(2016-09-22) Eat Your Pain
Eat Your Pain
Summary: Sky and Rain have a painful and kinda creepy encounter with Rissa
Date: 2016-09-22
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Coral Springs Hub
From here there is a circular stair going up to the administration level, and a couple of halls leading to the classrooms that ring the 'ground' floor of Coral Springs High. Light comes in through the large window over the administration level, once can see the cafeteria made in the old fort lighthouse and crows nest. A few benches are down here for students to occupy between classes on this level. As well, there are a few lockers in the hallways beyond the open courtyard on this level to hold students belongings during the day. There is a set of double doors leading to an elevator that leads down, more modern than the fort itself, added long after the fort was built.

It's morning break…15 minutes wedged neatly between breakfast and lunch to give students time to grab a snack, use the restroom or whatever before the second half of the morning begins. This area being the well hub to get to classes and the cafeteria it has a large number of students wandering through.

Rain is at her locker, putting the books she won't need the rest of the day away, and grabbing those she does. »>I finally managed to get all the clay out from under my nails.«< she mentally address her brother at the locker next to her's. She holds out a hand for him to see, for once in a long time they are unpainted, but neatly filed and free of the red clay.

Schuyler's own nails -are- painted…black, as usual, and he has sunglasses on inside as if that might somehow negate the inevitable headache that being in classes generates. At best, he looks like some goober from an 80's flick, especially in the school uniform of a polo and khakis. He does glance at her hand before offering, «It's another reason why I don't like using clay. I feel like it seeps into my pores and I can't ever get my hands clean. Why don't you use the grey clay?»

Rissa has come to enjoy her morning breaks alright. Getting her own books from her locker, she's still in the 'I over-prepare for class' mode, alright. Bulging backpack with who knows what. She also has a slight grayish shade to her skin. A distinct under-the-weather sort of look. So when she sees Schuyler and Rain, she's happy enough to sign to them,<Oh, hey! Comparing nail-polish?» Because she totally doesn't hear their personal psychic conversation at all. Her brain meanwhile, and the presence always coiled around it has begun to slam its doors shut, almost reflexively, reducing her own personal contribution to the noise.

It might be the sensation of a mind closing that causes Sky to turn in time to see the signing. He offers a wave of greeting before letting Rain answer for them. He adds, 'She was playing with clay and didn't like that it got under her fingernails.' Ever the tactful, secretive brother…not that it was at all a secret. 'You look…grey.' Also not subtle.

Doesn't seem Rissa NEEDS someone to sign slow, either, so it's a good call on Rain's part. She switches to sign and vocalization herself, though. "<Hey Sky, Rain. What's the word, birds?>" She looks closer at Rain's nail's when they're indicated, then fishes into locker until she comes out with a small patch. It's got a host of nail-care tools in it, which she offers to Rain,"<There should be a pick?>" She flushes at Sky's observation, but it's an odd color with her grey hue,"<Oh, yeah. It's powers-practice. I drank, like, a quart of battery acid as training. It went well, but I'm pretty nauseous from the healing.>"

Rain waves off the manicure set. "Thanks but I took care of it last night." and some this morning. She continues to sign as she talks. "Ashen is how I would have described it. Very ashen.". the reason for that has her looking horrified at Rissa "Oh god…you didn't!". she is fully capable of exclaiming in sign too. »>Add whatever power she has to the list of powers I don't want.«< she adds privately to Sky.

Schuyler pushes the sunglasses down and peers at Rissa when she explains what she did. 'What?' Did he read that right? 'Why would you do such a thing? That's horrible!' and this is coming from one of the Masters kids! He also looks kind of horrified and glances at Rain before nodding.

The girl makes a dismissive wave in Rain's direction,"<Really, it's fine. No sacrifice, no gain. Every hit I take now while I'm here is a little bit more safety that I'll have after I graduate. It's how my power works. Take a beating, get messed up, get better. After I got shot in the heart, for example, I learned how to circulate my blood with my liver until my heart healed up. Really, I'll be fine.>" Still, she seems intensely uncomfortable at the 'horrible'.

