(2016-09-27) Class Project
Class Project
Summary: Besa, Sky and Rain discuss the class project and then other things
Date: 2016-09-27
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This small classroom is cozy. With enough seats for about ten students, there is little in the way of a desc. An open air environment. There is a modern whiteboard on one end, attached to equipment to project from a computer and even an somewhat old digital overhead display. The inner walls are lined with book shelves, this room is designed for teaching English. Several window with white trim aline the brick and old concrete outer wall of the fort here, giving a look out over the ocean.

With the classes as small as they are, sometimes they're combined, especially when it's something when eh kids are just working on projects or reading books. Today is such a day and Besa sits with several of the possible choices for racing and a group project in front of him. "I have already bread all of the Shakespeare…" But there's plenty of others they can all pick from.

"All of it? Really?" Rain has pulled her desk around so that the table touches the side on Besa's desk "Well if not Shakespeare we can do…" she pauses as she scans the list "Shaw, Pygmalion is on the list. Have you read that one? We can read it and then watch My Fair Lady and do a comparative essay."

Besa's scanning the list of books and gives a small shrug, "We can do a Shakespeare if you wish. They are all good." He's not picky. looking up at Sky, he gives the other twin a small nod before signing back,'We could do a scene from one of the plays…' He smiles warmly, 'Dickens is good too.'

When Sky speaks up, mentally at least, Rain glances to him "Are you going to join us or not?" if he has opinions on what they are doing he may as well. "Three choices…all good ones." she flips open her notebook and rips three peices of paper off a sheet and writes one of the authors on each, then folds each a few times before cupping all three in her hand and shaking them around. "Pick one." she holds out the folded peices in her hand for Besa to choose at random what they will be doing.

Besa frowns softly, 'it is a group project, Schuyler. You may join us.' He offers to Sky before picking a wade of paper,'You do not have to act. you could direct. or help with costumes or he set.' Or not. It's just an idea. The paper is pulled and he then tosses it to Sky, maybe choosing for the grumpy teen to be part of their group.

Rain rolls her eyes at the third wheel comment. "It's English class." she makes sure to point out to Sky. "We can figure that out later. First is picking out a book and actually reading it." one thing at a time people. There is a grin as Besa picks a wad of paper and tosses it toward her brother "Well?" she prods him to hurry up and open it.

Schuyler catches the piece of paper and unfolds it before he sets it down on the desk before the three. «Does it count if we've already read it?»

Besa leans forward to read the paper and shrugs, 'I do not see how the teacher would even know if we had before.' Sky gets a warm smile, 'It will be fun. Whatever we decide to do for the project.' Maybe Besa can throw pottery and Sky carve out a scene or their favorite quotes or….there's so much they could do!

"I've read a little bit of all of them so it really doesn't matter." Rain leans forward as well to see what is written on the paper "Dickens it is." she is fine with that "No Twist or a Christmas Carol though. I think those would probably be a bit over done." plus everyone knows those stories and that the later has certainly been done to death. "Other than those two I am fine with whichever his plays or books with use."

Schuyler doesn't look terribly convinced or enthused, but he's actively working on cultivating an 'aloof' attitude. Not emo or morose…just aloof. «What about 'Great Expectations'?» That was probably on their reading list for the last school, «Or 'David Copperfield'?» Has he read any of them himself? He's not saying.

Besa nods, 'Those are both good. Or we could read something less known of his?' He glances around for the teacher be doesn't see them, 'I particularly liked All the Year Round.' Several ideas are rolling through his head. Sometimes he gets weirdly excited about doing homework.

"Those are a lot of reading…when is this project due again?" Rain flips through the project guidelines they were handed out, doing her best to ignore the mood her brother is in. She glances up at Besa's suggestion looking curious "I don't think I have heard of that one before. "What type of story is it?"

Schuyler just shrugs when his sister mentions that it's a lot of reading. It's one of the things he does a lot so he's not too concerned. «If it's due soon then we should probably just do 'Pygmalion' as it's the easiest and shortest.» He also looks to Besa though as he's never heard of that book. «I've never heard of that either. We could do 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'. It was never completed.»

Besa's eye narrow, like he's remembering something, "It is a collection of short stories that connect…If I remember…He did not write all of them. We will need to ask the professor if that would eb acceptable." He too is trying to ignore Sky mood, 'It is about luggage that is found, and trying to determine who it belongs to by what is inside.Each story is an item.' Shy's suggestions get a head nod, 'We can do those as well. I am fine with whatever thou both wish.'

