(2016-09-22) Healing Touch
Healing Touch
Summary: After the encounter with Karissa leaves Rain with a beastly headache, Besa eases the pain
Date: 2016-09-22
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

The cafeteria is its usual form of chaos this afternoon. It isn't helping Rain's headache any. During mid-morning break both twins developed one, which is weird, usually that's Sky's department. His must have been worse, he is skipping the rest of classes for the day, but Rain is powering through. Her brow is creased as she sits at a table, pushing around the food on her plate but not really eating it.

Besa has noticed the pained expression, and the absence of Sky in classes today. He's quiet as he sits down next to Rain, "Is it bad?' Her head? The food? Sky's head? Who knows what he means!

Yeah his question is kind of unclear, to Rain at least. She could probably figure it out if her brain was working right, but thinking is hard right now. "Which it?" she asks for clarification. She sighs a bit and finally sets her fork down, pushing her tray away.

Dark eye watch her a long moment before he raises a hand and points to her head. "Is it your head, or Sky's that hurts?" Besa never been clear of how much the twins actually share.

That makes sense now that she thinks about, Rain doubts he would be asking about the food. "Both." she answers rubbing her temples. "His is worse, but the cause is the same. He did something he shouldn't have with his powers. The mental backlash got both of us." the bane of sharing a unbreakable mental link.

Besa frowns as he shifts to face her more, fidgeting with something in his pocket. "What did he do?" Sky wouldn’t let him try to help, but maybe Rain would.

Rain shrugs "I'm not sure. I can't follow what he does with his powers, something to do with the new girl, Rissa." she frowns "And the thing that lives in her head." which is even more disturbing to her now.

Besa is confused , "She has a parasite?" He gives a small shiver and the offers, "Would you like me to try to ease your pain?"

"I think it is more a symbiote. It seems the source of her powers.". Rain is just guessing really, this goes beyond her personal experience with special gifts. "Uhm, how do you mean?" she remembers what he has to do to heal, though isn't sure on the extreme detail.

Besa nods in understanding, but then wonders what Sky tried to do. At her question he sighs, looking away. He's assuming she'll say no, "It is what I told you. You would need to touch my blood." Instead of pulling out his small dagger, he reaches up and opens his water bottle, squeezing a lemon wedge into it. He must have seem someone else do that.

"I mean how much?". Rain isn't the type to agree without knowing all the facts. "Like a pinprick amount? Paper cut? I don't want you to have to open a vein over a headache." just questions not a yes or no yet, even as painful as it is for her.

Besa looks back from his water and then laughs, "Small…I would rather not pass out from blood lose again. it is not pleasant." He sips his water and watches her with that soft arm smile he gets.

Rain blinks in disbelief at that, "Did that actually happen? I don't want that either." At the look he gives her she makes a mental note to not to teach Besa about puppy dog eyes. That could be devastating to the female population of school. "Okay." she agrees "But only because me not having a headache will help Sky. It's a circular thing." their headaches feeding off each other.

Besa smiles brighter, "Good. I do not wish either of you to hurt." It's kinda a round about way of helping Sky, but he'll take it. Out comes the small ivory dagger, it's very old. He glances around the room, while he's never been told he couldn't heal people, he doesn't want to advertise how he does. He raises his left arm, bending it so his left hand is touching his elbow. A small cut, only about an inch long is made on the inside of his forearm. It bleeds, but not an excessive amount. He knows how and where to cut himself (yikes). "Give me your hand." She she complies he'll press her hand onto the cut. The blood is hot to the touch, as anyone's is.

<FS3> Besa rolls Blood Healing: Great Success

The smile is returned, pained, but it's there and then Rain watches what he does with what is probably morbid fascination. "Oh." she gives him her hand and she schools her expression as he presses her hand into the wound. She isn't sure what to expect here. Her mother's magics don't lean toward healing.

The warmth of the blood spread, traveling from Rain's palm up. It's pleasantly tingly as it travels through her, soothing not only her head, but any other aches she may have. His face smoothes during the whole process, but he continues to watch her, making she she's ok with this and not freaking out because he's bleeding on her hand. And honestly since it's an internal hurt, Besa's trying to read her expression to tell when the pain is gone. "Better?

There may have been some barely concealed squeamishness at first..she is 14, but it turns to surprise and a bit of awe as the warmth starts to spread throughout her body, it even heals the bit of road rash she got trying to skateboard over the weekend and the collection of bruises that decorate her arms and legs from fencing practice. Rain nods at him, "Uhm, yes. It's like I never had it." or the other scraps and bruises, "Thank you."

Besa smiles and then removes her hand, offering her over a napkin to wipe her hand before he presses on into his arm. It's not a lot of blood, but he'll put a bandaid on it later. "Good! I am glad!" He seems just happy to have been able to help his friend. he worries and doesn't really have anything else to offer. If she looks there's several smaller scars on his left arm from where he's probably cut himself. "Now you will be able to enjoy your dinner."

There is some staring at her hand, but she takes the offered napkin soon enough and cleans her hand. Rain beams at him but lifts a finger "Just don't make a habit of it." at least not for her, she knows she can't control what he does for others. Especially since it is in his nature. Her tone is more suggestive than bossy at least. "I'd enjoy it better if it was lo mien..or anything Chinese or Thai." she likes both equally. "Aren't you going to eat?"

Besa chuckles, "Then do not be in pain!" He can make deals too! he looks down at his water bottle, "I will. But I had to check on you first." That's what friends do, right? He keeps pressure on his arm, "I have not had Thai in a long time."

There is an answering laugh of her own at the comment. "I'll try my best.". she doesn't want to be in pain as much as he doesn't want her to be. "There is a decent place in town, we should go this weekend.". she gives Besa a nudge "I'm better now, so go get food before all the good stuff is gone." she wiggles her fingers in a shooing motion, for once since he has known her, they are unpainted.

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