "And really Ollie, pulling the real you card? That's not fair. Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Daxton's brow crinkles, unsure why he feels he's become everyone's personal punching bag lately. Even if they think it's for his own good. "I'm not lost." The frown becomes more defined and he glances in Ollie's direction, "What the hell?" He starts to put the fold clothes onto of the unfolded ones. He's not going to stand here and be insulted, he got enough of that from Tabitha. He's tense, but doesn't lash out anymore as Felicia speaks. "Don't Fel. She can have whatever opinion she wants of me. Everyone else does. Why not Ollie too?"

"I see Daxton back doing his military things…with the military haircut and what am I supposed to think?" Ollie may be friends with the Ares students, but she's still not entirely clued into everything. This is certainly one of those times. Felicia's jab at her appearance gets a frown and she shifts into the genderless Alien form, "Better? Should I just go walking around like this? Freaking everyone out? I'm not talking about his appearance, I'm talking about who he -is-. I'm still -me- no matter what body I'm in…so -that's- not fair." The Alien then looks to Daxton, "Tell me you're the same then. That just because you've joined with this group, that you're doing everyone's laundry, that you're going to go off and spend time with them, that you're the same. Then I'll leave you alone."

This is not the position that Felicia wants to be in. The arbiter, even though she is terrible at it, between two of her good friends. There is a sigh when Dax tells her to back down but she does have one more thing to add, "Well you certainly aren't supposed to jump to conclusions." Felicia tells her instead of answering what she thinks is a rhetorical question. When Ollie changes to his true form she eyerolls "You know I don't care what you look like. But you did change when you took on the girl form. You might not notice it but the rest of us did." or Felicia did at least, she isn't saying it was a bad change or a good change, but it was there.

"It's a hair cut, Ollie. I didn't get a tattoo or anything ." Although he might at some point. Daxton sighs, finishing gathering his laundry. "Any changes in me has nothing to do with Unit 23. I'm helping them with the laundry to be nice. Sorry that's so out of character for me that you think it must be an order." His jaw is clenching, but it's the only physical sign of agitation he's showing. The basket is lifted and he glances at Fel, knowing she's probably not happy, "Sorry. I'll catch you later."

Oliver raises a clawed hand, "No, don't. I'm the bad guy here. I'll go." Glowing blue eyes look between the two before Oliver gives a nod to Daxton, "I'm glad you're back and ok. I was worried." That much certainly seems be true. "I'm sorry I riled everyone up,' is offered quietly before the alien just heads back out to return to the Metis dorms.

With Dax retreating to his room and Ollie retreating probably to his own dorm Felicia is once more left alone. Flopping back onto the sofa she grabs the ice cream again…/now/ she has another reason to be eating it besides the fact that she likes ice cream and she goes back to watching her show…though she probably won't enjoy it.

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