(2016-09-21) Throwing Pottery
Throwing Pottery
Summary: Besa gives Rain a pottery lesson, Sky watches and draws
Date: 2016-09-16
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There's something familiar about the Art Room, something that is comfortable. Maybe Sky's roommate is in the room so rather than deal with another mind there, he escaped into this more familiar territory that smells of ink and paint and pencils and clay. Unlike his friend, he tends to stay more with the 2-D aspects of the subject, although there is certainly something 3-D in the future. Perhaps.

Tonight, he's wearing black jeans and an old, grey t-shirt with a faded 'Black Sabbath' logo that could have actually been stolen from his dad as it's still a little big. But his chin rests in his hand as he works on something in his sketchbook with pencil. It's quiet, both atmospherically and mentally, a rare thing.

Rain would have poked at her brother about going for ice cream with Besa and her, put perhaps he needed some quite time after a day full of minds pressing in and study. She is a great little sister though, because before they left the ice cream parlor she bought him a packed pint of his favorite flavor and has it in hand along with a plastic spoon as they pair come into the art room. Does she know he is there? Of course. She is fully capable of figuring that out, the mental connection makes it hard not to know each others locations 24/7. "You know Besa, they package honey in little carry around packets too, kinda like ketchup." she informs him as the come in "And way back there was this candy called bit-o-honey. I think you can still buy it at retro candy stores."

Besa smiles as the walk in, "The school cafeteria has them. I have a few in my room." Such a rebel. He's in one of Sky's hand me down tees and his new fedora hat. He seems to be rotating between hat, gel and nothing. He mentally logs the name, "I will look for the retro candy then." He starts to ask, "Are you okay with how Jacob was-" He was not informed where Sky was! he grisn and switches to speaking and signing, "Hello Schuyler! Are you having a good evening?"

And it suddenly got 'noisier', but Sky doesn't seem to mind too much. He's tired but he looks up and over as he catches the thoughts entering the room. A hand is lifted in greeting and he just sort of shrugs in response to Besa's question, his eyes glancing over to Rain. «What did this Jacob do?» Does he know him? Does he have to go kick his ass for his sister? Grey eyes then go back to Besa, expecting him to answer if Rain won't.

"I never noticed." but Rain has never really looked for honey in the cafeteria either. "During the summer there is a candy store near the beach that may sell them, but it is probably closed up by now. You may find some at the amusement park. They have all sorts of little quirky things like that for the tourists too." maybe in the crane game that scoops out candy. "Nothing really…he was just being weird." she hands over the ice cream a odd sorta perplexed look coming to her face "You've meet him before, he is the one that showed me how to use the washing machine." Sky was there, so was Besa. She moves to get a smock, removing her hat to pull the ponch like clothes protector on over her jumper. So unfashionable!

Besa makes a huh noise and nods, he'll need to try to find the amusement park then. An eyebrow quirks at her response about Jacob, but he doesn't add to it. He moves over as well to the wheels, setting things up they'll need. He stops and turns back to Sky, signing, 'Want to join us, or want to keep drawing?'

Schuyler takes the ice cream with a sign of 'Thanks' but then glances over to Besa and nods. You bet it'll be a discussion for later. «I sent my laundry out, remember?» He didn't want to have his clothes ruined by the washing machines. He does seem to watch as Rain puts on a smock, «What are you doing?» is asked as he opens the ice cream and takes the spoon to start eating.

The invitation gets him a shake of his head, «I'll just sit over here, safe from clay spatter.»

"Now." she points out to Sky, though he had mentioned doing that when that laundry room debacle happened. There is a bit of a scowl down at her smock and then Rain grabs another stool to drags it over to the pottery wheel where Besa is getting the things together "Need me to get anything?" there is a chuckle at Sky "You keep thinking you are safe over there." she gives him a smirk.

Besa loosk between the twins, a small smile tugging at his lips, 'The 2 of you are very funny.' He's never seen people who disliked dirt more than the students here. He steps over to the clay barrel and gets a large handful. He speaks now, so his hands are full, "Do you want to try right away, or just watch me to begin with?"

"Don't make me start reciting pi at you…or earworming Maroon 5 or Katie Perry songs." because she knows he hates that. And it is a good way to get him to mental back off a bit. "Why are we funny." unlike Sky she doesn't know why. "I think I have watched enough. I'd like to give it a try this time."

Besa frowns, not sure why Rain woful put a worm in Sky's ear. that seems cruel. He smile then at Rain, slapping the wet clay down on the wheel. It makes that wet clay noise and he laughs, "None of you want to get dirty. Dirt is natural." Says the boy who smells of it. He nods down at the clay ball, "Start your wheel, and get used to the feel of the clay."

Schuyler narrows his eyes some at Rain, but he does mentally back off. He can take the hint. Pi isn't so bad, but the others? Insipid. 'Mucking around in clay isn't 'natural'. It's also not 'dirty'. It's 'muddy'' he points out before going back to his ice cream and watching as Rain sits down at the wheel. This he has -got- to see.