Yeah, if it is horrible there is a chance some family member or ancestor did it..of course the same could be said about good deeds too. It's a mixed bag in the Masters family. "I don't know, seems really risky to me.". not a risk she would take. She tends to play it safe. "Wait…your liver worked as your heart?" she finds that shocking and intriguing.

Schuyler actually has to think a moment before he asks, 'In what scenario would you be forced to ingest battery acid? I mean, unless you were stealing a princess and trying to blame Guilder and coming across a Sicilian who invites you to a challenge of intellect…'

"<The HOPE is that it'll protect my skin, help with injected poisons, environmental pollutants, etc. But if there's almost no discomfort, I don't seem to gain anything from it. The… voice never shares secrets for petty stuff.>" She makes a face. Then Rissa lets her head tilt in a nod towards Rain,"<Yeah. I can do it with other stuff, too. I'm hearing with my teeth right now, for example. But every time something major happens, my body looks a little… different, after. Like, why I'm so pale. My liver doesn't pulse, for example, when I use it to circulate my blood.>"

Sky's joking has Rain laughing with amusement. "If she did it would probably one of our Italian relations." they have a lot of those in Italy. It's a large family. There is a look to Rissa, worry mixed with confusion "The voice?" that sounds…well not good.

Schuyler merely looks innocent. Him? Joking? But then, 'Rain, have you even seen 'The Princess Bride'?' He does glance back at Rissa though. He's felt that other presence, but he didn't want to push. It was tempting, but it seemed invasive, even for him,

The girl frowns, a little bit when the woman looks on, worried. She scratches at the back of her head. "<The voice. It's… Bad things happen to me. And then it whispers secrets to me. Ways to… change things. Tweaks. Hints.>" In other words, her 'self-improvement' is an… active process. "<It came to me the first time, when I lost my hearing. And it's come every time since, when I've had a really awful time.>" Talking about it, that presence uncoils from her mind. Its communication with her, the mental equivalent of a quietly babbling brook. Its attention seems to be squarely on Schuyler and Rain. Curiosity, and other things more alien.

"Multiple times." Rain answers Sky. "I don't live under a rock ya know. My fencing instructor occasionally quotes Inigo from that movie during practice.". which is appropriate at least…sorta. The girl listens a bit perplexed by it all "best keep that to yourself." she advises. She can't sense that the voice has taken an interest in them, we isn't the psychic like her brother.

< FS3> Schuyler rolls Psychic: Good Success.

Schuyler only sort of seems to be half-paying attention to the conversation now as he's sensed the new mental presence. It's a little effort for him to focus on it as well and reach out with a bold query of a fourteen year old who is convinced he's got control of his power and that it's superior to many. Mucking around with people's minds? That's pretty powerful stuff.

Rissa smiles a little bit, and stamps her foot,"<It's real, dammit! I'm not crazy!>" She seems… upset on that one, already. "<And what is Princess Bride?>" She's not exactly super geek-chic. She can be taught though. In the psychic side of things though?

Whatever it is that's coiled around Rissa's mind… it's connected directly to it by a thin tendril of psychic energy. Is it giving her energy, or eating it? It's big, though. And extremely alien. Its response to Schuyler hits with all the subtlety of a crowd of screeching howler monkeys. *GIVE ME YOUR PAIN. LET ME TAKE IT.*

Rain kinda blinks, taken aback by the reaction her comment elicits. "I'm aware of that." she assures Rissa, "But not everyone is as open minded as we are." by we she means her brother as well "I'm sorry if I offended you.". she will then answer the question "It's a movie. It kind of has a cult following, even though it wasn't that big when it first came out. There is a book too.". there is a sidelong glance at sky, she knows he is doing something, but can't follow where he goes.

Schuyler physically leaps back against the lockers as the psychic shout bellows through his head. His sunglasses are knocked off as hands reach up to press against his temples as if that can stop the voice or the pain it caused…and demanded. Odd that it would insist on the very thing that it brought about.

