(2016-09-23) Not Okay
Not Okay
Summary: Daxton isn't okay, Felicia tries to help
Date: 2016-09-23
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Ares Dorm Hub

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

It's Friday. There should be excitement for the weekend. But that's definitely not what is hanging on Daxton, he sits on the couch staring at the TV screen. It's not even turned on. Next to him on the couch is a duffle bag. He's still, except for that one bouncing knee.

There is certainly some of that weekend excitement hanging around Felicia. She is ready for it, though she really has no plans…no plans at all for it. Strolling into the dorm after serving a detention she is about ready to fling her backpack onto the couch, but stops short when she sees its occupant and his baggage. "Going somewhere?" brows quirk upward at him in a perplexed fashion.

Daxton's never fully recovered the eye contact thing, so they flicker up and then off of Felicia, "Yeah. I think so." He keeps his voice low. "I'm….gonna hot work tonight and then go train with my Unit…" There's definitely something off with the speedster. His voice isn't right. "I just…wanted you to know."

Felicia's brow knits with concern. Not about going to work with him old Unit either. The teen titan has come to terms with that now that she has meet them and they have helped out a bit. It's the continued lack of eye contact .By this point she had thought that would have cleared up. Tossing her pack in the general direction of her dorm so it lands right in front of the door, she moves to the couch to flop down on it "Sure. Thanks." she studies him a moment "Everything okay?" she does notice things "You haven't been yourself lately." not since he got back from rescuing Rebecca even.

Blue eyes flicker over to where her bag hits the couch before he looks back to his and idly picks at it. Daxton takes a deep breath and then admits, "No…it's not ok." It's a strange juxtaposition, his stillness and bouncing leg. "She lied to me, broke a promise and then lied about it till I stumbled unpin it. She said it was… worthless." He doesn't sound like he's cried, but he sounds like it's worn him out. Hollow.

Felicia isn't surprised. Even if she was capable of being surprised she probably wouldn't be at his admission. "She?" there is a beat "You mean Rebecca?" she has to assume so, there are few shes in his live that would cause this kind of emotional upheaval at lies and broken promises "What was worthless?"

Daxton shrugs, "I don't know. Her promise? Us saving her?" He finally stops with his bag and rubs his face nodding, indicating yes, Rebecca. "I just…I was so stupid to believe her." He looks to her backpack, "I knew something wasn't right, and she wouldn't tell me. And now…" He sighs, letting his eyes close, "I feel so stupid." Whatever this promise was, it apparently meant a lot to Dax. Or maybe it's what it represented.

Yes, Felicia is confused. "She is alive, how can that be worthless?" though from the looks of it Daxton is too in a way. The teen titan is quiet for a long moment, though she does shake her head "Were you? Is trusting someone stupid?" sure trusting the person after they have broken it is, but before…"Are you and her…." the question is an obvious one, but she hasn't heard any rumours about that. Like she did before when he came to her after he returned she puts an arm around his shoulders, offering what comfort and support she can.

"I don't know." That's to most of her questions. Dax takes a slow, breath, like he's afraid to inhale to quickly, "I think….I think she was just using me. Just wanted a guy in the boyfriend slot." He3 shrugs, looking down at his bouncing knee, "I don't know. Probably. I walked away before I did anything stupid." At least he knows himself well enough to know he's stupid. He doesn't flick when she touches him, but he also doesn't lean into the arm. He seems almost numb.

Relationships for normal people are complicated add hormones and superpowers and you get complicated squared. Felicia ughs, "Girls like that annoy the hell out of me." she nods at him "Good call." her arm remains where it is "Just say the word and I will go do the stupid for you."

Daxton takes a deep breath, eye closed, "No…She's not…" he doesn't finish, instead, "I'm gonna head to work and then out to Unit 23 afterwards. Just kinda step away from the whole thing." Because running away always helps! Finally his gaze flickers up to hers and he holds it briefly, "I just wanted you to know. You've been a good friend, though everything, ya know? i didn't want you to worry like last time."

