(2016-09-22) Pretty Boy Petrichor
Pretty Boy Petrichor
Summary: Besa is questioned by Grayson in the gym
Date: 2016-09-22
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

Grayson is climbing the rock climbing wall, and is nearly at the top. He's wearing just a pair of gray Coral Springs sweatpants and the safety harness as he makes his way up the wall. He pulls himself up a bit higher with a grimace, sniffs, and then moves his legs up to the next foot hold. The balls of muscle on his shoulders and biceps bulge as he pulls himself higher, his upper body glistening with sweat.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa is just coming in, dressed in Coral Springs sweats and a goth tank top. He's not got noodle arms, but he's definitely on the thin side. That pretty hair of his is pulled back in a top knot so it doesn't get in his face when he works out. He's actually not in here very often, so he looks around to see what grabs his interest. Or the interest of any of his past lives either. He's found he's starting to remember more and more. The figure near the top of the wall catches his attention and he tilts his head, watching Grayson's assent.

Grayson grunts as he climbs higher, slinging his head to toss his floppy hair back out of his eyes. He gets to the top of the wall, and then lets his feet drop loose, holding himself there by just his arms for a long moment. Then he does five pull ups, before letting go, allowing the safety harnesses to lower him to the ground.

Dark eyes study Gray intently, not move to make himself known until Gray lets go. Besa inhales sharply, instinctively taking a step closer, like he'd be able to catch the older boy if he fell. His hand reaches down to his pocket of his sweats, but he doesn't pull anything out once he realizes the harness caught him. Feeling foolish he turns away, looking for a different activity to start.

Grayson lands, clapping his hands together a few times to knock the powder off them. As he begins unhooking the harness, he turns, and notices Besa. He sighs, and looks down at the harness, unbuckling it. "You don't look like the gym kind of guy," he notes, dryly.

Besa looks back, from where he was reaching for a jump rope. A small from tugs at his face, he's still unsure of how people talk, but he thinks that might be an insult….maybe. "I do not look like many things." The rope is taken and he lets it untangle.

Grayson shrugs. "I'm just sayin'. Pretty boy like you?" He looks up with just his eyes at the other kid. "Tusslin' just doesn't seem like your game. Not a rough houser."

Besa's head tilts, "Pretty boy?" Now he's just confused, but then he seems to understand….maybe. "I have wrestled before!" the jump rope is is transferred so he has one handle in each hand, but he doesn't do anything yet. They're talking.

Grayson's brow raises a bit as he stares at Besa, his hands on the harness. "You've… wrestled." He stares another moment. "Right." He clicks the buckle, and the harness drops noisily to the floor.

Besa may not have a lot of mannerisms of typical teens, but he does have one. Those large dark eyes roll and he shakes his head. He doesn't have the need to prove it to Grayson, so whatever. Instead he takes a few steps over to a clear space and starts to jump rope. Nothing fancy, nothing speedy. But it is steady and he doesn't trip himself like it was his first time.

Grayson sighs, and he kicks the harness to the wall. As he walks over to the chair where his tank top sits wadded up, he keeps talking. "So what's with the dirt smell?" He sniffs, "I mean, clearly, you bathe."

That makes him stubble in the ropes. No one has asked that here. Now he's full blow frowning, which more looks like a pout, "It is just how I am." He doesn't usually lead with 'I'm a mummy'. It's a hard sell, even in a school of super heroes. "And yes, I bathe." He really hopes that rumor doesn't start. He starts jumping again.

Grayson licks his lips, nodding. He picks up his shirt and takes a step toward Besa. "What. Like, it's part of your powers or whatever?" He nods then, assuming that's what Besa meant. "I getcha." He holds out his left hand, palm up. Suddenly, the air smells like freshly fallen rain. The same moment, the air above his hand fluctuates and then twists into a ball of water. "Petrichor," he says, flatly.

Besa's honestly not sure if that's from his powers, or from the curse. Either way, he nods, the rope slowing instead of tripping on it this time as the teen in front of him summons the water ball. "That is amazing!" Any trace of the frown from moments earlier is gone and he's smiling warmly, "Are you magic, or does that come naturally for you?" He nods, seeming to know what petrichor means.

Grayson shakes his head, "It ain't magic." He closes his hand and the water ball poofs, splashing down to his hand and then dripping to the floor. The smell is immediately gone as well. He shrugs, "I can pull the moisture from the air, gather it up like that and control it." He isn't impressed by himself, so he pulls his shirt on. "You do a rock thing, right?"

Besa's smile quirks, watching the water drip and disappear. "That is very good." An understatement really, it's very cool! Not catching on, or maybe he's misunderstanding on purpose, Besa looks to the climbing wall, "I have climbed, but not with the harnesses and straps." He then answers, "I am a healer and can do some rune magics." He leaves out the coming back from the dead. that usually unsettles folks.

Grayson nods, and he glances at the wall. "Back home in Utah I climbed the real thing. This wall's a joke." He looks back at Besa, scratching the back of his head. "Healing's important, I guess," he offers, somewhere between patronizing and honesty, but difficult to tell exactly where. "Well." He shrugs once more, "I have homework. You have jumping. Don't let it muss up the drapes," he says of Besa's hair as he turns to go.

Besa's climbing experiences are very different, but he nods. Dark eyes narrow slightly at Gray's tone, "Do you not like me?" it's so very hard to tell, "If you are every hurt, come to me. I will show you it is important." Besa has a small, mostly unnoticeable band aide on his left forearm. It comes more into view at bess abandons the jump rope to start walking towards the wall. Maybe he'll try it. "Be well, Grayson." He just doesn't respond, not understanding what drapes Gray is even talking about.

Grayson shrugs, looking back over his shoulder, "It ain't personal," he says, turning forward once again as he walks out the door. "I don't like anyone."

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