(2016-09-22) Training Session
Training Session
Summary: Aidan has a power training session with Felicia
Date: 2016-09-22
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The beach! When you are playing with fire it is best to have a butt load of water and as few flammable objects as possible around. And the beach qualifies. A few buckets of sand have been put on standby as well as water, just in case things go out of control. Safety first! Also set up is a pile of driftwood, several in fact, for obvious reasons.

Classes are over for the day so they have nothing looming except for dinner, which they can either be late for or skip if that becomes necessary. Sipping at her can of Monster Felicia has prepped herself for this. It's easy to see that she has upped her density by how she sinks into the soft sand of the beach. She isn't sure how fireproof she is and as curious as she is, she won't be using Aidan to find out that today. That would be just mean, and while she can be devious and troublemaking, mean and cruel she isn't.

"Right. So…how's the flying going? You going to do some circles or will you be working on the finer levels of your pyrokinesis?" Felicia asks.

Aidan is currently stretching on the beach, shoes off and socks tucked into them over on some of the nearby rocks. That is also where his bag sits, filled with plenty of snacks and water in case they decided to stay out here longer. "Flying is going better" he replies to Felicia, looking over to her "Haven't done it as much lately though. Been trying to focus on centering my fire and improving my control of it. Oddly enough the strength of it doesn't seem to be an issue…so I haven't had to build that as much. Just managing my control of it."

While Aidan may not have used it much in the past. Felicia would have seen during their training that his fire abilities were indeed strong…so the potential was more than there. His knowledge of how to use and control them on the other hand? Well that is what training is for!

"Maybe a little of both? Or what do you think?" he says in response to her last question. His confidence with his fire, and in general, had been growing with his training. However, sometimes he was still just unsure.

Felicia watches him for a few moments over the top of the aviator sunglasses that she wears. "Don't be getting all lax on the flying practice. It just might save your life and the lives of others one day." if that isn't foreshadowing…the teen titan glances around thoughtfully as another sip of her drink is taken.

"Well, why not both? You want a challenge, try to hover a few inches off the ground while controlling a small fire. That will really test your skills, dividing your attention." she gestures to one of the piles of driftwood "Light her up."

"Both!" Aidan declares with a grin and laugh, nodding at her command. "And you got it!" He sends out a fireball, setting the wood ablaze. "Alright…here we go." He starts focusing and drawing his heat to his core. From there he continues the process, spreading it out. It was easier for the pyro now than when he had started and that progress shows as fire comes from his feet to lift him upward.

"So far so good" he says with a smirk. He'd then start to grow a small fireball in his hand as he hovers there, a few feet off the ground. Aidan would start small, not wanting to push his luck any.

As the driftwood bursts into flame, Felicia takes a step or two away from it to be downwind of whatever smoke it creates. An eyebrow, both perhaps, but only the right one is visible, lifts above the sunglasses. "A trifecta." controlling the fire, hovering and creating the fireball "You really are playing with fire!' pun totally intended! "You sure you wanna push it that far though?" her tone is dubious but not necessarily discouraging. Taking a glance from Aidan to the fire she smirks "Should've brought marshmallows."

"I'm not controlling the driftwood fire anymore. Just the initial light up so I should be fine. Don't worry…I'll stop if I feel too much of a strain" Aidan reassures her.

He keeps the fireball in his hand at the same size, but focuses on putting himself higher into the air with the flames under his feet. Once he was another few feet up he looks to Felicia "How is it looking? Is the fire even and steady? Or is it coming out odd at all?" Consistency was key to control.

She wouldn't call it actually worry really, just a bit of mild concern. "Isn't the fire," there is a gesture to the driftwood one "The one you should be practicing on though?" Felicia's tone is curious at that "The fire in your hand isn't going to be the dangerous one." she points out to him. "We know you can already control that one."

"Oh…right!" This is why it is important to have a training partner! Aidan closes his hand, the fire in it snuffing out before he looks forward and focuses on the driftwood fire. "I'm gonna' try and grow it out first…then work on containment…go from there?" he asks, a bit of doubt in his voice.

However, as he keeps himself propelled several feet above the sandy beach, his focus goes onto the driftwood. Better safe than sorry, especially with another person here, he holds out his hand to manipulate it. Which gives him better control. Slowly but surely the fire on the driftwood would start to grow.

"How's that?" While he may doubt himself at times, the fire's growth and response was very strong to the Prometheus' promptings. He had a good control on it.

Felicia gives a shrug "However you want to do it Aidan." she takes another few steps away as the fire grows, shifting as the ocean breeze shifts, trying to stay out of the smoke it makes.