"It's not so much not getting dirty, I just want to look my best." all the time. At the instruction from Besa she looks down "That's what the pedal is for right?" she presses it with her sandaled foot, nothing happens, she frowns, she presses a few more times and then she realizes that she has to keep pressing it for it to spin. Rain sticks out her tongue at Sky…so mature! As the clay on the wheel spins her eyes follow it while she places her hands on it.

Besa laughs, "It is. I think you would like it Schuyler, if you tried." Muddy. Mud is good! "It is natural, it is good Rain. You will look fine." He waits to let her get the feel of the petal. He smiles widely as she touches the clay, "Good, see?"

"About the only exposure I get to mud is when I go with my mother to the spa." mother/daughter bonding time with mud treatments, masssages and mani/pedis. "He can't teach me on one of those Sky." Rain points out. There is a pause in her pedal pushing and clay prodding as she reaches up to push a stray lock of hair from her face. That of course leaves a streak of reddish brown across her cheek. It's started already.

Besa clicks his tongue once at Sky, as he sits down at the wheel next to Rain, "It is because you are trying to control the clay, not working with it." He's smiling though at his friend. He makes an apologetic face about the wheel, it would just stop working if her touched . "Spa? Like…a hot spring?" He smiles at the clay smudge.

Schuyler has to put down the spoon and the ice cream now! He pulls out his phone and turns it onto video and just holds it up, catching Rain in the act of turning clay and getting all messy. Will it be useful later? Who knows…but it'll probably get sent back home for their enjoyment. «Of course it's that,» Sky admits. He doesn't pretend it's otherwise.

Sky's response just seems to amuse Besa and he shakes his head. Turning back to Rain he smiles warmer, "Good. The first few throws may not give you much, but it is as much meditating as it is creating."

"Sky has control issues." she stage whispers to Besa, she is teasing of course and throws another smirk back at her brother. "So don't expect much with my first few attempts. Got it." Rain is about to explain spa resorts but the art teacher comes in and wants help bringing some new boxes of art supplies in and getting them put away, so he is quick to help with that. She pushes, prods and just plays with the clay getting a feel for it in her hands is it spins on the wheel. After a few moments she has to look up, Sky can feel her getting dizzy from watching the clay go round and round "How does he do this without getting motion sick?

Schuyler stops recording and puts the phone into his back pocket before he makes his way over to Rain. «You don't watch the whole thing. You can't. You can only focus on what's in front of you, so make sure you look at your hands, which aren't the ones spinning around, right?» He at least seems confident in this method — maybe he really -has- tried it before?

With Besa not here at the moment for Rain to have to speak out loud for she naturally slips into the mental speak »>Oh..duh.«< that should have been common sense for the girl. With him being closer and since he isn't in anything nice she does the sisterly thing and flicks drops of muddy water at Sky »>How was the ice cream?«<

Schuyler was totally expecting that and leaps back, hoping to evade the muddy water. «Not nice, Rain,» but he doesn't seem too upset. At least these clothes are easily washed. «The ice cream was good, thanks for bringing me some. So what's up with Jacob?»

Rain chuckles at the chiding »>Who says I'm the nice one?«< Does everyone? Does anyone? But they are siblings this kinda behavior is typical, even for twins or maybe more so for twins. »>I have no idea. He was at the ice cream parlor where Besa and I went.«« images of the scene flash through her mind as she thinks about it, Tabs was there too apparently »>The whole time he keep looking at me, kinda staring. It was weird.«<

<FS3> Rain rolls Pottery: Good Success.

And there he goes proving that he is the meaner one…by threatening mental/ bodily harm on someone for her »>If you went around and did that to anyone around here acting weird, everyone would be blind.«< Rain continues to steadily press the petal to make the wheel spin. She has figured out by now that if she drags her hands up the clay as it spins it gets taller, if she pushes down and out in the center a hole forms and if she pushes down and in she can form it into a ball again. »>I'm going to need another manicure after I'm done with this.«<

Schuyler tilts his head and watches Rain, «I only do that to people who creep my sister out.» Or people who creep him out. «You're the one who wanted to play with the clay. Like I said, it's not really my thing but it seems to chill Besa out. As she seems to figure out how the clay on the wheel works, he goes back to sit at the table with his sketchbook. «But really, if he's creeping you out, I'll say something.»

»>He hasn't creeped me out…yet.«< Rain is hoping it doesn't go there, she likes Jacob, as a friend, not in any romantic fashion. »>I can see how it can be relaxing. You kind of have to be in the moment while you are working the clay.«< she is getting the hang of the clay, and getting a better idea of who Besa is »>If it gets that far you will be the first to know.«< literally, because she will complaint to him immediately no matter where he is. She then falls silent both vocally and mentally, her thoughts on the clay in her hands and what she is going to try to form it into.

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