Felicia can fill in the blanks…though what she fills in might not be he was thinking. "Sure." she says again "Go beat on things with them a bit. Get some of that out of your system." she would offer to let him beat on her, but he doesn't need broken hands and it doesn't get him away from the school and out of sight of /her/. "Well I have tried." she might have dropped the ball on this one by not asking him about it sooner, but this is Dax. He isn't going to say anything until he is ready too. "I'll probably still worry…" she holds up her other hand thumb and forefinger centimeters apart, her nose wrinkles slightly and her eyes squint a bit "a little." then her hand drops and she looks all serious again, a feat for her! "I'm sorry that everything seemed to go to shit on ya."

Daxton snorts, it's the first flicker of any emotion. "okay. I guess you can worry that much." He adds, "And you have been a good friend. Sorry i sucked so much." A smirk, "It's what I get for trying. I knew I shouldn't have." He takes a deep breath now, glancing around the room, "I'd tell Rosa too, but she's been so buried in her books, she'll probably not even notice I'm gone."

She might worry more, considering what he just told her, but that is as much as Felicia will admit to at the moment. "I wouldn't call in sucking." it's not like she has had the issues that Dax, Rebecca or even Oliver has had. Comparatively her life so far is golden. "Well don't stop trying…at least for people you know are worth it at least." her huh face comes out at the mention of Rosa "I know right. As soon as school started the books came out and her nose went in them. She probably would notice is a tidal wave hit the school…unless in knocked the book out of her hand."

Daxton snorts again, "I don't know. According to Annaliese or Derek…" That's mostly said with amusement. Mostly. He smirks, finally leaning back into the couch some, "Yeah. And with all the weird lately, that's a possibility." Shark people and metal monsters. "I should be back Monday. In not I'll call you."

“Derek's opinion doesn't count." yep Felicia still has issues with her teammate/roommate's boyfriend, and Anna's is slowly getting less important. They hardly see each other outside of class now "Well if that does happen, let it wait until next week. I have things to do this weekend." no she doesn't, but is nice to thing so "Well if you aren’t and don't, you can bet I will be hunting you down on Tuesday.""

Daxton smirks again, "How will you get to the main land without me, right?" He is the Daxi-Taxi, after all. Maybe he should just charge students and quit delivering pizzas. He and Fel could make a fortune! "I'll call if I can, promise." And he doesn't break promises. The smile fades and he looks back over to his room. "Just be careful, okay? Things are getting weird around here lately."

"Well it certainly won't be by swimming." Felicia has taken a few lessons since she got control of her density, but she hasn't advanced past the dog paddling stage yet. "Course you will." she trusts him, he hasn't given her a reason not to. "Weirder than usual at least. Since you are taking off this weekend, want to go motorcycle shopping with me next weekend?"

Daxton's picked up that swimming isn't on Fel's happy list, so he nods. "Well, if you get tossed in, hold your breath and text me." Hopefully her phone is water proof! Maybe Dax will break the sound barrier! But then there's a very odd request, "Motorcycle shopping? Sure. Do you ride, or just want to?" he thought she said she couldn't drive….

Daxton says, "Inferno's got a bike, he can come help pick it out, if you want."

That draws a chuckle from Felicia. "Better than flailing helplessly I guess." a bit of a grin comes to her face "I want to." no she can't drive or ride really, but she wants to learn. "I'm going to have to take lessons from someone." and then he asks about Inferno "Do you think he could teach me?" she still has no idea he is close to their age or that he might like her.

Daxton offers, "I can ask him, if you want." He knows not everyone is comfortable with the lava man. "I think he taught me to drive…" That's kinda fuzzy. "I'm not sure what we're doing this weekend." Afterthought was kinda vague. "But I'll make time to talk to him about it.

Felicia was fine around him the last time she talked to him, which was also the first time, so why would another time be different. "Just don't get yourself hurt." she jerks a thumb toward her room "Mind giving me a ride to town? And do I have time to change?" she is still in her uniform, crooked tie an all.

Daxton glances at his wind up wrist watch, "Yeah, I can bring ya over." he makes no promises on his well-being though.

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