"You may want to start practicing without the gestures. Habit can eventually become a crutch and then you could get to the point where you can't do anything without doing a bunch of this." she flails her arms around spastically, not at all what he is doing but "At least that's what I heard once."

Aidan gives a nod, and kept help but grin a bit at her attempt to stay out of the smoke. "That's not gonna work. You know what they say…smoke follows beauty! That's why my fire never has any smoke around me!"

At the suggestion he furrows a brow "…right. I'll try…" Dropping his hand by his side he exhales, the fire around the driftwood fading a bit, but then the lanky Junior looks forward and focuses on the flames. Trying to also keep the flames going under his feet for lift.

Once again, the driftwood flames grow and even leap up into the air a bit as they dance about. A much more positive response than just using his hands. "That actually…is better…like it feels better I mean…" Huh how about that! "Does it look alright from down there?"

There is a roll of eyes behind the aviators "Unless you have flowers and chocolate to go with that flattery…" Felicia smirks at him, followed by a very mature sticking out of the tongue. "I don't think that's the reason." she gives a chuckle.

She continues to watch as he practices keeping off the ground and manipulating the fire. "It looks fine. Now go the other direction. Or even better, see if you can get a flame to jump from the fire to that pile of driftwood there." the points to the pile furthest out.

"Weird…I took you more for a caramel kind of girl" he jokes back. At her encouragement he offers a nod "Sure. Yeah I can try the jumpy thing…" So technical, Aidan!

Focusing on the fire of the driftwood pile he furrows his brow, concentrating. A small bit of flame does leap and, in his excitement, Aidan falters a bit and lowers a few inches before managing to catch himself. As for the flame? It lands just a bit short of its intended target, snuffing out on the sand instead.

"Almost! Hold on I can do better…" It was a challenge now. He would do it!

Felicia looks down at herself. She guesses her complexion could be described as a caramelly hue. "I wouldn't say no to caramels." she says after a moment of reflection. "Just about any candy would do." she isn't picky.

"You got this Aidan." she can be encouraging, though that wasn't really in doubt. "You're sinking. Get some air mister!" she commands in drill sergeant voice. She gives a thumbs up when he catches himself and begins to rise again.

"Close!" she exclaims when the flame misses the pile "But this isn't horseshoes."

Aidan doesn't respond for the moment, keeping his focus on getting back to the height he had been at before. Once back at that altitude, he again focuses on the flames of the driftwood. Whether it was because his endurance had gotten better or because his mind wasn't focusing on it as much with the multitasking, Aidan's fire thrusters were lasting longer than usual and didn't seem to be dying down any.

"Flaming horseshoes…just when you thought the game couldn't get any more dangerous!" Laughing a bit again he seems to relax more, looking back to the driftwood. "Alright…let's try this again!" Focusing once more he tries not to overthink it this time. Just look…and throw. Look…and throw.

As he looked at the fire, a small flare would suddenly leap out from the rest of the flames again. Direct hit! As that pile of driftwood started to catch light, he tries to focus between both…helping the new one grow a bit faster than it normally would.

"The players would need fire proof gloves…and other things in order to play that one." though Felicia doesn't think that actual horseshoes are all that flammable. Melty yes, at high enough temps. Can he produce flames hot enough for that? Experimentation for later, when he has better control.

She looks between the two fires. Waiting to see what he does with them before offering suggestions. She does have a question though "Are you able to draw heat from the flames or make them hotter?"

"Yeah! I can do that!" Aidan nods. "Well I mean the making flames hotter. I've never actually…tried to absorb heat?" It felt odd to say now that he thought about it. "I've just been focused on wanting it out of me…I've never tried to pull it in."

Keeping himself airborne he focuses on the fire closest to Felicia. She'd feel the heat of it increase even though the flames themselves do not grow. They would change in color with the appropriate heat levels being reached though. More of the center glowed with the bright blue and white.

He extends a hand then, drawing flames from the non-heated bonfire, keeping the stream connected to the fire as he tried to make a tether between it and him almost. For the moment he maintains the same altitude as he does so, keeping his focus between the three tasks with a furrowed brow.

As the fire near her gets hotter, Felicia steps even further away. She doesn't wanna get roasted, or singed. That would be no fun at all, and certainly smell awful. "Well..do it than." she tells him..or orders him, whichever.

"Hands down mister!" Felicia calls out like a drill sergeant once again as his arm starts to lift.

"Sorry!" and Aidan slaps his hand down by his side in compliance. As he does so though the stream of fire starts to falter, but he focuses and builds it back up. That is how training would go. Spreading his attention and focusing his concentration. Growing his ability and enhancing his strength. Yay progress!

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