(2016-09-23) Roomie Talk
Roomie Talk
Summary: Rebecca fills Tabitha in on things with Daxton. Tabitha tries to be comforting.
Date: 2016-09-23
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Becca comes in from working out, she drops her bag on the desk and proceeds to flop on her bed with a sigh. She's been filled with the sighs lately. Her dark hair spill over the edge of the bed and she looks at her phone then drops it on her pillow.

Tabitha has been doing some studying of all things. She's got her math one one side and her chemistry on the other as she sits on her bed. She looks up as Becca enters with the sighs and then the phone drop. An eyebrow is raised inquisitively. "What's got your skirt blown up today, Becks?"

"Dax isn't talking to me." Becca sighs and flops her face into her sheets. Very muffled she adds "I told him about California. His unit ran out to look at the house and saw evidence from our fight." Limp Becca phases into the bed some.

Tabitha's eyes widen as she watches you sink face first into the bed. "Woah, there! Just because the earth actually can swallow you, doesn't mean you should let it." She sends a 'hand' of aura over and gives Becca's mattress a pat near her head. "Did you tell him it was my idea to go there in the first place? Better he be pissed at me, after all."

"But I didn't tell him as soon as he got back from space cause he was all…"not sick" and then China happened and I just figured it's over-you know?" Becca pushes out of the bed and rests on it looking at Tabs. "I like phasing into things lately, it's comforting." She admits and shrugs. "He's mad at me for going when I promised to stay and then not telling him. And he's not wrong, so I apologized and tried to explain, but that's all I can do." She looks glum about that. "He can be so difficult. He's never gonna say if he loves me back now."

Tabitha nods at the right intervals as Becca is talking, although the first bit is muffled by the bephased bed. She looks thoughtful as Becca talks about phasing into things being comforting, "Sort of like when I cat nap in the fire pit?" A thing she started doing just to freak out the freshmen, but then kept doing because it's cozy. She scoots over to perch at the edge of her bed and adopts the classic 'Thinker' pose. "I should give a go at getting him to listen. Might be easier coming from… waitwhat?" Her concern look is now battling with an excited one. "You dropped the three word bomb? When was this?"

"We were camping out in the woods. He never says it back, but I feel like it's good for him to hear. But like, he talks about staying in Coral Springs after the graduates and that way I could come see him and I mentioned looking at an after school job to help him and he seemed to like the idea I just don't think he can say it." Becca looks glum. "At least when I phase it seems like everything slows down, I don't need to breath as much lately. I shouldn't have gone to my dad's. But I was so afraid to let you put yourself in danger too."

Tabitha nods a few times at the new information about things with Becca and Dax. "Okay, that makes sense. I've been toying with the idea of finding a place in town, myself, for when the state of Maine cuts me loose." She also gets a sympathetic look when Becks mentions Daxton not being able to say it back. "I think that's a guy thing to begin with. Then add in how, well… Daxton Dax is and that's a lot of reticence to work through." Then she shakes her head, "Woah on there. We didn't go there looking for trouble, and when trouble was waiting for us we got out of there." She shrugs one shoulder, "In hindsight, I shouldn't have landed us right at the house but rather picked a spot up the hill and done a better job scouting."

"It doesn't matter. I promised I wouldn't, and then I went, and then I didn't tell him. So I'm an asshole. I said I didn't think it mattered. I mean, my dad's been missing two months. I don't have another guardian, I'm expecting the school to contact CPS any day now." She says glumly. "He could never say it back and I'd still love him. That's just who Dax is, and I broke his trust."

When it's put like that, Tabitha can't really find a solid counter argument. She grudgingly nods, although it looks like she's swallowed something sour when she does. "You're not wrong. But you're also not an asshole. Yes, you broke your promise but it was a bad promise for him to get you to make in the first place. Your /father/ was missing, Daxton is about to leave the galaxy for gods know how long and he expects you to sit on your hands and do nothing about it?" She slides up off the bed to pace as she gets on a roll. "He was wrong, you were wrong, I was wrong. And it's more of a strained trust, I think. It'll just take time and work to patch it all up again."

"He packed a bag. Some of the girls were talking about it in the hub." Becca says and sits up, letting her hair fall about her as she draws her knees to her chest. "Tabs, I should have just waited. He only made me promise because he was scared he'd lose me." She laces her fingers, looking at them. "He's gonna run back to his unit and I'll never see him again."

Tabitha stops pacing and sits down on Becca's bed next to her and gives her back a gentle scratching. "Don't you believe it for a second. He didn't run off the last time he left with a packed bag and he's not the kind of person to just walk away from you even if he is angry. I'm betting he hasn't gone farther than Shady Cove, and I've even got a couple ideas where he might be camped to cool off. I'll go poking around in the morning."

"I don't know. Maybe I deserve it." Becca shakes her head. "He takes promises so seriously. He thinks by not telling him that we fought there I endangered his unit, and I said I didn't think it mattered at this point if I told him or not because so much had happened since. That's like the kiss of death. Dax will always put his team first-it's his team." She leans into the scratches and looks at Tabs.

Tabitha keeps the back scratchies going, "You do not deserve this, Rebecca Sanders. I won't hear a word otherwise. There is absolutely no foundation for any of that." She wants to say just what she thinks of Daxton's attitude in all this, but if she did then she might; 1) hurt Rebecca's feelings more than they already are, and 2) clench down with her fingernails and end up giving Rebecca more of a back tearing than scratching. Neither outcome would be good. "You're right about that, though. Nothing we did or didn't do or say could have put the twenty-threes into any more danger than they were already putting themselves in."

"Well, I said sorry. I don't think he heard me. He was angry." Becca brushes some of her hair out with her fingers. "I couldn't get him to understand that you were going and I wasn't about to let you go alone at all. All he could hear was I broke my promise. I told him I wouldn't leave the school again with out telling him. I'm going to prove I'm good and worth him trusting me." She says with a quiet determination.

Tabitha closes her eyes and invokes patience, then keeps herself from turning the scratches on the back to a smack on the back of the head. She doesn't have a great track record with those. "How about before you go thinking that you need to martyr yourself over this, we get you tucked in? You let Auntie Lilith sing you to sleep, then in the morning things might not look quite so grim. How does that sound?" She hugs herself to Becca's side, trying to project reassurance while she uses her aura to pull the covers down a bit and fluff Becca's pillow.

Swallowing roughly, Becca nods. "I'm not trying to be a martyr, I just want to be a good girlfriend so he'll go back to how we were." She breathes and lets Tabitha get her to curl up in her bed. "I just can't lose him, or you. I'm running out of people it seems."

"Well you're not losing me, and you haven't lost him either." Tabitha tucks Becca in with the gentleness she's used on so many younger orphan sibs over the years. "You already are a good girlfriend, and a good friend, and a good person all around. There are plenty of people here that know this, and with a bit of time you'll remember that again."

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