"Drood..isn't that the ones with the twins in it? If we did a skit for that one, you would have to act." she sticks her tongue out at him in that mature fashion of hers. Rain can't help but laugh at their combined indeciveness "At this rate we will still be trying to pick something while everyone else is doing their presentations." listening to Besa she gives a nod "Drood would probably need to get the teacher's okay as well, since it has unfinished." she looks around "I'll go find the teacher and ask." the wiggles fingers at them "Talk amoungst yourself." she gets up to go find and inquire to the teacher.

Schuyler sticks his tongue out right back at Rain, «Why do we have to do a skit? If we do 'Drood', we should do a murder mystery scavenger hunt or something.» Because he's not an overachiever or anything. Grey eyes look to Besa for a moment before he offers, «The stories sound interesting too.» Even if they don't read it as a group, he may do so on his own.

Besa offers, 'It is funnier if I am one of the twins.' He watches Rain go briefly before turning back to look at Sky, 'It is. I enjoyed reading it.' But then again, he enjoys reading. Dark eye blink back at Sky, 'Is everything alright?'

Rain finally found the teacher and after a brief discussion returns to where she left Besa and her brother, only to find just Besa. "He wasn't a big help. He said we can do either, and applauded us on our wanting to do something different." she doesn't ask where Sky is, probably because she already knows. "We'll do your suggestion." she grins as she sits back down.

Besa's been paging through a book since both twins left him, kids idly thinking about what they could do. Rain's appearance has him smiling, and he drops the sign language, "That is good then. It will be fun, whatever we decide." Dark eyes watch her sit down, his petty , pretty hair falling forward slightly so he has to reach up and tuck it behind an ear. "I am positive we can do something not a play, so Schuyler will be more inclined to want to participate." There's a pause, "Is he alright?"

"We'll have to head to the library later to see if they have it. Hopefully they have enough copies. If not we can go to the town library, or Sky and I can get it digitally." it's hard not to notice that Besa went without all the hair product today. "Have you ever thought of just pulling back into a ponytail?" he asks as he tucks is hair aside. There is a nod then "I can understand him not wanting to, projecting his thoughts to that many…it's tiring, and he tends to pick up things even if he tries not to." a glance is given to the door "As alright as he usually is. He didn't get much sleep last night." leaving him extra broody.

Besa will need to find a copy, but one is easier than 3 he supposes. he fidgets when asked about his hair and glances in the direction that Sky went, "It is very…goopy. I tried , but it did not look like when Schuyler did it." There's a nod, although his cheeks may be slightly pink, "I have. When I go to the gym." Ha, skinny Besa in the gym! Ah, the teen nods in as much understanding as he can have for Sky's situation. He is empathetic to his friend, but… "How have you been sleeping?" He also knows that sometimes the twins dilemmas are connected.

Rain seems to understand that, "Yeah, I don't like the gel stuff either. But I have no reason to make my hair spikey." she does fine with her longish hair back in a braid. "Just do what you feel is comfortable with it. You're the one that has to live with it, no one else." there is a shrug when asked about her own sleeping "I had some nightmares after that encounter with Rissa, but I've been sleeping okay the last few days." she isn't looking tired at least.

Besa's eyes her hair, wondering if his hair is long enough for a braid. He'll try it later he guesses. He nods again, "I am sorry that you had to go through that." He's not even sure what that was, but he knows it upset both twins. "Thank you for allowing me to heal you. If it ever happens again, come to me right away."

Rain's hand goes to her hair when he looks at it "What? Is it out of place?" she begins to fish out her phone so she can check "Thanks. I think it kind of upset her. I know that since then she hasn't spoken to me, and I don't think she has spoken to Sky either. I should probably make sure she is alright." the girl kind of creeps her out now, but that is the nice thing to do." the offer gets a grim smile "I wish there was a way you could heal with hurting yourself."

Besa's head tilts and he smiles, "No. It looks pretty as usual." He nods, "I saw her yesterday, she ran away but waved." So weird. He nods, "It is not anything to painful. And it is worth it to help my friends."

The phone stays in her purse and her own cheeks pinken at the compliment. Rain doesn't get them that often at least not from boys or relatives, and the later hardly counts. "Was she still gray looking? She had just drank battery acid when Sky and I were talking to her. She said it was to help her body adapt to it." the girl is a whole package of weird, "Must have worked." his method of healing is still concerning to her and probably always will be "Let's hope it stays that way too." she glances down at his arm "Is it all healed, the cut?"

"So that on the off chance she has to drink it in the future it won't kill her." Rain gives a shrug it doesn't make any sense to her either. "It was very risky of her. And very horrible. That's a power I would never want to have." when Besa pales she looks at him with concern and reaches out to touch his arm. The moment passes quickly enough that she doesn't get to ask if he is okay "Good." she totally believes him, see has no reason not to.