The pain isn't as bad as when his powers first awakened, but it's also not the insistent throbbing of most of his headaches as this was swift and unexpected.

Rissa nods once, lips compressed into a tight line. Apology accepted? "<I've never seen it, but->" Then Schuyler draws the attention of The Voice and the interaction between it and Schuyler. Her eyes glow a golden color for a moment as she does something similar to the psychic equivalent of yanking on a leash. She grabs the tendril connecting it to her and PULLS on it. Soon the thing is quiescent again, pulled in tight and wrapped around her mind. "<Sorry. No one's ever tried to talk to it before. I guess not everyone finds it as soothing as I do.>"

Rain is usually pretty good at blocking the pain that Sky feels from her mind. This time though she can't, not with how unexpected it is. The alien voice with it's strange demand echoes through their mental bond. She certainly isn't used to that or feeling such sharp, sudden mental pain such as this. Her own face pales, and she clutches at the door of her locker to keep on her feet, her expression a mask of pain..

It takes Sky a few moments to recover from the shock and pain from the sheer mental volume of the thing. He wasn't expecting that -at all-. Of course, it doesn't help that he's feeling Rain's shock as well - the twin bond is a boon and a curse at times, especially times like these where such things seem to reverberate back and forth. A hand reaches out to rest on her shoulder even as he slowly opens his eyes at Rissa. He's not entirely sure what to say to the girl about what he just felt, especially since she seems so calm about it.

Rissa truly can't remember what it was like before 'the voice' was with her. Whatever it is, though, it's decided to nurse itself on her tummyache. Omnomnomnom. "<Are… are you guys okay?>" She shoulders her bookbag again, an expression of chagrin on her face. "<He's… restless right now. Did something happen?>" Indeed, she seems truly baffled as to why anyone could find it unpleasant. Maybe it has something to do with how it attaches itself to her?

Mental feedback is a real bitch for the twins, that's for sure. It takes a few moments longer for Rain to get steady on her feet and her color to return. She gives Sky intense look along the lines of WTF, and then looks to Rissa at her questioning "Yes?" she isn't quit sure yet and a hand raises to pt the one on her shoulder and then moves to rub a temple.

Schuyler just shakes his head at Rain's look…he has no idea what that was. He's also going to keep his own mental activity low for a little while, which is going to make class very interesting, that's for sure. 'It was very loud…' he signs, trying to think as his 'usual' headache starts to show up. It's usually not present until later in the day, but that was certainly enough to get his power to start to overload on him. 'What was that?'

"<That was… The Voice. My not-so-imaginary friend. He um… He's the one who gives me secrets? He's very smart, but he's… not like you and I. Doesn't think the same way.>" It only 'thinks' about eating, really. Alien indeed. Rissa frowns a little bit,"<Whatever you did, he's all riled up now. Please don't do it again.>" Like they would want to.

Whatever it was it is something Rain never wants to experience again. "Loud enough that I heard it.". which could be strange since it was all in Sky's head…supposedly. Very few know about the twins' brain sharing. "Is it like a…" there is a beat as she struggles for the word "symbiotic kind of thing?"

Schuyler mentally speaks to Rain, «It wanted to eat my pain»

'It was reaching out so I reached back,' Sky explains before he shakes his head again and looks to Rain. 'Take notes for me? I have to go…' so much for classes for him today. Not with the headache that's started…and it's actually worse than the usual ones. They -were- fading some…not anymore! 'Sorry I upset your…uhm…voice.' is offered before he turns back towards the dorm hub. Time to take some more pills and sleep the pain off.

"<Sorry. I don't… really know. He's just… been there. For a very long time.>" She closes her locker, then, and says,"<I'll keep his attention on me from now on. He's… Um… inscrutable sometimes, I think. I should probably go to class. And um… it's okay, really. I'm sorry he hurt your… uh… brain-ear?>" She doesn't know all the psychic terms. She wiggles fingers in Rain and Sky's direction and turns. Time to get class. "<Feel better, sky.>"

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