(2016-09-26) Tie Troubles
Tie Troubles
Summary: What is it with Felicia and ties, Now Sky is on fixing them for her
Date: 2016-09-26
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Ares Dorm Hub

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

It's Monday morning, so you can be sure that most of the Ares students aren't happy to have to get up and go to class. There are a few exceptions to this, but Felicia isn't one of them, she doesn't grumble about it though. She saves all her grumbling for the blue tie that hangs around her neck. She pads across the dorm common area, trousers a tad wrinkly, as is the white shirt which is still untucked and she has yet to get her shoes on, so she is in socked feet. "Hey Dax, you up yet?" she knocks lightly on his door, is he is still asleep she doesn't wanna wake him, even if he should be up already, but he has had a rough weekend, probably so thinks he should be allowed to sleep as long as he wants. Sleeping or already gone to breakfast there is no reponse from the other side and she gives a sigh to head back to her own room.

One advantage of the pills that he takes at night is that Sky tends to be rather well-rested. He's exiting his own dorm room when he catches sight of Felicia knocking on another Ares student's door. There's a moment of focus before he offers in his mental voice, «He's not in there.» He's wearing the polo and khakis still, as if deciding that it's better to look like a golfer than an accountant.

The comment has the older girl pausing and looking toward Sky "Huh." the thought to ask the Ares mentalist to scan the building to see where he is crosses her mind but Felicia doesn't ask outloud her second thought after it being both an abuse of abilities and kinda low to abuse a teammates abilities for her own gain. "It wasn't important." she just wanted him to help with her tie, but she'll manage, Rissa or one of her other friends are bound to fix it at breakfast anyway. "I'll see him in class." where she can pester him with questions about his weekend with his old unit.

Whether Sky picks up on the thought or actively reads them is uncertain but he offers, «I don't know him well enough to find him.» A mind that he knows well he could probably trace, but he's not yet at the level where he can pluck individual minds that aren't close to him out of a crowd. He does, however, gesture for her to come closer. «Your tie is a mess.»

There is no register of surprise either by expression, vocalised or even mental at his comment. Felicia might not even realize he got it from her and she just assumes that he assumed she was wondering about that. "My tie is always a mess." and so is the rest of her uniform in a way. It's clean sure, but not ironed like it should be. "How's classes going?"

Schuyler reaches out to take the tie, «Take it off…I can't tie it on someone else, just myself.» But he'll give it back once it's tied and she can just tighten it. «Classes are fine. It's weird trying to filter everyone else out but the teacher. What about you?» is asked of the older Ares. He's actually kind of surprised that a Senior is deigning to talk to him…even though he's also trying not to show it.

Well he is one up on her, but up until Felicia came to school here she has never needed to know how to tie one and despite six months still hasn't gotten it down yet. Popping her collar up she pulls it off and hands it over. "I have a hard time tuning the teacher out myself." she jokes…well sorta. "Hard to get that math time nap in when she is talking." she grins with amusement and throws off a wink to Sky.

Schuyler slips the tie over his head and ties it, maybe not terribly quickly but he seems to know what he's doing. Seems someone made sure he knew how to do this even at his age. The knot is then gently loosened so he can slip it over his own head without messing up his hair and he hands it back over. «Keep it tied and just loosen it every day. Should last you a little while at least.» When she mentions napping in math class, there's a slight smirk, «Lucky. It's still too noisy for me to nap.»

Felicia has seen the tying process repeatedly and has been shown how to multiple times as well. So Sky's tying of it is met with a bit of boredom. It just doesn't stick with her. It's a left/right looking down at the tie kind of issue. Much like words and numbers the movements get all scrambled in her brain and she can't get them straight. She has never explained this though, she doesn't care if people think she is an idiot, she knows she isn't…mostly. "To bad the whole aluminum foil thing doesn't work 'eh?" she chuckles "Or in reverse."

Her comment about the aluminum foil hats gets a tilt of his head, «Then I wouldn't be able to understand anyone unless Rain translated for me…which isn't fair to her either.» Really, it's kind of the main reason he was able to come to this school in the first place; that he would be able to understand the lessons without a translator. Sky then shrugs, «Would be nice to not have to deal with some of the other kids though.»

"Rain? Your sister?" Felicia isn't up on who is siblings with who, but knows that one well enough from just the usual rumours and talk that goes around..and seeing them hang out during meals or what not. "Well that I can agree with you one. There are a few people here I would rather not have to deal with at all." Grayson, Derek and Rebecca come to her mind. Funny that two of those are also in Ares.

Schuyler nods, «Or my brother, but he's not in my year.» He figures that since the two are almost inseparable, most would know by now. «Daxton isn't so bad. I don't know the others very well, but…I wouldn't mind being able to shut my roommate out for a bit.» He then looks over as more students seem to rush by towards the main hub. «Guess it's that time. Good luck with your tie!» At least he wasn't grumpy…yet?

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