Besa frowns, rings are very weird here. The touch to his arm has him smile at her though, glad for the friendly gesture. It's good to feel connected. "Hopefully there will be no more shared headaches to cure."

It's weird, even for Rain, and she knew kind of what to expect. Though she has expected to come here with powers like everyone else does, but that didn't happen. She lifts both hands, crossing her fingers and nodding "No more of those. I was hoping Sky would be over the headaches by now, that's why we came so early in the summer. I'm sure he would have come sooner if our parents and the doctors had let him."

Besa sighs softly, "It would help if he did more." He's guessing, anyway. "I try to get him to go to the art room with me."

Rain chews on her lip a moment as she nods to what he is saying "Well if getting him to the art room doesn't work…" there is a beat, trying to decide if she wants to out her brother on one more thing "he knows how to dance. He likes it. It's the only physical activity he is really into…or was before the accident." he may have kept it up, but probably not like he did "I think there is some kind of dance group at the school. One of my team mates is on it."

Besa's head tilts and his smile is amused, but not cruel, "He does? I have not danced in-" He catches himself, "sometime. Perhaps we can go dancing!" Oh, heaven help Besa, dancing is very different now! "He should join that! It would be good!"

"Well there is a club in town for that, but I'm not sure Sky can handle that at the moment. Those are usually packed with people." Rain grins at his amusement "You like to dance too than? Are you any good?" she makes a gesture to indicate the school "The school puts on dances as well. There will probably be one at Halloween and another at Christmas. At the end of the school year the Juniors and Seniors get their own dance, the prom. That's usually a fancy one, girls were gowns, boys wear tuxedos." she nods in agreement "I doubt I can talk him into by myself, maybe if we both suggest it he will actually do it."

Besa ohs, unsure how popular dancing is anymore. He hesitates, but then shakes his head, "At one point I was, but it has been long enough I will be…off." He's so weird sometimes! Oh, he's heard enough about Halloween, "I will stay home for Halloween, I believe." Seeing someone dressed as a slutty King Tut isn't on his to do list. He nods, his hair bouncing and escaping from behind his ear, "I do not have a tux, so it is good that I am a freshman. And of course I will help. We can go dancing."

Rain has a bit of amused confusion "It can't have been that long. I'm sure you will do fine. Better than me at least. I can get the footwork down for fencing and swordwork easily, but try to show me the cupid shuffle and I suddenly have two left feet." there is a bit of a pout at him not wanting to participate in Halloween "It's not all that bad." she nods at him "I don't have a tux either." no really!

Besa's eyebrow raises, "The cupid what?" He laughs, maybe dancing is much worse now! His smile turns uncertain and he shrugs, "I do not know…It seems from what I have been told, a reason for people to mock others." He the chuckles, his smile coming back, "Why would you have a tux?"

"Shuffle. It's a type of dance. I can show you a video of it later." when they aren't in study hall. Besa and Rain are sitting at their desks, only they have been turned so the tabletops touch, there is a third too, but the occupant to that one isn't around. They have books so they were probably studying at one point but like the others in study hall they are quietly…and sometimes not so quietly talking "Trust me, if a person really wants to mock you they aren't going to wait for Halloween to do it. They will just do it whenever. Or do you mean the tricking part of the holiday?" Rain gives Besa a look sorta mock surprise…"Girls can wear tuxes."

Besa's hair flops as he shakes his head, "That sounds awful. That is something a tired person does." All the books in from of the two freshman are english class reading books. "I know. People mock. It is in our nature. But the costumes are not always kind from what i have been told. I do not like that." He'll not even get into tricks. He blinks, surprised himself, "They can? Do they not wear big dresses anymore?" How things change!

"Or zombies…" Rain adds in a matter of fact tone, as if they actually existed. "Some can be quite..uhm… inappropriate yes. But it is for fun, and not usually done with the intention to mock people." the phrasing of his question has her looking at him a bit perplexed "Anymore?" though in answer she shrugs a bit "Well yes most girls wear dresses still. Some will wear ones that have big skirt, but not all the girls do. There are lots of variety and all sorts of styles to choose from." she could give all sorts of intricate details, but doesn't want to bore him with all the fashion details.

Besa doesn't doubt that they exist. he does! Dark eyes that lie about his age widely look at Rain, Well…yes. Are they not.." and he makes a hand motion to imply big puffy dresses. "So they wear dresses or tuxedos." He nods, "Do men wear dresses too then?" Perhaps it's just a formal thing?

Rain shakes her head "No. I have a few formal gowns." more than a few probably "None are big and puffy. My mother will probably make me get one for when I attend the debutante ball in a few years." those are still a thing apparently. "Right. And typically guys won't wear dresses though I have seen some wear kilts to formal events." apparently that's a thing too. "I doubt you would see any of that a school dance or a dance club."

Besa's fence perks up, he clearly knows what ball is. "That will be fun." He nods, chewing on the inside of his cheek before quietly saying, "Thank you Rain. i know something I am no….aware."

Rain gives a slight grimace "Maybe. That won't be for a few years from now. the youngest a girl can be is 16 and a lot wait now until they are out of high school and attending college." thankfully its not all about finding a husband now, so that's a relief to her. There is a nod at his gratitude, even if it is unneccesary "A few things probably." though he probably really didn't need to know about puffy dresses.

Besa nods, anything like that he ever attended , he never participated in the sense of looking for a mate. So all he can do is nods. "I am sorry. We all speak of something else. What will you be dressing as for Halloween?" He knows he's out of touch, but he's trying.

She isn't quite sure what he is apologizing for but Rain lets it pass and welcomes the change of subject back to the upcoming holiday "I have no idea. Last year I dressed up as the White Witch from the Narnia books. Not sure if I want to take inspiration from literature again or maybe do something a bit more scary."

"Scary is better, right? To be a width or monster…or vampire?" Maybe he should go as a vampire since Sky kept thinking he was one! Besa smiles at the memory. "I will need to see if i can sell one of my mugs to the tea shop." He plans on starting throwing them tonight. In theory.

"It depends on what you are dressing up for I guess." Rain tells him "To participate in a haunted house than the scarier the better. For a fun party, a little scary is okay, but you don't want to freak people out. Vampires and witches are fun to dress up as, but not as scary as they used to be. Monsters…" she hmmms "What kind of monster were you thinking? Some are scarier than others." an eyebrow arches "Mugs? You are making mugs now? Liam has enough pots?"

Besa just kind of shrugs, honestly he doesn't have a reason to dress up so maybe this is a moot point. "I do not know." But then he's back to that warm smile, "Yes…i am going to try to sell them so i have coins for ice cream and such things." He's about out of the stipend the school gave him.

"Scariness is kind of subjective. Different things scare different people." Rain says a bit thoughtfully as the topic train moves again to another station or subject in this case "That's a good idea. If you need any help let me know. I could use more practice." though it is doubtful hers would be good enough to sell but she is willing to try. She doesn't go so far as to suggest he get a job like most teenagers do, mostly because they are both still young for that. Stupid youth labor laws.

That seems to make him happy, that she would even offer, "I would be happy for you to come throw with me. I like having people in the room." That could be because he can't turn on the lights or the radio himself.

"I still find it amusing that it's called throwing." Rain does chuckle a bit "Ask most people to come throw with you and they would be like throw what?" she would have been included in that a few weeks ago "Or think you are asking for a fight…one of the two." she purses her lips a moment "You might want to be careful with that one." so many definitions for one word! "So library, meal and then pottery?" she picks up her pencil to write it down in her notebook if it is agreed upon.

Besa's eyes widen, "I would not ask someone to fight!' Apparently he's just punch them? Hard to even imagine! He frowns, "But…that is what it is called." English is so weird! His hair bounces with the nodding, "Yes….library, food, and the pottery." he'll try not to sue the word.

"Not on purpose at least." she hopes. Rain isn't a violent person, despite her training in fencing so that does make it even harder to imagine for her "What is the word for it in your language?" it is bound to sound a lot different than throwing. With his confirmation she writes those down.

Rain just waits as he suddenly studies her a brief moment. She is thinking he may not answer when finally he does she looks slightly relieved that she didn't insult him or something. There is a furrowed brow of concentration as she processes the pronunciation and the mouth movement when saying it "Like…" she tries to echo it, tries the key word, she of course doesn't get it right the first time but at least she realizes it frowning and tries again with little improvement.

A smile that's almost pure joy blossoms on the egyptian boys face. The last voice he heard say anything in Coptic was Tabitha's, and that wash' real. the horrible mispronounced word from Rain is music to his ears and he laughs warmly, repeating the word slower for her to learn. "That is good, Rain."

Rain wasn't really expecting that kind of reaction but it is better than be chided for butchering the word like she received in her language classes in her previous school. It's pleasantly surprising. As he repeats it a few more times she listens carefully and watches his mouth. To aid her she flips to a blank page in her notebook and she writes the word down, spelling it phonetically, as well as the definition with context. Then she tries the word a few more times, finally getting it near perfect on the fifth try "You will have to teach me more words. Or at least how to say hello."

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